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The Real Reason Behind Komaeda’s “Affection” for Naegi

some believe Komaeda harbors a liking to Naegi because he sees him as a beacon of hope, especially since the boy is technically the “Ultimate Hope” himself. because he’s pummeled the queen of despair, he’s risen up to be the ultimate of all ultimates. and not only that, but he might feel a connection with Naegi since they were both entered into Hope’s Peak with the same reason: the randomized raffle, in which they were then dubbed the Ultimate Lucky Students of their classes. such a positive, inspirational boy is the subject of Komaeda’s enamor because of how full of hope he is, no?

but what if it’s much deeper than that? under the obvious supplements for this case, could there be more reason to this? yes.

the truth is, the previous claims may sound true but they’re utterly incorrect. why exactly is Komaeda so interested in Naegi?

because he too is a fellow supporter of the double zipper


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Inspired by and based on @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl​‘s Dangan Thieves AU with Nanami and Hinata, I made my own contribution with everyone’s favourite (or at least the majority of people’s favourite) ultimate lucky student! I tried to make the confidant screen similar to the way the AU creator made their one with Nanami and Hinata but mine looks so much messier because I’ve never done stuff like that,,,and of course the second picture is a rough sketch of a phantom thief Komaeda fghjkl and the third is my attempt at a sprite edit

I made a few details on how I think it would go in this AU…I think Komaeda would play a role perhaps similar to Futaba, but only in the sense I think that he’d probably have a palace of his own which you would have to go through to get him on your team actually…!! but I haven’t decided on all the details for the palace so I decided not to include it (yet)

but again the AU credit goes to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl entirely, even this post is structured in a similar way!! all I did was make the details for Ko and edited/drew the pictures above

honestly this is just…hellishly self indulgent.

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I’m not one for theorizing but in the left pic from the promo for 2b Alec is in a heavily decorated room (Magus’s) and he looks defensive and freaked out. Then in the right pic from the sneak peek for the body swap episode Alec is at Magnus’s Apartment in what seems to be the same outfit as in the left pic (dark shirt, brownish pants, greenish jacket with a double zipper)

Does Valentine!Magnus attack Alec? Is the sneak peek moments before Alec figures out that Magnus is not Magnus?

Disclaimer: I am usually super wrong about these things. Alec does seem like the kind of person to wear the same clothing for a week. It’s just that I have wondered what that pic of Alec had been since I saw the original promo. My main thought being “Isn’t that one of Magnus’s Rooms?”

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y'all are mean. what if komaeda’s shoes have feelings? do you think they cry themselves to sleep whenever someone calls them ugly? “wELL TOO BAD THEY CANT BECAUSE THEY’RE SHOES AND SHOES DONT HAVE FEELINGS” IS WHAT YOU WOULD SAY. but hey what if komaeda’s shoes have them?? WHAT IF THEY GOT THE ABILITY TO FEEL FOR 2 MINUTES AND THE ONLY THING THEY GOT TO FEEL IS YOUR HATE and they spend their whole life depressed bc they can feel nothing but your salt. why dont we talk about amami’s shoes.. they’re horrible anD YET NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THEM like really what the fuck are those… i’m also fighting momota’s slippers. i’ll fight your shoes too btw. i’ll fight your friend’s shoes. i’ll figHT EVERYONES shoes. fuck it im becoming a sjw. I AM BECOMING A LAWYER. watch me make a positivity blog for the double zippered shoes. poor shoes were cursed from birth its not their fault… and y'all are just blaming them like that..what if they were having a nice dinner with family and suddenly they remember what username monodaddy said about them being a disgrace and tHEY CANNOT ENJOY THEIR DINNER ANYMORE. GOOD JOB YOU RUINED IT. IT IS TOO LATE NOW. dont come asking for forgiveness later… what are they supposed to do when their children ask them why cant they live the same normal life as other shoes? wHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO TELL THEM?? even if you hate komaeda’s shoes and you’re like “hah serves them r i g h t"you should at least respect komaeda’s fashion sense… this boy did his best to look cool for you guys and thats how you repay him.. smh. they try ok. they do their best.

I bought this double zipper pouch the other day to carry tarot decks in and it happens to be RFID proof (people can’t scan your cards through it to steal info). Which got me thinking, could it block other negative energy as well? So please weigh in, especially tech and pop culture witches: am i full of shit, or am i onto something?

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jay is absolutely the most cuddly person i have ever seen and my goal in life is to hug him at least once

hug ‘im hug ‘im! :D

Ahhh thank you for the sweet message. <3

ETA: LMAO you can tell I mirrored things not only form a lot of stuff but ESPECIALLY the double zipper puller thing kjdhajkshdkja x’D