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Bracelet give away

So in order to try and get some interest in my bracelets and admittedly because I want to have an excuse to make something I’m doing a simple give away.

There will be two winners drawn. The first of which can get one free costume double wrap bracelet with stones of their choice out of my collection, similar to the top three photos. Those are pieces I’ve already made and sold. 

Second place can pick one of my three premade designs which are in the bottom three photos. It will be finished and sized just for you. 

Rules are simple.

1. Reblogs count as an entry

2. You don’t have to be following me

3. I ship world wide but you have to have an address you’re willing to give me

The draw will be held on Monday the 20th so until then, feel free to reblog this as well as my commissions post, or even go order your own bracelet if you want one and don’t want to wait out the contest.

Good luck everyone!

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anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know any exact jewelry nina wore during her time as Katherine?

Hi :)

As a matter of fact I know quite a lot of SA jewelry that Katherine wore on the show ;)

Her Lapis Lazulli Cameo Necklace she wore during the 19th and 20th century:

Then of course her Lapis Lazulli Necklace which she wears as a bracelet from the middle of Season 2 until the end of Season 4:

She wears the CC Sky Leather Double Wrap Screw Bracelet in a couple of episodes from Seasons 2 and 4:

Even though this next item doesn’t exactly qualify as jewelry, I thought I’d include it anyway ^^ She wears the Black Venetian Mask by The Originals in Season 2 Episode 7 “Masquerade”.

Kat wears Elena’s Vervain Necklace in Episode 17 “Know Thy Enemy” from Season 2:

Then we have the Monet Crystal Drop Pendant necklace from Episode 19 “Klaus” from Season 2:

And of course the matching Monet Crystal Cluster Hook Drop Earrings from the same episode:

Jumping into Season 3, she wears the Francesca’s Collection Braided & Studded Leather Bracelet in Episode 6 “Smells Like Teen Spirit”:

Kat wore the Kenneth Cole Linear Twist Earrings in Episode 18 “American Gothic” from Season 4:

In Episode 20 “The Originals” she sports the Marc by Marc Jacobs Pipe Dreams Bolt Necklace:

Katherine wears the Bebe Link & Spike Earrings in Episode 22 “The Walking Dead” from Season 4:

In Season 5, she wears the Peggy Li Arrowhead Necklace in Episode 5 “Monster’s Ball”:

She wears the white pendant from the Stella and Dot Trinity Necklace Set in the same episode:

Next up are her Carnelian & Antique Bronze Leaf Dangle Earrings from Episode 6 “Handle With Care” from Season 5:

She then wears the Peggy Li Ammonite Necklace in Episode 8 “Dead Man On Campus” from Season 5:

She wears the Peggy Li Bronze Claw Necklace in Episode 10 “Fifty Shades of Grayson” from Season 5:

She then wears Elena’s Daylight Ring from Episode 11 “500 Years of Solitude” until Episode 15 “Gone Girl” from Season 5:

Next up is the Peggy Li Gem Drop Moonstone Necklace she wears in Episode 14 “No Exit” from Season 5:

Last but no least, the Lucky Brand Silver and Gold Tone Double Oblong Hoop Earrings from Episode 15 “Gone Girl” from Season 5:

Hope this helps ;)

All the best,

Closet of Katherine Pierce xxx

anonymous asked:

Could you please post a photo of your bracelets? Pretty please?

i’m guessing you mean the ones that i’m usually wearing…?  sure!  no problem.

i made all of these, but if you’re asking about different ones that i’ve made and maybe posted somewhere else, just say so and i’ll try to get you those photos!

here are the ones on my left wrist:

(from left to right) crocheted seed beads * cotton cord and a scarab bead i made using mainly polymer clay * double wrap bracelet made with cotton cord and various stones * nylon thread macrame with carnelian beads and a yellow magnesite turtle * 6mm bronze chain links and soft elastic

right wrist:

a hand-stitched tube 11/0 delica seed beads around two no-slip hair ties * 6mm bronze chain links and multicolored rubber o-rings * superduo and normal czech glass seed beads strung into an elastic mini-cuff * hand-stitched peyote tube with green and mottled tan seed beads with elastic and 4mm green turquoise rondelles

W is for the Weekender

Spill: what’s in your bag? Here, Tory’s York tote contains all the necessary supplies for an off-day outing.

Clockwise from bottom left: Le Pen pens, Beats by Dre headphones, Melodie double-wrap bracelet, Virginia top, T-Print Aviator sunglasses, York tote in Coastal Blue, notebook, The Gentlewoman magazine, Jesse sneaker, Robinson smartphone wristlet, iPhone case and candies


Hey so I would like to celebrate 200 followers with my first giveaway!

Items Include:

  • A necklace with 8 interchangeable homemade charms (Castiel, Anti-Possesion, Tree, Mishapocalypse, Danisnotonfire, Muse, AmazingPhil, Pansy) 
  • 2 homemade hair bows (white and purple)
  • Red unused crazy straw
  • Wrapped unused tangle-free earbuds
  • Double wrap handmade bracelet with 2 star beads
  • 3 homemade mug cozies (small, medium and large)


  • Must be following me
  • Reblog this post (likes won’t count but you can like it as a reference)
  • Be nice!
  • Don’t spam your followers/use giveaway blogs

I will pick the winner March 15th 2014

I will ship internationally

Your ask must be open

You must reply within 48 hours or I will pick someone else

My ask is open if you have questions

Good Luck!!


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Hey guys! So money has been tight with my family and I really need to get some commissions out and I’d really appreciate it if you check out my etsy store and support me. 

I can do custom double wrap bracelets ( the last photo) via PayPal for $6 +shipping and the rest listed is at my etsy page

 You can find everything else there and you can contact me at my etsy page or at my tumblr and I really appreciate it if you are unable to buy that you can at least reblog and like! Thank you so much! -mayte

d6rkness6ndch6os  asked:

☆ Heh. Hazen waking up to see Cheyzy at his bedside.

Send me a ☆ for my muse’s reaction to waking up to yours holding their hand after having been unconscious in the hospital for days.
 Mun notes: Didn’t he try eating her?

Hazen gasped and bolted up into a sitting position. The hedgehog clutched fur, feeling his bare chest. For a moment, he relaxed, but then it dawned onto him: his hood was missing!

 He frenetically looked around, accidentally pulling a few wires. He looked normal but what was-there was a spiked,double wrap bracelet around his wrist. It was probably enchanted, like his hood. Hazen sighed with relief. Now, to figure out where he was. He looked around at the white room that was lit warmly from the sun’s rays and next to his bed, a little lioness with her hood pulled over her eyes. The nurses rushed in and check on Hazen, but his attention was towards the stranger. She seemed familiar, but from where?

 The hedgehog blinked. “Er,miss?”

Hey guys, it’s your friendly neighbourhood broke-ass blogger here!

So these are a few of the jewellery designs I’ve been working on in my complete summer boredom. I’m currently without a job because of circumstantial reasons, but I really really want to save up and buy myself a camera. Like desperately really. So I figured I’d do the only thing I know how, and make some stuff. 

SO I wanted to show you guys my designs, and idk let me know if you think they;re any good. Would anyone buy them? Or should I give up on all creative pursuits. You be the judge. 

The designs are as follows:
1. ‘Stairway to nowhere’ bangles (sets of 3)
2. 'Holy crap it’s reversable’ bracelet
3. 'Strangeness and charm’ bracelets (all with unique, entertaining titles)
4. 'The Double Whammy’ wrap bracelet/choker
5. 'One-sided love affair’ bracelet
6. 'I’m not punk, I’m soft grunge’ bracelet
7. 'I snogged Prince Charming at the ball’ bracelet
8. 'Ju-rad-ssic park’ necklace
plus a lovely photo of a small selection of the charms I own and use.

All designs come in a plethora of different colours, with more photos available on request.

Yeah, so anyway, just let me know what you think of these. And idk, maybe spread the word if you want, I’d love a wide variety of opinions if I can get it. If enough people are interested (or any people for that matter) I’ll start thinking about selling and prices and stuff.

That’s all.
Much love,
Maeve x