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BTS of Scorpion S4 - VIDEOS - #38

BTS of 405 “Quintis scenes”: Happy’s truck at MBS 

video by: Omar Vega on insta  

Filming a Quintis action scene  driving in Happy’s truck & stopping at a certain location scene at MBS… for Scorpion episode 4x05. Nobody drive’s Happy’s truck besides Happy! At least nobody drives (Happy’s truck) the way she does! (thats how I know that it’s “Happy” & “Toby” in that car during this scene) #thisseemsliketheBscene

source: O.V’s insta

Paying the price

Chapter 20

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I was sitting in the uncomfortable office chair in front of the sturdy desk, anxiously twiddling my fingers while my father’s gaze burned a hole through me. He was leaning back in his much larger chair, arms crossed over his chest. He ran the fingers of his left hand over his mouth while narrowing his eyes at me. He was lost deep in thought while Dante and Amar stood to the side watching this obvious display of power.

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-shout out to New Beverley for showing this on the big screen in 35 mm; what a experience

-this film is a tone-a-sauras. It’s like eight films in one, each changing with the language. But all of them are great, Bong Joon Ho lets loose a streak of genuine eccentricity, and this is one of the best films I have ever seen.

-the pre credits showcase Tilda Swinton’s character ramping up we the audience with a cutesy graphic about ending world hunger via super pigs;
+notably popping his head in is her associate repeating her words with a movement like a puppet master; suggesting he is pulling the strings behind her image

-off to Korean as the film introduces Ahn-Seo hyun as Mija, and her relationship with Okja, forming a bond with far more resonance than I was expecting

-I am somewhat in awe of Bong introducing Okja so soon in the running time and so casually. Like in “The Host” the creature is introduced concurrently with the humans, suggesting they are a character like the rest, a natural part of the world

-this section of Mija and Okja hunting for food in the forest really really brings to mind “My Neighbor Totoro”. Except I actually think this is better

-the part of Okja running valiantly to hook Mija to a tree and seemingly sacrifice herself dropped my jaw

-I literally never expected such a scene let alone so suddenly in the film

-one aspect of this film I am really enjoying is how Bong doesn’t introduce Mija as being a “normal” element or or stand in; he simply shows what she wants, so that we empathize with her, and we never lose track of who she is or what she desires in life (mostly happiness and frolic with Okja)

-Okja swimming like a goof and flinging her shit like a hippo is so positively sublime in its patience to show a character be content with itself

- I have to pause here and say I have no idea how to describe Jake Gyllenhaal’s character Dr. Johnny Wilcox.
+What tone or planet Jake is going for is completely lost on me, and yet I was never once less than thrilled to see him.

-Dr. Wilcox is a character I got the gist most of the audience couldn’t stand, and some will be quick to label a failure, but I (in addition to imagining him a double shotgun parody of the male character from “Her”) found him so bizarro and different that I wouldn’t have taken a second away from him

-Mija’s sheer enthusiasm at seeing him is doubly sad considering his sinister intentions

-I love how baffled Dr. Wilcox is at seeing Okja being so super by being (essentially) given a free range life; to wander and enjoy her environment
+that it never was considered anywhere else is troubling and so very pathetic

-Mija’s grandfather is utterly awful, he seemingly never gets her, and attempts to woo her with money (I say all grandparents real love is food until you are a human boulder and then money as a cherry on top)

-the fact that he does so while at the graves of her parents is the ultimate low

-there is something of cultural significance to this golden pig I am not getting right now, but suspect my intuition will reveals later (I don’t mean in terms of the story, but how it relates to Korean culture)

-no attempt is made to humanize Okja, and her shyness is beguiling

-beautiful touch as Mija is ready to jump at this glass office door with her full force, looks at it from a long hallway, and carefully adjusts use backpack at the last moment

-I never get tired of moments where it seems the target is standing then collapses two seconds later

-this girl can’t stop, not stop

-Mija’s athletic attempts to get on the truck that is carrying Okja away is so Spielbergian in its utter mastery and disdain for realism in geography that I simply must say that anyone who doesn’t think Joon Ho is a master can go eat shit

-the jumpcuts and angles as we follow this tiny 14 year old as she; attempts to jump on moving truck, doubles speed and actually jumps on truck, ducks and narrowly avoids being hit by low bridge, seeing even lower bridge and runs back to grab back of door is spellbinding

-the red herring truck driver/really pissed off blue collar worker is just killing me. Especially his disgruntlement at “I got vehicle insurance, but no workman’s comp; so, fuck you”

-Okja running through a Seoul mall is so vintage 70’s American cinema; I’m emotionally standing up and clapping

-odd but delightful detail with the masked rescuers using umbrellas to block the tranquilizer darts

-the most jarring tonal shift happens as the masks come off and they are revealed as the animal liberation front, with Paul Dano as Jay, and he fills Mija in via a lengthy monologue

-it somewhat reminds me of the council scene in “North by Northwest” where the action and events are so fast and piled so high, there needs to be a “what the fuck is going in” scene before it shift gears

-of course Bong being Bong, this is intercut with moments of a animal lover almost fainting because of his hungry, trying to “leave the tiniest carbon footprint” before being conviced to eat a tiny cherry tomato

-I suspect Bong’s real feelings are coming out in Mija’s cry to just leave her and Okja alone, he being one to put personal decisions and values above those put group identity and politics above all, but translations are mislead and the journey continues

-I cannot help but feel the character of K saying “learn English, it will open doors” and the later “translations are sacred” is not only Bong commentating on entering the American film industry but his dust up with the weinsteins over “Snowpiercer”
+at least in my head

-Tilda Swinton deepens her character’s insanity as we find out she is obsessed with clearing her company’s name and making it gold
+also that she personally designed all the uniforms for the security, seemingly inferring that she can see the trees, but not the forest

-in an extremely long and up close take the same associate from the beginning(Gicarlo Espisito) slides the chair away (as loud as possible) then casually walks over to the coffee machine, equally as loud as the chair, to the dismay and fright of the other underling is in the room
+he definitely walks along a tightrope as only he can

-Shirley Henderson (as the personal assistant) is doing this voice in a way only Betty Boop world approve of

-here’s the interesting thing; pretty much every major character in this corporation (excepting Expisito’s) from Swinton’s to Gyllenhaal is utterly fucking demented or emotionally unstable; conversely Dano’s character, while forlorn and moody, comes across as thoughtful and sincere in his convictions (for animal rights)
+ it would certainly be much different potentially if made by Americans; as animals activities tend to be painted with a bucket of antisocial paranoia

-nonetheless Mija is conned back into coming to America and agrees only out of desperation ; meanwhile the animal activists see more disturbing shit from their video feed

-in a moment I am entirely unsure of the reason for, Okja is forced to mate with another super pig; this is more inferred than seen but is certainly vividly disturbing

-Dr. Wilcox is entering the height of his carpet eating hysterics, as he drunkenly punctures Okja for her meat

-the taste test of the tiny sausage (with the second judge being a kid who says “fuck yeah!”) is something out of “Robocop”

-the tone is varying wildly, as I literally have no idea what to expect

- Paul dano communicating with Mija via cue cards (including one that says “Don’t look back) is a beautiful, freewheeling touch

-I note these similar cinema colors and hues to again point out Bong Joon Ho knows how to mix and match and meld with the best of them; he steals like a artist

-Paul Dano shedding his bellhop uniform just makes me happy

-another thing I like about Ho is how he treats each new scene, particularly in a new location, as way to add visual textures and patterns, keeping my eyes stimulated

-Pink Floyd pigs; I just have it in my mind

-Lucy is scared of her sister Nancy, and Espitsio’s character is very subtle in revealing who his real alliance is to

-it’s very impressive how much heavy emotional lifting Hyun is doing as Mija through her eyes and her movements

-despite all the attacks and chaos, the most disturbing thing in this section is how militarized and corporate controlled the police are.
+They beat the shit out anything that they are pointed to

-the part with Mija and Jay barely missing Okja is so very heartbreaking

-Nancy (also Tilda Swinton) is fully in control
And in her detached way the most demented of them all

-my stomach turned several times when they track Okja down to the slaughterhouse

-I will be truthful; I’m not entirely sure why nancy agrees to sell Okja for the golden pig; perhaps I had missed something, but the pure cinematic force of dread just wants that poor animal to be free

-in a wholly disturbing moment a momma and poppa superpig throw their young for Okja to save

-the part with all the pigs moaning and screaming into the night seems like a "Animal Farm” moment

-at last there is a moment of happiness, of light at the end of darkness, of new beginnings of Mija and Okja together.
+They certainly deserve it

-a wholly hilarious post credits sequence where Dano gets everyone in his bus to put in a mask to attacking the corporate stock holders, including a surprised granny

-a most unusual film that won me over several times, and had me upset at bacon. Bong Joon Ho certainly unleashes more pure cinema and human heart than anyone else I have seen in a long time. I grow ever more excited to see this man and his work. He is one of the greatest, and this quizzical film is his most audacious yet. I cannot wait to see it again

Diana Walker, photographer, who shot Clinton in Washington for TIME in October 2011: “Having just returned exhausted from following the Secretary on a whirlwind trip to six or more countries, you can imagine my surprise at finding her so totally calm, cool and collected–twice! I was looking for a cover — I found the perfect magazine spread. If I didn’t think about it I would glibly say it’s a double truck image, Hillary on each page!”

Our kitchen and indoor living space below the roof top tent. 

We were fortunate to find this remote beach in Oaxaca, Mexico. We heard about it from an Australian surfer months earlier, then pinned its location down with help from fishermen some 10 miles back. We set up in the deep sand, a few minutes walk with our surfboards to the point break and just below an abandoned lighthouse.

The waves were on the smaller side, yet perfectly formed and were consistent day after day…we improved our long boarding here tremendously.  After nearly a week, we had eaten through our staples, veggies and fruit. Our water supply was also nearly empty, so it sadly came time to go - the only sane reason to leave such a pristine beach alone to the night marauding hermit crabs.


“I photographed the members of Fleetwood Mac several times through the years, but none more memorably than singer Stevie Nicks. When she was named to People’s “25 Most Intriguing People” list for its 1977 year-end issue, the magazine sent me to Los Angeles to photograph Stevie at home. I went up to her house in the hills and rang the bell. When she opened the door, she was dressed in a sexy black dress. I said, “Oh, did I interrupt anything?” She said, “No, no. I was just getting ready for you. Come on in.” Aside from being very attractive, she proved to be extremely relaxed and eager to work with me. Conditions were ideal – I was alone with no assistants and Stevie had no handlers around.
She was also very sweet and in a great frame of mind – and a small wonder. Given the veteran band’s meteoric success after Americans Stevie and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, then lovers, joined Mac’s three British members in early 1975. Stevie was great fun, willing to help me get a provocative, atmospheric take – much of it in her bedroom. Back in the early days, People was the hot celebrity media venue and everybody wanted to be in it. The magazine ran a double truck shot of Stevie in that sexy dress sprawled across her bed. Looking back, I’m amazed at some of the situations we were able to get and shoot. This kind of cooperation rarely exists anymore.” 

 – Ken Regan

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So I was watching freak out and I might be slopoke on this but am I the only one to notice that the truck That double killed Lewis and was possessed by Lewis was the same truck that drove past the van the others were in earlier

It is, actually! And don’t worry, it took me a few re-watches to realize that, too. XD

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Hide feels ugly and not good enough for Haise. It's been three whole years and though Hide looks different and beautiful to everybody, he feels extremely insecure next to Haise. Haise makes Hide feel loved.

Haise lightly traces a line down his lover’s shoulder, feeling the slight ripples of skin against his fingertips.

Stop,” Hide laughs breathily, slapping his hand away. 

“Does it hurt?” The half-ghoul asks in alarm, before he can even think to realize that the scar tissue had healed long ago, and even if it hadn’t his light touches would not have been enough to injure.

“Oh no, just didn’t want you to get infected,” Hide says with a snort, but there is a darkness lingering behind his eyes.

“Maybe I wanna be infected,” Haise teases, but the smile he gets in return is very obviously forced. 

Deciding to try a new line of tact, he whispers, “It’s beautiful, you know.”

Hide rolls his eyes. “Yeah, tell me another one.”

“I mean it,” The ghoul insists, sitting up. “It’s, hell, you’re gorgeous.”

“Says the guy with washboard abs,” the blond huffs.

“Says the guy who literally would have died without this,” He says softly, caressing the mottled scars.

Hide’s eyes widen. “Well… I…”

“And your face… Your eyes… Your smile. It’s all perfect.”

Haise can feel the heat from his flushing boyfriend as he presses their lips together. A smile curling at his lips, he pulls away to purr, “You, Mr. Nagachika, are one devilishly handsome man.”

Any reply the blond might have had was buried in a slow, passionate kiss. Haise slowly began to roll his hips into his boyfriend, allowing his hands to wander down the curve of his back…

Hide broke the kiss with a gasp as the half-ghoul grabbed a generous handful of his butt.

“Your ass is also pretty swell,” He said with a grin.

“’Swell’,” Hide echoed, snorting inelegantly. “Well, that’s one way of putting it…”

“A bootyful way of putting it.”

Oh my god.