double trouble~

Double Trouble (Spain and Germany)

·Ludwig finds it kinda awkward that his ex’s brothers ex boyfriend shares a bed with him.

·A beautiful mixture of seriousness and joy.

·tomatoes vs potatoes.

·Ludwig sleeps through the night, Toni does not. Antonio takes a lot of naps, and usually doesn’t sleep through the entire night. Really grinds Lud’s gears when at 3 o'clock in the morning Toni is outside singing to no one.

·Often there’s a ton of yelling (mainly because Toni makes A TON of messes) Their s/o had to break them up most of the time.

·Both really enjoy when their s/o cooks for them.

·The s/o should expect both Italian brothers in their bed. Even though Ludwig and Spain aren’t with them anymore they are still friends, and the Italians are whiny babies.

·clammy cuddles with Ludwig and super sweet cuddles with Antonio.

·"What do you mean we can’t have sweets for breakfast?“

·Its kinda like having a strict dad and a cool dad at the same time. In fact, they’d be good daddies ;).

·"Toni said I could do it!”

·Toni totally calls their s/o princess or prince. Ludwig has yet to come up with a nickname for them.



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Umm nct127 reaction to gf returning their sweater because it doesn't smell like them anymore 😁?

A/N: This is so ridiculously cute asdfghfgbuv


Originally posted by seungkwansthighs

“You took my sweater?”
He’d never even notice it went missing to be honest. Once you returned it to him, bashfully explaining why, he’d slowly grin.
“I’ve got lots more,” he’d hint, making you giggle.


Originally posted by 7thvelvet

He’d be a bit bashful himself, touched you were so into him, not minding if you stole his clothes.
To play off his bashfulness, he’d crack a joke.
“I’ll trade one of my sweaters for one of yours-”


Originally posted by nctinfo

*was actually on a mission looking for his lost sweater for days*
Once he’d see you with it he’d call you out. He’d holler at you, telling you to get your butt over to him.
He’d probably explain that he was looking for that sweater because it matches the new pair of shoes he bought.
Once he’d hear your explanation his lips would part in awe, he’d be touched, and would make sure to give you another sweater to replace it, always happy to spoil you.


Originally posted by nct-johnny-seo

Johnny would laugh at you, he’d find your dilemma so cute it was ridiculous.
I think he’d do something goofy like create an entire outfit, giving it to you, socks, pants, underwear, t-shirt, sweater, everything.
“For when you miss me.”


Originally posted by yumnctgums

He’d cackle.
*takes sweater back and puts it on, claiming to solve the issue*
He’d be cuddly, touched you were so adorable.
“You don’t need a sweater, you just need me.”


Originally posted by neoculturedaily

Doyoung would smile, he’d be partly in awe, exasperation, and surprise.
He’d hold in his laughter seeing you thought it was a serious matter and would assure you he would fix the issue.
He’d hold back his savage ways and just take some time to appreciate your existence.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

*thinks it’s the cutest thing in existence*
He’d fawn over you, poking fun at you gently as your face morphed from bashful to seriousness.
“You can have all my clothes~”


Originally posted by monoka

*holds in his laughter*
“You’re a loser,”
he’d tease, taking the sweater from you.
He wouldn’t solve the issue right away, something else catching his attention, but he’d still think about it, smiling to himself as he thought of how lucky he is. At the end of the evening/night/date/whatever, a sweater would be neatly tucked inside your purse that you left at the door to your surprise.


Originally posted by taei

*looks at you in disbelief*
“Are you joking?”

He’d totally think you were just playing around, acting cute intentionally.
When you’d whine and for real say it’s an issue and that you need a new sweater he’d laugh at you, but end up doing something similar to Mark, tossing you a shirt as you forget about it later.


Originally posted by pourup

“You like me that much?”
He’d be kind of embarrassed, caught off guard.
He’d grin though and let you do whatever you’d want, not caring if his favorite hoodie went missing next.


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Hansol has a pretty good poker face, so he’d take pleasure in using it against you.
You’d probably shove the sweater into his hands, asking him to get you a new one as you cozied up next to him.
He’d say no though. He’d seem strict, his expressionless face making your heart sting with rejection.
He’d grin soon after though, making you smile in relief.
“Of course.”


“Draw your otp/squad like this” challenge #3: double trouble blondes
ie who thought it was a good idea to make one the world’s savior and the other the leader? xD

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Bonus (ie I couldn’t resist sneaking in reinako hints):

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Jocasta Nu survives that bit with the murder (somehow) and winds up with Rebel Intelligence (where else). Post ANH she ends up teaching Luke and possibly also Leia. Certain truths may get told a sight earlier (cough*Vader*cough). On a completely unrelated note it's not exactly easy for sundry rebels to take Vader seriously anymore due to someone spreading Temple gossip courtesy of the de facto Jedi Grandmother.

Okay but why not go full AU here and drop Jocasta into the Double Agent Vader storyline.

She’s an intelligence agent, of course, and by the time we reach the OT period she’s probably working closely with Mon Mothma herself. And if we assume that Anakin shared a bit of Tatooine culture with her (though far from everything), then she might very well recognize the name Ekkreth. Especially since she already knows that Anakin is Vader.

If Jocasta survived, I think it would be because Anakin failed to kill her in the Temple. Which, realistically, would probably mean he knowingly let her escape. So she knows better than anyone, even Obi-Wan or Yoda, exactly what he did. She was there.

So it’s going to be difficult for her, to say the least. She cared a lot about this kid, and she did what she could to help him without fully understanding the situation and without having regular access to him, and obviously something went horribly wrong. She was there in the Temple. She knows what happened. She knows what he did. It’s not something she can ever forget. Sometimes the thought of it makes her physically ill.

But she also sees what he’s doing now, and she’s perhaps better equipped to work with him than most other members of Alliance Intelligence. When the Inquisitors’ lists of Force sensitive children start coming in, she knows what that means. And when his coded phrases reference Tatooine stories, sometimes she knows what that means, too.

Eventually she sends him a coded message directly. That wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary - Anakin’s primary Rebel contact is Leia, but sometimes he communicates with Mon Mothma as well. But when he gets this message, he knows it’s not from Mon Mothma. She doesn’t usually send physical deliveries, and she certainly wouldn’t send something like this: a carefully wrapped package of biscuits, with a note included that says “Don’t forget again.” It’s signed “Grandma.”

It’s a pretty big risk, even if there is no directly incriminating information. But Jocasta’s felt alone for a long time now. She has a place in the Rebellion, but most of her life was spent surrounded by other Jedi, and now it’s just her. Just her, and on the rare occasions when they’re stationed on the same base there’s Ahsoka Tano, grown now and insisting she’s not a Jedi. And now Ekkreth, someone she once knew as a boy called Anakin. He’s grown now, too, and it’s no less strange than Ahsoka. She’s used to thinking of both of them as children.

And yes, there’s quite a large part of Jocasta that blames Anakin for the loss of the Order and the Republic. But he’s also the only one left, and sometimes she isn’t sure if she blames him or if she blames the Jedi or even herself. It would be easiest, and maybe best, to simply blame Palpatine, but Jocasta’s learned that logic alone can only get you so far. Her emotions are harder to tame. It’s funny, she thinks bleakly sometimes, that it took the loss of everything she’d ever known and believed for her to start questioning those beliefs.

So she doesn’t know how she feels, really. But a few weeks later, when a delivery arrives for her on the Rebel base on Settra, she lets herself smile about it. There’s a seemingly untouched package of biscuits inside. Beneath every biscuit there’s a datastick. She runs each of them through the decryptions. They’re copies - abbreviated, limited, but there - of the Jedi Archives.

Eventually, she hopes, they’ll meet again in person. She still doesn’t know what she’ll do. But this is something. It’s a beginning.