double the kirks

Where I imagine Science Officer Kirk argues with Captain Spock ALL the TIME. Except then they start to agree with each other.


since Science Officer Jim is still fundamentally Jim


Double Trouble

Pairing: Jim x Child!Reader

Word Count: 1585

Warnings: Fluff, a really bad pun. I don’t think there’s even a swear in this one. 

A/N: Part 2 of Seeing Double!! I hadn’t intended for this to become a series, and yet here we are. There’s definitely going to be at least a part 3, but we’ll see how long that gets and maybe there’ll be a part 4. It’ll be awhile either way, because it’s the end of the semester and school is slowly killing me. 

The day started like any other for Aydenna: coffee in the morning while she skimmed the news and ate breakfast. Then she took a shuttle up to the academy where she prepped for a full day of classes. Unfortunately for her, everyone on the Command track had a strong personality, which meant a lot of disruptions and discussions, but she wouldn’t change it for a thing. She and Roger finally smoothed things out, and it even seemed like he was warming up to Y/N by now. At least, Aydenna hoped, based on the note she found on your pillow that morning. Hi Mommy. I went to work with Daddy today on a big ship!! I love you!! Aydenna smiled as she walked towards the ship dock, hoping to catch you and Roger by surprise at lunch.

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Imagine Jim, Spock, and Leonard as radio DJs.  Jim and Spock host a morning show that is wildly successful simply for the fact that Jim spends half the air-time flirting with his co-host instead of updating listeners on the latest entertainment news.  Because Spock in large part seems oblivious to his partner’s flirtatious remarks, it has been speculated that Spock is either (a) immune to the Kirkian charm, a less probable occurrence because Jim is a master who can woo callers left and right - even the show’s guests and producers (who now wisely stay out of the studio when possible) - or (b) is already secretly dating Jim, more probable, and therefore more determined to hide his poor life choices.  Fans of the second theory have their evidence, namely when the show’s very rare special guest, another independent radio professional who turns up generally before holiday breaks and that one time Jim had the flu so bad that he could barely talk (sounded like death when he did) and the callers kept dialing in to express their worry so the producers had to step in and have Kirk pulled out mid-show and replaced. Jim only ever calls this guest ‘Bones’ but Spock refers to him by an official title - Dr. McCoy - and less often by Leonard.  It is well-known that when McCoy is on the show with Jim in attendance, the level of flirting triples, for McCoy with his Southern drawl can give as good as he gets (while still seeming like the perfect gentleman).  Spock’s reaction is… well, annoyed, although some fans will point out it is difficult to tell exactly which of Kirk and McCoy Spock is annoyed with.  But in general this is hardly a problem because listener ratings sky-rocket during these three-team specials.  The outrageous flirting between Kirk and McCoy, the petty arguments between Spock and McCoy, and the double-team teasing of Kirk and McCoy against Spock is simply entertainment gold.  The lucky listeners who have tuned in since the first days of show’s daily live broadcast know a little secret most newcomers don’t.  McCoy let it slip once, early on, that he has known Kirk and Spock for years prior to their fame.  This is why the flirting and banter must be so casually comfortable among the three men - and why when one listener becomes bold enough to call in and claim, “I swear I saw the three of you in my neighborhood.  You were grocery shopping together,” the silence over the air only lasts a second before Jim says to Leonard, “Bones, what do you think about that?” to which his companion on the air replies dryly, “Well, Jim, I think somebody has to keep you from buying everything you’re allergic to,” and for some reason the two of them start laughing at a joke only they understand.  Spock graciously thanks the caller for his time and moves the program promptly along.  Suffice to say, Jim and Spock’s daily show becomes more popular than ever, the clamor for McCoy to join them regularly leaves the interns drowning in mail.  Speculation abounds.  What is the relationship between Kirk and Spock… and this Dr. McCoy?


So, I made myself a roll for my double pointed needles. I have a larger knitting needle roll that matches my knitting bag, but I find that I use my DPNs more often. I also didn’t want the 000 & 00 DPNs getting bent, so I made a separate roll. At any rate, it was also just an excuse to sew, and I had all the cool Star Trek comic book cover fabric left over from making Rory a cushion. Once I decided to use the outer fabric, I went to Joann and found the other Star trek prints.

I also made myself 3 of the 4 sets of wooden DPNs. I bought a set of 10.5 bamboo, and while they’re nice, I balked at purchasing more at $9.99-16.99 per set. Even with a coupon, they still start at around $6.00… I made these for less than $1.00 per set, plus I had enough dowel left over for some wooden cable needles. :) All it takes is some dowels, a pencil sharpener, an assortment of sandpaper, and something to finish them with, such as beeswax polish. I actually made my own polish as well, 1 part beeswax to 4 parts olive oil.

The worst part was making the size 9s. I was able to find size 8, 10, and 10.5 dowels, but nothing else closer to a 9. I ended up buying a second size 10 dowel and sanding each needle down to fit the size 9 slot in my gauge. >_< I seriously considered whether all the work was worth it versus just buying a set, but I decided to make them in the end

How long into the five year mission do you think it was before Jim and Spock realized that they could both avoid sickbay more easily if they coordinated? 

I’m thinking like a week, tops.

Episode 04 x 06 - Or Why I Still Have Hope

A lot of people are really negative about The Blacklist, now, especially about Liz. Yes, I don’t like her much now either but I do have faith that since  Agnes is back and we know that Tom will be leaving, we can get our old Season 1 Liz back. She was totally consumed with finding Agnes at the expense of everything else. And of course whatever triggers Tom to leave should break her fantasy life bubble. Hopefully forever.

For this episode, there are really only two dynamics I want to talk about. The first is between Red and Cooper and the second is between Red and Liz.

First the scene between Red and Cooper was great. And I got the feeling that Cooper may know what Red’s connection is with Liz. Did he know that from the start? Has he been in on the whole thing? Or did he learn over time?

Anyway Red shares with Cooper that when he turned himself in he could never imagine things would turn out this badly. Cooper asked him what did he expect? Red admitted he knew it would be hard but he never expected it would get harder every day.

Red also shares with Cooper that Alexander Kirk was never on his Blacklist because he never expected that he and Liz would ever have contact. Of course, Cooper suggests that Kirk belongs on that list more than anyone.

Red adds that Kirk going after Liz complicated things and forced him to take security measures, things Liz would hate. Now all he can see is the resentment in her eyes. He realizes he is suffocating her.

I believe that some of what Mr. Kaplan said to Red is now resonating with him. He can see that he is smothering her. Red has been doing everything in his power to protect Liz, but he has to look at things differently now. I think this will trigger him trying to walk away from Liz, once Kirk is taken care of.

Now we get to the question of the episode. Who will Liz choose - Red or her father Kirk? Let’s have a look and keep score.

Round 1 - Liz at post office:

Above she tells Cooper she has DNA evidence that Kirk is her father and Red has been lying to her for three years. Oh and she also calls Red a snake.

Score after Round 1: Kirk +1, Red -1 (the minus for the snake dig)

Round 2 - Red and Liz at Analog Safe Site:

Oh well now. That fight was staged, included the snake comment. Well that changes things:

Score after Round 2: Kirk 1 0, Red -1 +1

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kirks-double-fisted-neck-punch  asked:

Sometimes even cleaning for 20 minutes seems too much, and ten minutes doesn't feel like long enough. What can I do then? Sorry if you've already answered this. I can't figure out how to see that on mobile.

Ten minutes is absolutely long enough! Five minutes is enough. Two minutes is enough. 20 is great, because you can get a shitload of stuff done in 20 minutes, but if you physically can’t, or if you don’t have the spoons to do 20 minutes, do what you can. Even if it’s only a few minutes, making the smallest bit of progress is always going to be a good thing. And then maybe tomorrow or next week, you’ll feel up to doing 20 minutes.