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Christine and Léa Papin were sisters who had an exceptionally close relationship and worked together in the same households as maids. It was while they were both employed by a retired solicitor named Monsieur René Lancelin that they committed a brutal joint murder, killing their employer’s wife and daughter. 

The sisters had suffered a horrible childhood together, being subjected to abuse from their father and neglect from their mother. They found solace in each others company and when they were grown they tried sought employment as maids together. While they were employed by the Lancelin family they were described as quiet and withdrawn, and had little interest in people outside of their own, isolated relationship. On the 2nd of February 1933 Monsieur Lancelin went to the police when his wife and daughter did not show up for dinner at their friends home, and when he went to find them found that he could not open the doors to his own house. The police managed to enter the house by entering over the back wall, and found the bodies of Monsieur Lancelin’s wife and daughter inside. The police retrieved the Papin sisters from their bed, allegedly they were naked at the time.

During the trial the Papin sisters explained that Christine had got into an argument with the Lancelin women, Lea joined in and Christine retrieved weapons from the kitchen - consisting of a kitchen knife, a pewter pot and a hammer. The pair of them reigned down blows to the women’s facing, completely disfiguring them. Once they had finished they proceeded to gouge the women’s eyes out with their bare hands. They were both convicted of murder, Christine was sentenced to death which was commuted to life imprisonment, while Léa would serve only 8 years. 

The sisters had a history of mental illness, and during their incarceration they found it exceptionally difficult being separated. Christine reportedly became severely depressed as a result of the separation and refused to eat, eventually this resulted in her transfer to an insane asylum where she passed away from cachexia. 

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Last winter some friends and I went on a skiing holiday for a week over New Years. About halfway through the week we realised we were running out of a few essentials, think snacks, hot chocolate, coffee, beer… A few of us decided to take the car into the town nearby and stock up. Me and another friend stayed in the cabin to hold down the fort and do some chores while we wait for them to get back. 

We decided to stock up on wood from the shed. I brought a bunch in and put them by the side of the fireplace and then went out for some more. I walked around to the back of the house, to the shed. There wasn’t a path to the shed that we could shovel which made it slow-going, because there was almost three feet of snow. (We measured.) But I got there, and what I saw made me hide around the corner.

My friend was kneeling in the snow with an armful of wood. We were the only people around for miles, but sitting across from him was himself. I tried to think of what else could be happening, but my mind drew a blank. When I say we were the only people around for miles, I mean it. There was only a small cul-de-sac of cabins up here, and all of them were unused except for ours. The nearest group of cabins was literally five or six miles away.

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How unusual! At first I wondered if this was a case of a doppleganger experience, but the fact that the entity was able to mimic other voices and also appeared to shapeshift on its way back to the trees is very interesting. I don’t think I’ve heard of an encounter with a shapeshifter that hasn’t ended badly before – either somebody goes missing (usually the person the shapeshifter is impersonating) or everyone comes away worse for wear mentally. There’s also usually a lot more terror involved; people often report feeling overwhelming dread, anxiety, or horror, so it’s interesting that you didn’t experience that. I haven’t heard of such a prolonged encounter with fairly bearable unease and confusion before, and it’s even more fascinating that the entity was neither aggressive nor threatening. In fact, I would even go as far as to say it was rather endearing in some parts; curious, perhaps.

You were wise to not let your guard down after the encounter, though it doesn’t seem to have caused you any harm. Still, you can never tell with these things, and things that can mimic are usually worth keeping an extra eye on. Perhaps this one is simply as curious about us as we are of such things? What a unique experience!

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What if reader tries to tell the lost light yanderes to share? Better keep the balance and peace in place on the ship, they probably think scared.

Hmmmm, shared yanderes?  An interesting concept…  Most of them would be totally against the idea (kind of a “if I can’t have you nobody can” sort of thing), but there are a few who wouldn’t mind teaming up if it meant getting their hands on you…

Namely the couples would be the most likely candidates.  Tailgate would have a pretty easy time getting Cyclonus to pursue you with him, and Chromedome and Rewind have probably been developing their game plan together since the moment you walked on board.  

Even Drift and Ratchet wouldn’t mind sharing you with the other.  There might be a bit more arguing over you than with the others, but for the most part they agree that three is better than one. ;)

Nightbeat also wouldn’t mind receiving help from someone who was infatuated with you, as he’s mostly just obsessed with figuring you out and not actually in love with you.  He’d probably team up with either Nautica or Brainstorm, and let them have you when he’s done investigating.  

Getaway has a real talent for getting people to join his cause as well.  He manages to convince quite a few of the mutineers to help him claim you, with the promise to share.  ;)  Of course, he doesn’t plan on letting any of his cohorts lay a hand on you at all, not by a long shot.  But they don’t need to know that… 

Favorite Mon-El Funny Moment:

Okay. There are so many gloriously funny Mon-El moments in Season 2 of Supergirl that it took me half of forever to make a decision, but I’m going to go with Double Date: Creepy Journalism Edition as my final answer, because Mon-El is just so doggone ridiculous in it and I love it.

While he’s reliably goofy and entertaining in every single episode, his seven +/- minutes of screen time in 2x18 stick out to me in bold-faced type when I think back on the season.  I loved “Ace Reporter,” and the whole restaurant sequence is one of the biggest reasons why.

First off, Mon-El is the yin to Kara’s yang. He may not be an experienced hero, but he’s calm and clearheaded during scenarios that freak her out/get her dander up, and this is one of those times. She’s so focused on learning the answers, finding the truth, protecting Lena from a suspected killer, that she doesn’t even notice how her “I have passion, Winn! A lot of it” brand of intensity is making the situation really awkward. 

Like…r e a l l y awkward.

Mon-El does, because he’s a very sociable guy. He’s now been on Earth long enough to start picking up on certain cues, and he knows even before they take off for the restaurant that there’s something not quite polite about the way Kara wants to crash Lena’s date with Jack—she insists it’s what journalists do, he expresses his doubts but accompanies her anyway, and once they arrive, he watches Lena and Jack and sees not only how very unwanted he and Kara are at this particular moment, but how Kara is bound and determined to interrogate Jack. So he sits back and nods and smiles, and dies slowly on the inside like you do when you know you’re third-wheeling and so do the first and second wheels, but everyone’s too polite to do anything other than hint at it.

Until it becomes too much, and he realizes that someone has to do something. So, in typical Mon-El fashion, he doesn’t spend a lot of time forming a plan. He just acts. Who cares if Lena, Jack, and the entire restaurant think he’s odd, and maybe a little creepy? Kara’s suspicious of Jack, she wants to investigate, and to investigate, they’ll need a way in, right? He has an idea on how to get them that way in.

Mannection, anyone?

Personally, I love his method. It’s a classic honeypot/femme fatale maneuver—really, Mae West of “Come up and see me sometime” fame would approve—and it works because he’s so committed to it that it throws Jack for a loop. You can actually see Jack thinking, “Okay, what the <insert four-letter word of your choice here> is going on?” and “Dude, isn’t your girlfriend sitting right over there?” 

It’s the kind of scenario I adore, because not only does everyone have an absolutely hilarious reaction to Mon’s little charm show (I LOVE watching everyone in the background of this scene), but the humor works as a wink-and-nod inversion of gender roles in cheesy detective flicks: you’ve got the business-minded investigator and the along-for-the-ride assistant who’s always prepared to use flirting as a distraction technique, but in this case, the investigator is female and the assistant is male. 

That’s icing on the cake, though. 

The beauty of this scene is that on a basic level, it’s just plain funny. It works, because no one outside of Mon-El has any idea what’s happening. Not Kara, not Jack, not Lena, not us. At its core, comedy is about entertainment. The goal is to make people laugh, or at least cheer them up, and and that’s achieved through a disappointment or upending of expectations. But that’s if you want to get all fancy about it. Bottom line: 

I love this scene because it cracks me up. Mon-El cracks me up. The whole thing is ludicrously awkward, and I love it. Chris Wood does well in dramatic scenes, but in my opinion, comedy is where he really shines. His timing is great, his facial expressions are hilarious, and he can make something as simple as a movement funny. 

Like during this scene, which produced my favorite Supergirl gif ever (yes, I rank this gif above all the kiss gifs, and I’m not even a little embarrassed about that):

Frankly, if I could get some more undercover Mike Matthews moments like this in Season 3, I would be a very happy camper.

(Neither gif I used is mine. I found them in the black hole that is a random google search, so thanks to whoever created them.)

What Are Doppelgängers?

Doppelgänger is the name given to a look-alike or exact double of a living person. They have been regarded as a paranormal entity or a bad omen, commonly believed to bring death. Some refer to a doppelgänger as an ‘evil twin’ or ‘alter ego’. Whatever they are, they’re extremely creepy, and more common then you’d first think.

Doppelgängers have been reported all over the world. Usually, a family member or a friend may see their loved one in one location, only to find they were actually somewhere else (sometimes even in a different country) at the time their double was seen. There have been many reports of Doppelgängers in places that have also been reported to be haunted or that have some level of paranormal activity. A common occurrence linked to doppelgängers is the phenomenon of hearing a loved one’s voice, only to find them to not have been the ones that spoke.

There are many theories linking doppelgängers to paranormal phenomena, such as demons mimicking us, but one theory that is particularly interesting is the theory linking doppelgängers to dimensional shifts. The 18th Century poet,  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, documented an encounter with his own doppelgänger whilst riding. He passed an exact double of himself wearing a grey suit with gold details riding in the opposite direction. Years later, he was riding down that exact road when he realized that he was wearing the exact same clothes as he had seen himself in before. This raises the question, are doppelgängers our future selves? Are they glimpses of ourselves in alternate dimensions?

Unfortunately, we do not know for definite what these entities are, or even that they exist at all. Heautoscopy is a symptom of several mental illnesses such as schizophrenia where the sufferer has hallucinations of themselves from a distance. This may be an explanation for the doppelgänger phenomenon, but how does that explain the sightings of doppelgängers by individuals with no history or symptoms of mental illness?

After researching this phenomenon I seem to have come away with more questions than answers. Truthfully, this unexplained event is just that - unexplained. One thing is for sure, however, when I look out of my bedroom window at night, I sure as hell don’t want to see a duplicate of myself smiling back at me.

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