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What Are Doppelgängers?

Doppelgänger is the name given to a look-alike or exact double of a living person. They have been regarded as a paranormal entity or a bad omen, commonly believed to bring death. Some refer to a doppelgänger as an ‘evil twin’ or ‘alter ego’. Whatever they are, they’re extremely creepy, and more common then you’d first think.

Doppelgängers have been reported all over the world. Usually, a family member or a friend may see their loved one in one location, only to find they were actually somewhere else (sometimes even in a different country) at the time their double was seen. There have been many reports of Doppelgängers in places that have also been reported to be haunted or that have some level of paranormal activity. A common occurrence linked to doppelgängers is the phenomenon of hearing a loved one’s voice, only to find them to not have been the ones that spoke.

There are many theories linking doppelgängers to paranormal phenomena, such as demons mimicking us, but one theory that is particularly interesting is the theory linking doppelgängers to dimensional shifts. The 18th Century poet,  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, documented an encounter with his own doppelgänger whilst riding. He passed an exact double of himself wearing a grey suit with gold details riding in the opposite direction. Years later, he was riding down that exact road when he realized that he was wearing the exact same clothes as he had seen himself in before. This raises the question, are doppelgängers our future selves? Are they glimpses of ourselves in alternate dimensions?

Unfortunately, we do not know for definite what these entities are, or even that they exist at all. Heautoscopy is a symptom of several mental illnesses such as schizophrenia where the sufferer has hallucinations of themselves from a distance. This may be an explanation for the doppelgänger phenomenon, but how does that explain the sightings of doppelgängers by individuals with no history or symptoms of mental illness?

After researching this phenomenon I seem to have come away with more questions than answers. Truthfully, this unexplained event is just that - unexplained. One thing is for sure, however, when I look out of my bedroom window at night, I sure as hell don’t want to see a duplicate of myself smiling back at me.

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Well then. Bonus points for the Christian Democrats for showing their true colours in the last debates; they basically stated that giving middle income people stability is more important than making poor people, y’know, less poor. 

Edit: Double bonus points for these creepy words: "Ik wil dat mensen die zich niet aan de Nederlandse normen en waarden houden, kunnen worden uitgezet.“

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Watching my grandmother

  holyfudgebatman submitted:

Quick backstory; my mother had just recently brought my sick grandmother from the Caribbean’s to live with us in our apartment in NYC. She’s been sleeping in my brother’s room who is away for college, and my sister and I share a room together where there is a window right near me, where I can clearly see inside my kitchen window from the other side of our apartment. And I have this neurotic tendency of looking out my window, to check out the kitchen window in the middle of the night to have a sense what time it is and whether my dad is awake or not. One of the kitchen’s light is kept on until my father passes by to get his usual glass of water which he does so every night after watching his late night programs. By 2am or so, my dad already had passed by to get his drink which means he is going to bed. Therefore, I know that when the lights are on—it’s still not that late and my dad is awake. When the kitchen lights are off, it means it is after 2am, and my dad is asleep.

So during the fall that just passed, it was a November night, I remember because my birthday was nearing, and I had just woken up in the middle of the night. You know those moments when you wake up not even realizing when or how soon you went to bed but it feels like you have only been sleeping for a few minutes? Well it was one of those moments for me. I wake up, though I’m still half asleep, scratching my head because it kept feeling like someone was pulling my hair or something. Kind of like when a hair strand gets caught and it itches and hurts at the same time. I finally sit up with my eyes still shut and untie and re tie my hair to fix it all while sensing how weird and awkward I felt at the moment inside my room.

The last thing I remembered was lying in bed, while faintly listening to the music my sister was playing from her computer with the lights brightly lit on. And now all of a sudden, the room is pitch black with no music, everything quiet, and my sister asleep in the bed next to mine. I wondered briefly what time it was and looked over to my window to check if the lights from the kitchen were off. They were. And that meant I was the only one awake inside the apartment. I debate whether to get up and go and charge my cellphone but I felt too comfortable in my bed, so I just lie back down and snuggle beneath my comforters instead.

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