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When was the last time you visited a place without sound pollution? Not hearing cars in the distance is quite a rare thing, if you think about it.

Scenes at night/Adventure/Science/Public Lands/Wilderness(with a big W)

Reflections from a red sleeping bag.

Another shot from my adventures In California’s Russian Wilderness with a Botany field team.  

Being ugly sucks

Sadly enough, my ‘friends’ don’t even voluntarily want to be in the same room, or same car with me. A group of friends and me were camping, there were 8 people + me. We had 3 tents, I have a 3 person tent, and the other tents were a single and a double person tent. I offered 2 sleeping spaces, but 2 people ended up sleeping outside and the others crammed themselves into the small tents.. The next morning, I offered to drive 4 people back to the city, but not one of the 8 people came with me.. 4 people went with another car and the other 4 people went by bus, which is a 2 hour trip. They would rather take a small bus for 2 hours than let me drive them all home which would have taken 40 minutes. All of these people are thin, handsome and pretty. I’m the fat ugly one who nobody obviously likes, but they see the need to invite me places so they won’t feel bad. All in all, it makes me feel even worse.. It’s not that they are horrible people, stuck up bitches or anything, they are really nice people, but who can blame them for not wanting to be with a girl who resembles an ogre..

Negan - Beautiful Part 2

Summary: A few months after Mia gave birth to Lucille, her and Negan finally get some quality time alone and just in time to since Negan wanted to celebrate the first day they met. Negan decides to cook up a meal for Mia and give her some TLC, but Mia is feeling insecure of her body since she had Lucille. So Negan pulls all the stops, to remind her that she’s beautiful.

Note: This story is a continuation from my series, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This Part 1

Warning: Cussing. Smut. Smut Imagines. 

Negan - Beautiful Part 2

Chapter 3

Negan’s POV

“I got to say, the food was delicious.” Mia said, taking another drink of her win. “I should make you cook more often.”

“Hell no babe. The wife is suppose to fucken cook.” I said, giving her a wink.

“I knew that’s why you married me.” Mia said, winking back at me.

“Well” I said, getting up and walking over to her. “that’s not the only fucken reason why I married you babe.”  I looked down at her as I lick my lips.

“Come here babe.” I took her hand and helped her up. “I love you Mia.”

“I love you too Negan.” Mia said, smiling at me.

I reach up and started stroking her cheek as I lean down. I kiss her lips gently as we both started sway back and forth a bit. 

I miss times like this, just me and her being together. Don’t me wrong, I love having baby girl with us and family time. But I love times like this, quality time with the woman I love.

The kiss got more tense, just like always. I started sliding my tongue in her mouth as I started moving my hand under her shirt. She grabbed my hand and pushed it away. I let out a sigh as I slowing broke the kiss and looked at her.

“Babe what’s wrong?” I asked as I looked at her and she didn’t say anything. “Come on Mia. You know you can fucken talk to me babe.”

“I’m just… just not in the mood.” Mia said, laying her head on my shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

“Babe look at me please.” I said, moving her around so I could look into her eyes. “It’s okay, if your not in the fucken mood babe. But I know something else is fucken bugging you.”

“There’s nothing else.” Mia said, trying to look away, but I kept her in place. “Negan please.”

We both know that’s bullshit Mia.” I said, softly as I touch her face. “I can see something is wrong babe. I’ve been noticing it for a fucken awhile now. Every time I tried to fucken touch you and I don’t mean just when I’m trying to make love to you. But when I try to fucken cuddle close to you or fucken try to take a shower with you, you always fucken stop me. What’s wrong babe? Are you having fucken second thoughts about us?”

“No, never.” Mia said, shaking her head as tears form in her eyes.

Then what’s wrong babe?” I said and she shed a tear. I let out a sigh as I wiped it away. “Is…is it about the scars?” Mia looked down. “Babe, I don’t care about your scars you fucken know that. Hey.” I moved her face back up towards me. “You fucken sexy, gorgeous and fucken beautiful babe.”

“It’s just not about the scars Negan.” Mia said, moving away from me. “It’s just… I’m not the same size as I was before I had Lucille. I’ve been working out, but some of the baby fat is still there. Then now, I have stretch marks. I don’t need more scars on me.” 

“Come here.” I said, reaching out and pulling in as she started to cry. “It’s okay babe. That’s just part of having a baby, it isn’t anything to be a fucken shame about. I still think your fucken beautiful Mia. No amount of scars is going to fucken change my mind about that. Your beautiful Mia and I’ll prove it.”

Chapter 4

Normal POV

Negan told Marshall and Dwight, to look after the place and Lucille till they get back tomorrow morning. Course, he didn’t want Dean to know, since he would go off about it. Not that Dean was worried something would happen, he still didn’t like that fact his baby sister was grown now and being alone with a guy.

Negan and Mia, took off out The Sanctuary, to one of the many areas they cleared out and built walls around. This place, wasn’t just any place though, it was the place Negan had first met Mia.This place, is where everything change for him.

“Sure you don’t want any help?” Mia asked as Negan set up the tent. 

“Nah babe. I’m already fucken done.” Negan said, as he double check the tent. “Just need the fucken get the stuff in here.”

“Negan.” Mia said, looking down at her hands.

“Yeah babe?” Negan said, putting the stuff in the tint.

“You sure you don’t….” Mia said biting her lip and Negan looked over at her. “Regret being with me?.”

“Never.” Negan said, with no hesitation. “I’ll never fucken regret being with you Mia. The only thing I fucken regret, is not being with you sooner.”

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Negan walked over to her and lean up against the hood of the jeep. “I was so fucken full of myself when we fucken first met. I thought I fucken knew it all, but you, boy you fucken showed me babe.” Negan said, giving her a small smile.

“Remember, when we first fucken met and I fucken hesitated when I asked your name?” Negan said and Mia nodded. “Right there, in that fucken moment babe, I knew you were the fucken one. I knew that cause  how nervous I fucken got. My heart was fucken racing and I had butterflies in my stomach. I just wanted to fucken be with you. But like you already fucken know, I was worry what the others would think if I fucken left my wives for you. That’s why I kept fucken asking you to be one of my wives, so I could have you all to my fucken self. You said no, but I can’t blame you, when all I showed you was that I fucken couldn’t keep it in my pants. But to be honest babe, when I met you I wasn’t sleep with them as much, hell when I did, I kept thinking of you and I fucken felt bad sleeping with them.”

“Is that why you would come to my room in the middle of the night and say you were sorry?” Mia asked.

“You were a fucken wake when I said that?” Negan asked and Mia nodded. “A course you fucken were.” Negan smiled. “But yeah babe, that’s why I would fucken come to your room and fucken say sorry. I fucken felt I was cheating on you when I was with them. But like I said, I was fucken worry about what the others thought and when I was them, I imagine it was you. I fucken thought that was the only way I was going to fucken have you.”

“So that’s why you kept asking me over and over again?” Mia asked and Negan nodded. 

Every time you said no, it….” Negan said, looking away. “ It fucken killed me.”

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He looked back at her. “But I fucken understood and I never blamed you. Since you said no to fucken being with me, I told all the fucken men not to get with you, cause I said you were fucken mine. Then I fucken always had you go with me, not cause you were a fucken badass and know your fucken shit, it’s cause I wanted and needed you fucken with me. I wanted to make sure you were safe Mia, and I could only fucken do that if you were with me.”

“I had a feeling that’s why all the men got nervous when you were around me when they talk to me.” Mia said, smiling and Negan smirk.

“Yeah, I didn’t want anyone fucking with my favorite wife.” Negan said, giving her a wink and then became serious again. “The more I fucken spent time with you, the more I just wanted to be with you. The wives, they fucken knew that and like you knew Amber and Sherry were happy, hell they fucken kept bugging me to go tell you how I felt. But, I was too much of a fucken chicken shit. I kept thinking, why in the hell would a fucken smart, funny, sexy, gorgeous, wonderful, caring loving girl would fucken go with a fuck up like me.”

“Your not a fuck up Negan.” Mia said, going over and touching his face. “You are a good man that did bad things for good reasons. Always remember that.”

“I know babe.” Negan said, smiling down at her. “I’ll always remember that.”

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“You help me fucken change Mia. You helped me become the fucken man I was before all this shit went to hell. You taught me I could still keep a hold of my humanity and still do what fucken needs to be done. Every fucken day, I fell more and more fucken in love with you. Remember the fucken day when that when we took in that small group?”

“Yes, I remember.” Mia said nodding her head. “I stayed behind since I told you I had an off feeling about the men.”

“My fucken heart dropped when I heard on the radio that him and his fucken men were attacking. When I was hauling ass back there, all I fucken thought about was making sure you were fucken safe. I didn’t care about anyone else, just fucken you. When I saw all the fucken bodies, leading down the hallway, I kept thinking I fucked up and I should fucken listen to you.” Negan said, tearing up a bit. “ Then when I saw you laying against my fucken bedroom door, with all that fucken blood on you. I thought… I thought you were fucken dead. When I called you fucken name and said wake up, you fucken said..”

“Can’t a girl get her beauty sleeping.” Mia said and they both let out a small laugh.

“Yeah. I couldn’t fucken thank you enough, that you went out of your way and got all the wives and kids in my fucken room to keep them safe. You stood your fucken ground against fucken twenty guys. You were and still are so fucken brave Mia. That just gave me another fucken reason to fucken love you more. It’s also another reason why I fucken kept going to your room, to fucken tell you how I fucken felt, but like always I fucken chicken out.  Then that one fucken night, when I heard you crying, it fucken broke my heart, but same time.” Negan said, touching her face. “I was fucken glad you picked me to fucken lay with you at night and fucken hold you.”

Mia started to tear up and Negan pulled her close to him, holding her tight.

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“I was fucken happy that you felt safe with me. I was happy that I fucken felt safe with you. You were and still the only fucken one that I opened up to about my fucken past. I told you fucken everything I did and told you about my mother Lucille. I fucken loved how you never pass fucken judgement on me. You also kept me in line, busting my fucken balls every chance you got.” Negan said and they both let out a weak laugh.

You really fucken opened up my eyes Mia. You showed me real fucken beauty that was still out there. You fucken helped me set things right with Hilltop and the Kingdom. You fucken help us all fucken out and saved us all, by showing us there was another fucken way. how there is always away.” Negan said, stroking her hair.

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“That day, when fucken had that fucken fight at Alexandria, because I was fucken being stupid again. When we got home and you fucken told me fucken everything that happened to you. I felt like a fucken jackass for keep bugging you to be my wife. It wasn’t cause you said had scars that I was fucken going to stop asking you. It’s cause I felt you needed a real good man in your fucken life to make things right for you, I knew… I wasn’t that fucken man. But, after that fucked up dream when you died in my arms, I didn’t fucken care anymore about the fucken man I was, because I knew I could fucken be the man you fucken need.” Negan said, pulling back and looking down at her. 

“When I see you Mia, I just fucken see you.” Negan said, placing his hands on her face. “I don’t see any fucken scars at all babe. Your fucken beautiful to me, because how you fucken are. Like I fucken told you before, your smart, funny, brave, loving, caring, gorgeous, and sexy woman. The way you are, makes you so fucken beautiful to me Mia. When I see your fucken body, I see how beautiful you really are. I see the way your fucken body curves, I feel the warmth coming off of it, and when we fucken make love, I see how much you fucken love me.”

Mia gave him a small smile, as she looked up at him.

 “These new scars, I won’t fucken see them either.” Negan said, placing his hands on her stomach. “ You fucken shouldn’t either babe. You fucken got them from carrying our baby girl. You went through twelve hours of fucken labor Mia, without any fucken pain meds. You fucken gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. Those fucken scars, are something to be fucken proud of. Just like I’m fucken proud of you Mia.”

“Thank you.” Mia said, in a small voice.

“Never fucken have to thank me babe.” Negan said, smiling down at her. “Can I show you, how fucken beautiful are are?” 

Mia nodded and Negan lean down, kissing her gently as he moved her back towards the tent.

Chapter 5

They moved into the tent and closed it up behind them. They took off their jackets and shoes. Negan place his hands under Mia shirt. He waited for a moment, till she nodded her head for him to keep going. Negan smile at her as he kneel down a front of her. 

He started lifting up her shirt as he kiss her stomach. “Still beautiful.” Negan said, kissing up her stomach and chest as he remove her shirt. “Ready babe?”

“Yes.” Mia said, wrapping her arms around his neck as he picked her up and laid her on the sleeping bags. “Be gentle.”

“Always” Negan said sitting up and removing his shirt. “Will till you say other wise.” 

Negan winked as Mia giggle at him. Both of their faces became serious as Negan lean down and started kissing her. Mia started rubbing his shoulders as the kiss got more tense. 

“I love you babe.” Negan whisper against her lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Mia said, letting out a soft sigh as Negan started kissing her neck and gently sucking on it. “I love you Negan.”

Mia let out a moan as she close her eyes, getting lost to Negan’s touch. 

“Just relax Mia.” Negan said, kissing down her neck and to her chest. “I’ll fucken take care of you babe. I’ll always fucken take care of you.”

He started sucking on the top part of her breast, leaving a small mark and going to the next one, repeating the same motion. Mia moan as she started running her finger nails up and down his arms.

“God, I can’t wait for these to be mine again.” Negan said, Mia giggle a bit as he give them a quick squeeze. “Once they are, I’m going to fucken go to town.” 

Negan chuckle as Mia playfully smack his arm. He started kissing down her breast to her stomach. Negan glide his tongue back up her stomach, making Mia moan. 

Your skin taste so sweet Mia.” Negan said as he sat up and ran his hands down her stomach. “And it feels so fucken soft.” He started to undo her pants.

“Now let’s get these fucken off of you.” Negan said, running his hands down her legs as he remove her leggins. “Fuck, your legs go on for days babe.”

Negan smiled as he looked down at Mia, taking her all in. He saw she started to blush when he licked his lips as he rise his eyebrows up and down.

“Still fucken beautiful as ever babe.” Negan said, running his hands up her legs and to the top of her panties. He started sliding them off down her legs and tossing them on the floor. “Someone is fucken ready for me.”

“Always.” Nina said, smiling as Negan place her legs on his shoulders as he lower himself to her. He tease her by giving a quick lick, making her shiver. “Negan.”

He smiled as he started slowing moving his tongue up and down her wet folds. She reach down, putting her hands in his hair as he moved his tongue in and out of her.

Negan looked up at her as he slide two fingers into her. She let out a gasp and arch her back. He slowing moved his fingers in and out of her, being gentle as he could. 

“Does it hurt babe?” Negan said, stopping for a moment. “I’ll fucken stop if it does.”

“No.” Mia said, shaking her head as she close her eyes. “Keep going. I need this. I need you inside me.” 

Negan let out a groan as he started moving his fingers in and out of her. He started flicking her tongue around her clit, causing her to tense up. Negan pulled back, watching her whimper for him to continued.

He smiled as watch her move her head side to side as she moan his name. He pushed in deep, making her grip tighter on his hear. Negan started blowing against her wetness, making her shiver as she arch her back. 

“Want me to fucken taste you babe?” Negan said, blowing against her wet skin again.  Mia moan again and his smile got bigger. “Come on babe, you know I love fucken hearing it.”

“I want you to taste me Negan.” Mia said, looking down at him. “Please taste me again. Make my cum with your tongue and your fingers deep inside of me.”

“Fucken a babe.” Negan said, as his breathing got heavier. “I fucken love it when you talk dirty.”

Negan push his fingers deep inside, hitting Mia’s g-spot. He started using his tongue, flicking it against her clit and then moving it in a circular motion.

“O Negan.” Mia said, pulling at his hair as she grind against his face. “More. I need more.”

Negan added another finger as his tongue went faster around her clit. He started groaning as he use his free hand to hold Mia in place, when she started to tense up.

“Just like that Negan. Fuck. Just like that.” Mia said as she started to moan more with every tongue flick. “Negan. Negan I’m going to..” 

“Cum babe.” Negan said, looking up at her as he moved his fingers in and out of her faster. “Cum for me Mia”

“O fuck. I’m cumming Negan. I’m cumming..” Mia said, as she started to release. She tried to wiggle around, but Negan kept her in place. He kept watching her as he started flicking his tongue, causing her to start release again. “Fuck Negan. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.”

Once Mia calm down, Negan slowing slide his fingers out, making Mia sigh. He started kissing up her stomach as leaving some love bites along the way. Negan started kissing Mia’s neck and she move her hands down his body to his pants. She unbuckle his belt and undo his pants, pushing them off as Negan wiggle out of them. 

“Mia.” Negan said, kissing to up to her ear and nibbling on it. “You sure babe?”

“Hey.” Mia said, taking his face in her hands and gently stroking his cheek. “I’m sure. I’m sure.” She draw him in closer, as he kiss her lips softly. “Take me”

Mia wrapped her legs around his waist and Negan wrapped his arms around her. He slowing push himself inside of her, Mia broke the kiss as she toss her head back.

“Fuck.” Negan said, softly as he pushed in more deep, finally settling all the way inside of her. “God, I miss being fucken inside of you.”

“I miss it too. Mia said, as she wrapped her arms around him. “Make love to me Negan.”

“You got it.” Negan said smiling as he took her lips again as he started moving in and out of her slowing. “Feels good babe?”

“Yes.” Mia said, closing her eyes as Negan started moving faster. “Yes.”

Mia started digging her nails into his back and drag them down, making Negan moan as he started sucking on Mia’s neck. He started moving faster as she dig her nails deeper into his skin.

“Fuck.” Negan said, looking down at her as she kept his pace. “You know what that fucken does to me babe.”

“Do it.” Mia said, looking into his eyes. “Do it.

Negan groan as he took her lips and took a hold of her things, gripping them tight. He started thrusting in harder and faster, making them both moan into the kiss. Negan press his forehead against Mia’s as they both started breathing heavier. 

“Move this fucken hips for me babe.” Negan said, taking a hold of her and rolling over, having her on top. “Show me what you fucken got.” Mia smile down at him as she stay up, pulling him out of her. “What are you going to do, you fucken tease?” Negan smirk at her.

Mia licked her lips as she grinding against him. Negan close his eyes and moan as Mia continue to tease. She moved her hips up and down slowing, making sure he didn’t slip back inside of her. She reach down rubbing the tip of his dick as she kept grinding against him.

“Fuck me.” Negan said, rubbing her back as she kept teasing him. “Fuck me.”

“I like it when you beg.” Mia said, smirking as she started to grind against him faster.

“I bet you fucken do.” Negan said, smacking Mia’s ass, making her jump. Negan grabbed her hips and push himself back inside of her. “Works every fucken time” 

Mia smack him as he smirk at her. He pulled her close and kiss her as he started thrusting his hips up towards hers. Mia rise her hips slowing up and push herself back down fast. Both of the groan in the kiss as they both moved their hips together. 

“Negan.” Mia said, as she sat up and dig her nails into his chest. “Fuck. Harder.” 

Negan grabbed her hips tight as he started slamming her down on him hard as he thrust up. Mia throw her head back and moan his name as he use one hand to keep pushing her down on him. The other he moved between her legs and started rubbing her clit.

“O Negan. Fuck. I’m going to cum.” Mia said as he started moving his fingers after. “Negan.”

He reach up and pulled her down as he rolled over. He grabbed her legs and place them over his shoulders as he started moving faster and harder. Mia put her hands on his forearms, digging her nails into him.

“Fuck Mia.” Negan said, pushing in deep and rolling his hips. “Ready for me babe?” 

Mia nodded and Negan press his forehead against hers. They both locked eyes as he started thrusting into her harder, over and over again. Mia body started to tense up again and Negan could feel it. He put her legs down and took her hands, pinning them above her head.

“I love you Mia. I love you.” Negan said, as their fingers entwine together.

“I love you Negan.” Mia said as she close her eyes. “I love you.”

Negan thrust in deep, rolling his hips as they both release. He thrust a few more times before letting her hands go and wrapping his arms around her. He rolled over and hard her on top of him again. Negan reach over and pulled the blanket over her, as she let out a soft sigh.

“You see now, how fucken beautiful you are to me Mia?” Negan said as he ran his hand up and down her back.

“Yeah. I do.” Mia said, wrapping her arms and him. “But.” Mia looked down at him. “I think I need another reminder”  They both smiled at each other.

“Sounds fucken g...” Negan said and he stop when he heard a muffle voice. “Do you fucken hear that?”

“Yeah I do.” Mia said, reaching over for their bag and grabbing the walkie takie. “Mia to base, can your repeat your last message.”

“Finally.” Dean said. “Where’s the old man at? I told him not to be trying to make more babies with you. He better not be or I’m going to shot him in the face when he gets back here.”

“Hey Winchester.” Negan said, taking the walkie from Mia.

“What old man?” Dean said in a harsh tone.

“I just banged your sister.” Negan said, smirking.

“WHAT?!?!?!” Dean yelled making Negan laugh. “That’s it old man, don’t think I don’t know where you are at. I’m going to….”

Negan turned off the walkie and looked at Mia who was shaking her head.

“So, round fucken two?” Negan said, rising his eyebrows up and down at her.

“Yeah. Round two.” Mia said and Negan rolled her over. “I love you.”

“And I love you Mia” Negan said, kissing her gentle.

“Remind me that I’m beautiful.” Mia said, kissing him back gentle.

“A course babe.” Negan said, smiling down at her. “A course.”

The End

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A few of these have already appeared on my blog no doubt…but again these are some elements I would like to incorporate in my design…

The Sleeping Lofts shown here are definitely my preferred style…I really don’t think I could get down with the tent-like double pitched roof style. 
A simple but cute kitchen, lots of plants, a cosy composting loo and a nice flow throughout and I’m a happy girl :)

Camping/backpacking faq

Yo, Hanna and I have been getting a lot of questions on camping tips or where to start buying gear. Here’s a quick list on where to start with gear. I’ll update our blog later with a more detailed post ( feel free to ask more specific questions but don’t expect answers immediately. 

 Start with the big 3. 

 1. Backpack (around 40liters for a weekend backpacking trip). We use the Osprey Hornet Series, its lightweight, durable and comfortable. Note: you don’t really need a backpack for car camping. 

 2. Tent. It depends on where/when you’re going and how many people you want your tent to fit, but I would say your best bet is a double-wall three-season tent. We use the MSR Hubba Hubba NX. A good lightweight tent is around 1.5lbs per person. Note: if you’re car camping, you can pretty much bring whatever fits in your car. 

 3. Sleep System. Again this depends when/where you’re going. if it’s wet, don’t get a down bag; if it’s summer, you don’t need a 20º bag. Best bet is a three-season synthetic bag around 30º. We use Enlightened Equipment’s Revelation 30º quilts, but we also have bivies in case the weather looks ugly. Then you need a pad because the ground sucks out your body heat. Your best bet is a pad with a R value of around 3. If you get a down bag, make sure to get a nice pad because when down is compressed it loses its insulation properties. We use Thermarest NeoAir Xlite. Note: if you are car camping, weight isn’t that much of an issue so you could go with a synthetic bag and a less expensive pad which are both heavier but would save you $$$. Hope this helps!

thepotterinaforever  asked:

First of all, the fic you just posted is brilliant ! Second, since you have been so kind to me with your replies, I thought I'd ask for a prompt myself. JKR is currently writing the 2014 Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, and Viktor Krum has already won two games for Bulgaria despite being considered old. My prompt is anything that could happen at the Weasley household after this - bonus points for Harry (who according to JKR is left home with his kids as Ginny covers the games) being involved.

My Cup Runneth Over

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15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 172)

1. Nikola Tesla - who has been credited with the invention and discovery of alternating current, neon and fluorescent lights, X-rays, the radio, remote controls, bio-electricity, bio-physics, the Tesla Coil, and also proposed plans to provide free electricity to everyone - declined the Nobel Prize.

2. In 25 BCE, Ancient Romans developed a formula for making concrete used especially in underwater work - a formula that is essentially the same as the one used today.

3. 70% of Iran’s science and engineering students comprise women.

4. Scorpions can live up to a year without eating a thing!

5. A man in Michigan whose house was set to be demolished, switched house numbers with…

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