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If Pyrrha got her Pyrrhic victory by confessing her love to Jaune and then dying, it is only fair that Jaune gets similar treatment to Joan of Arc. By which I mean, be presented to a court that gives false evidence and trumped up charges against him and then executes him.

It’s only fair, after all.

“I’m so good with women, I don’t just get their phone numbers… I get their phones.”

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I don't know if this is safe. I made a sorta binder thing out of old tights (it's like a makeshift binder hack), but I *think* it's too loose and it seems more like a bra. Is it okay to put an old sports bra over it? Would that technically be double binding?

Tights (or any highly elastic, non-cotton material (meaning not ace bandages)) are safe to make a binder out of as long as it’s not too tight and not too thick. Depending on how thick yours is, you can safely wear a sports bra over it, but if the binder is actually too loose as opposed to very thin or just the normal thing of binders not being 100% effective, I’m not sure it would really add any effect as opposed to just wearing the sports bra.

If the binder is tight enough but too thin, it will still cling firmly to your torso even when you’ve fully exhaled, but it won’t really flatten much. If it starts sagging or falling off when you exhale, it’s too loose. A thick enough binder would be multiple layers of tights, probably 3-5 (I’ve never tried though so idk).

A binder is too tight/thick if it significantly restricts your breathing or causes pain. You should be able to take a deep breath comfortably and not feel a lot of pressure over any particular place on your ribs. Keep in mind a binder won’t make you 100% flat; if it does, either it’s unsafe or you have a really flat chest to begin with.

If your binder is loose, I would take it in. It’s not going to help even if you add a spots bra, it’ll just be an extra layer. If it’s thin, it’s alright to layer a sports bra over it.

tl;dr depending on what the binder’s like, yes it’s safe to put a sports bra over it, but it would probably be more effective to just take the binder in if it’s too loose


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The suggestion blogs advertised no doubles, and technically there's already a poe. Maybe choose somebody else?

((If you’re referring to the original @poesuggestions, I got it cleared up with the other members of the suggestion blogs group. They never used their blog from what I know, and it became the source of the cryptid Poe memes. I happened to walk in at the wrong time and I was incredibly confused, to say the least. But I have permission to keep this blog running so that’s what I plan to do))

headcanon that Percy has that august birthday problem where all of his friends are on vacation around the time of his birthday

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I wanna be ok with doubles I want to join chats and stuff especially seeing as I'm fucking Firebrand my existence is technically a double In some ways But I just can't I have to be THE firebrand and it's shitty but he's my biggest Id and my first kintype. fuck I just wanna be nice and friendly.

Homesick, ch 8&9 (20k words)

Bilbo couldn’t tell you the exact moment he’d fallen sick, when weariness turned into something unspeakable, but he could tell you the exact moment he’d known. Like all well-bred hobbits, he was a mild hypochondriac who viewed every sneeze as ominous portent of, if not death, then inconvenience just when he needed it least. Despite this gloomy cultural inheritance, Bilbo had never viewed illness with terror or dread; he considered it rather like another distant relation who made periodic claims. It probably wouldn’t kill Bilbo, but that didn’t mean he wanted it hanging around. 

At Ao3


What can you learn from a Mozart Manuscript?

Recently, a thoughtful alum lent us a manuscript (technically a double-sided autograph leaf) from Mozart’s composition Seranata. Music Librarian Antoinette Powell and Director of Technical Services Jill Thomas discovered all kinds of interesting things that can be determined by looking at the leaf and doing research:

  • Mozart worked fast.
  • The composition was completed in his head before he put the pen to paper.
  • The size indicates that at the time it was written, Mozart was traveling a lot and preferred using small-format paper. 
  • When it was written. One way to determine this is by looking at how Mozart wrote the piano dynamic marking. It was around this time that he began to make the p for piano more stylistic than he had before.

Antoinette and Jill shared this with the lucky Lawrence University students who were able to attend viewings of the leaf. They also put the leaf into historical context.

  • Mozart wrote it for a family friend who was graduating from college. It was Finalmusik, which is music to be performed outdoors to honor the professors at the end of the school year. 
  • Mozart was 17 when he wrote it in 1773. At this time, in what is now the U.S., people were wearing hats made out of raccoons and dumping tea into Boston Harbor- while in Salzburg people were wearing elegant clothes and listening to Mozart in a refined outdoor setting.
  • The paper and ink with which the work was created can tell us about the economy and technology at the time.
  • How the owner acquired it. Mozart’s father had this work bound, only for it to be disbound in 1975. It was likely taken apart so each page could be sold at auction.

Day 10: Mammalian

When Calamitee: Destroyer-King of the Wetlands rises from the marsh to enact his gentle wrath upon the city, everyone gets a little worried. usually animal control and the fire department are able to corral him back into his habitat, but last year he tried to climb the Anderson building and could have really hurt himself

Krystal smelling something fishy, much like f(x) fans this time around as we cautiously watch SM put effort into proper promotions and half expect to wake up to find it have all been a dream with the comeback pushed back to late 2050

ok but lets talk about Enjolras/Grantaire and Courfeyrac/Combeferre happening at the same time

  • Enjolras and Courfeyrac having sleep over nights where they complain about their feelings and support each other over chocolate and popcorn and a movie
  • Nights where the four of them all hang out and it’s like a weird double date even though technically it isn’t but? it totally is
  • the weird double dates become more frequent because it gives all of them an excuse to hang out with the people they like without it appearing odd
  • Combeferre and Grantaire sharing a drink or two one night and end up talking about their (supposedly) unrequited love
  • Grantaire and Courfeyrac going out for one of their nights on the town but instead of doing things like seeing who can get the most numbers instead they get smashed and talk about their loves
  • That night Courfeyrac tells Grantaire that Enjolras TOTALLY likes him and that it’s not unrequited at all? And Grantaire is speechless until he lets spill what Combeferre told him that night they shared a drink and they both sit there in the middle of a club in a drunken haze completely dazed by the new information
  • Combeferre and Enjolras go on a trip for either work or school together and the topic of Courf and R comes up and they end up spilling what they know about each other’s interest and they sit in a daze, albeit much a much more sober one, the same as the one Courf and R sat in at the club
  • The next double date thing that happens everyone is tense and awkward because of the information they now know

Oh man i dont even know how to end it but. is there a fic like this and if not can someone write a fic like this

7 Grammy nominations. S E V E N!!! Taylor could technically DOUBLE the number of Grammys she has IN ONE NIGHT! Honestly, IM SO INCREDIBLY PROUD AND SOOOO HAPPY THAT TAYLOR AND 1989 ARE GETTING THE PROPER RECOGNITION THEY DESERVE!!!!