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Humans Are Weird

Aliens have a sense of humor, but they don’t understand why humans use humor and/or sarcasm for EVERYTHING.
Signs of friendship, signs of hatred, sadness, happiness, stress, etc.- all humans seem to have a kneejerk reaction to say something terribly inappropriate.
And just imagine aliens getting so offended. Like, when humans gather and talk about past atrocities, chances are at least ONE person will crack a joke. (”Bush did 9/11!”; “The Salem Witch Trials were *hot*.”; etc.) and the aliens just being like ???? how DARE you disrespect those sentient beings’ hardships?????
And the humans going lol chill it was terrible but ultimately stupid.
And the aliens just growing more confused and somewhat offended as they continue to talk to humans.
(ALSO, trying to talk to humans about things that are wrong with them is near impossible- they will crack jokes about their depression, anxiety, PTSD, abusive home life, etc. and you won’t even know it’s an actual problem unless they flat out tell you.)
In addition, an alien race that keeps their sexual lives entirely private/sacred/just don’t talk about sex being BAFFLED by all the sex jokes we tell. And just basically having a conniption as we make innocent things seem so dirty (Alien 1: Wow, that’s big, Person 1: Not as big as this! *thrust* BOOYA! *People going “OHHHH” in the background. Someone screams “Kobe!” and successfully makes a was of paper in the trashbin. The disgusted aliens are, once again, reluctantly impressed*)

Feel free to write a short story-thing to this (please do). I might write something, but sci-fi is NOT my area, and I’m just very overwhelmed. But yeah, humans and aliens and robots, my dude. (ALSO, people with blue eyes are technically mutants. Double also? Humans have a mutant gene where we’re bone with five fingers instead of the six we apparently should have; although the six is almost always not very useful/difficult to maneuver.) 

Racing for Keeps

“Still sure about this?” Q asked without looking away from the red starting light above the center of the race track. 

“I’m not exactly getting cold feet,” Bond said, eyeing the way Q’s beautiful long fingers curled around the steering wheel. 

“No takebacks,” Q continued as though he hadn’t heard him. “No ‘one more thing’s; if I beat your time, Q Branch keeps the car.” 

Bond’s time had been good—hard to beat. But Q’s brain was in this car’s engines, his blood in the motor oil. Nothing was certain. 

The red light turned yellow. Q’s fingers tightened on the wheel and his leg twitched above the accelerator. 

“Now we’ll see how you handle a stick,” Bond said, just before the light turned green and the Aston leaped forward.

Whether Bond kept the car or not, he had already won one hell of a ride. 

Notes: Written for the MI6 Cafe’s April drabble/doodle challenge! 

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I'm not sure if you're still taking requests for the 100th milestone prompts (congratulations!) If you are could you do number 94 and Saizo?

It’s very understandable why one would want this slippery devil to tell the truth. Thank you very much for the request, dear anon. I hope you enjoy it!

The world was peaceful as you worked in the kitchen, stealing it for yourself in between meals so that you could prepare some treats for your lover. Dango, of course. It was amazing how far you had progressed with him since first meeting; now, you almost had his arrival and departure times down to a science. It was almost as if you had been granted a sixth sense, signalling to you every time he was close to coming home.

If only you had been given the power to read thoughts as well, you think, unsatisfied with what little information you actually know about him. You take as much as he is willing to give you without complaint, but what he gives of himself is very little to begin with. That is what pulls at you. It makes it seem as though you are barely more than strangers, despite how far you seem to have come.

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If you don't mind, when you first get approached with a brief for a book cover, what are some of the first things that you do to start the process of creating it?

Hi anon ^^

Thanks a lot for your question! :)

When I am contacted for a book cover I have very often a precise description of the cover from the publishing company’s Creative Director_description that includes  stuff like the colors, the atmosphere, the numbers of characters_and sometimes a description of the characters by the author themselves (this is very convenient!). Some companies send me pictures as an inspiration too (landscapes, Istock pics, etc..). All these info are sent to me by email in a 3-4 page PDF document that also includes the size (simple or double cover) and technical directions like the size of the bleed or the preferred color mode (RGB, CMYK, etc..). As you can see, creating a book cover is far from being “Do what you want, go wild”.

So, the first step is to picture in my head a cover that corresponds to everything the company and the author mentioned in the PDF, and to take into account elements like the title, the name of the author, etc. The whole thing has to be coherent too, of course. Then, once I roughly know where I want to go, I do several sketches and I send them to the Creative Director (C.D) who chooses one (or even two and asks me to mix them together).

Once the sketch got approved, I start to look for reference pictures and to draw the definitive artwork. I sent regularly screenshots of the cover to the C.D and see if they are satisfied. Very often, you have to change things along the way like the palette (“Can it be a bit more orange…but not too much either?”), the position of the character (”Is it possible to draw the character’s hand nearer to the face?”) or the background (”Yes, the scene takes place in the forest but can we have less trees?”). Of course, it doesn’t mean you don’t have your say as an artist but you’ll have to fight for it exactly like the Beastie Boys fought for their right to party in 1986. The best case scenario is when you have a C.D telling you “Surprise me”. It doesn’t happen very often because as people do judge the book on its cover (before reading the summary), the C.D can’t take the risk to let artists go wild, or at least too wild.

The real nightmare for me is when the characters are inspired by an actor and that, for some reason the author don’t want to tell me or the C.D who inspired them. Then starts a long series of emails where the author tells you that the main character should be “a bit more like this” or “a bit more like that”. Just tell me you had Hugh Jackman in mind for Heaven’s sake, you IDIOT!!!!

That’s about it anon. The process is pretty supervised so the best you can do as an artist is managing to impose yourself and your vision. When it comes to the very first steps, it’s mainly, sketching, gathering reference pictures and tons of emails between you and the Creative Director. :)

Voilà! I hope I answered your question :) Have a great weekend ^^


Build Your City - Realistic Window Walls Mega Pack

I’ve been meaning to do this for such a long time now, since there seemed to be something wrong with my old version of these walls, and today I finally came round to re-do them and create new files. Yay!

What you’ll be getting:

  • 2 package files
  • one with 48 swatches
  • one with 29 swatches
  • contains previously published swatches + a bunch of new ones

additional information: I had to do 2 package files due to different UV-Scale numbers of the images in S4S. Package #2  (29 swatches) is not entirely perfect, as it contains one swatch where the texture somehow went missing (a question mark will appear there) and one doubled swatch, so it’s technically 31 in total. I hope you can forgive me this little mistake! Also note that you can replace the old files you have of these walls in your folders now. - However, the new files won’t override these automatically, so if you’ve used them, you need to place the wallpaper again.


Download Part 1 (48 swatches)

Download Part 2 (29 swatches)


If you use them:

  • please credit/tag me in your posts (#carlinvauses)
  • don’t claim as your own
  • and as always, if there should still be any problems, please message me and I’ll try my very best to help! ♥

and last but not least, thank you to @blackmojitos & @savage-sims for these kick-ass preview pictures! :*

headcanon that Percy has that august birthday problem where all of his friends are on vacation around the time of his birthday

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     When it would rain, and she was alone, Suzume would use Interlude as a makeshift umbrella. There wasn’t any pain, and the rain smoothly fell off the barrier. She didn’t see why she couldn’t do it. Most of the time she didn’t have anything else to use it for. And she would’ve continued on without a care if it weren’t for the person who stood in the rain without an umbrella.

      You might catch a cold if you stay out here too long. ASSUMING that he wouldn’t notice the lack of rain falling on them both. She looked at him kindly, smiling up and hoping that he would respond in a positive way. 

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What sides go best with the yellow-finned sandswimmer? Has Anakin/Luke/Han ever sold anybody information on the best places to catch them?

Well obviously the best place to catch a yellow-finned sandswimmer is in the Dune Sea.

(“That’s why they call it the Dune Sea, you know,” Luke says, nodding sagely to the reporters eating out of his hand. “Because when the rainy season comes, the floodwaters rise and all the sandswimmers come out of hibernation.”)

There are several acceptable options for sides, but by far the best, Anakin says, is Tatooine’s native rice.

(Rice, of course, requires an enormous amount of water and does not in fact grow on Tatooine.)


Happy Birthday Lou (bigherosixed)!

You’re such an amazing person with so so so much talent! Like everything you make is absolutely breathtaking! You’re also just a really good friend and so so sweet! I always love to read the little comments you put in the tags when re reblog my gifsets because they always mean the world! Speaking of those tags, when you reblogged sets like these, you always made the sweetest comments, so I decided to make one for you! Love you! And I really really hope you like it!

(Ps: I was anon :D)


What can you learn from a Mozart Manuscript?

Recently, a thoughtful alum lent us a manuscript (technically a double-sided autograph leaf) from Mozart’s composition Seranata. Music Librarian Antoinette Powell and Director of Technical Services Jill Thomas discovered all kinds of interesting things that can be determined by looking at the leaf and doing research:

  • Mozart worked fast.
  • The composition was completed in his head before he put the pen to paper.
  • The size indicates that at the time it was written, Mozart was traveling a lot and preferred using small-format paper. 
  • When it was written. One way to determine this is by looking at how Mozart wrote the piano dynamic marking. It was around this time that he began to make the p for piano more stylistic than he had before.

Antoinette and Jill shared this with the lucky Lawrence University students who were able to attend viewings of the leaf. They also put the leaf into historical context.

  • Mozart wrote it for a family friend who was graduating from college. It was Finalmusik, which is music to be performed outdoors to honor the professors at the end of the school year. 
  • Mozart was 17 when he wrote it in 1773. At this time, in what is now the U.S., people were wearing hats made out of raccoons and dumping tea into Boston Harbor- while in Salzburg people were wearing elegant clothes and listening to Mozart in a refined outdoor setting.
  • The paper and ink with which the work was created can tell us about the economy and technology at the time.
  • How the owner acquired it. Mozart’s father had this work bound, only for it to be disbound in 1975. It was likely taken apart so each page could be sold at auction.

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also, for your consideration, Venerable Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker also starts taking kittens to interviews. 'look at this kitten,' he says. 'they're old enough to hunt now. they're especially good at catching the yellow-finned sand-swimmers.'


Tbh I am always here for Luke being a troll. The entire sand-swimmer phenomenon probably never would have taken off if not for him.

It’s just his face. People can’t look at that face and believe he’d lie to them.

(It is probably fortunate Luke has decided to use his powers for good, and the occasional bit of trolling, because here is a guy who easily could rule the galaxy.)