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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Legends had Luke's friend Tank becoming an Imperial and rising up the ranks, so he's a possible source of information, too. (AFAIK, current canon hasn't done anything with Tank outside Luke's line in ANH. So, something to possibly play with.) (3/3)

Oh Tank, poor Tank. I like to imagine all the ways he might’ve found out what was going on.

My favorite version so far is one where he’s been so busy that yeah he knows people are talking about Luke, but he figures it’s because of the Rebellion thing so he doesn’t say much. Someone he doesn’t recognize at a briefing (a member of the press with special dispensation to be there) asks him what he knows about Skywalker and he’s just like “He’s a nice kid? Or he was when we were growing up, I don’t know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him? Heard he’s fallen in with a rough crowd though. Why?”

And they keep asking all these weirdly personal questions until he’s like “Honestly I don’t see what me accidentally knocking out Luke’s loose tooth when we were eight and six respectively has to do with the briefing. What the- no I didn’t hit him! Me and Biggs were the main reason he didn’t get punched when we were kids! Why is that relevant to the attack on the refueling station?!”

So the reporter leaves and a very confused Tank gets on with his life. Until one day when he’s been temporarily transferred to the Executor and Luke happens to be passing through on one of his semi-regular “Vader intervened in a Situation again and might drop Luke off on a neutral planet later” visits.

Luke sees a face he recognizes in the halls and just walks past like “Oh hey Tank.”
“Hey Luke.”

cue comically exaggerated double take

Tank just about goes into cardiac arrest for a minute because good heavens the Empire’s Most Wanted is walking around the star destroyer unaccompanied and he just greeted him in front of everyone like it was nothing.

Someone is obliged to bring Lieutenant Sunber a sedative when Darth Vader shows up shortly thereafter to reprimand Luke about having done something reckless on the planet below and Luke answers with “It wasn’t my fault, Father! …..this time….”

The Other Side (Stiles Romance Sequel) ~Chapter 1~

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           “What in the hell were you three thinking?” the sheriff blurted the minute he stepped out of his truck and made his way toward the scene.

“I got it,” I stated softly with a kind smile as I took over for the paramedic and continued to splint Stiles’ wrist while I gave him an amused, but rather ‘I told you so’ sort of look.

           “We were just trying to help,” Scott shrugged with a chuckle.

           “Why don’t you try to help me understand what the hell happened here?” The Sheriff lowered his voice into a whispered scorn.

           “Right,” Stiles winced as I gave the Velcro strap one last tug and dropped my hold on him. “Well, we were trying to gently persuade him to pull over.”

           The sheriff gave us a skeptical sort of look as the flashbacks of Scott barely hanging off the hood of a speeding van while he raised his claws and growled menacingly at its driver, began coming back to the surfaces of our memories as if they had just happened only seconds ago rather than minutes. I pursed my lips as I attempted to hide my rather amused smile.

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Goldfish (Fancy and single tail) Care Sheet

Basic stats:

Difficulty: Moderate - Hard
Minimum tank size: Fancy (20 gallons per fish) Single tail (30 gallon pond or 10 gallons per inch of fish starting with a 30 gallon aquarium. THESE SHOULD BE POND FISH!)
Size: 8″-14″ 
PH: 6.5-8 
Temperature: Cold water 50-77′f 
Hardness: 5-25
Diet: Omnivore/ opportunistic scavenger 
Lifespan: 10-40 years (Fancy goldfish tend to live shorter lives but can still often reach their 20′s without issues if cared for)
Habitat: Asia


These fish are really pond fish. Fancies can be kept in tanks more easily requiring 20 gallons per fish. They’re social animals so should have at least one, and preferably 2 friends. So look into the 40 gallon to 60 gallon range for tanks. Filtration should be heavy but not strong. You want to look for a filter that is for double the tank size and have it cycled. They don’t require heaters and may even require a cooling system in the summer. Temperature variation is taken very well and has been known to be beneficial. You don’t need substrate and if you do use some slate or sand as best practice, they may eat and choke or become impacted on gravel. Algae and green water is very beneficial acting as plants in the tank and a grazing source.

Single tail goldfish grow massive! They’re really pond fish and should be treated as such. A standard 30 gallon pond form can house an adult common, comet or other single tail/long body variety. As you should have more I’d look into a 60-90 gallon form for a pair or trio of smaller ones. If you do house in tanks you want 10 gallons per inch of fish to allow for adiquite swimming space. If you plan to play size up start with no less than a 30 gallon, realize they will outgrow it fast. For an adult you’re looking at a 120-140 standard. You may be able to manage a pair in that. Custom tanks are good, you’re still looking at a big tank though! 3′x4′x18″ is the absolute minimum for a pair or maybe a trio in a custom. Out side of that all the same rules apply as with a fancy.


-Tank ranging from 30-120+ gallons
   -Or a 30+ gallon pond form

-No heater required! May need a chiller if in hot climate and can’t keep cool.
-A filter rated for twice the size of the tank or pond
-Substrate not required, a thin layer of pool filter, play or aquarium sand can be used if you want. Slate is also an option.
-Decor and hides not super needed. You can use natural decor, attempt plants or have pvc pipe though.
-Lighting is optional, if you plan to grow plants or algae an appropriate sized lamp will be needed.

Other non optional supplies/perishables:

-A liquid master test kit (Nutrafin or api)
-A water conditioner (prime, safe, stress coat are good brands)
-A bucket and syphon that hasn’t been used for anything else (water changers are nice if you have ponds on the ground or big tanks)
-A log to help with cycling and recording things.
-A high quality sinking goldfish or koi pellet.


Goldfish are scavengers and will always accept food if healthy. Feeding should be regulated. You can feed up to 4 times a day with each feeding being about two mouthfuls. They won’t suffer if you only feed once or twice though. Watch for overfeeding especially with fancies, they have a poor digestive system. 

Food staple should be a good high quality goldfish sinking pellet. Hikari has a good line. Omega one and new life spectrum also have good foods. Flakes are not appropriate. If floating pellets need to be used soak them so they sink before offering. You can supplement feedings with chopped frozen or blanched veggies, leafy greens, bits of fruit and frozen cubed foods. High fat diets are fine , they do best on a diet that is lower in protein though. 

Tank mates:

They really shouldn’t be kept with anything but other goldfish of the same type (Fancy or single tail) . Pleco are not good tank mates and will eat the slime coat off goldfish, algae is good for golds anyways. Cories with often end up in the gold fish’s mouth resulting in the death of both. All other catfish and pleco should be avoided. Actually just avoid all other fish, shrimp and snails. The only successful thing I’ve seen is full drown adult dojo/weather loaches with single tail golds. But even then, it’s not really worth it. 

Medical issues:

Single tails are prone to spine malformations, ich, velvet, flukes internal parisites and other external parasites, columnaris, and fungal infections. Most of these can be prevented by proper housing, diet and a quarantine period. Have melafix, pimafix, triple sulfa, fenbonazol, prazi and paragaurd on hand. It’s also good to have epsom salt and aquarium salt. 

Fancies are prone to all the above as well as digestive issues, swim bladder disorder and eye damage/popping (often caused by the pop eye bacteria). 



The above are two great sources you should give a read before you get a fish. Also show them your support!

Goldfish ID:

(Under cut because it’s really long and just for those interested. No pictures are mine)

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