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Can you possibly write a Ryouma or Leo with F!Kamui the morning after their wedding night? I loved the Takumi one so much along with all your other stories :) You're amazing! <3

[Why not both? ;D]

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Ryoma: It wasn’t all that startling to wake up next to you, because he knew better than anyone how real it all had been. His hand caressed your cheek, skin soft and tender just as he remembered it the night before. From holding your hands to feeling you against his chest as you danced, to the binding of your love in the most sensual, romantic evening he never could have imagined.

It had all been so wonderfully, tantalizingly real, and he couldn’t be happier. A warm smile graced his lips, watching as you snoozed peacefully beside him. An instinctive hand lifted the meager sheet over your body, careful to hide away the lovely curves you had revealed to him only hours ago.

Wouldn’t do to have Jakob suddenly waltz into the place and see his ladyship bare and compromised. Although, he probably wouldn’t take kindly to seeing Ryoma from the abdomen up and stark naked, no less. That wouldn’t end well.

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Received my super cute double-sided SasuSaku charm from @chinselfies / @kirakurapon last night! Wowowow the charm and the polaroids (and the drawing on the envelope!!!) are so beautiful ;0;. I’m going to have to cut out the adorable drawing on the envelope and put it up somewhere, too ♥.

Thank you to the amazing artist! :) @kirakurapon opened up a second batch of pre-orders so please go check it out!!


HAPPY BIRTH-DAE, @poltergeistparade/ @faultlinenuzlocke!!! 

Your nuz bbies are the cutest, most adorable children ever I love them all 

(psst. pls read their nuzlocke)

So This New Poster, Huh?

I’m gonna splurge here so excuse me while I overanalyse potentially with the occasional keysmash but urgh guys this poster is beautiful!!!!

Okay okay, I need to break this down into several categories so here goes.

1)The Setting: This’ll be the first time we’re back on file island since the end of adventure right?  The tram is making me feel things that I’m not sure I have words for.  Also i love the acknowledgement that things still don’t make sense in the digital world because of the power lines just randomly sitting in the lake. 

2)The Digimon:  They all look absolutely wonderful (ignoring Piyomon’s dodgy wings), I’m especially digging Tailmon.  Her little eyelashes are adorable.  Palmon looks frickin adorable, Gabumon’s double chin is super cute and Gomamon is as helpful as ever it seems.

3)The Humans:  OOooookay maybe some subdivisions are required because I love everyone so much I need to break it down individually. SOOOOooooo.

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How would Sehun act if he really wanted to play the pepero game with his girlfriend, who cannot express her feelings well and would get really embarrassed? Like if he really wanted to tease her too.

I think that Sehun would have a fun time with this since he likes to be a tease. He’d be persistent when he tries to get you to play the pepero game with him and unfortunately he will resort to using his irresistible aegyo to convince you to play. Fortunately though I feel like Sehun knows his boundaries, so even though he’d really like to play it with you so he can tease you, he’ll make sure to be careful to not hurt your feelings. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d have a hard time saying no to that. ^^^^^ Thanks for requesting! 

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