double snort!!


Damon x Reader

“This is nice.” You admitted to Stefan who chuckled.


“Yeah, the urm… teen crowd gets a little old pretty quick.” Stefan smiled and flicked at one of the lights that lit the bridge.


“I dunno, the Caroline girl… Pretty cute Stef.” You teased making him double over and snort.

“She’s far from my type.” He chuckled and glanced backwards to see Elena stood with Bonnie both looking away when they met his gaze.

“She likes you.” you mumble as you link arms with your best friend and lean your head on his shoulder.

The two of you continued to talk quietly, neither noticing the dark haired vampire watching the two of you huddled together in the seemingly picturesque way.

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some headcanons:
> 6'7 & broad shouldered
> soft tummy
> never quite grew into his height, clumsy as a result
> long eyelashes
> talks in his sleep, but only in latin
> chews on his lip when deep in thought
> takes exceptionally good care of his glasses
> has moderate ocd
> is terrifyingly good at detecting lies even though he himself can’t lie for shit
> has a dry sense of humor; barely cracks a smile when he finds something funny (but completely loses it over bad puns—doubled over, in tears, snort-laughing)

*whispers* Bones secretly loves puns and enjoys/encourages Jim’s terrible jokes to the highest degree, pass it on

Note: requests are O P E N Imagine this is you and Dean. He and you have swapped so many embarrassing stories that while sitting around, he glances at you. As Sam hums something, you’re both reminded of the *barbie* thing and start smiling and trying not to laugh. “What?” Sam nearly yells, exasperated. “I…What??” Dean snorted and doubled over in laughter.

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