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Southern Girl - Ch. 7 {Roman Reigns x OFC}

Author’s Note: It’s Ivy and Joe’s first road trip… and there’s mention of meeting the folks!

Warnings: Definitely smut. Daddy kink.

Word Count: 4,275 words

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Well Hello, Professor

Morning came far too quickly for Ivy. Joe woke her up around 7:30 and she’d sleepily pulled on a simple black sundress before curling back up in the bed while Joe got ready. She must have fallen back to sleep because the next thing she remembered was being lifted in a strong pair of arms and cradled against a broad chest.

“You don’t have to carry me. I can walk,” she murmured sleepily, even as she nuzzled his throat like a little kitten. He tightened his hold on her, pulling her in closer to protect her from the early morning chill.

“I’m the one who kept you up half the night. I got you, baby,” he chuckled softly, kissing her temple.

Ivy grinned at the mention of their late night escapades that led well into the wee hours of the morning. The couple had come back to the hotel, ordered some room service, passed out and woken up sometime after midnight to ravage each other. He carried his little angel down to the SUV, gently loading her into the front seat and buckling her in. 

“Imma grab our stuff and go check out. Be right back, baby girl.”

Ivy yawned, a little smile on her face as she curled up a little. Little things that Joe did like that always got her and made her fall even harder for him. He came back to the car and climbed into the driver’s seat, turning the heat on.


“Mmmm…yes please,” she murmured, leaning over to kiss his cheek. 

It took her a second to notice that he was wearing glasses and she gaped at him.  

“How did I not know that you wear glasses?”

Joe snickered as he drove towards the coffee shop.

“I usually wear'em when I’m traveling…or reading.”

"Just when I thought you couldn’t get any sexier, your ass goes and pulls Professor Roman outta the bag.”

“Professor Roman?” he asked, looking over at her incredulously.

“Mmhmm. Cause you still look like Savage Roman from last night but with those glasses, I just wanna ask you what it’ll take for me to get an ‘A’ in your class.”

Joe laughed his ass off at her statement. It always amazed him the way Ivy could go from almost shy to a sultry vixen who tempted him at every turn. 

“Gonna add that to my list of fantasies. We can act that one out in the library at my place.”

“You have a library in your house?”

The way she perked up at the mention of books was fucking adorable.

“I do. And I was thinking you should come… meet the family and all before Mania.” He glanced over at her to see her reaction. “We don’t have a pay per view in February. I was thinking that I take a day or two off after Raw on the 20th and we go to Pensacola.”

Ivy nibbled her full bottom lip as she looked over at her boyfriend. 

“You really want me to meet your family?”

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Some Stories From Being On Front Till and Drive-Thru

#1: There’s a regular that always comes in and gets the same thing, but no one knows his name. Why? Because whenever anyone asks his name for his cup, he says, “No, not really”, and just wants to pay, and then he gets so offended when we call out his drink WITHOUT SAYING HIS NAME. How can we call out his name if he doesn’t give us a name to put on the cup?

#2: Sometimes a person will come in, order their drink, and when we ask for their name for the cup, they hold up their debit card/hand us their Starbucks card or some money, and say what it is (“debit/credit/Starbucks card/cash”), and when we ask AGAIN for their name, they repeat how they’re paying. I WANT YOUR NAME, NOT YOUR PAYMENT YET.

#3: There is always someone that comes into the cafe, orders their drink, and tries to scan their Starbucks card on their phone or iPod without telling whoever is on front or waiting for the prompt to tell them to scan.

#4: I had someone come through drive today and order a 145 degree latte. Can you REALLY tell? *eye roll*

#5: Someone once came through drive thru during RUSH HOUR and ordered five extra hot lattes, 2 green tea frappes, three refreshers (2 cool lime, 1 very berry), two oatmeals, three double smoked bacons warmed up, three warmed up chocolate chip cookies, and two TRENTA cups of ice water. We had a long line up in front of her already and it was RUSH HOUR, so things were obviously slow. What does she do? HONK FOR FIVE SECONDS STRAIGHT, thus temporarily deafening my coworker and causing her to have a panic attack. DON’T HONK IN DRIVE-THRU. Then when she gets to the window, she’s super bitchy, and she has all her friends packed into her stupid jeep. When my coworker tries to give her her change, she looks at the change as if it’s dirty and just drives off without saying “sorry” or “thank you”.

#6: There’s always at least one person who comes in during the day, asks for a grande drink, but when the bar workers call out their drink, they say, “Um, actually, I ordered a venti…” NO. NO, YOU DIDN’T. You ordered a grande. Grande and venti sound NOTHING alike.