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So I promise @harusjiyuu and @makokjiyuu a so-called tutorial in making the Greed Pair cosplay, and I seem to procrastinate until now (I’m so sorry….. OTL).

Anyway, I made this around last year for photoshoots and realized that the method I used to secure the wings weren’t very stellar, so I will put a note later. I also need to say that the original set of wings were lost on my way to an event, so I had to make another set afterwards. :-(

P.S. I am by no means a “professional” cosplayer, so my method is amateurish at best since I made the wings without any tutorial or help and just used common sense. Granted, I made some mistakes here and there, so please take note on that. Thank you. :‘3

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In the night (Smut)

Warnings: Smut, Swearing.

I was in the bathroom finishing up my hair and make-up, Making sure that everything was in the perfect place.Dan, Phil and I were going out to a fancy restaurant for dinner with some friends for the celebration of someone’s new book. I decided on a long black dress, slimming, a long slit up the side with a plunge line in the neck, exposing some cleavage, It was a pretty expensive dress, but when I tried it on at the store it just fit me so well, I had to have it. Smokey eyes, Red lips, That classic Hollywood style waves to my hair, I looked absolutely stunning. I checked everything over once more and then retreated back into my room to fetch my purse and put on my heels when I heard Dan yelling from down stairs.

“Come on (y/n) the taxi is downstairs, we don’t want to be late”. 

I snatched up my purse and then made my way to the front door where both Dan and Phil were waiting. As I walked down the stairs both of the boys noticed me and both of their jaws dropped at the sight. Dan swallowed nervously and shook his head

“W-wow, You look absolutely stunning, so that’s what a few hours of getting ready looks like”

“Hey it takes time to look this good, Come on boys, now we don’t want to be late now do we” I said as I walked past them and started to make my way down the stairs to the taxi. As i walked down I could hear Dan and Phil talking about something, but I couldn’t tell what it was about, They were trying to keep quiet. When we all get outside Phil makes his way to the taxi door and opens it for me, he always was quite the gentleman. I thank him and step into the taxi, shuffling myself into the centre seat because compared to Dan and Phil, I was the smallest. we all place our seat belts on and talk about things that happened this week on american horror story. I look over at Dan and see that he seems a little odd, not himself.

“Dan, are you alright? you seem a little off” 

“Y-yeah why would i not be okay, I’m just a little tired that’s all, busy day and all” 

“Dan you literally sat in your sofa crease all day, how is that busy?” 

“uh, uhhhhh” 

I gave Dan a look and crossed my right leg over my left, opening up the slit in the side of my dress, exposing a large amount of my thigh, He looked down and then instantly back up then shuffled his position so that he faced the window, staring out into the London nightlife. Eventually we make our way to the restaurant and climb out of the taxi, making sure that we paid the driver before we left.

The three of you made your way inside where all your friends sat, turns out that you were a little late, oh well, Phil sat next to your friends which left Dan and I to sit next to each other, but there was something going on with him, and hell, you were going to figure it out before the end of the night. After taking our seats we study the menus, deliberating on what we wanted. The waiter came around and took our orders, he paused for a while and then took out a separate pad and pen.

“Were there any alcoholic beverages tonight?” 

And without a second to think about it Dan blurts out “ uh I’ll have a double Scotch with a twist” You looked at him and kinda raised an eyebrow mentally, he never ordered that unless he needed to distract himself from something. You sit there unintentionally staring at Dan when the waiter breaks your concentration.

“Uh m’am, did you want a drink at all?”

I shake my head as I snap out of my thoughts “Yeah i’ll have a glass of red please” I said as I handed the menu to him. As the waiter leaves everyone begins to talk and catch up as it’s been a while since we all had an outing together. About 5 minutes later, the waiter comes around with all our drinks and as Dan gets his, he pretty much just slams it down without a thought and begins bouncing his leg up and down, It was really starting to weird me out honestly. 

Food eventually comes around, not that we were bothered with how long it was taking, the place was packed and we all were talking to each other anyway so there was no rush. As someone hands me my plate, I take it upon myself to knock my fork onto the ground.

“god I’m clumsy” I say as i bend down to pick it up, and Dan noticed what i was doing but because of the plunge line in the dress he could see more than he bargained for, considering I couldn’t wear a bra with this outfit. I sit back and place the fork back on the table, I was about to start eating when Dan got up from the table quite quickly and stated he was going to the bathroom, storming off quite quickly afterwards. He seemed suspicious, I had to find out what was going on. I wait for two minutes and then announce that I was also going to the bathroom. I walk away from the table and around the wall, making sure no one was around before i sneaked into the men’s bathroom.

When i walk inside the first thing i see is Dan putting water over his face and then staring into the mirror. you quietly hid behind the wall so he couldn’t see you. “Dan, you need to snap out of this, you have never thought about (Y/n) like this before, She’s your friend, you can’t go there” 

Go where? you thought, you walked out from behind the wall and looked at him, it took him a while but he looks over and notices you standing there, and he looks quite shocked to see me.

“(Y-y/n) what are you doing? you shouldn’t be in here, this is the men’s room” 

I didn’t say anything but i slowly walked over to him, eventually standing right in front of him. I look up at him and he looks so nervous. “(Y/n) what are you doing??” Once again I didn’t say anything. I wait a little while and then when I’m ready, I grab his suit and pull him into me, smashing his lips into mine. His arms wrap around my waist and his tongue slides along my bottom lip, just begging for entrance, and I allow it. We end up in a heated make out session for about two minutes when all of a sudden i pull back and stop. I don’t talk to him or discussed what happened, I simply fix my face, re-apply my lipstick and walk out, winking at him before i leave, accentuating my hip movement just enough that he watches me exit the men’s room.

I make my way back to the table and sit down, carrying on to my meal as if nothing had happened, i talked with my friends, I must have been so caught up in the conversation because I didn’t even know that Dan had sat back down. When i looked over to him, he was glaring at me with fire in his eyes, but i wasn’t sure if it was because he wanted more or if he was pissed at me. I decided to see how far i could push the limit and waited until Dan was talking to someone, as he was involved in the conversation, i shifted a little in my seat and then started running my foot up his leg, smirking as I pretend I’m listening in. Dan leaned over to my ear making sure he leaves his hot breath on my neck before he whispers.

“I swear to god (y/n) you need to stop that now, or you’ll get it later”

I looked at him and looked at his lips, god he was such a great kisser, I needed more. I bring my eyes back up to Dan’s dreamy brown one’s and bit my lip, giving him a subtle wink in the process, making sure that none of our friends noticed. I finished my meal and then spoke up to my friends.

“Hey guys I’m sorry but I have to go home, I forgot I had a meeting first thing in the morning” 

I looked at Dan as i got up out of my chair, giving him the mental message that if he wants more he should follow me home. I said my goodbye to my friends and started making my way to the door, and as I pulled the handle I heard Dan say “I think I’m gonna hit the hay as well, I’m tired” I smirked and then walked out onto the street signaling the taxi just up the street. As i got in I told the driver to wait a few minutes and then a friend was just paying the bill. Eventually Dan makes his way over and hops into the taxi, out of breath,“Phil said he was going to stay out with them for a while so he’ll be home later”. I nodded and then proceeded to give the taxi driver the address home. Dan and I didn’t talk the way home, but kept giving each other glances, and being the tease I am, I decided to slowly stroke his leg like i did at the table in the restaurant. Dan’s hand rested on my thigh, normally i wouldn’t think anything of it, but this time it was full of sexual tension, his fingers slowly tracing upwards. I knew he was trying to get a rise out of me so i silently just stared out of the window until we reached our destination, he wasn’t going to win, not on my watch. 

Once again we pay the driver and get out of the taxi, I search for the keys in my purse, knowing that it was driving Dan crazy, so i decided to play a little stupid an take my time. “I can’t seem to find them, it’s so dark”. I fake sigh and then “eventually” find them, unlocking the door, and that was it. 

“Fuck, I can’t take it anymore” Dan says as he swoops me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style up the flights of stairs til we reach his bedroom door. He puts me down, opens his door and then turns to me, grabbing me passionately around the waist and pulling me into him as he smashes our lips together, it was so aggressive, intense, he clearly knew what he was doing and my god I needed more. His hands worked their way up o the zip of my dress, My hands taking off his suit jacket and then reaching for his buttons, His lips moved from mine and sloppily traced down my jaw, and then continued down my neck, sucking on my delicate skin, each movement made me bite my lip in sweet, sweet pleasure. My dress fell to the floor and within seconds, i finally managed to get the last of his buttons, throwing his shirt to the floor. Dan stopped for a second and admired my body, I could feel his eyes piercing my form. I turned around and kicked my heels off to the door, Dan came up behind me, Kissing my neck over and over once again in between words.

“No panties (Y/n), mhm, I had no idea you did this”

“(Y/n) you are so fucking gorgeous, Do you feel what you do to me?” 

And I really could, his hard-on was poking against my ass, I turn around to face him, biting my lip as i look up into those sexy eyes of his, I definitely have a lady boner going on for this boy. I pull him down and bring my lips to his, letting my tongue trace his bottom lip, asking for entrance. He smirked into the kiss and brought his tongue towards mine, letting them glide against each other in a fit of passion. I pull Dan closer to me by the hem of his pants and proceed to undo his belt, taking my time as i pull it from the loops.

“Don’t you think you have teased me enough tonight, love?” 

“Oh Dan, you don’t even know how much of a tease I can be” i said in a soft smokey voice, really accentuating the “Be”. 

I slide down slowly to my knees, taking his pants down with me, I look up at Dan and bite my lip, waiting for him to say something, I could see his bulge twitching with desire through his briefs, and I smirk knowing that this must be driving him mad. I slowly slide my finger behind the elastic and pull down, watching his erection spring free. I bring my hand and gently grip the base of his cock and slowly lick the the tip, dragging the end of my tongue along he delicate skin, Dan tries to stifle a moan, the intensity building for him, I can feel it. This goes on for another two minutes before Dan blurts,

“Fuck me, I can’t take this anymore” He brings his hands down to my hair and bunches it up in a pony tail, He tells me to open my mouth and i do, this is what i wanted, for him to take control. He slides his cock into my mouth and begins to thrust, slowly at first, I opened my mouth a little wider so I could take more of him in, Eventually deep-throating, and Dan just couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. 

“Oh my god, this feels so good, (Y/n)” He begins to pick up the pace and after a while he stops and lets me do it myself, I take my hand and begin to pump him, Taking as much as i can of him into my mouth, I decide to go for full force to keep the intensity up, and he was enjoying every second of it. Dan taps my shoulder shortly after and bring me back up, he brings his lips up to my ear and whispers “Not yet, love we haven’t gotten to the good part yet”, he takes my hand and leads me over to the bed, We kiss passionately as we get on the bed, Dan moves down to my neck, Sucking and leaving little love bites as he travels south, He reaches my chest and takes one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking on it, whilst taking the other between his fingertips and rolling it around, I moan , trying to prevent my back from arching. Dan smiled and drags his tongue over each nipple so slowly, that i have to bite my lip, because it feels so good.

Dan moves on and kisses my stomach, travelling further down, reaching my hips where he leaves little delicate kisses on each side, He was stalling and it was working a nerve. “Okay, I get it, you can tease too, come on” I say, sounding like a soft whine, Dan tisks me and tells me I just have to be patient, but he was making it so hard.Eventually, and I mean eventually, he  reaches my core, He brings his fingers up and starts working little circles around my clit.

“My my, someone’s already wet” he says, his voice low, and full of lust, you could tell he was smirking.

“Do i do this to you, (Y/n)?”. I can’t really say anything, I’m trying to hard not to cry out in pleasure, but i simply whimper a little signifying that is a yes. He chuckles softly to himself and then takes his fingers, starting to pump into me, I can’t hold my lip any longer and moan, Dan brings his tongue to my core and start’s licking, dragging his tongue like i did to him before, payback was a bitch, but it felt so right. Dan continues going harder and faster as he pumps into me, whilst eating me out in the process, I was reaching the end of my rope and cried out “Dan, I’m gonna c-cum” He smiles and says “do it, cum for me, love” I couldn’t hold it in much longer, i continued to moan until it became too much and let go of my climax. I was panting, trying to catch my breath. Dan comes up so he is eye level with me and kisses me, this time it seemed sweeter, more loving, his teeth graze my lip and he whispers “You ready?” I nod and continue to kiss him, enjoying the closeness of our bodies. Dan takes his cock and slides it inside me, thrusting in and out, slowly at first, like it was tender, intimate, our sweaty naked bodies together, in a moment that would change our friendship forever. Things heat up as he thrusts faster and faster, both of us becoming moaning messes as we surrender to one another.

“I-I’m gonna” is all Dan can get out and i was just so close as well, “Me too” i say and with that Dan pushes himself like he had never done with anyone else before, causing us to both climax at the same time. We ride out the high, Dan eventually collapsing beside me. We both try to breathe, regaining our lost energy. Dan covers me up with his blanket, and looks at me. “So i don’t suppose that you would wanna go out for dinner tomorrow would you, like a date?”

I smile, taking his hand” I think that would be lovely” We lay there enjoying each others company in silence when we both heard the front door close.

“Guys?” Phil said as he slowly trudged up the stairs. 

Dan and i instantly got up from the bed trying to scramble around for our clothes, getting them on just in time. Phil opens the door and Dan is sat at his computer, where as I sit on the end of his bed. 

“hey just letting you know I’m home, and i’m going to bed” We both looked at him and nodded, I looked back at Dan and smirked then whispered “I think i’m gonna go shower”. Dan stands up and walks over to me, bending down to my ear. “Well I need one too, how good are you at keeping quiet?” he says with a wink.


So here it is, my first smut, I don’t know what to think about it really. Sorry it took me a while but as you can see it’s quite long haha, let me know what you think! 



The Boys When They’re Drunk:

Noctis: Noctis, when intoxicated, would become a enlarged version of normal personality. Basically he’d become more sassier than normal just with the added benefit of a slur on all his words.  His go to phrase would be ‘Yeah? Fight me,’ punctuated by another swig of his drink from the bottle.

Prompto: He’s so gone he will literally do all the stupid shit you tell him to do. Piss in the bushes outside? Hell yeah. Kiss Ignis? Why the hell not!!! Not like he’ll remember any of this tomorrow. Everything also becomes extra funny to him.

Gladio: Once he’s loosened up with a few drinks, Gladio suddenly becomes everyone’s buddy. He’s super chummy with everyone and goes around pointing out his friends to new people he meets. He also gets into a “sling your arm around everyone’s shoulders” mood.

Ignis: He has the best drunken dance. Once this man is drunk, he can’t walk for more than a couple feet without stumbling sideways. One of the best moments saved in Prompto’s phone is a video of Ignis tripping over his own feet past the campfire and tumbling off the cliff. It’s cool though. Only took eight stitches and a potion to have him up and running in a couple days. Since that incident the group doesn’t build the campfires close to the edge of the cliff anymore.

(BONUS YAY) Their preferred drinks:

Noctis: Wine, though he prefers white wine over red.

Prompto: Mixed drinks - he prefers a shot of Fireball mixed with some pineapple or apple juice.

Gladio: Beer all the way, most likely Coors Light or Blue Moon

Ignis: Scotch.

(DOUBLE BONUS WOAH) How many drinks it takes to get them drunk(In terms of their favored drinks):

Noctis: 2-3 glasses.

Prompto: 4-5 red solo cups

Gladio: 9 beer bottles

Ignis: 2 glasses (super featherweight champion)

Club kids

((closed starter with @bashertigermoran))

With a waving sea of people at his feet and music so loud he could feel it in his bones, he almost felt okay; with the technicolor lights and vibrating base, an electrified crowd all dancing for him, nothing mattered. He could go numb and disappear into the surging music. The only thing that compared to it was the rush of an ivory line up his nose or getting lost in the crowd. 

Thomas wasn’t at “Choke” to perform tonight. He had one thing in mind: a drink, some dancing, some drugs, and possibly a piece of ass. If i should be so lucky

He made his way through the throng of sweaty gyrating bodies, making a bee-line for the bar. The bartender knew Thomas, but he wasn’t exactly hard to pick out. Messy, unkempt mop of brown hair on his head, well-worn hoodie and simple t-shirt, a stark contrast to the metal-studded and latex clad club goers.  

He sat down and the man behind the bar promptly passed him something strong and he dumped most of it zealously down his throat. He welcomed the burn that he could feel all the way down his throat and in his belly. He licked his lips, Time to see what the candy man is doing. 


I’m here, wya


He placed his mobile on the bar and finished off his scotch double in a messy gulp. 


❝ Cosplay Emergency Kit 

Hi friends!  For those who are planning to cosplay at a convention, there are always a few handy things that we should consider bringing along with us. Depending on your cosplay and your own preferences, the things you bring along will greatly vary. Therefore, some things on this list may not apply to you, or are missing on the list. But please go ahead and use this as a guide. I hope this helps! :)

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the bar au

thanks to @zuuki16 for the prompt!

  • winston and pharah are bartenders at overwatch bar
  • lucio’s the dj
  •’s the bar’s spirit animal
  • she chills in the corner with some ridiculous fruity shit mixed with mountain dew
  • once she mixed the mountain dew up with some strong vodka ‘accidentally’ and got so fucking wasted she couldn’t form a coherent sentence
  • tracer’s a regular
  • she always orders the same thing
  • a double malt scotch with strawberries
  • she doesn’t get drunk very easily but when she does she goes really really quiet
  • just sits there and stares off into space
  • when lucio sees that he always puts on her favorite song to cheer her up again
  • it’s sweet
  • widow sits in the corner and drinks loads of wine
  • like 5000000 gallons of it
  • the good stuff- chateau de beaucastel chateauneuf-du-pape 2013
  • no one knows where she gets the money to drink a hundred-dollar bottle of wine every day but she does so okay
  • symmetra likes vermouth and a little curry powder in her alcohol which is weird but pharah tries it and it’s really good
  • mercy walks in one day, slips out of her suit jacket (MERCY IN A SUIT I NEED JESUS) and sits at the counter
  • winston’s busy in the backroom so pharah walks over
  • “how can i help you?”
  • “have you ever seen someone die?”
  • jesus mercy what kind of question is that
  • pharah blinks.
  • “yes, i have.”
  • “then you know how it feels.”
  • pharah nods slowly. after a moment, mercy drops her head into her hands and sighs softly
  • “i’m sorry, i’m a mess. uh…”
  • “here.”
  • pharah sets a thin glass in front of her
  • “tequila. helps you forget.”
  • mercy drinks six of them.
  • she’s even more wasted than during the ‘epic vodka misplacement of 2015′
  • “-and i just really want to-”
  • “uh huh”
  • mercy cuts herself off, goes cross-eyed for a second. “you’re really pretty.”
  • “yeah?”
  • “yeah.”
  • and then mercy sighs and slumps face first onto the counter
  • “okay, you’ve had enough.”
  • “i’m fine” mercy slurs, propping herself up. “i’m totally good.”
  • “um, do you mind if- what’s your address?”
  • “I don’t knooooooooooowwww. i think, um, i don’t know,”
  • “okay. do you mind if i take you back to my place and let you crash in the guest room?”
  • “are you-” *hiccup* “-propositioning me, pharah?”
  • pharah sighs, practically carries her inside. mercy grabs her like a koala, tugs her down onto the guest bed- and immediately falls asleep
  • pharah untangles herself and goes to her room
  • the next morning, mercy’s somehow moved to the kitchen and she’s halfway on the counter, dangerously close to the stove
  • pharah grabs her. “jesus!”
  • “that’s my name” mercy says cheerfully, then winces
  • pharah breaks out the painkillers
  • mercy complains until they take effect
  • and then she looks at pharah. “i’m sorry for that. uh… did i do anything embarrassing last night?”
  • “rest assured i have more than enough blackmail on you about your last five boyfriends and your last twelve girlfriends. dealing with the illicit, are we?”
  • “oh my god.”
  • and then she introduces herself properly, and pharah almost dies at realizing that she’s the dean of overwatch university
  • anyways once mercy stops being a mess they hang out together
  • and then one day mercy just tosses her book to the side, leans over, and kisses pharah.
  • pharah kisses back.
  • they date and then they get married
  • pharah offers her tequila at the wedding with a wink and mercy laughs.
  • “nah. i think this is something worth remembering.”
  • “you think so?”
  • “dork.” she kisses her.
  • and toast the king champagne.
Zude Fanfiction - Wounded

Here is Part three to the Zude Fan Fiction Enough. It’s called Wounded and it follows on from Challenges.

Special mention to @zude-malec again for being a gem and proofing and editing my work. Love u girl! 💞

Please let me know what you think.
Hope u guys love it. 😘


Things between Zero and Jude had been slightly tense since that day in the arena over a week ago. Zero was trying his best not to let Owen get to him but his insecurities were rife and proving hard to silence, no matter how hard Jude tried.

Jude walked through the door a little after 7 p.m. and greeted his man affectionately.
“Hey you,” Jude says and kisses Zero long and hard.

“What was that for?” Zero asks inquisitively.

“Because I love you and I missed you today,” Jude replies honestly. “Why didn’t you come to my office today to see me?” Jude asks as he puts his brief case down.

“Busy day, training and all,” Zero replies unconvincingly.

“Hmm, okay. Well are you going to make up for it now?” Jude says cheekily as he puts his arms around Zero’s waist and begins kissing his neck.

Zero laughs. “You bet!”

The two men begin to kiss passionately and start tugging at each other’s clothes when Jude’s phone begins to ring.
“Ignore it,” Jude says voice husky with desire.

The phone continues to ring. Zero loses patience and heads to the table to silence it. Owen’s name and number appears on Jude’s phone and Zero can no longer see straight. He loses all rational thought and throws Jude’s phone hard against the wall. It smashes instantaneously. Jude’s shock is palpable on his face, but the reason for the broken phone is painfully obvious.

“Was that necessary?” Jude asks calmly but clearly angry that Zero is letting this get to him so much.

“How often does he call you?” Zero asks suspiciously.

“Why does it matter?” Jude says calmly.

“It fucking matters to me, Jude!” Zero shouts angrily.

“Why are you doing this?” Jude says, clearly distressed.

“Me? Are you serious Jude?” His voice latent with anger.

“Yeah, you?” Jude replies angrily.

“He’s the one fucking with us and doing everything in his power to take you away from me and you’re blaming me?” Zero shouts angrily.

“I’ve told you a thousand times I am not interested in him,” Jude replies honestly.

“And how long until you are, Jude?” How long until he finally succeeds and you want him more than you want me?“ Zero says fiercely.

“Well it depends on how long you insist on continuing to behave like this and continue to push me away!” Jude says more fiercely, if possible.

Zero steps back, shocked, feeling things he can’t control and walks out the door.

Jude collapses on to the lounge, face in hands feeling frustrated and at a loss.


Jude wakes the next day feeling edgy and exhausted from the previous sleepless night. Jude had found his old phone and had sent Zero an ‘Are you ok?’ text message, followed by an ‘I am sorry and I love you’ one but had heard nothing back. Jude’s stomach was in knots all morning and he missed Zero already. Missinb Zero wasn’t unusual for Jude but today he felt it even more so.

Jude couldn’t understand where all this was coming from. He knew Owen was pushing Zero and pursuing Jude quite fiercely but he had told Zero repeatedly that he wasn’t interested in him at all. Why wasn’t that enough? Why couldn’t he believe in their relationship like Jude did?

Jude settles into his chair and begins to drown himself in work. Anything to distract him from his thoughts. At that moment his door opens and Zero walks through.

“Hey,” Jude says jumping up to greet the man he loves with everything.

“Hi,” Zero replies quietly.

“I am sorry about last night and what I said,” Jude says sincerely.

“I am sorry for breaking your phone,” Zero says calmly. “I just… I don’t know how to deal with all of this, it’s all so foreign to me.”

“I know,” Jude says cupping Zero’s face in his hands. “Nothing and no one could ever change the way I feel about you. You are the love of my life, Gideon.” Jude states with so much love in his voice.

Zero smiles and kisses Jude gently.
“But you do owe me a new phone!” Jude jokes.

Zero smirks.

“I love you Jude, more than you know,” Zero replies sincerely.


The week flies by quickly and Jude manages to keep Zero away from Owen. Jude does his best to keep Owen at arms length but with business it’s almost unavoidable. Jude insists the meetings are quick and professional but Owen’s arrogance means he can’t help himself with the constant flirting and sexual innuendos. Jude just finds its draining.
Jude gets why men (and women) would flock to Owen’s feet. He’s ridiculously gorgeous, well built, intelligent, wealthy and charming to a fault. Maybe in another time and place, Jude may have gone there, but not now. Jude has found his one true love and no brooding male could ever change the way he feels about Zero.

“Are you sure you want to go tonight?” Jude shouts from the shower. “We can just stay in, get take away, and watch a movie?”

“Sounds nice Jude but we kind of have to go to this Devil’s party. You being the EVP and me being a starter, looks bad if we don’t!” Zero replies.

“Yeah okay, I guess.” Jude shouts “I won’t be long then.”

It’s a formal event and both men are wearing black tuxedos looking incredibly sharp as they enter the room. Chandeliers, white drapes and fairy lights deck out the venue and give off an incredible romantic ambience.

“Wow, Lionel, you really went all out tonight didn’t you?” Zero states as he kisses her hello on the cheek.

“Well it’s our mid-year ball, it has to have all the trimmings,” Lionel replies. “You two look gorgeous.”

“Thanks Lionel,” Jude says as he kisses her, “you look radiant as ever!”

Jude then heads to the bar to get drinks, leaving Lionel and Zero to chat. It doesn’t take long for Owen to make his way up to Jude at the bar.

“My God, I wouldn’t have let you out the house tonight looking that good if you were mine,” Owen asserts in his usual, sexy tone.

“Owen, Hi,” Jude fumbles, never knowing how to react to those sorts of inappropriate comments. Especially knowing Zero is here. He doesn’t want to do anything that might upset him.

“So, are you going to get me a drink?” Owen asks.

“Umm, sure. What would you like?” Jude asks hesitantly.

“Double scotch on the rocks,” Owen replies.

The bartender hands Jude the drinks and Jude passes Owen his.

“Well, have a good night,” Jude says as he begins to walk away.

“You aren’t going to have a drink with me?” Owen asks flirtatiously.

“Look, Owen, I know what you’re playing at here and I can tell you this is not going to work,” Jude exclaims firmly.

“It’s just a drink Jude, it’s not a marriage proposal, not yet anyway,” Owen replies with sass.

“Enjoy your evening Owen,” Jude says calmly and leaves the handsome male standing at the bar.

Jude returns to Lionel and Zero and can tell immediately that Zero had seen the exchange between him and Owen at the bar.

Zero is doing his best to remain calm and level-headed. Lionel has clearly helped anchor Zero, knowing the situation all too well. She has been Jude’s sounding board.

The night continues to progress quite seamlessly. Zero kisses Jude on the lips and tells him he’s going to the bathroom and he’ll be back soon.

“You’ll never be enough for him,” a voice echoes to Zero on his way down the hall way. The sentiment hits Zero like a tonne of bricks and the weight of that remark is crushing. Zero stops in his path and turns to face Owen.

“What do you know about what is enough for him?” Zero replies shakily, voice ridden with doubt.

“I know that he wants more from this life emotionally than you could ever give him. I know that when he looks at you he sees a broken soul.” Owen speaks painfully clearly.

“That you are just a wounded bird he found along the way and tried his best to etch back to life and stupidly, like a little lost boy, got attached.” Owen continues.

“But it isn’t real Zero, this love you think you have with him, sooner or later he’ll realize that you, with your broken wings and stilted emotions, are not what he wants.”

The words punch Zero so hard in the stomach that he has to physically step back.
Owen walks back into the party, seemingly unaffected by his actions.

Zero’s doubts and fears and all his insecurities come flooding back like a bitter rain storm and his emotions all become too much.

“Hey, there you are. I was getting worried, you’ve been gone for ages.” Jude says as he comes around the corner finding Zero standing aimlessly in the hall way.

Zero doesn’t reply. Jude steps forward to touch him and Zero steps back.

“I can’t do this!” Zero says, eyes partly vacant and partly distressed.

“That’s okay. We’ve been here long enough, we’ll go home,” Jude replies innocently.

“I don’t mean this stupid party. I mean us… I can’t do this anymore,” Zero says fiercely fighting back any real emotion.

Jude’s face drops and his heart begins to pound at the prospect of what’s happening.

“What do you mean Zero? What are you talking about?” Jude replies confused.

“We’re just kidding ourselves with this, this will never be enough for you?” Zero replies anxiously.

The penny drops and Jude knows exactly what’s happened.
“What the fuck did he say to you?” Jude asks angrily.

“It doesn’t matter anymore,” Zero replies with tears in his eyes, no longer able to hide his emotions.

Jude steps forward and puts his hands around Zero’s face searching his eyes for answers, for a clue, for anything.

“Please Gideon, please don’t do this!” Jude cries, heart clearly breaking as the words fall from his mouth.

“It’s Zero, Gideon doesn’t exist!” And with that, Zero turns and walks away leaving a broken hearted Jude standing alone.


“I remember when my aunt got pregnant with warewolf baby.My mom and her never got along.”-your friend Kendall wouldn’t stop talking.
You were driving and wishing you would just drive into the first building you see.
Jesus,she couldn’t stop talking.
As you stopped on red light you saw Impala next to you.Two handsome guys were in the Impala,but honestly,you only focused on the car.
You rolled down the window.
“Is that real Chevrolet Impala 67?”
“Yes.”-the guy who drove it smiled back at you.
He was had dirty blond almost brown short hair.Next to him there was a guy reading Harry Potter.He had long brown hair and you noticed dimples on his cheek when he smiled to you.
“What’s your name?”-first guy asked.
You just smiled at him and kept driving as the green light appeared.
“What’s your problem,(Y/N)?They were so handsome.”
“They were probably gay or players.You saw their car.”
“You liked the car.”
“Honestly?I would kill for that car.”
“I would kill for one of those guys.”
You stopped at first diner you saw.
“Finally!I’m starving!”-Kendall said finishing her burger.
“You just ate a burger.”
As you two walked in you didn’t notice that you sat in front of two guys from the Impala.
“Hi!What can I get you.”-a waitress came up to with fakest smile ever.
“I would like chocolate pies.What do you want Kendall?”
“I’m sorry,but we’re out of pies.”
“What the fuck?”-you almost yelled at her
“I’m so sorry.”
“It’s just pie (Y/N).”-Kendall tried to calm you down.
“No!I’ve been working 90 hours straight,I deserve some fuckin’ pie!”
“We could get you a burger.”-waitress said.
“A chocolate burger?Yea sure!Just give me scotch…Double!”
“I’ll have a beer,thanks.”-Kendall tried to ligthen up the mood.
Waitress nocited that your neck is totally burned and it’s traced down to your back that’s covered with your shirt and jacket.She also noticed the bruises on your hand and lips.
“Did somebody hurt you?”-she asked.
“No,but somebody will hurt you if you don’t get the scotch they asked you to get.”-you answered back not even looking at her,but looking at Kendall.
Waitress quickly leaved.
The guys from the Impala noticed your scard and bruises.
“You can have mine.I mean it’s not chocolate,but…”-
“I’m fine.”-you cut him off.
“You don’t have to be so rude.”-Kendall said.
“I’m in pain and I don’t have any painkillers…So if I wanna be a bitch,I’ll be a bitch.”
“I see…”-she said looking out the window
“Your fucking scotch is here.”-the waitress’ eyes turned black.
You didn’t even flinched and you stabbed her not even looking at her.
“Did you have to this in fornt of everybody.”
“Oh,who’s everybody?The old man that is pissing right now in front of diner and Winchesters.”
The two of you got up,but the Winchesters blocked the door.
The first guy pulled out a gun.
“What are you?”-he asked pointing gun at you.
“I’m tired,I’m angry and I just wanna get drunk and have some pie!”-you replied
“It’s okay Dean.”-the second guy took his gun.
“I’m Sam,this is Dean.Are you a hunter?
“I’m too,not that anyone cares.”-Kendall said crossing her arms.
“Who did this to you?”-Sam asked.
“Some British Man of Letter asshole.”
“Why?”-Sam asked putting away his gun.
“Because I killed some of his people.”
“And why the fuck did you do that.”-Dean asked confused
“Man of Letters don’t really solve the problem when it comes to cases with Supernatural creatures.My people always had trouble with yours.For example,you took our bunker.We we’re here before you.”
“Wait there’s other organization?”-Sam asked looking at you then back at Dean.
“He’s here and he brought friends.”-Kendall said pulling out a gun and looking out of the window.
“Where’s the bag with flamethrowers?”-you asked.
“In the car.”
“For who?They’re all busy.You know what kind of mess there is in Heaven.
"Fine!Ask somebody from Hell.”
“What is going on?!-Dean yelled.
"Dean!”-Cas appeared.
“Castiel.”-you say
“(Y/N),Kendall.”-he says looking at you two.
“Can you heal me?”
“Sure.Anything for you,(Y/N).”
“I see you took care of them.-Kendall said.
"I didn’t kill them.”-Cas replied.
“So,you just zaped them?Great,they’re gonna come back.”
“Could somebody,please explain to us what’s going on?”-Sam asked.
“I will,Sam.As soon as we get to the bunker.”-you said smiling at them.

|Do you want a part 2?And who do you wanna be pared with?|

Birthday Boy | June 2

Self-centred individual that he was, Lucius tended to enjoy any event that revolved around him. His birthday was clearly one of the more important days of the year to his mind. 

These were his friends - or most of them were, anyway. There were a few notable stragglers that appeared to have followed the crowd from the Ministry Event, but Lucius was in a rare charitable mood, and so he was happy to ignore them. And if they made trouble? Well there were ways of dealing with them if and when that happened. 

He had just been outside to visit Gus. The dog had greeted him with such enthusiasm that he felt more than a little guilt over how he had treated her while Muffy had been in town. But now it was time to re-enter the party and, most importantly, to find himself a drink. He wandered up to the well stocked bar, stepping neatly around the increasingly inebriated party-goers.

“Scotch, rocks, double. Quickly please.”

Dear useless diary,



Leather? Midriff. Hair. Down. 


Tall. So tall. Legs. Legs and legs and legs. LEGS. 

Breaking my five-year streak I believe I’m taking the rest of today as a personal day. At home. With the A/C cranked up to ‘polar’. 

Jesus Christ. I don’t care if pouring a double Scotch at 9am is a bit much even for a WASP. There’s no way I’ll make it all the way to my elevator without some liquid courage. Note to self: fire Wink. Or move his desk. Or ban Kara from visiting him. But then when would I see her?

What the hell did they teach her on that wilderness retreat?



At Sonia’s insistence they all order the lobster. Joël doesn’t do too much talking, mainly drinking. Roy hasn’t noticed. He’s stoked about Dom coming to visit in a couple of weeks. 

Roy: You’ll have to get that weekend off work so you can come pub crawling with us, dude. 

Sonia: Oh for goodness’ sake, Roy. Why does everything you boys do have to involve vast quantities of alcohol? Why can’t you just see a movie or go fishing or something? Anyway, how are you supposed to improve your sperm and semen quality if you’re getting drunk all the time? It’s so typical of you to only to think of yourself-

Roy: Honey, that’s not fair. You know how much I’ve cut down my drinking over the past few months. Not only that, I’ve stopped having baths and wearing any underwear other than boxers, and I’ve all but given up the smokes. Not to mention fapping, for Christ’s sake-

Sonia: ROY!!!

Roy: …and thanks to all my hard work my last analysis was nearly normal, thank you very much. So I can afford to have a couple when one of my best mates is in town, okay? Besides, with a bit of luck the egg transfer was a success and  you’re sitting there pregnant right now! We don’t know yet, do we? Let’s think positive for a change, okay?

Sonia shakes her head.

Sonia: I’m not pregnant. I know I’m not pregnant. I can’t let myself think positive Roy, otherwise the heartbreak every month would kill me. That’s why I’m not buying pregnancy tests any more. Whenever I get a negative result I just…I want to crawl into bed and never resurface. I just want to hide from the world. Especially from people who are pregnant, people pushing prams, people on social media posting their baby bumps and nursery pictures…I don’t want to hate them but I do. I can’t help it. My bitterness towards them feels like acid eating away at my insides. Why can’t that be me tweeting about my sore boobs and morning sickness and swollen ankles and acid reflux? Why? Why, Roy? Are we being punished for something? What did we do wrong?

Tears roll down her cheeks. Roy reaches for her hand and makes soothing noises. Joël swallows the rest of his double scotch, his third since they arrived. He signals to the drinks waiter for another. 

Sonia: I’m sorry, Joël. I didn’t mean to ruin lunch. Let’s talk about other things. How’s Anita?

“I know it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I just ordered a double Scotch, but today has been rough, I have a driver, and I don’t have anywhere else to be.  I’ll take your company, but I’ll totally pass on hearing your judgment.”

Left Blank was quiet tonight. A few patrons in the back, some at the bar and Jackson slid onto a stool around the corner so he could have a moment to himself. There was a lot on his mind lately and he had very few people to confide in. A very real urge to call Bruno because the man’s number was still in his phone and it has him ordering a double scotch right off the bat tonight. He misses his Dad and there’s the cruel thought that the joke is getting old, it’s time for Bruno to come home from whatever vacation he thought this would earn him. Soon. Soon they’d make the Initiative pay and that’s the only thing that had Jackson trying to clear his head at the bar, finishing his scotch in one go before he laid his head down, resting it against the back of his hand, a picture of too much comfort and too much familiarity with this bar. It’s not until someone slides beside him that he lifts his head, making sure it’s friend and not stranger.