double scotch

the bar au

thanks to @zuuki16 for the prompt!

  • winston and pharah are bartenders at overwatch bar
  • lucio’s the dj
  •’s the bar’s spirit animal
  • she chills in the corner with some ridiculous fruity shit mixed with mountain dew
  • once she mixed the mountain dew up with some strong vodka ‘accidentally’ and got so fucking wasted she couldn’t form a coherent sentence
  • tracer’s a regular
  • she always orders the same thing
  • a double malt scotch with strawberries
  • she doesn’t get drunk very easily but when she does she goes really really quiet
  • just sits there and stares off into space
  • when lucio sees that he always puts on her favorite song to cheer her up again
  • it’s sweet
  • widow sits in the corner and drinks loads of wine
  • like 5000000 gallons of it
  • the good stuff- chateau de beaucastel chateauneuf-du-pape 2013
  • no one knows where she gets the money to drink a hundred-dollar bottle of wine every day but she does so okay
  • symmetra likes vermouth and a little curry powder in her alcohol which is weird but pharah tries it and it’s really good
  • mercy walks in one day, slips out of her suit jacket (MERCY IN A SUIT I NEED JESUS) and sits at the counter
  • winston’s busy in the backroom so pharah walks over
  • “how can i help you?”
  • “have you ever seen someone die?”
  • jesus mercy what kind of question is that
  • pharah blinks.
  • “yes, i have.”
  • “then you know how it feels.”
  • pharah nods slowly. after a moment, mercy drops her head into her hands and sighs softly
  • “i’m sorry, i’m a mess. uh…”
  • “here.”
  • pharah sets a thin glass in front of her
  • “tequila. helps you forget.”
  • mercy drinks six of them.
  • she’s even more wasted than during the ‘epic vodka misplacement of 2015′
  • “-and i just really want to-”
  • “uh huh”
  • mercy cuts herself off, goes cross-eyed for a second. “you’re really pretty.”
  • “yeah?”
  • “yeah.”
  • and then mercy sighs and slumps face first onto the counter
  • “okay, you’ve had enough.”
  • “i’m fine” mercy slurs, propping herself up. “i’m totally good.”
  • “um, do you mind if- what’s your address?”
  • “I don’t knooooooooooowwww. i think, um, i don’t know,”
  • “okay. do you mind if i take you back to my place and let you crash in the guest room?”
  • “are you-” *hiccup* “-propositioning me, pharah?”
  • pharah sighs, practically carries her inside. mercy grabs her like a koala, tugs her down onto the guest bed- and immediately falls asleep
  • pharah untangles herself and goes to her room
  • the next morning, mercy’s somehow moved to the kitchen and she’s halfway on the counter, dangerously close to the stove
  • pharah grabs her. “jesus!”
  • “that’s my name” mercy says cheerfully, then winces
  • pharah breaks out the painkillers
  • mercy complains until they take effect
  • and then she looks at pharah. “i’m sorry for that. uh… did i do anything embarrassing last night?”
  • “rest assured i have more than enough blackmail on you about your last five boyfriends and your last twelve girlfriends. dealing with the illicit, are we?”
  • “oh my god.”
  • and then she introduces herself properly, and pharah almost dies at realizing that she’s the dean of overwatch university
  • anyways once mercy stops being a mess they hang out together
  • and then one day mercy just tosses her book to the side, leans over, and kisses pharah.
  • pharah kisses back.
  • they date and then they get married
  • pharah offers her tequila at the wedding with a wink and mercy laughs.
  • “nah. i think this is something worth remembering.”
  • “you think so?”
  • “dork.” she kisses her.
  • and toast the king champagne.

Dear useless diary,



Leather? Midriff. Hair. Down. 


Tall. So tall. Legs. Legs and legs and legs. LEGS. 

Breaking my five-year streak I believe I’m taking the rest of today as a personal day. At home. With the A/C cranked up to ‘polar’. 

Jesus Christ. I don’t care if pouring a double Scotch at 9am is a bit much even for a WASP. There’s no way I’ll make it all the way to my elevator without some liquid courage. Note to self: fire Wink. Or move his desk. Or ban Kara from visiting him. But then when would I see her?

What the hell did they teach her on that wilderness retreat?


“I know it’s only 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I just ordered a double Scotch, but today has been rough, I have a driver, and I don’t have anywhere else to be.  I’ll take your company, but I’ll totally pass on hearing your judgment.”

Left Blank was quiet tonight. A few patrons in the back, some at the bar and Jackson slid onto a stool around the corner so he could have a moment to himself. There was a lot on his mind lately and he had very few people to confide in. A very real urge to call Bruno because the man’s number was still in his phone and it has him ordering a double scotch right off the bat tonight. He misses his Dad and there’s the cruel thought that the joke is getting old, it’s time for Bruno to come home from whatever vacation he thought this would earn him. Soon. Soon they’d make the Initiative pay and that’s the only thing that had Jackson trying to clear his head at the bar, finishing his scotch in one go before he laid his head down, resting it against the back of his hand, a picture of too much comfort and too much familiarity with this bar. It’s not until someone slides beside him that he lifts his head, making sure it’s friend and not stranger.