double rainbow cupcakes

As far as rainbow cakes come, this one’s probably my favourite so far. Its unbridled vivaciousness only slightly muted by its pastel hues, make such a happy sight, which is great for an equally joyous occasion.

Cake: Cupcake Jemma/Crumbs and Doilies

The signs as cupcakes
  • Aries: drunken butter rum cupcake
  • Taurus: strawberry and cream cupcake
  • Gemini: peanut butter truffle cupcake
  • Cancer: coconut cupcake
  • Leo: cherry cheesecake cupcake
  • Virgo: red velvet cupcake
  • Libra: pink lemonade cupcake
  • Scorpio: margarita cupcakes
  • Sagittarius: pumpkin cupcake
  • Capricorn: peppermint cupcake
  • Aquarius: double chocolate cupcake
  • Pisces: rainbow cupcakes