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I’ll See You Again In 25 Years - My Visit To The “Twin Peaks” Set In 1990

I’ve unearthed these pics of me as a goofy 12-year-old visiting the set of “Twin Peaks” in 1990. My mom won a raffle at my LA elementary school where the prize was to visit the set - they were shooting the beginning of Season 2 at the time, and they had moved their location from the Pacific Northwest to sound stages in Burbank, CA, where they had re-created all of the iconic “Twin Peaks” locations. The most surreal thing was that often the sets were built side-by-side, so I was able to step directly from One Eyed Jacks into Benjamin Horne’s office into Laura Palmer’s living room. The locations seen here are: Harold the meals-on-wheels hermit’s house (with Donna, Maddy and Harold), me with Mike the One Armed Man, The Double R Diner, Laura Palmer’s living room, One Eyed Jacks, the sheriff department’s jail, the piano in Donna’s living room, Benjamin Horne’s desk, a booth at the Roadhouse, and Josie Packard’s living room. On the day I visited, they were shooting the scene of Harold scratching his face menacingly with the rake - it adds a bit of amusing context to know that while Harold was raking his face, this funny-lookin’ kid was watching from off-camera! - Michael Lucid


The Double R Diner

Fire Walk With Me

The Pilot

Episode 11 “Laura’s Secret Diary”

Georgia Coffee Commercial

Episode 25 “On The Wings Of Love”

Episode 14 “Lonely Souls”

Episode 23 “The Condemned Woman”

The Return Part 5 “Case Files”

The Return Part 6 “Don’t Die”

Twin Peaks Episode Predictions

- Cooper will spend 10 minutes trying to eat an ice cream cone and will somehow in the process save his company millions

- Hawk will be the only person not sniffing glue, Gordon will ask Diane where she gets her hair done; we will meet her stylist

- Someone at The Bang Bang Bar will mop the bathroom for seven minutes and Chromatics will cover James’ song

- Evil Coop will press ten buttons on a weird computer and we will all be horrified because Badalamenti’s score will be spooky wind and terror noises

- Someone will sneeze into an electrical socket and get eaten by an atomic hobo while a Nine Inch Nails song plays; we then watch Norma bake a pie

- Bobby will adopt the zombie kid from the honking car