double pushchair

The double pushchair can carry two babies

Sylvanian Families Double Pushchair  details

* New Double Pushchair
* cozy seats
* Two babies might be pushed together
* The babies sit side by side
* The sun canpoy may be moved

Sylvanian Families is usually a unique and adorable assortment of distinctive anymal people with charmies and attractively detailed homes, furniture along with accessories. They live, work and play within the idyllic and wonderful land of Sylvania. The Double Pushchair might carry two babies they sit also and can talk together.

 Townsend Sprite Girls Bike

And this is little one!! Measuring perfectly at 7weeks 6days! We saw their little stubs kicking and they were wriggling! Heart was beating. They look like they’re holding a balloon!! (It’s the yolk sack).

Little bit relieved that there’s just the one in there. Means a healthier pregnancy, one she gets past this fucking awful nausea. A safer birth too. And then afterwards we have two to look after and no more! It’s easier with a double pushchair than a triple haha!!

Now we can start shopping again. We picked a few bits up yesterday!