double pointed bullshit

Heel = DONE!

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Okay well, almost fits. It’s a tad big on me, but Anna’s feet are a whole size larger than mine, so I reckon it’ll all work out. 

asdjfklsdjflskjfjslkdfjslkfasfda I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED!! I might even have it done by the time they come over. :3

I’m really happy with how it came out, too. I can’t wait to finish this one so I can start the second sock! Wow… never thought I’d say those words! 

All in all, I have one thing to say.

Almost…. there….

11 rows to go!

Oh, Zombeanie. You have been such a fun little project. “Little” as in I will have completed it in a less than 24 hour period.

Damn, I feel good.

I will have enough yarn to make a second one if anybody would like their own Zombeanie (with or without blood spatter). 

Or, if anyone just wants the pattern, let me know and I’ll post it!

Sock #1 = DONE.


I’ll post a picture tomorrow, but I just had to tell someone because IT’S SO AWESOME. I even managed to do a proper bind-off so they aren’t too tight or too loose. If doing a k2p2 bind-off isn’t proof of how much I love Anna, I don’t know what is because NOTHING is worse than binding off in ribbing. I hate it. I hate it more than just about anything. But I did it, and that’s what counts.

It’s not perfect, of course. The heel is a little too pointed and the toe could be tighter but overall I’m really happy with it. Gonna see if I can do two pumpkin hats while I finish watching Office Space before starting the second one. 

This is not a knitting blog, honest.

But it /is/ the blog of a knitter. So… yeah.

I finally took out those three rows of the Camisole of Death, and I’m happy to report that I have made 9 rows of progress on the re-tweaked pattern.

Basically, the bottom 1.5" is still 2x2 ribbing. The next 5" 3.5" is going to be stockinette, but I’ve halved the total number of stitches and I’m going to pull down all the even ones at the 7.5" 5" mark.

After that I’m going to start the charted skulls. I think I’ll do them over 87 stitches instead of 98, with each skull being separated by a pulled-down column of stitches. That’ll put me at… 12.5" 10".

Then I’ll increase up to 98 stitches, and it’ll just be stockinette for 7", followed by 2x2 ribbing for 1". Unless I want to be reeeeeeeeeeeeal slutty and do a little center column of pulled down stitches so everyone can see my lovely cleavage. Yeah… that sounds good. Plus it will create a little extra room for my boobs. 

tl;dr. I hate my tits. They ruin my knitting plans and make me do math.

Well, here it is! It would be done by now, but I misplaced the cable row (did it on row 8 instead of row 10) so I had to take out like three rows and then it took me two or three tries to get them in the right spot but I AM SO CLOSE TO DOOOOOOOOOONE. 

I have 25 rounds left and then it will be finished and then I can put it on after I clean all the clothes off of my floor because I need to find my leggings.

Oh, and that DPN isn’t part of the pattern, I’m just storing it there so I don’t lose it. >.<

Guys, I have a problem. 

No, it’s not my shameless amount of cleavage.

It’s almost 5 in the morning. I should have gone to bed ages ago. Instead, I’m up knitting what I have dubbed as “The Zombie Beanie” because it’s black, grey, and green and in my mind those are zombie colors. The pattern name (when I write it up) is going to be “Nine by Twelve” (since it will hopefully be 108 rows in total). 

I’m on episode 9 of the first season of Queer Eye. Netflix says there are 88 episodes total, so this means I have 79 episodes to go.

Bring it on.

It. Is. Done.

The baby blanket is finished. Pictures will be up whenever I feel like putting them up. I decided to go with three rows of edging on the long sides because I was actually going to explode if I had to crochet 4,000+ stitches. 

Now all that’s left is blocking, but I’m taking a break from anything yarn-related for the rest of the night. Plus I’m too lazy to look up the articles on blocking acrylic projects that I found. 

Oh! I finally saw Cabin In The Woods. I totally loved it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you seriously should. 


Ravellenic Games. 

Fingers crossed that I can join Team SHER-locked, but regardless I’m going to do a few things. 

I’m going to start a reworked version of the Camisole of Death (because my headcanon is that Moran totally knows how to knit and would make something like this for Moriarty) that’s going in both the Sweater Triathlon and the Synchronized Stash Busting (since I’ve had this yarn for over two years). 

And hopefully I can find a pattern I like in time to use the Purple Yarn of Sex. Because I have purple yarn of sex, I just need to do something with it. 

fdfdsjafjsajkfslkjlfdjfkjfdkahdsf I AM SO EXCITED IT IS PAINFUL. 

Time to start doing a gauge swatch for the Camisole and hunting down a pattern for the PYoS! 

No, I won’t be sleeping until midnight, August 12th. I probably won’t be on Tumblr that much either. I’m going to marathon Bones and knit until my fingers bleed. :D

Officially halfway done with my knitswap project!! I wish I could show ya’ll because I’m super freaking proud of it but alas. That would ruin the surprise for my partner. And I don’t want to do that. 

I’d like to have it done by Thanksgiving so it can ship out as soon as possible. Then I can get back on track with my holiday knits. I’m doing a pair of socks for The Paul’s dad, and I may do some gloves for his sister. I finished the hat for his mom a few months back, so at least I’m not totally unprepared. 

Good news is I found out I still have four days of vacation left to take. So that’s a thing and I’ll probably use them to work on knitting stuff. 


Done! Finished in under 36 hours. I may have skipped two rows of decreases but that’s what you get for knitting and drinking at the same time.

The yarn in the bottom right is something I picked up at my knitting group today. One of the women who’s in the group takes apart old sweaters and salvages the yarn (sidenote: my phone does not recognize “salvages” as a word. pretty sure it is one…) and had a big batch and shared a skein with each of us. It’s a nice smoky brown color- I wish I could think of something to make with it but my mind is all blank. And alcohol laced. It’s 268 yards and basically fingering weight but just a smidge thicker.

Crappy picture is crappy. Unfortunately, this socks’ intended foot is not here to model it/try it on; however, I’m confident that it will fit. This is 8.75/13 stripe pattern repeats (in other words, row 35 out of 52).

It feels weird to be working with yarn this small since I’m so used to worsted weight. I’ve also noticed it has been coming apart in a few places (like the actual yarn is so thin that it breaks apart), though I think that might be due to the fact that I’ve had it for over a year and often stored it under less-than-desirable conditions. But it’s still been a pleasure to work with so far- I can’t wait to get started on my own pair!

5.5 out of 13 stripe repeats done!

It’s slowly starting to look like a sock. Very, very slowly. So far it’s about 3 inches long. I didn’t do a gauge swatch, but it’s the proper size anyways. Go me! I’d post a picture if I could- I’m ridiculously proud of how good it looks so far. The colors Anna picked are so awesome together- I’m using Knitpick’s Palette in


External image



External image

(The Serrano irl is a little more orange than the picture, but the Hazelnut is pretty much spot-on)

I’m on episode two of season seven of Bones. Since there are only 13 episodes total in this season, I might be able to finish it tonight. And hopefully by episode 7 I’ll be ready to start the heel! Anybody got any good video tutorials for knitting heels? I’m knitting on four size 2 DPN’s, if that’s relevant. I have no idea how to “turn” my work either, so help with that would be nice, as well!

Finished strap number one!

And I’m already on row 17 of the second one. :D

I haven’t totally figured out how I’m going to do the main body of the apron yet (nor do I have any of the stitches calculated). 

Oh! That’s what I haven’t done!

The straps are 26 stitches across. Each cable repeat is six rows. Each strap is 25 cables long (plus an extra bind-off row). So one strap is 3,926 stitches. 


Still no more progress on the camisole. It’s angering me too much. Also I haven’t had my computer open because I’ve been watching Community with Anna (so I can’t see the pattern). Not that I’m any good at following patterns to begin with. I should probably work on that.