double nines

  • Will: Is the equipment secure?
  • Nico: Check.
  • Will: Ambrosia?
  • Nico: Check.
  • Will: Did you have breakfast?
  • Nico: What? That's not on the checklist.
  • Will: I added it because I care about you.
  • Nico: No, I didn't have breakfast.
  • Will: Unacceptable. Look in your backpack.
  • Nico: *finds a protein bar* Hey, there's chocolate chips in this!
  • Will: Yeah, I'm not an idiot. I know how to trick my boyfriend into eating his fiber.

Loki was so ready to fight both Hela and Stephen when they first showed their magic skills, like, calm down you greasy emo beanpole, there are other sorcerers in the universe besides you

okay but rosa knew about the double-tuck long before she and amy got close while jake was in witsec. so, like, canonically, rosa has her huge soft spot for amy even when she’s a badass bitch who loves no one

also rosa probably spent yeARS watching amy double-tuck to jake at shaw’s after work. 

I just want to take a moment and give a s/o to rosa diaz for being such an amazing friend to amy santiago like wow ily boo keep at it


drunkentigerjk: 😬 5 months before i knew it… passed so quickly. it’s finally the finals in 2 days. please support us a lot🙇🏽


anonymous asked:

Hc: Jimin takes up babysitting and has been looking after Jungkook’s little brother for about 3 years. Thing is, Jimin &jungkook have never met each other. Everyday after school Jungkook has work in a local coffee shop until 9 and his mom always returns home before him, resulting in them never meeting. One day Jungkook gets given a day off and comes home from school to see a beautiful stranger babysitting his brother. Instead of JM going home they both look after him& they fall for each other💗

ok so i didn’t really go the fluffy cute route you probably wanted so i’m sorry about that but i still had a lot of fun writing this. there isn’t much of the actual babysitting going on and honestly i think it’s because i just finished nanny lmao…..anyway here you go!!

warning: some sexy stuff in the end, jimin is a big tease the whole time.

Jungkook was pissed. He went all the way to work in his ugly apron because he thought he was late but when he got there, he found out he didn’t even work. Not only did he look stupid walking around looking like a housewife, but he was also just plain stupid for making a mistake like that.

He trudged home after taking off his dumb apron. He had never done something like this in the three years he had worked there. Hopefully his boss didn’t look down on him now.

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Twin Peaks Episode Predictions

- Cooper will spend 10 minutes trying to eat an ice cream cone and will somehow in the process save his company millions

- Hawk will be the only person not sniffing glue, Gordon will ask Diane where she gets her hair done; we will meet her stylist

- Someone at The Bang Bang Bar will mop the bathroom for seven minutes and Chromatics will cover James’ song

- Evil Coop will press ten buttons on a weird computer and we will all be horrified because Badalamenti’s score will be spooky wind and terror noises

- Someone will sneeze into an electrical socket and get eaten by an atomic hobo while a Nine Inch Nails song plays; we then watch Norma bake a pie

- Bobby will adopt the zombie kid from the honking car

a happy family.

um yeah hi this is a lil harry (styles) pref i wrote

ship: harry x reader
rating: T (for suggestive themes, kinda.)

based on these prompts:

33. I think we should have another

37. Twins? We’re… we’re having twins?!

75. Did I stutter?

“I think we should have another” Your husband Harry, whispers to you, pressing a kiss to your temple as you gaze adoringly at your one year old son sleeping in his crib. You turn around to face him, leading him out of the room so you can speak without whispering. “Already? Luca’s first birthday was a week ago!” You had planned to have another baby in a few years, but not this soon. Harry sighs, running his hand through his hair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to spring it on you like that, but well… I’ve got baby fever, as they say.” You giggle as you recall how ever since he found out you were pregnant he bought loads of pregnancy books, read parenting blogs, and doted on you every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Once Luca was born, Harry spent as much time as possible with you and his son, even taking a few months away from his music to be with his family. “What’re you laughing about?” Harry asks, tilting his head to one side and looking at you inquisitively. “Oh, nothing.” You smile up at him. “I’ll think about it.” He kisses your forehead and you sigh contentedly. “I love you, Y/N. Let’s go to bed.”

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The Original Baseball God(dess)

In at least some cases, like in the carving of Thutmose III’s Sed Festival, seker-hemet (throwing the ball) was played under the gaze of Hathor. So there you have it. The Baseball God? Female.

Meanwhile, I’ve created 21 Gods and Goddesses and I’m not exactly done, but never mind that, Baseball is a religion unto itself and I intend to treat it that way.