double moonsault

Come Back To Me

[Pairing Dean Ambrose X Reader]

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[Notes; Requested by @writergrrrl29. Please.. Don’t read this. Just.. don’t do this to yourselves.. Feedback’s always welcome & appreciated, though. I say “feedback is”, you say “appreciated”.]

    A double moonsault- a move set I’ve done a million times before. A million times. I don’t know what it was. I don’t know what caused Summer to miss her que to catch me, but Jesus, I was paying for it. The impact struck in my darkening haze, and I heard the ring of a bell. Everything fogged and faded away.

    In and out. Conscious. Unconscious. I woke for the first time in the MRI machine. Beep. Beep, beep. Blurry. I couldn’t bring myself to hold my eyes open, no matter how hard I tried to. A distant “There it is.” played through the machine’s speaker and into my ears. I was gone.

    Before I could open my eyes again, a smell of.. daises excited my sense, and only one person knew that they were my favorite. A weak “Dean..” wept and whispered not far past my lips. “I’m here. I’m here, baby. I’m here.” My orbs still shut, I felt a strong hand grab mine. Enough in me fought the ever-lasting urge to stay asleep, and I creaked my eyelids. Reds. Purples. Pinks and Yellows. Whites. Light’s and dark’s filled my room. Orchids. Roses. My daises and sunflowers. I was already overwhelmed with the amount of color beaming into my vision, the “Get Well Soon” balloons and bears weren’t helping.  

    “Ah, you’re awake! Good! Just in time.” A white coated man yelled, a little too loudly- as he forced the privacy door out of his way. “I know I won’t have you for long, so I need you to listen to me very carefully.” Fight, dammit. Fight your heavy eyelids. “Okay.” was all I could offer. A flip of a switch later, a glowing screen was clothed with sheets. “We’ve run a few tests, and I have some.. unfortunate news.” He said, turning his attention back to the board. “This.” He said- pointing to a sack-like figure in the picture. “This is bleeding of the brain. It is very dangerous and needs to be taken care of, immediately.” The man faced me again, leaning both hands to the foot of my bed. “Meaning surgery.”

    An almost identical “Okay.” from before spilled out. Weak. I’m not sure if I exactly understood him, what he was saying. All I knew was the lights were all too bright, everyone was speaking too loud, and if Dean’s hand gripped mine any tighter- I’d need surgery on that, too. “Thank you, Doc.” came from his lips, dismissing the educated man. A click of the door latch later, we were alone.
    That’s when I felt it. Surgery. Brain Surgery. I’m not sure if it was the teary wetness on my knuckles from the love of my life, or the delayed reaction fro what I figured was just a concussion. I swallowed harshly, closing my throat. “(Y/N),” Dean said, speaking into my knuckle. Hm. His beard tickled. “I have no choice.” The next few hours- that I was coherent, at least- was spent emptying my system and signing waivers.

    “She’s going into surgery, Summer. She’s going to be okay, though.” My red-headed man shushed through my phone. “She’s awake, she’s okay right now but she’s exhausted. I’ll tell her you’re sorry.” He said, throwing one palm to his forehead- swiping it backwards over his hair. “You’re sorry and you love her, okay. I’ll tell her.” Dean finished. “Let me talk to her.” I whimpered. “Dean.”
    “(Y/N)! (Y/N), oh my God- I am so sorry!” Ow. “Summer, please.. stop yelling.” She exhaled through the speaker, as if she lifted a weight off of her chest. “I know you’re sorry. I know you didn’t mean it. I love you. It’s going to be okay. This isn’t your fault.” I gave up, saying the most I had since the injury. “I have to go. I’ll have Dean call you when I’m out.” She understood, apologized and apologized again, then hung up.

     “It’s time, (Y/N). They have to do this, now.” Dean said, sadly. He placed both hands over his nose, in a praying position- inhaled, and exhaled slowly. “It’s going to be okay, I promise.” I paused. “I’m ready.”

    “This is as far as you can go, Dean.” The doctor from earlier said, laying a hand on his shoulder. I was awake, barely- but awake. I knew I needed to push through at least this much to see him off. “Babe.. I swear to God.” Dean said, leaning down to my bedside, grabbing my hand again. His lips grazed my forehead, planting a kiss before pulling back to where they were just skimming my skin. “You come back to me. You better fucking come back to me, understand?” I shook in the lightest, just enough to where my brain didn’t rattle. “I need you to be okay, because I can’t do this with out you. So, you come back to me. I love you.” He finished, before setting another warm kiss on my temple.

   “And you.” He said, facing my surgeon. “You touch any of her hair.. You cut that and she’ll kill you.” Dean laughed through the tears streaming down his boyish cheeks. The surgeon returned a laugh before slapping his shoulder and pushing us through the doorway, leaving Dean alone.  

    Not knowing it’d be the last time he saw her alive.