double lunch

steve randle headcannons

warnings: cussing / one brief mention of sex
hope you enjoy please request!!
I STG if the spacing is messed up again I’ll cry

steve randle headcannons

- honestly a huge nerd
- when he first saw you (and every other time) he stared and checked you out so fucking hard
- honestly instant boner
- asked you out with a stupid pick up line
- “are you trash?”
- “what?”
- “because I wanna pick you up and take you out, are you free tonight at 8?”
- always looking at your ass
- Lowkey loves shopping with you
- insists you make his lunch and bring it to him at the DX
- just so he can brag to soda about his hot girlfriend
- though Sodapop knows your super cool bc you bring him lunch too
- double dates with soda and his girl (who hopefully fucking treats him right can I get an amen?)
- cuddling 25/8
- y'all are attached at the hip
- will try and fight anyone who even breathes in your direction
- butt slapping
- chocolate cake every night
- honestly a great boyfriend when you are on your period
- prolly has it marked on his calendar
- wants to walk you to your classes
- kisses are never short
- heated make out sessions
- falls asleep with his head in the crook of your neck with your legs tangled together
- loves to hold you close
- hugs from behind
- grease is always everywhere
- “steve why the fuck is there grease on the fucking milk carton?!?”
- “sorry babe.”
- he’s fucking drunk on your smell
- loves picking out perfumes and shampoos and stuff
- really loves fruity stuff, specifically strawberry
- brags about you nonstop to the gang
- Sodapop loves you and thinks you and Steve are real good together
- ponyboy didn’t like you at first since steve is always hard on him, that was until you made steve be nicer and always babied ponyboy
- he loves you now and probably sees you as kind of a mother figure seein as you and Steve practically live at the Curtis house
- you were the first to say I love you
- it was at night walking back from the curtis house
- “steve, I really enjoy hanging out with you and the gang.”
- “I enjoy having my girl there!”
- “I love you Steve”
- to which he got really flustered but said he loved you too really excitedly
- you guys are the annoying couple that are lovey dovey and high on PDA
- js u guys prolly have sex all the time
- he’s easily jealous
- needs all the attention
- but loves you and is a good ass pure boyfriend

Lentil Soup: Might be a pretty humble looking bowl of soup, but it’s spiced so warmly and fragrant as well full of vegetables, fiber, and protein. It’s ultra cheap to make and uses several common ingredients you probably already have at home. Lentils are very nutritious by their own right, but the medley of vegetables and leafy spinach will help you rack up those micronutrients. Great as a side, starter, or doubled up for a lunch. 

  • 2 TBSP olive oil (or another vegetable oil)
  • ½ large yellow onion
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 stalk of celery
  • 5 cloves garlic (or about 2 TBSP of the minced stuff if that’s your route)
  • salt, to taste (1 tsp is a pretty good starting point)
  • black pepper, to taste (½ tsp is a pretty good starting point)
  • 1 TBSP cumin (again, to taste)
  • 1 tsp ground coriander (broken record)
  • ¼ tsp ground cinnamon (yep)
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 1-32oz container of stock (I use no salt added; if stock is salted adjust salt for total recipe. Vegetable stock will make this recipe vegan)
  • 4 cups of water (or use more stock if you really feel like buying two)
  • 1-1lb bag dried lentils (picked over and rinsed)
  • 5 oz (about half of those salad sized bags) of baby spinach
  • 1-15 oz can of diced tomatoes (no salt added)
  • juice of a lemon

Directions: Prepare all vegetables. Place oil into a large pot, heat up, and cook onion and garlic over a medium heat. Once soft, add carrots and celery. Cook until soft. Salt in layers! Add a small pinch of your salt, along with the cumin, coriander, cinnamon, and black pepper. Coat the vegetables and allow the spices to warm up. Once coated and fragrant, add the lentils, stock, water, more of your salt, and bay leaves. Raise stove heat to high to bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce the heat to low and cover with a lid. Cook for 20-30 minutes, until lentils are cooked through. Remove the bay leaves. Add in your spinach, diced tomatoes (drained), and the juice of a lemon. If a smoother soup is desired, use an immersion blender and give the soup a few jolts. I like some chunks, but I do like having the spinach broken up a bit. Cook on the stove for a few minutes longer for the spinach and raw flavors of the tomatoes and lemon to cook off a little bit. Adjust the salt at the end if desired. 

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Good story here! I have some nasty ADHD, and about once or twice a year I get a serious case of mind fog. I get light-headed and can't focus enough to do anything that isn't a ritualistic habit. Bossman started seeing the symptoms before I did and sent me home with double portioned lunch despite not working long enough for free lunch. Sweetest man I've ever met.

Study Buddies Part 1 - Zach Dempsey


Part 2

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: None I think? Romance

Plot Summary: Your friend Hannah Baker sets you up with a study buddy you’d rather not have

A/n: First Imagine :D Yay! i wanted to start off with something cute and happy where the reader is friends with Hannah because she deserved so much better that she got <3

The bell rang and the class jumped to their feet and hurried out of the door eager to begin lunch break after the boring double history lesson you had just sat through. You waited for the majority of the class to leave before you got out of you chair in an attempt not to be crushed by the jocks and cheerleaders as they crammed through the door. You walked out into the hallway that was filling with more students by the second to see your best friend Hannah standing across the hallway waiting for you. When she looked up from her phone and saw you her face light up before she carefully dodged the sea of students and stood by your side.

“Where are we eating today?” you asked as she linked her arm with yours as the two of you began walking.

“I thought out on the bleachers, it’s a nice day and I thought I would work on my tan” she laughed as you both walked through the doors into the hot midday sun.

“Work on your tan or watch the boys mess about on the field?” you asked raising your eyebrow and looking at her accusingly.

“Ok, ok you got me” she laughed letting go of your arm and climbing the steps up to the middle section of the bleachers.

They were surprisingly empty of students for a day like today you just figured that people had opted for somewhere a little more shaded.

Hannah finally stopped a little way ahead of you and sat in a seat which overlooked the field perfectly, you shook your head and smiled as swung her legs and watched as the boys began throwing the football about purposely aiming at one another’s heads.

You lay down on the bench and covered your eyes with your arm in an attempt to shield your eyes from the sun.

“Why do you insist on sitting out here if you don’t like any of them?” you asked moving your arm slightly to see Hannah turned slightly to you in an attempt to make it a little less obvious that she was watching them.

“Just because I wouldn’t date any of them doesn’t mean that I can’t admire them, no matter what you say they are really hot” she said shaking her head as you let out a sigh.

“I just wish that we could sit inside like everyone else I’m going to end up getting heat stroke” you replied sitting up on the bench and stretching your arms.

“Don’t look but, Zach Dempsey keeps glancing up at you” he said a smile creeping onto her lips as she wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“He’s probably looking at you, you’re the new girl” you said shaking your head at her with a laugh.

“Isn’t he in your biology class?” she asked  choosing to ignore your statement before tuning to face you, sitting cross legged sideways to the bench.

“Yeah, he sits at the back with the jocks. Surprisingly his top of the class and someone told me that he wants to be a marine biologist or something” you said looking over at the boys who were now standing over laughing at Bryce and Justin who were fighting on the floor.

“Maybe you should ask him if he could tutor you then, considering the fact that you are completely flunking that class” she said, the look in her eye told you that she wasn’t about to drop this any time soon.

“Please don’t tell me you aren’t gonna be that kid that plays cupid” you groaned.

“You’ve got double biology after lunch right?” she asked with another smile.

“Yeah, and I am in no way desperate enough to ask a jock for help” you replied.

“Well if you aren’t going to ask him then I will ask him for you” she said.

“God no” you said as she smiled. “Swear to me that you won’t” you said starting to panic.

“I’m not going to make any promises” she said laughing at your reaction.

Before you could say any more the bell rang and she sprinted down the steps and off towards the main building, you sighed in defeat before picking up your bag and walking to registration.

You stood outside of your biology class hesitant to go it, you had hoped Hannah hadn’t found and talked to Zach in time for fifth period but you couldn’t be sure. You swallowed before walking into the class behind some of the other students and made it to your desk making sure not to glance in Zach direction. The teacher walked in announcing that they had a meeting so everyone should use the next two hours to study in the library for the upcoming test. You groaned at the word test, there was no amount of studying that would make you pass that. There were some cheers around the class as “Study Time” basically meant free period to them. The whole class pretty much left the room as soon as the teacher was gone heading in any direction but towards the library. You packed up you books and went to walk out when someone called your name.

“Hey Y/n wait up” came the voice of the one and only Zach Dempsey, you silently promised to get Hannah back before turning to face the jock with a small smile.

“Hey, Zach” you said trying to sound as normal as you could.

You looked up at him, he had grown taller now at least six two and had filled out a lot over the summer so he towered over your small frame.

“Hey, Hannah said you needed a little help with biology work” he said with a small smirk, his fringe falling on his forehead.

“Help?” you laughed, “I need a god damn miracle” you continued earning another smirk from him

“Well if you wanted I could give you a hand, maybe?” he said as you looked at him realising that he wasn’t quite like the other jocks he was shy and had a kindness to him.

“Ok, but I do hope you are as good as people say you are because you sure as hell have your work cut out” you laughed as his face lit up.

“Ok so shall we head over to the library and get started?” he asked grinning like an idiot.

“Yeah lets go” you replied as the two of you walked towards the door, as you left the class room you couldn’t help thinking that perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all…

A/n: Well here it is my first imagine, hope you enjoy. I am more than open to constructive criticism and would be happy to write a part 2 if anyone wanted :)

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Who had the toughest time letting Kazui off to school on his first day, Ichigo or Orihime?

At first glance, Orihime. Tearful and over-plentiful goodbyes, erratic waving, and making him promise to make a lot of friends. She double checked his lunch that morning and made absolutely certain he would have enough wasabi and bean paste to share. Because “Sharing good food is the best way to make a friend!”

Upon closer inspection, Ichigo takes the cake. Subtle, he taught his son how to defend himself should any bullies arise. A small jab and sweep of a leg here, and a surprise attack there and-

“Oh God I’m just like…”

Isshin Kurosaki’s legacy lives on.

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In Love With The Idea of Her Part 2

Okay, guys here’s part two.

The next morning…

As you prepared for the day, all you found on your mind was Prince Lin and your interactions from the night before. Your maid was working on your hair. “My Lady, the prince seems quite nice, doesn’t he?”

The smile on your face grew a fraction bigger. “Yes, he does.” Your hand comes to rest on the charm hanging from your neck.

Once you’re ready, your maid leaves you at your command. You wanted a moment alone to gather your thoughts before heading to the dining hall for breakfast.

Prince Lin took to walking the corridors to clear his mind. You had him up all night, consuming his thoughts and when he did sleep, his dreams were filled with you. Before he knew it, he had made his way to your chamber door. His hand just inches away from the door….

You wanted to be able to give something to Prince Lin, just as he had given you the necklace. You paced your chamber, trying to come up with something. You had made it back into the sitting room area. The next thing you knew, you had tripped on a wrinkle in the rug and fell wrong on your ankle. You cry out in pain.

“Y/N!! Are you alright?” Lin’s voice rings from the other side of the door.

“Lin! Please come help me.” You call as you try to pull yourself up onto your feet. You almost make it, but as you go to put weight on the ankle you landed on, you cry out in pain once more and fall against the table you had grabbed onto for leverage.

“Darling, what happened?” Lin’s face was etched with worry as he reached your side. You are, once again, on the floor, clasping your ankle. He sits beside you. You grimace as pain lances through your foot and ankle.

“I tripped on the rug and landed on my ankle wrong. I can’t put any weight on it.” You sigh, placing your face in your hands, willing the tears to go away. To your surprise, Lin gently pulls the injured ankle into his lap. He quickly and carefully discards the high heeled shoe so he can inspect the injury. His soft touch glides over the now throbbing joint. You wince when he hits the most painful spot.

He frowned as he continued to check your injured ankle, as you continue to make noises of discomfort. “This tobillo doesn’t look good, cariña.” This is the first time he had used some of his native language in front of you.

“I’m sorry?” you ask, as you watch him look for something. “I didn’t understand what you just said. Was it in Spanish?”

He walks back over to you, “Yes, I said, your ankle doesn’t look good.”

“What was that other word you said?” You try your best to say the other Spanish word he had said, but fail miserably.

Lin chuckles under his breath. “I called you cariña. It means sweetheart.” He rubs the back of his neck nervously.

You smile up at him. “I like that.” He visibly relaxes and his smile returns momentarily.

He quickly lifts you. “Lin, what are you doing?”

“I’m taking my cariña to the doctor. She is in pain and that is something that I cannot stand.” He quickly made his way to the infirmary.

“Where is Y/N?” The queen asks your maid when you are now 30 minutes late for breakfast. She is about to say something when a guard opens the double doors that lead into the hall.

“Forgive us, your majesties, for our tardiness.” Lin’s voice rang throughout the hall as he carried you in. “The princess fell and injured her ankle. I was close by when she called out and I took her to get the medical attention she needed.” The servants scrambled to make you comfortable as Lin sat you down in your chair, before taking his own at your side.

“Darling, are you alright?” Your mother implored.

“Yes, Mama. I’ll be fine in a few days. The doctor said that I didn’t break it, just sprained. I don’t know what I would have done if Lin wasn’t nearby.” You grab his hand and lightly squeeze it.

“Oh, dearest! What about your party? You won’t be able to dance.” She frowned.

You smile. “It’s okay. There’s only one that I want to dance with and he’s not going anywhere.” You grin at Lin and he mirrors your smile.

“It’s lovely to see that the two of you are getting along.” Your father comments.

The rest of breakfast went smoothly and slowly transitioned into a wedding planning session.

A servant walked into the kitchen, bringing back dishes from the dining hall. “There is no way.” He mumbled under his breath. The cook heard him.

“What are you grumbling about this time?”

“Cookie, I think that the engagement between the prince and princess isn’t a love match. I think it’s an arranged marriage.”

She gasps. “You hush your mouth!!  I won’t have you spreading nasty rumors in my kitchen!” With that, Cookie slapped his hand and sent him on his way, a scowl on his face.

After spending the day beginning to plan the wedding, an idea that you previously had been dreading, was now quite enjoyable. Lin stayed by your side the whole day, catering to your every need. He was also very involved with the decision-making. When presented with a choice, he would offer his input and would help find compromises when needed.

“I don’t know what flowers to choose.” You had already begun to look to Lin for help.

“Well, my mother’s favorite is the lily and your favorite color is blue, so…” Lin grabbed the pink and white lilies and combined them with the royal blue bluebells and presented them to you.

You gasp. “Lin, they’re beautiful. Yes, the stargazer lilies with the bluebells. And I want the pink in the lilies and the blue of the bluebells to be our wedding colors.” You turn to look at Lin. “Darling, are you wearing your uniform for the wedding or a tuxedo?”

Your mother chimed in before Lin had a chance to speak. “Oh, his dress blues will look wonderful with the color scheme you’ve pick out, dear.”

Lin grinned down at you. “I’ll wear whatever you want me to.”

You smile as you look around the room. So much had been decided in the past few hours.

A deep double tap of the herald’s staff got everyone’s attention. “The caterer had arrived.”
All of a sudden, the table was cleared of all the fabrics and flowers and was set up for a tasting that would double as lunch.

Lin leaned over to whisper in your ear. “How’s the tobillo, mi cariña? Any pain?” His use of the words he had introduced you to earlier made you smile.

“A little, my prince. The doctor’s recommendations has helped tremendously.” Your foot had been elevated while alternating between warm compresses and ice packs to slow the swelling, but the painkillers that you had been given had begun to wear off. You blush as you let him know that you might need some of the painkillers because the pain was beginning to grow.

A servant was passing by when Lin signaled for him to come back. “Could you, please, go to the doctor and fetch some painkillers for the princess’ ankle?”

The servant bowed. “Of course, your highness. Right away.” With that, he had rapidly left the hall.

You had expected Lin to stay in his chair beside you, but he got up and looked as if he was going to leave. What you didn’t see coming was your fiancé, moving to where your ankle was resting. With a gentle touch, he lifted the affected appendage and placed it in his lap. He began to lightly massage the tender area and you felt calmed and soothed. “Is this okay?” He asked, while surrounding your foot and ankle with a soothing caress.

You smile, “Wonderful, thank you.”

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Virgin Mary {Peter Pan Imagine}

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Peter Pan x Reader AU

Part X of here

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, Anonymously~”3-5-14-15-22 for Peter Pan pls?”

Warning: Swearing, OOC(out of character), 

NOTE~ Final part, EPILOGUE up next, my lovelies! 

“Do you think Y/n pulled through with Pan?” Felix asked his two friends, taking a bite out of his burger. The three lads were sitting at lunch, the anticipation of their friend coming back growing extremely high.

“I don’t know, I bloody hope so, or this guilt is going to eat me from the inside.” Newt shook his head, taking a gulp from his water bottle. 

The sound of the lunch room’s double doors opened, making peoples’ heads snap towards the noise. Everyone’s jaw basically dropped, gasps can be heard, as Pan walked confidently to his friend’s table. The lunch room slowly filled with chatter again, possibly already making up stories to why Pan is back so soon.

“Good afternoon, mates. How’s lunch going?” He smirked, taking a seat next to Thomas. “That’s a nasty bruise you got there, Tommy.”

“Oh shut up, you son of a bitch, where have you been? We’ve been worried sick!”

“You? Worried?” Pan faked shock, the smirk only faltering just a little.

“Yes! Look, man…we’re really sorry we uh…we-”

“Listen, it’s water under the bridge, no harm done.” He waved Thomas off, Felix sighing in relief.

“Hey, uh, did…Y/n talk to you?” Newt asked, making Pan’s smirk form wider.

“As a matter of fact,” He reached from his back pocket, pulling out your torn underwear, and…your purity ring. “Persuaded me, is the phrase that seems more appropriate.”

All three of the boys’ eyes widened, as they stared at the jewelry and the ripped up cloth that was once your underwear. 

“Holy shit…”

“Is that…what I think it is?” Thomas rubbed his eyes, reaching out to touch the fabric, while Newt held the ring in his hands. Looking closer, he could see your name engraved on the inside of it, confirming that it was indeed yours.

“Oh yes, indeed it is. Now I believe a certain bet was just accomplished, now wasn’t it?” Pan’s eyebrow raised, as his friends were speechless. “Does ‘being the new alpha’ ring any bells?”

With a long sigh, Thomas stood up from his seat, not believing what he was about to do. “A deals a deal. HEY, everyone shut the shuck up, I have an announcement!” Thomas bellowed, getting everyone to stop talking instantly. Once the lunchroom was quiet enough, he continued. “As you all might remember, Peter Pan and Virgin Mary were some kind of ‘fling’.” There was a chorus of agreement and understanding, and a few distasteful responses towards Pan.

“Well, you failed to realize that there was a bet in that little situation. A bet in which Pan has won.” Newt held up your ring, while Thomas held up your underwear. “That if he were to steal the hottest virgin at our schools’ virginity, he would be the new alpha male. And, here in our hands from the lucky bastard himself, is evidence that he has succeeded. Congrats, Peter Pan, you are our Alpha male.”

There was an assortment of cheers and hardy shouts from most of the football team, and half of the male student body in the lunch room, the females though? Not that excited to hear this news, but for those who were, now see Pan as the one in control, making him appear even more attractive. What a weird school this is, Pan thought.

“So, it’s official? I am now the Alpha?” He asked, crossing his arms to make sure that the deal was sealed.

“We are men of our word, Pan. You are our new Alpha male, well done.” Felix placed a hand on Pan’s shoulder.

“Good,” Pan smirked. “Then, I guess now It’s safe to say that Y/n L/n is still our Virgin Mary.” His added in information made the lunch room fall silent yet again. 

“Excuse me, what? What are you talking about?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, as Pan laughed at his reaction. 

“The only sex we had was oral, so technically she’s still a virgin. And the bet was that by the end of the month she is still giving me the cold shoulder and still the virgin you know, but,” Pan felt arms wrap around his waist from behind, a grin forming on his face, as more gasps are heard.

“Why the hell are we gasping so much!”  Someone yelled from their lunch table.

“As you can see,” Pan brings you in front of him and wraps his arm around your waist, you leaning up to kiss his cheek. “She’s no longer giving me the cold shoulder.”

“B-but the bet a-also states that she was not the virgin we still knew-”

“And I’m not. Weren’t your last words to the bet that my virginity would be yours by the end of the month, honey?” You cooed up at Pan, him giving his friends a sly grin.

“I believe they were, sweetheart.”

“And so I gave my purity ring to you, meaning my virginity technically belongs to you now.” You smirked, playing with the hem of his shirt.

“That’s not how it works! That was not what we agreed on!” Thomas fumed, only amusing the both of you more.

“Oh yeah? And when did we agree on sabotaging me if I ever fell in love with Y/n? Or did I miss that meeting?” Pan glared. “You owe me this.”

“He does have a point, we at least owe him the position as Alpha. And he’s Pan, you’re surprised that he cheated?” 

Thomas sighed, shaking his head. “Peter Pan never fails,” he chuckles, crossing his arms. “Well played, my friend.”

“So he gets the girl AND he’s Alpha now? Well, what a bet this turned out to be.” Felix rubbed his head, taking a seat back in his chair.

You felt a tap on your shoulder, turning around you came face to face with Henry. He grabbed your arm, pulling you away from Pan and off to the side. “What are you doing? You’re with the guy who broke your heart, have you lost your mind?”

“I know it may seem like a stupid choice-”

“It’s the most idiotic choice you’ve ever made! Not to mention giving this dude your purity ring, no less. What will your mother think?”

“I think she’ll be really pissed off, but I still have my virginity. I just now have someone who is willing to wait until I’m ready, to hold onto it. Henry, you’re my friend and I know you care, but…I don’t know, I just have to follow my heart on this one. But, if he does break my heart again, you’ll have my permission to kick his ass, okay?”

Henry sighed, hugging you in a tight embrace. “I better.”

You smiled, looking over at Pan, seeing him stare intensely at you and Henry, glaring at the hug you two were sharing. “I better get back over to him before he decides that you’re a threat to him.”

“Oh, let the big baby pout.” Henry rolled his eyes, but let go of you anyways. You walked back over to Pan, wrapping your arm around him. 

“That better have been the last hug you two share, or we’re gonna have a problem.” His jaw clenched, watching the freshmen head back over to his lunch table.

“Peter, he’s like fifteen. I need a man, not a boy.” You kissed his jaw, his jealousy melting instantly.

“I still can’t believe you went from being a bitter bitch, to being a girlfriend for one of us. Especially Pan.” Newt shook his head in disbelief, as you rolled your eyes at his comment. 

“Watch who you call a bitter bitch, mate. She actual tastes quite wonderful,” Pan licked his lips, your blush returning to your face, as Felix nearly choked on his soda.

Thomas and Newt laughed at their friend, sitting back down at their table. Pan was next to sit down, patting his lap for to sit on. You happily took a seat on his thigh, everyone going back about their own business, as if nothing happened. While Pan and Newt shared a conversation, Thomas couldn’t help but feel like something was missing.

“Wait…does this mean you’re not wearing any underwear right now?” 

IRL High School Headcanons


  • Sets like 10 alarms to get up for school and snoozes all of them
  • Only woke up because the drool running down his chin felt like a spider and he smacked himself in the face
  • That “oh shit” moment when he realizes he’s late, trips over the garbage in his bedroom looking for some clothes
  • No clean clothes? Big boy 15 yr old Noct isn’t used to this chores thing so he rummages in the dark for something decent on the floor
  • Sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a random jacket from the pile over the desk chair he totally can’t sit on, alright!!
  • Didn’t even have time to take a shower but eh, he looks okay
  • Eats a nutty bar while hoofing it to school and he unwrapped the whole thing so he’s half-jogging licking chocolatey fingers on the way there
  • Shows up for that tardy slip with peanut butter breath. He gets so many tardies that he’s almost earned himself another detention
  • Just happens to run into Prompto in the hallway who points out the chocolate on the corner of his mouth
  • No school day can be that good honestly
  • Pretty done by lunch, has already fallen asleep at some point or started to doze off more than once
  • Big allowance so he also gets the overpriced drinks from the vending machine
  • Won’t take the veggies in the lunch line but he always buys a stack of cookies since he has a lot of money, and he shares them with Prompto
  • They’re like the two-man dweeb table of the lunchroom except everyone thinks Noctis is cool so these girls keep coming over to ask if they can sit with him but it’s like ugh
  • Sometimes Gladio comes over to sit since they share a lunch period but it’s weird since he’s a senior and kind of a jock. Son of his dad’s good friend & coworker though so they get along
  • He doesn’t even know how Gladio’s little sister got his number but she texts him all the time
  • Anyway he spaces out a lot in class most of the day and he doesn’t like getting called on at all
  • At least Noct has his homework most of the time but he occasionally forgets it at home
  • Math is super boring to him
  • Tries to look at his phone under the desk because he’s so bored but the teacher takes it away until after class
  • Not a bad student, he pulls mostly B’s but the common opinion is that he’s unmotivated… and tired
  • Ignis is another one of those “friend of family” connections so lucky boy gets a free tutor who happens to excel in school as well as pretty much everything else. Yay.
  • He doesn’t study that often under his own free will
  • Only buys mechanical pencils since he can’t be bothered to sharpen them and hates getting the shavings all over. He’ll literally write with a bluntass nub of lead until his words are barely visible and then get a different pencil out
  • Walks home with Prompto where they practically live at each other’s houses. He has a small collection of shoes piling up that aren’t his
  • Or Noct’ll just go home and pass out on the couch
  • No clubs, no extracurricular activities that would interfere with sleep. Someone convinced him to sign up for anime club but he never goes
  • Some days he just skips school entirely to sleep


  • Wakes up early enough for school to shower and make sure his hair looks good
  • Same sugary cereal for breakfast every. Single. Day. And if there’s no milk, he’ll just put water in it…
  • He usually picks what he wants to wear the night before so he doesn’t run into the trouble that Noct does
  • Occasionally late, especially if he slept over at Noct’s house
  • Feels a lil guilty about skipping to hang out sometimes, but some hooky is okay
  • Prompto like never sees his parents but sometimes there’s a packed lunch in a paper bag for him on the counter and he really likes that!
  • Lives juuuust far enough from the school that he can hitch a bus ride if he wants
  • Earbuds will be in the whole ride
  • Finds out in his first class that he didn’t even know there was homework
  • Where did his pencil even go?? He had a new pack last week. The pencil thief must love the bite marks
  • Prompto’s handwriting is slightly girly though not messy, but if he tries to take notes really fast it turns into chicken scratch that he has trouble rereading later
  • He’s worried he looks dumb if he doesn’t know the answer to the pop quiz over material he doesn’t know so he’s crossing his fingers that they don’t call on him. Please don’t call on him.
  • Teacher calls on Prompto but he doesn’t know the answer so obviously the correct response from his classmates is to flick tiny paper balls at the back of his head to get them stuck in his hair
  • But lunchtime with his buddy! He mixes some of his food and probably owes the cafeteria some money for how much ketchup he takes for his food
  • Noctis keeps telling him that he can’t understand what he’s saying when he talks and eats at the same time but he keeps doing it
  • Also definitely not playing an old gameboy under the table, nope
  • Wishes Gladio would stop messing his hair up when he comes over to their table and eating food off their trays
  • And every time some girls come to talk to Noct he tries to talk to them too but he kind of gets ignored
  • That’s alright, he’ll be a wingman and give the boy a chance like bye good luck with that
  • ^^A good time to go and steal some fries back from Gladio
  • Other times, he’s gotta cram for a test in classes that Noct’s luckily already had, so he’ll just scramble with his cheat sheet next to a bag of chips like “what did you put for number 8??”
  • He has no luck with the ladies himself though. Plenty of crushes he goes through, staring across rooms and quietly admiring them, but never getting the guts to say something
  • Even chose to study French since it’s supposed to be “romantic” but totally not the way he butchers the language. He only finished level 1, and with a C-
  • Not a fan of the embarrassment of gym class, he’ll “accidentally” forget his gym clothes every now and then
  • Prompto’s grades are nothing to shake a stick at and he knows it. The teachers say he should apply himself more but he does his best and they’re confused
  • Like he gets an A in his photography and web classes though. Does pretty good in science too
  • Ended up in robotics club where he makes cute little things like The Toothpaste Squeezer (it doesn’t stop it squirts the entire tube, he tested it)
  • He also goes to anime club sometimes but he mostly talks about RPG’s to some other geeks. It would be nice if Noct came more
  • Since he’s been a latchkey kid as long as he could remember, he often just takes all of his things over to Noct’s place
  • Stays up late playing video games so sometimes he just comes to school with dark circles under his eyes
  • Many bathroom breaks/co-owner of the bathroom pass


  • Gets plenty of sleep, eats a full bacon and eggs breakfast before driving his little sister then himself to school
  • Buff senior rolling into student parking in a pretty decent, not-too-old, not-too-new jeep
  • Used to wear a hat backwards back in the day but then even Gladio realized how much it made him look like a douchebag
  • Everyone knows him so he’ll beep the horn and yell ‘hey’
  • He gets the attention of plenty of cheerleaders
  • On the football team of course!
  • Actually started out playing the tuba in marching band but he didn’t quite like the feel of being a band geek and it kept him from football
  • He accidentally gave a player on the rival team a concussion once
  • Gladio does pretty well in school because he puts in the effort
  • Like raising his hand and just generally being a help to classmates and teachers
  • Plus he knows how to seek help when he needs it, and who does he go to? Good ‘ol Iggy
  • History and English buff
  • Actually enjoys reading assigned books; he tries to be lowkey about his interest in literature but the librarians think he’s the cutest thing to be this big guy always checking out a couple books on his own
  • They like him and respect his work ethics, so they don’t even care that he’s always got overdue books and wow the one he lost just disappeared from the catalogue
  • He’d join the book club if he wasn’t embarrassed and maybe had the time
  • Took Spanish and now speaks fluently
  • Because gym class is such an easy A for Gladio, he’s taken it every year even though he didn’t need to
  • And he loved getting the same class as Noctis. As in it was fun to playfully harass him and challenge him by turning the mile run into a race
  • As popular as he is, there are also plenty of people who recognize his hot temper at school. ‘Cause he sure doesn’t respond well to pre-game day trash talk
  • The day he socked a dude in the face wasn’t one of his prouder moments
  • He only recorded like 2 fights on his phone throughout his high school career, okay?
  • But Gladio’s a good guy! He’s gotten more than one jerk off of Noct’s AND Prompto’s backs!
  • …so the food he takes off their trays are just tax
  • He gets like a double serving of lunch too, since the amounts they give out are just too damn small
  • Does manual labor after school like cutting the grass and helping with renovation projects to rake in some money for the Amicitia household
  • Pushes too hard and breaks his pencils btw


  • His clothes are laid out for him every morning with all his stuff ready to go
  • So early for school that he beats his first teacher to the classroom
  • Perfect attendance unless he happened to get legitimately ill, never late
  • He always has coffee in the morning and likes chatting with faculty since he’s very mature
  • Most of them don’t mind one bit since Ignis is an exemplary student
  • He takes advanced placement classes after all
  • Helping Noctis with his homework is so troublesome. He kind of does it because it’s expected of him but then he also gets Prompto willingly coming to him for help
  • Ignis doesn’t know which of them is worse since they both have some attention issues
  • A lot of students try to get him in their groups for projects, with another good half of them wanting to pawn all the work off on him
  • Other peers think he’s stuck up because they don’t know him, but he doesn’t really care what they have to say about him
  • Frequently called to the board
  • Always prepared with a buttload of pencils, pens and erasers that he should really learn not to loan out since he never seems to get them back
  • Prefers the pens when allowed and his handwriting is soooo nice
  • He picks up things when people drop them on the floor without fail!
  • Where did the nickname “Class Mom” come from, anyway?
  • Chess club
  • Great with Latin
  • Was surprised to find he had hidden talent in drama
  • Shocked to be voted Homecoming King
  • He grew up with Gladio and people find their friendship odd because they’re so different?
  • Ignis isn’t very fond of the cafeteria menu so he packs himself a balanced lunch with some iced coffee
  • His lunch is extra sometimes. The past year when he shared a lunchtime with Gladio, he’d learned to bring extra since the guy always wanted a taste
  • Some people started to make strange insinuations about them dating??
  • He’s also had a look at Noct’s diet from their home study sessions and he’s not impressed, he sort of wants to pack Noct a lunch but the boy is just too picky and says no every time
  • Wants to take college credits in his senior year, but underneath the calm exterior is a bit of worry that he still doesn’t know what he wants to be. They say Ignis would be a good teacher, but he’s not sure. With such structure in his life, it’s a big question to be left to himself
  • And that is why he doesn’t do as well in creative endeavors; too much freedom
  • The grade he received in art class still leaves a bitter taste in his mouth
  • He’ll still be a valedictorian anyway

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who're some of the other teachers and staff at the school? (is Wally still the janitor or is he a lunch "lady" now too?)

Wally doubles as a lunch lady. Most students call him ‘Mr Clean’ due to his bald head. Susie on the other hand is adored by students due to her chirpy personality. She won’t admit to her students she divorced Sammy Laurence due to ‘artistic differences’

Accepting dark and finding light

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Fourth and final part.

Part One: In between the lines  Part Two: Easy lies and simple truth  Part Three: The puzzles we create

The Light by Sara Bareilles 

Dean x Reader    

Word Count: 7k

A/N: Lines borrowed from Season 11 episode “Alpha and Omega” are in Bold.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I didn’t want… Bye, y/n.”

There was a bird in a nearby tree chirping incessantly. You never shot a bird before but if you had a gun on you right now, you just might. From the moment you first heard Dean’s voice, the anguish that crossed that line and swept through you like a brush fire, had canceled everything else out. You were no longer at an outdoor table for a small cafe on Massachusetts street, you were trying to get into the head of the man that you had decided only a week ago you didn’t need a lover’s connection with, that you could handle just being friends. But now, after desperately trying to get an answer out of him and receiving a declaration of a different kind that stopped your heart, the world continued to spin.

Sounds of life filtered in; soft chatter from the next table, quiet whispers from the three people you were sitting with when your phone rang, that god damn bird continued to sing like it was a beautiful day while you clutched a cell phone to your face that no longer held the voice that just sent you soaring into the clouds then plummeting back down to earth.

Three pairs of eyes stared at you when his name broke your lips, “dean.” It burned your throat, your eyes, your lungs and then somehow you screamed, “Dean?!”

You pulled the phone away and stared at the screen. Dean’s number was still there, the minutes of his last phone call dictated in white on black. His last phone call. You hit callback already knowing it wouldn’t work. It barely rang before the voicemail kicked on and you wanted to break something.

“Y/n?” Elly touched your arm gently but you still jumped. “Is everything okay?”

You studied her face, saw the real concern that pulled at her brow even though she hadn’t noticed how completely bored you were during most of the double lunch date going on before your world collapsed. You glanced at Kevin and Steve who both looked genuinely concerned but you didn’t have time for this. You needed to find Dean.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” You squeezed her hand and grabbed your bag next to your chair, “how much do I…”

Steve grasped your hand and smiled when you looked up at him, “I’ve got it. You look like you have somewhere to be.”

You stared into his eyes for a second still amazed at the good person that met your gaze then squeezed his hand, “thank you. I’m sorry.” You stood up throwing the strap of your satchel over your shoulder as Dean’s apology echoed in your head.

“Do you need anything? Company? Are you sure you’re okay?” Elly still looked confused and scared now too.

You hugged her tightly, “thank you but I need to do this on my own. I’ll call you later.” You pulled back and gave her a smile before you took off down the sidewalk heading for the library only a few blocks down and around the corner. You tried Sam’s number and Cas multiple times on the way but both went straight to voicemail.

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Taking Watch pt.2

Prompt:  Hi there! I just read your carl grimes imagines “taking watch” and i was wondering if you could do a part 2 where she finds out shes pregnant and has to tell carl??? You dont have to if you dont want to but i do love your blog just never really thought to follow!!❤

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warning: None

Part 1 *I know that it’s on my other blog, but I’ll write part 2 on this one*

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Inktober/Char design day 10.

Just HAD to go back to this little goober. I guesssss that the pig counts as my design today?  

 Snacks is a tiny little cleric for a horrible god of rot, decay, and disease, and their worship has warped their body with arcane illness and overgrowth. Forced to always cover up due to their vile appearance, they are nonetheless very cheerful in spreading the word of their diety, seeing rot as a perfectly natural and lovely part of the life cycle.

Juice the boar is one of the few creatures that can tolerate Snacks’ terrible smell and even more terrible habits (that carrion bucket also doubles as emergency lunch), which is surprising since he barely tolerates anything else. He likes scratchies on his ears and biting off people’s fingers.

The Drinny Thing (part 2)
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Draco was waiting for her just outside the village. He reminded her of the Japanese ink painting  she had seen in a book once where a slash of black became an entire granite cliff.    He had his hands thrust down into his pockets and he slouched with insouciant aristocratic ease, his black attire a brutal line that stood out in sharp relief against the softer colors of the surrounding countryside.    

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