double ls


Not all LS are like this but most of them are and it really makes me mad. Like how are you gonna try to prove Larry to me but ziam have similar proof?

Here are some responses I get when I debunk Larry/Zerrie with Ziam/Eleanor proof.

  • “ OmG sTOp ZErRiE IS rEAL yOU ArE juST HATiNg” (this is how they typed that)
  • “ Just because one couple in the band is gay doesn’t mean there is another couple”
  • “ Zerrie are engaged if it wasn’t real zayn wouldn’t allow it”
  • “I knew a couple who were engaged for 8 years before getting married”
  • “Ziam is just a bromance nothing more nothing less”
  • “Eleanor seeks attention unlike Perrie”
  • “Perrie is famous thats why she gets papped but Eleanor gets papped for no reason”
  • “ If I was married to Zayn I would show off my ring to.”

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