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Is it realistic to have a bladed weapon that operates sort of like a double ended light saber? As in you press a button or lever in the center of the hilt and blades come out of either end? Furthermore, could you see a bladed weapon fight club as something that may exist (it doesn't have to be legal and definitely probably wouldn't be)

On the first part? Not really.

You’ll see collapsing knives that are designed for push button deployment, out the front of the grip. But, for a full sword? No, or at least not with modern technology. Wear and abuse from normal use would quickly wreck the mechanical components. To say nothing of the blood and gore getting forced into the mechanism when you collapsed it after use.

So, again, limited to modern technology, it would be theoretically possible, but they’d have an incredibly short lifespan (maybe only single use), and be extremely annoying to clean and care for (if not outright impossible).

If you’re talking about some kind of hypothetical future tech, then, it will probably be an option some day. Self cleaning tolerances, and a mechanical stability that can’t be achieved with modern materials may make this viable. Though, at that point, this would probably be more of a novelty than a practical combat tool.

Double bladed weapons do exist. Well, I should say, double bladed knives exist, I have one somewhere. It’s awkward, difficult to hold, and I’ve still got a scar on my index finger from the first time I picked it up. These are a novelty. You buy one because you think it looks cool, not because you intend to use it.

There are a few examples of weapons that are designed to be double ended, mostly polearms, which would sometimes include functional spikes on the reverse end. It’s also not unheard of for a sword to have a sharpened, spiked pommel. That said, mounting an entire reverse blade onto a sword is something you’d usually only seriously consider if you’re either a Sith or Klingon.

On the second part, about fight clubs, “No, never; except they did.”

The basic idea of a fight club where people who don’t know what they’re doing wander in and start beating the ever living snot out of one another? Yeah, that can happen. I’ve actually been out on a farm in the middle of the night, dueling friends with plastic bokken because it seemed like fun at the time. It’s not exactly what you’ve got in mind, but that’s possible.

Thing is, there’s a huge difference between dueling with a high impact plastic katana, where screwing up means you’ve got new bruise on your knuckles, and screwing around with a live blade, where a mistake means critical injuries and death.

Organized, underground dueling also has some real world history. The only examples I’ve run across came out of 19th century military academies. I assume the reasoning is roughly the same as why I was on that Indiana farmyard in the middle of the night, it seemed like fun at the time.

Of course, in the case of military academies, we’re talking about students who’d actually been trained to use their blades, so it’s not exactly a fight club. Still stupid and dangerous, but they (kind of) knew what they were doing.

So, my first impulse on this subject is wrong. I’d say, “no one can possibly be that stupid,” except of course, I have been exactly that stupid. I also knew a couple idiots that decided to fight each other with a fire axe and cheap katana in their living room, without ever considering that, maybe, this was a horrifically bad idea. Tragically, they both survived unharmed.

As for a full on fight club? Not so much. When you have people who don’t know what they’re doing throwing punches, the potential risk of injury is, somewhat, limited. Untrained combatants are not a huge threat to one another. They can get some good shots in, and can make it hurt, but actually messing someone else up requires concepts like power generation and a vague idea of where to connect. Without them, it’s just guys flailing impotently at each other.

Blades are inherently dangerous. You don’t need to know how to put together an effective defense, or understand how to generate force, driving four pounds of steel into some poor schmuck doesn’t require training. Training does help; it teaches you how to put up a defense, and how to circumvent your opponent’s, but it’s not necessary for accidental death and dismemberment.

The fundamental problem with a bladed fight club is that the participants need to survive. They need to be in a condition where they can fight again next week. Getting carved up by a stray blow will put a damper on that. To say nothing of a stray death.

In Fight Club, the titular club was an expression of violent catharsis. For random guys who’ve never experienced real violence, it was an escape that presented the illusion of danger, without putting the participants in actual jeopardy. This kept the attrition rate fairly low, and allowed the group to grow. For something like this, that is absolutely critical.

If you start arming the participants, it would only take watching one guy getting opened up, and spraying blood all over the place before you might think, “maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” When you start hemorrhaging members like this, it becomes impossible to keep the numbers up, and the club would die off quickly; figuratively or literally.


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Okay but consider this: Rey in Luke’s rotj outfit with a double bladed lightsaber.

all i wanna say about star wars the last jedi is thank god that ugly generic lightsaber broke in fucking half like rey better not put it together and make it look the exact fucking same

girl better make herself a double sided saber or i s2g

and it better be two different colors, nothing generic, it needs to show the balance between the force—ideally im thinking blue and green or blue and red (blue and red bc of all of the cinematography between anakin’s lightsaber and kylo’s in the first two movies) but honestly i’d even be ok with her saber being white like Ahsoka’s bc Ahsoka is bae

but if disney too much of a COWARD to be so bold with colors at LEAST give rey a double sided saber, it’s ALL i ask for

Have two new members of my growing family...

They are sisters from the same litter…the thought was call them salt and pepper, or day and night…something like that for the black and white. But I thought…too cliche. So embraced my Star Wars Rebels side and went with Ahsoka for the white one because she wields double white light saber and Sabine because she wielded the dark saber and no one put for importance and character into that saber than she did.

I had this really weird fucking dream where i was a jedi and was gonna get my own double bladed blue light saber and got in an argument over which is better, gas or electric powered sabers. and i woke up like “wtf neither, both are a huge fucking waste they’re powered by the force???”

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Species: Human⎟Twi’lek⎟Torgruta⎟Bothan⎟Pantorian
Homeworld: Naboo⎟Coruscant⎟Tatooine⎟Christophsis⎟Yavin IV
Alignment: Light⎟Grey⎟Dark
Kyber Crystal: Blue⎟Green⎟Purple⎟Yellow⎟Red
Wielding: Single⎟Two sabers⎟Double-ended saber⎟Light whip
Rank: Youngling⎟Padawan⎟Knight⎟Master⎟Master w/ youngling

If there’s anyone whos out for just themselves, it’s you. You didn’t get to where you are now without lots of hard work. And you didn’t climb the social ladder to be knocked down so easily. That’s where your tough exterior comes from; you use it to hide your past. You just like to focus on the future: your next job and what’s the next big score. The only person you can trust is yourself…especially after what happened at the jedi temple…

Random SW headcannons…

  • Poe has, on waaayyy more than one occasion, slipped up and called Leia “mom” during a mission briefing or something (never just casual conversation, always something serious)
  • After Leia’s/ her mother’s death, Rey attempts to tie up hair like her. It’s her way of coping with the loss. She also feels strengthened by it somehow; makes her more confident. She especially likes to twist her hair in two buns on either side of her head.
  • While meditating, Rey often herself connecting with grandpa Anakin. She asks lots of questions and requests lots of stories. Ben on the other hand often sees Padme instead. She tries to bring him back to the light. It pains her to see her family suffering.

Thanks amigo!!

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Rage and Kisses

Ship: Kylo x Reader

Words: 555

Prompt: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is a sith inquisitor has a love/hate relationship with Kylo Ren. And during one of their many heated arguments Kylo cuts her off by kissing her.”

Notes: Hello! This is my debut piece on @generally-organa. Hope you enjoy!

Written By: Commander Ren

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I wanna cosplay a design of Jedi Knight Rey that has a double sided light saber in blue. Is there any way to replace the red blades of a cheapish Darth Maul saber with blue ones? Cause I really like the lightsaber you used for darkside!Rey and I don't want to spend $100+ on a custom saber that might not even be canon in a year.

If your talking about the extendable blades like mine, the top of the hilt comes off so you can replace the extendable with another!!  (this is a bad quality video but you should see what im talking about! super easy!) 

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☄️ I kinda would be hella confused if you changed your url so I just voted for you to keep it :)

Species: Human⎟Twi’lek⎟Torgruta⎟Bothan⎟Pantorian
Homeworld: Naboo⎟Coruscant⎟Tatooine⎟Christophsis⎟Yavin IV
Alignment: Light⎟Grey⎟Dark
Kyber Crystal: Blue⎟Green⎟Purple⎟Yellow⎟Red
Wielding: Single⎟Two sabers⎟Double-ended saber⎟Light whip
Rank: Youngling⎟Padawan⎟Knight⎟Master⎟Master w/ youngling

You’re a jedi who doesn’t play by the rules. Sure you get stuff done, and you do it well but you definitely don’t follow what the council says. “How can we trust you to train the next generation of jedi??” they ask. Oh well… you never wanted to be a master anyway. You’re much more comfortable blowing stuff up and hunting down sith/ dark jedis. Come to think of it, maybe you would do good as a master. Especially if their methods aren’t working. But did they really expect stifled emotions, seeing things as black/ white, doing things the same way every time to always work??

Thank you!

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