double leather

  • Him coming up with pick up lines and always strolling up to you casually, looking you up and down, as he bites his lip and says something stupid
  • Sirius dragging you to see a motorcycle he loves
  • Going on the first ride with him but encasing the bike in spells so you don’t fall off and die
  • Studying together
  • You’re concentrating on something and he’d look at you and forget to study
  • Nose kisses
  • Neck kisses
  • Changing study locations due to the seasons/weather
  • Quiet ‘I love you’s’
  • Cheek kisses
  • Trips to the kitchen to bring a worrying amount of sweets back to the dorm
  • James forcing you to share 
  • Having a competition to see who can scream 'I Love You’ the loudest 
  • Having a very public relationship
  • Seeing each other across the hall or corridor and running dramatically into each other’s arms and hugging
  • McGonagall would tell you off but you could see a twinkle of laughter in her eyes at your escapades
  • Sudden passionate kisses when you realise your alone 
  • Dramatic letters during the summer and the weeks his parents force him to stay 'home’
  • ’It’s been 32 days, 5 hours and 12 minutes since my imprisonment’
  • Comforting him when he runs away from home 
  • James, Peter and Remus always laughing when they see him zone out because he’s thinking of you
  • Spending most of your summers at James’
  • Your family loving him instantly 
  • Warm, comforting hugs to keep each other stable 
  • Sitting in peace, tracing patterns on each other’s skin
  • Having a very goofy relationship
  • You almost never stop laughing 
  • Cuddling almost constantly 
  • Whispering 'I love you’ against your neck as he places soft kisses against it
  • Him helping you with your astronomy homework because he was taught it from a young age
  • Playing with his hair
  • Being the 'It’ Couple
  • Braiding his hair 
  • Him laying his head on your lap
  • His HAIR
  • Soft sighs falling from his lips as you lightly scratch his scalp 
  • Him putting his cold feet on you when you’re in bed
  • You shrieking and kicking him off
  • Wearing his leather jacket
  • Double dates with Jily
  • You brushing his hair
  • Him attempting to brush yours
  • Watching the stars  
  • Lazy days cuddling on the couch
  • Playing with his hair. A LOT
  • Putting flowers in his hair
  • Just loving his hair 
  • “Sometimes I think you’re only dating me for my hair”
  • “I am" 
Sleepsack Punishment

This account is true. The names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

The night before, I had made fun of a television program he was watching. This evening I was told I would be kept out of the way and punished by being laced up in the leather sleepsack instead of watching television. If I couldn’t say something nice, I wouldn’t get to watch TV at all! I was in the mood for a couple of hours of heavy bondage, so I went along with it. Little did I know how much the punishment would exceed the crime.

It was about 9:30 p.m. when we went down to the cell - a small storage room off the furnace room in the cellar. I’ve installed cushioned flooring and extended it partway up the concrete walls. The door is heavy wood planks, and there’s only one small window, up by the ceiling and glazed with frosted glass. I was wearing only tight leather chaps and a leather cockring. I took the sleepsack down from its hanger and laid it out on the floor. The sack is all leather, with a leather lining and an attached hood. I was also to wear a second hood inside the sleepsack’s hood to reinforce the sense of confinement. I sat down in the spread-out sleepsack and inserted my feet into the bottom of the bag.
First the leather hood with attached blindfold and gag was laced on. Then I lay back and slid my arms into the sack’s sleeves. The sack hood was pulled over my head and the face cover snapped down. My face was now just blank leather with only a couple of grommets for breathing. The sack collar was buckled snugly around my neck. The sleepsack was zipped up from my ankles to throat. Then he laced it, cinching the cords as tight as they would go and tying them off at several points up the front of the sack. As he laced it, he pulled on the cords hard enough to lift me part way off the floor, using my weight to tighten the cords. When he got to the section from my waist to my chin, he sort of bounced me against the floor to knock the air out of me. With each thump on the floor I gasped, and in the instant when my lungs were empty he’d tighten the laces down. After several fierce yanks to make sure there was no more slack to pull out, he tied off that section of cord. By the time he was done, I was a glossy black leather mummy.

Double-hooded and blindfolded, I couldn’t see when he turned off the light and could barely hear the light switch click and the door close. I was so turned on I knew I would cum if I moved at all. I wanted the experience to last. I just lay there perfectly motionless for a while until the orgasm urge subsided. The universe was nothing but darkness and leather completely enclosing me. All my worries, thoughts, stress and even my identity were let go. All that existed was the tight encapsulating leather and the leather cock gag invading my mouth. Eventually I squirmed a little to feel the tight leather rub against my naked skin. It felt so good that I struggled for quite a while gasping and moaning around the gag. The layers of leather creaked and sang together.

After a while I found myself lying still and resting. It took a while for me to catch my breath as the sack was so tight I could not take a full, deep breath. I had broken a light sweat, and the leather clung and sealed to my skin, holding me even tighter and more immobile. There was a pressure point around my head, and it was growing uncomfortable. I became frustrated and started really struggling against the sack; rolling back and forth and writhing violently, groaning and cursing around the black leather penis gag filling my mouth. Finally I tired and just lay there. I noticed the discomfort was gone, the hood must have shifted a little, but the damp leather was holding me tighter than ever. I couldn’t move my arms in the sleeves or even my fingers. That made me hard again. I alternated between lying there resting and humping against the smooth leather lining of the sack. The laces pulled the sack into folds over my cock. By squirming and thrusting I could work my hard cock into one of the folds. It was like being jacked off by a pair of soft leather gloves. I had to keep stopping so I wouldn’t cum. I wanted that sensation to last as long as possible.

Sometimes I thought I could hear through the part-way open window a car passing outside. I wondered how the people in the cars might react if they knew they were within a few yards of someone helplessly encased and imprisoned in leather. What if someone had heard my gagged groans and called the police to investigate? Could one of the cars be a police cruiser coming to the house? I might soon be discovered by a couple of cops in tall boots and leather jackets. Would they insist on letting me out, or would they just laugh at me and leave me to stew in the predicament I had gotten myself into? I moaned and writhed at the idea of the humiliation.

If I lay still, I could faintly hear a clock striking far above me, like it was in another world. I heard it strike once at one point. I had lost all track of time, and didn’t know if that was 12:30, 1:00 or 1:30. Finally I heard it strike 2:00 a.m. That started to freak me out. I wondered when I would be released, and if he had fallen asleep in front of the television. That thought set off a kind of fit of struggling in earnest. This was no longer a fantasy. I was tied up for real, and I was trying to get loose for real. I squirmed and kicked, flopping back and forth on the floor in fear and frustration, trying to fight my way out of the skin-tight black leather bag. I grunted and cursed around the leather cock that was jammed in my mouth like it was raping my face. I went crazy for a while, jerking and twisting violently and uncontrollably. The sweat stinging my eyes inside the hood brought me back to my senses. I knew escape was impossible. I stopped bucking and lay there for a while, catching my breath and resting, trying to calm down. I may have dozed a little, floating in the darkness of the cell.

After a while I heard the clock strike 3:00. That told me I was truly fucked. He had fallen asleep for sure. I had already been tightly tied up in the escape-proof black leather sleepsack for over five hours, and now there was no way of telling when I would get out. All I could was wait until he woke up and remembered where I was. I struggled more feebly on the padded floor, groaning around the cock gag. I squirmed reflexively. It still felt good, but I was beyond getting hard again. I lay back on the padded floor and tried to get as comfortable as I could. The night might only be half over as far as I was concerned. All I could do was wait and endure, encased and tightly laced up in leather. I was looking forward to a very long night.


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Frankie Deceived into Slavery

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Another story brought to you all by the genereous request of a follower. This time it’s poor Frankie is tricked into a life she never wanted or anticipated.

PLEASE give a shout out to Frankie and all the other people that have requested stories. They make the stories possible you all enjoy so much. Thank you to them, and thank you to those that have read, reblogged, and chosen to follow my stories.

Enjoy the story.



Consciousness came slowly for Frankie, her mind felt sluggish, like the thoughts were coming the way they should be. She tried to remember what happened. She was trying hard to remember what the last thing was he could recall.



She’d been out of sorts for a while, she been looking for something her entire life. She knew what she was looking for, the problem was actually finding it. She’d had other partners, other people she tried to mesh with but it never worked out.

In some cases, she’d been hurt. She had previous Dom/sub relationships, and they’d ended badly, very badly. In one case she’d actually been raped. Of course, it was the situation where even though the person responsible had been punished, she’d still felt used by a system that didn’t understand people like her, people that weren’t “mainstream”.

Still, she kept searching. This was a piece of her soul she was trying to fill and she wasn’t going to stop until she found it. Or till she died.

So that’s what found her at the Horniman, overlooking the Thames and the HMS Belfast. She was meeting a man here. A potential partner, someone who she thought maybe, this time, would be what she was looking for.

Not just someone that could be a play date, or once in a while. Someone the she could actually have a 24/7 sub/Dom relationship with. The combination of her dreams and searches.

She had found someone that she thought might be, “the one”. She’d met them on a fetish website and they had spent hours talking to one another. Over the course of days, then weeks, she found herself telling him everything about who she was. Her past fears, the past failures, and disappointments.

She didn’t know why she couldn’t stop herself but she told him things that she hadn’t told any of her potential partners in the past.

Through it all this man simply listened. Never once did he try to offer unsolicited advice. He never once told her where she had made a mistake, or how she should’ve done something better. He simply listened, and encouraged her to be herself, whoever that was.

It made her melt.

Finally, she suggested meeting, and he had readily agreed.

So here she was, waiting in anticipation, for what she hoped was her future.

When the man, Robert, arrived he looked exactly like the picture he’d sent, and she liked what she saw. Tall, and broad shouldered with just a hint of salt-and-pepper in his temples. His eyes were deep blue and seemed to see right into her. His voice was cultured, and when he greeted her, he wasn’t looking down on her. She felt respected, she felt special.

Robert said that they were going to have a proper dinner, starting with appetizers, which he had chosen the Nicholson’s sharer.

She had loved to Chile chicken skewers, and he had enjoyed the homemade Scotch egg.

When it came time for the main course, he had strongly recommended the slow cooked beef, saying that he’d had it before and it was delicious. She took his advice, even as he had decided to try something new and picked the grilled sea bass.

For dessert they had both chosen the Belgian chocolate brownie.

Of course, the entire time they were both drinking. He made sure to keep her glass filled with the wonderful Merlot the restaurant had and he sipped his delicious 12-year-old whiskey.

The evening had been filled with laughter, deep conversation and what she was certain was the beginnings of an understanding between the two of them that could lead exactly where she wanted.

Eventually, the one question that was still hanging over the evening came up and Robert invited her back to his home, for a scene, to see how compatible they were.

She knew, that this was probably a bad idea. She knew better than to do a scene after having been drinking, and Robert should’ve known the risk as well.

For some reason, however, she was infatuated with him, and she felt that she could trust him. So, ignoring the voice in the back of her head telling her this was a bad idea, she agreed.

After dinner, they’d stepped out into the cold, and Robert had hailed a taxi. She snuggled into his side as he gave the address to his home, enjoying the warmth of his body.

They chatted lightly as the taxi drove, her eyes closed as the wine worked its magic. She wasn’t drunk by any means, but she could tell that her inhibitions were lowered.

Finally, they arrived at his home, he paid the taxi, and led her inside of a fairly large home. When she got inside she found it to be spacious, and warmly inviting.

He took her coat and invited her to sit on the couch while he poured her another glass of wine. She wanted to tell him that she was tipsy enough, but she was enjoying the glow of the evening and went along happily.

He handed her the glass of wine smiling, as he seemed to be sipping another whiskey. They sat together on the couch, while he asked her questions about her past. He told her he was completely focused on her, and wanted to learn everything that he could. He wanted to make sure that he gave her exactly what she needed, what she deserved.

She blushed at such intense focused attention and spilled her guts.

Slowly, so slowly she didn’t notice at first she was beginning to feel sluggish. When she said, she needed to go to the bathroom for a moment she tried to get up and realized she was woozy and weak. She had just enough time to watch the room spin, and Robert approach her smiling when everything went black.



Now she was waking up here. She felt slightly chilled, and her mouth tasted funny. She also noticed that she wasn’t in the living room anymore, in fact she didn’t know where she was.

It was then it seemed at her mind finally fully came online and she realize multiple things at once. First, she was chilled because she was completely nude. The funny taste in her mouth was due to the rubber of the inflatable blow up gag filling her mouth, even as a ring gag forced her mouth wide open.

She was on a bed, that she didn’t recognize, in a room she didn’t know and she was completely terrified, especially given the fact that she was so utterly, helplessly bound.

From what she could feel of the bondage, and what she could see, she had been bound by an expert. Her arms were folded behind her, and she felt that her wrists crossed somewhere between her shoulder blades. It wasn’t the limits of her flexibility but it was close and she felt an ache that old her that her arms had been in this position for a while.

A crisscross of leather straps held her arms in place. Two extra straps were added just below her shoulders, and above her elbows running above and below her breasts, and acting to hold her arms tightly against her body as if they had been welded there.

Her 5’3” frame had then been folded, a long strap run behind both of her knees and behind her back, basically folding her in half and, she noticed, leaving her pussy and ass, spread and fully exposed. Two additional straps that held her calves to her thighs making all movement impossible.

The position wouldn’t have been possible if not for how slim she was.

She was laying on her back, on the bed, and she noticed that both of her 34 double D breasts had leather straps wrapped around the base of them. The straps were very tight and what breast was exposed was slightly purple due to the pressure. The breast bondage had a dual effect, first it caused her breasts to stick out lewdly, ballooned from the rest of her chest. Second, she could already tell that the skin was very sensitive just by the air that was moving over her exposed nipples.

She could feel her mouth wedged open, not just by the gag, but apparently by a ring gag or spider gag that forced her mouth wide open. If the inflated gag was removed, she had no question about how her mouth could be used. For now, however apparently, whoever had bound her wanted to make sure she was quiet.

Finally, there was a collar, locked around her throat and attached via approximately 2 meters of chain to the wall that the bed was next to. Even if she could get out of all the straps that held her, she realized she was still not going anywhere with that collar around her neck.

Frankie screamed as hard as she could, but even she noticed that with the gag it would be lucky if the sound reach the door that she could see nearly 4 meters away.

She struggled and fought against the straps for a few minutes but realized that, as she had suspected, an expert had bound her, and she wasn’t going anywhere until someone released her.

She took a moment to take stock of her location and she shuddered in terror at what she saw.

In addition to the bed, that she was tied to due to the collar locked around her neck and the chain attached to it there all manner of it implements and tools and equipment. But all of it was for only one type of exercise; the torture, punishment, and violation of another human being.

On the wall, there were hanging all manner of whips, paddles, straps, and riding crops. Everything that could be used for impact, from the almost comical, like what looked like a ping-pong paddle. To the serious, like the bullwhip, and the cat of nine tails that she saw. She was sure she saw small barbs on the end of each of the individual straps.

There were multiple pieces of furniture, if one could call them that, that could be used to bind another human being. Some she recognized, such as a saw horse, and spanking rack. Others, she couldn’t begin to imagine their purpose, such as the metal frame that was hanging from the ceiling in a corner and what looked all the world like a human shaped coffin, neither she had any desire to know how they worked.

There was also all manner of bondage items, from cuffs, and leg irons, to leather harnesses, straps, gags of all types and sizes, and what looked to be kilometers of rope, also in all kinds of lengths and diameter.

Overall, it was, to a bondage submissive like her, a wet dream, if she was here willingly.

It was then, finally, that she noticed Robert, sitting in a darkened corner.

She saw him and whined in his direction, pleading through her gag for some type of release, even though she was certain he was the one that had bound her in the first place.

He just sat there, unmoving, for what seemed like hours, staring at her bound, and straining form.

She bided her time between squirming against the unmoving straps, pleading at him, looking around at all the terrifying equipment in the room, and slowly sinking into complete and utter panic.

Finally he came over and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a more daft slag than you.” He sat down on the bed next to her and stroked her thigh, ignoring the outraged and shocked look in her eyes, “you actually went home with somebody you just met after talking about a 24/7 slave/master relationship? I don’t think I’ve ever met a dozy bent as barmy as you.”

Frankie looked shocked at the crude insults, and the fact his cultured accent had slipped some, but he just laughed, “if you’re shocked at that language, just wait till you hear some of the other things I call you as you learn your new life.”

Frankie squirmed against her bonds and he said, “don’t bother, I’ve bound many women much stronger than you, they didn’t escape and neither will you.”

She shuddered at the matter of fact way he said that and began to realize she was in very serious danger now.

He continued to stroke her thigh and said, “it’s time to explained the situation to you. First, this is not a scene. This is not a game. We are not going to go engage in aftercare or hugs and cuddles afterwards. I chose you to be my slave. That is all you are and all you will ever be.”

He smacked her on her ass as he continued, “as far as I am concerned, the moment you stepped across the threshold of my home you ceased to exist as the person you were. All that is left now is a slave. A piece of meat for me to use for my own enjoyment and amusement in whatever way I see fit.”

He ran his fingers across her thighs and cupped her pussy, “this now belongs to me,” Frankie shook her head at that and he reached up and smacked her across her face hard, “first lesson slave I suggest you learn it, do not say no to your master.”

Frankie looked back to him, horrified. This was way across the line, this was not anywhere close to what she wanted. He ignored her as he continued his statements, “you told me in our discussions about the bad relationships you had, the fact that you were raped. All that happened because your masters didn’t know how to tame you properly. If they had, you would’ve understood it wasn’t rape, I master can’t rape what he owns.”

Frankie squirmed against her bonds and tried to say something to him, to tell him to stop. He just ignored her as he continued, “of course that’s a lesson that they weren’t strong enough to teach you, but I certainly will.”

He shifted his hand and sank his thumb deeply into her pussy, and his middle finger penetrated her ass. He squeezed tightly, and Frankie moaned in pain and discomfort as he said, “these are mine, and you will learn that.”

He got up and started to walk towards of the equipment and said, “all of this will eventually be used on you in one way or another. I’m going to break you. Like one might break an animal to domesticate it. You will suffer horrifying abuses, and agonizing pain the likes of which you could never imagine,” he couldn’t help but chuckle as he added, “sometimes it will be because you need discipline, other times it will be simply because I enjoy hurting cunts like you.”

He smiled darkly and said, “in fact that some of the things I love the most is making someone like you scream in agony. It’s even more fun to hurt a slave, because a slave isn’t even a person anymore.”

Frankie shuddered at his smile as he said, “and a slave is what you are, in fact I should stop referring to my slave as anything but that. You’re not a ‘you’ anymore. Those terms are for persons and you aren’t one.

Frankie shook her head desperately as things just got worse, “This is a slave before me, and you can do anything you want to a slave, and I will do whatever I want. I will whip this slave, I will electrocute it, I will use it in every single one of its holes; repeatedly until it craves and begs for it. My slave will become intimately familiar with every form of pain there is and will learn to beg for all of them.”

He ran his hand over one of the pieces of equipment and said, “The person you used to be doesn’t believe any of that now, but trust me the slave before me now, will.”

Frankie shook her head, desperately trying to deny what he was saying. This couldn’t be happening to her. She’d been careful, the questions she’d asked were very specific. She’d designed it all to catch the crazies, to weed out the lunatics. She was so sure that she had been safe, she couldn’t understand how he could have fooled her so completely.

Her self-proclaimed master said, “I see your denial, you’re wondering how this could happen. I’ve been watching you for months on the boards, watching how you interact with others. I’ve impersonated multiple people that you spoke with, all so I could learn about you. To make sure that you with the right one.”

He sat back down on the bed and stroked her cheek almost lovingly, “I’ve been grooming you for this future for months. My name isn’t even Robert,” he smiled at her shocked look and said, “What it is, doesn’t matter, you will always know me as ‘Master’. The master that tricked you and brought you here.”

Again, Frankie shook her head in denial and he said, “yes, and now that I have you, I’m never going to let you go.”

He walked over and pulled a camera out of the corner and started explaining as he set it up, “one of the things you’re going to do for me, as the good little fucking sex slave I’ll be turning you into, is earn me money.”

Frankie got a sinking suspicion as he said that, and suddenly looked at the camera like it was a dangerous animal, “One of the ways you’ll do that is little home movies I’m going to make and sell during your training. I have quite the clientele of individuals that just love non-consent videos. They love watching a whore like you being raped and tortured,” she squirmed in her bondage in desperation as he went on, “I also have certain,” he considered the words for a moment, “discerning clients, that will be paying you a visit from time to time. They love hurting a little bitch like you almost as much as I do, and they pay a pretty penny for the privilege.”

He aimed the camera at the bed, and focused on some adjustments. Once he was satisfied he said, “they’ll rape you in every single one of your holes, and make you beg for more. The beat you to the point you’re ready to pass out from the pain, and then make you beg for more of that, too.”

He sat back down on the bed and caressed her ass gently, “They’ll take you right to the edge of an orgasm, and just before you reach it whip that wet little hole of yours and use that pain to make sure you don’t cum.”

He stopped and considered for a moment, “Although, who knows, you might actually be a big enough pain slut, that getting whipped on your cunt will get you off.”

He smiled at her shuddered fear, and then went on telling her about her future, “Anyway, among other things, occasionally, for the ones that pay well, I might even let them pierce you. Or hang you from the ceiling by your tits. Whatever happens I want you to remember it will be because I or they choose to do it. You will never have a choice in the matter. You will never have a choice ever again.”

Frankie’s mind was overwhelmed with the horrors, and hell that he was promising. She was actually starting to shut down due to the fear.

Apparently, he noticed this and said, “And now it’s time to start breaking in my property,” her new Master said. 

There could be no mistaking has meaning for Frankie, especially when he began undoing his belt and lowered his trousers. Frankie tried to squirm away, but knew immediately it was pointless, the slap to the side of her face confirmed that as he said, “slaves do not resist their Masters in anyway.”

Frankie couldn’t help but start crying as he climbed onto the bed, he said “that’s exactly what I like to see, fear and tears from my slaves. You know what you are, I’m just going to make sure that you learn it properly.”

Then, in one smooth brutal stroke he buried himself inside Frankie’s unprepared pussy. She howled in pain at the invasion and anger and frustration at her violation

Her new Master ignored it all as he began to piston himself in and out in long smooth and powerful strokes.

Frankie turned her head away, not wanting to see him. Trying to distance herself.

“Look at me slave,” he said, his tone commanding; as if he knew what she was trying to do.

Frankie refused and that refusal earned her a slap upon her tinder left breast. She squealed in agony at the pain and looked up at him. His face showed mild anger as he said, “a slave never refuses any order from a master. You have much to learn. You are willful, disobedient, and insolent. When I am through with you, you will be broken and a tamed, make no mistake about that.”

He continued to piston inside of her and commented in a shocked tone, "you’re much tighter than I expected you to be, that is a pleasant surprise. One I shall enjoy taking full of vantage of.”

The word stung to the very depths of her soul, she wasn’t like that. Despite what people might think when they looked at her, her tattoos, her large breasts, and some of her piercings she wasn’t a tart.

People made assumptions about her based on how she looked but they didn’t know her. Now this man was not only raping her, but giving voice to all those judgements she was forced to face in her daily life and it hurt almost as much as what he was doing to her physically.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her with a plop and said, “you should be grateful I’m choosing to use this worthless hole, you know. You certainly haven’t earned it, but I want to test it out to see what I have.”

Her eyes showed her anger and revulsion and he smiled, “but you have others I would like to try.”

It took Frankie only a moment to realize what he meant as he lined up with her ass. She ignored his earlier warnings and started to struggle once again. It didn’t do anything for her but earn her a couple vicious slaps to both breasts this time. She squealed in agony and froze with the pain as he said, “you’ve been warned about resistance slave, but maybe I was right, maybe you enjoy the pain. I know I enjoy inflicting it, the more I hurt you the more I like it, the harder it makes me. Perhaps the more I hurt you, the more you like it as well. I have found myself a pain slut apparently, I will enjoy inflicting new levels of pain on you until you are as compliant as I want you to be.”

Frankie cried out in terror at that thought as he continued to push his cock against her fear tightened sphincter. She was fighting with everything she had. She was determined not to let him do this, no matter what.

He simply doubled his efforts and laughed as he said, “it’s going in whether you want it to or not. The harder you fight the more it will hurt. But that what you want. Isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

“Isn’t it?”

Each time he’d said ‘isn’t it’ he’d pushed harder till, finally, his head pushed past her quickly exhausting muscle and popped into her anus.

She squealed as he continued to push his thick cock into her unlubricated ass. The only relief coming afforded her was the juices from her recently violated pussy.

With a few more grunting lunges he was buried to the hilt and again begin to slowly piston himself in and out of her seeming to go out of his way to make it hurt as much as possible.

By this time the tears were flowing freely from her eyes and he continued to comment how beautiful a crying pain slut was and how glorious it felt with her ass wrapped around his cock.

After what seemed like an eternity Frankie turned her head away again but he immediately slapped her face again, “I told you to keep your eyes on me slave you don’t look away. I want to see the debasement. I want to see the humiliation. I want to see the realization when it hits you that this is your life now.”

She thought about looking away again, just in reflex to what he was saying, but he seemed to sense that and reached out to grab her right nipple by the piercing and twisted viciously as he said, "eyes on me slave always.”

Finally, Frankie felt him spill his disgusting seed inside her ass and he pulled out with the sickening plop. 

The sound echo dinner head, signifying how easily he had taken her unwilling body. She wanted to die. She wanted to roll into a ball and simply cease to exist.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t to be.

He suddenly stood on the bed and grabbed Frankie’s hair, pulling her into an upright position. She looked up at him and he said, “this slave got her dirty juices and junk all over my cock. It needs to be cleaned.”

With that, he reached for the inflator on her gag. She realize exactly what he intended and started trying to wiggle but he yanked up on her hair hard and said, "you know better.”

She sagged into her bonds in defeat as he pulled the plug out of her ring gag mouth and brought his cock to her mouth.

He slid his cock easily into her jacked open oral hole and said, “suck slave, clean your Master’s cock.”

Frankie refused to move, already disgusted by the tastes in her mouth as her tongue contacted his cock. She wasn’t going to do this. She was not going debase herself this completely. She didn’t care what he did.

Unfortunately, she had no idea what kind of man she was dealing with and had underestimated what he would do the moment her hesitation was noted.

He reached down and grabbed the chain attached her collar and yanked up by it, hard. His impressive strength, combined with her relative small size mean he nearly lifted her body right off the bed, immediately cutting off most of her air. He held her there for a few seconds and said calmly, “suck, or die.”

Self-preservation kicked in at that moment and she began to bob her head as much as she could while sucking and licking as much as the gag in her mouth allowed.

 The disgust on her face was obvious and she heard him chuckle, “in time the look on your face will be one of utter devotion and gratitude that I let you do this. Trust me you will learn all the things that I want you to.”

When she had finished, he dropped her back on the bed facedown and climbed off the bed.

She was gagging and trying to get the taste out of her mouth although with no hands and no ability close her mouth it was a useless effort. Instead she sat there panting as the disgust at what she had just done rolled through her mind. It had been a brutal demonstration of both is complete power over her, and his ruthless willingness to use it, even if it meant endangering her life.

It further served to as a battering ram to her already fragile psyche, will, and spirit. If she didn’t find a way out of here, and soon, she was not sure she’d be able to resist him. In fact, she knew she wouldn’t. He would turn her into exactly what he was threatening to do if she couldn’t escape. She wouldn’t be strong enough to resist this kind of brutal treatment for long. She would literally be turned into a slave, and all because she’d been careless.

One mistake, could cost her the rest of her life.

That thought terrified her.

Of course, she was so wrapped up in her thoughts and self-pity when she should’ve been paying attention to what her new Owner was doing as he climbed back on the bed, holding a long wooden paddle.

She suddenly saw what he was carrying and instinctively knew what he intended to do. She tried to mumble something; she wasn’t sure whether it was a plea, begging, or a promise.

He simply chuckled and said, “oh I’m sure you’re very sorry now for all the resistance and disobedience you’ve demonstrated so far. It’s time you learned a lesson. One you won’t soon forget.”

With that he stood on the chain near her collar to make any thought she had of moving or avoiding what was coming nothing more than dreaming. Then, without comment or ceremony he brought the paddle down hard across her right ass cheek.

The sound was like that of a snapping 2 x 4 and a moment later the pain exploded in her brain. She barely had time to scream in agony before another sharp sound and screaming pain again became her universe, this time from her left ass cheek.

From there he alternated vicious strikes to both cheeks. Back-and-forth, he brought down hard, vicious swats, the pain overwhelming her nervous system completely. 

Finally, he stopped and Frankie was sure her ass was completely ruined. He stepped off her collar chain and yanked her upright once again, this time she whined as her weight settled onto her recently savaged ass cheeks and he said, “that was just a taste. Discipline for your disobedience thus far. As I said before, sometimes I’m going to hurt you just because I feel like it, but when you’re disobedient you can rest assured that the pain will be agonizing for you. Your old life is gone. Whoever you thought you were is gone. All that remains is my sex toy, my pain slut, my money making whore. My slave! That’s all you are and my slave will be utterly obedient and submissive.”

Frankie look shocked, but ignored her as he went on, “there is nothing I can’t do to you, nothing I won’t do to achieve that. You have piercings now but when I am through with you every bit of you will be marked and pierced. You will be branded, broken, and destroyed.”

The words battered into her brain and once again she wanted to cry out that this was not fair, that she would never have agreed to this. Never would have wanted this. She wanted to scream that he had no right to do this and he was going to go to jail for what he was doing.

She didn’t do any of that because she knew it was pointless, both because of the gag in her mouth and because it was obvious that he didn’t care in the least what she wanted and she had that demonstrated to her, completely.

He glared down into her face and said, “Understand this, as my slave you are never going to leave this room, not while I own you. This is your universe now, and I am your God. There’s not a single bodily function, that you will take without my permission. As I demonstrated, even your ability to breathe is at my command. This room will be your home, your universe, and your hell. The only way you will leave, is if I have grown so bored with you that I either kill you, or, if you’re very unlucky, I’ve sold you to the worst pain brothels I can find. But that, I assure you, will be a long time coming.”

When he finished, his glare seemed to intensify as his eyes focused completely on hers. She tried to hold his eye, she did. Tried to show him she was more than he thought, that she was strong and it wouldn’t be so easy, but her mind had already considered the days, weeks, months, and perhaps years he would have to accomplish his goal and she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist for nearly that long.

She didn’t want him to see her cry and she looked away in devastated defeat.

This time, he didn’t command her to meet his eye. Instead he said, “for now you need to learn the basics of your slavery. First, today is the last time you will ever hear me, or anyone else use terms like ‘you’, ‘yours’, or ‘her’. Those terms are for human beings and persons and a slave is neither of those. Also, as you’ve already figured out, you will never meet my eye again unless I specifically tell you to do so. You will keep your eyes downcast at all times. Failure to remember this rule will result in correction.”

He raised her chin and smiled as he noticed she continued to keep her eyes downcast, “Does this slave understand?”

Frankie simply nodded her head in complete demoralized defeat.

“excellent,” he said, and released her chin.

“Now,” he continued as he climbed off the bed, first putting the paddle up and then picking up his trousers, “as I said before, from time to time, this slave will be used to make me money, either by videos I will sell or when I rent it out, like the whore it is.”

He finished fastening his trousers, “and since this slave has demonstrated it is a complete muppet with regards to understanding it’s new reality, I’ve decided to move forward with one more lesson to drive home that this isn’t something that’s simply gotten out of hand. I need it to understand this is its new reality and not something that it will ever walk away from. I’m going to show it what I mean by being used.”

With that he turned from the bed and walked over towards the door, sliding open a panel revealed a key panel and he typed in a code.

Frankie realized that the door was locked and she would need a code to get out. This was just one more obstacle to any escape attempt she might make to regain her freedom. First the bondage, then the collar, and now a locked and coded door.

Escape was fading fast to nothing but a silly dream, survival was now becoming her chief concern, as her new master had made it very clear that her life was worth less than nothing to him beyond the money she made him and the pleasure she brought him either by raping her or torturing her.

Her future could not look any bleaker. She should not have made such an assumption.

The door opened and her Master stuck his head out and said, “come in gentlemen.”

Frankie squealed is five naked man walked in the door. They all looked at her hungrily, and there is no mistaking what was on their mind.

Her owner said, “it is a new slave, and not very obedient. When you need to discipline it, I ask only that you not mark it permanently, that is my job alone. I have tested its holes and they are tighter than would be expected given the slag it was in its previous life,” he smiled at the insult, knowing how much it hurt her, “use it as you see fit, with the exceptions I have noted and enjoy yourselves.”

With that, he turned and walked out the door without another glance. Frankie watched him leave trying to plead for mercy as the five-man descended upon her a pack of wolves, all determined to use her like the sex-slave and toy she had become.

‘And She Was’ (Simon x OC, Part 5)

Title: “And She Was”

Characters: Simon (The Walking Dead), Negan (The Walking Dead)

Tags/Warnings: Explicit language, implied rape (it’s only a short flashback, please don’t worry), eventual smut, slow burn, explicit sexual content (oh yes! You got it!), masturbation, exhibitionism, Eugene

Gif Credit: GIF is not mine, credit goes to the creator!

NOTES: Savannah thinks that masturbating while Simon sleeps on the couch is a wonderful idea. Meanwhile, she can’t shake the feeling that Simon is hiding something from her. (also, god I love writing Eugene - he’s so ostentatious)

Taglist: @simons-thirst-squad @backseat-negan @neganisking @collette04 @isayweallgetdrunk @kuenie (if you’d like to be added, just let me know!)

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Part two!

Part three!

Part Four!

I wake up screaming in the dark. Hands smothering my mouth, pushing me down into layers upon layers of foliage, swallowing me and shuddering around my body. The stench of wet pine seeping from my rain-soaked hair, dripping into my mouth, past clammy fingers trying to claw my lips closed. His eyes blistering in the gloom.

“No.” The ever-present rage churning in my gut. “You did this – you deserve to die-”

“I was just taking what’s mine.” His fingers squeeze my wrists until I hiss through my teeth, thrashing in the undergrowth, the crickets chirruping happily somewhere far away. Like an audience to his assault. He pushes my face into the dirt and I taste grass in my mouth. “I’m sure she liked it.”

I scream, lashing out underneath him, kicking my legs. But he sinks his body weight on top of me and the ground swallows us both, a living, digesting stomach stinking of the dead.

I kick something soft. Gasp for breath but I find that I cannot draw any air, and I start to panic.

My eyes fly open as I jerk awake, blinking in the pale blue light of dawn.

Fuck. That wasn’t real?

I shudder, my skin beading with sweat under the clothes and the covers. For a moment I lie, prostrate and disorientated, struggling to remember where I am. Why the ceiling fan looks so unfamiliar. Why there’s the sound of calm, steady breathing coming from the couch. I roll over onto my other side, trying to shake the cobwebs of the nightmare from my mind. Patting down the covers, I crane my neck to see Simon, fast asleep.

“Raoul.” I whisper to myself, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and blinking to keep myself awake. I inhale and almost smell the scent of the man from my dream. Prop myself up and simply breath for several minutes, trying to calm the rabbit-fast palpitation of my heart. “But he’s not here. You’re safe. Safe as you can be.”

I watch the man in front of me as my panic dissipates and ebbs into awareness of my situation. The wound, the doctor, the man in the leather jacket. And him. The stranger who made me a Spanish cocktail in the middle of the night. His back is to me, the sheets tangled around his hips and long legs. I was right when I said he was too long for the couch - his feet dangle over the edge and twitch in sleep. Pale beams of morning-light illuminate the long-toed feet and ankles that melt into muscular calves. He has one arm over his face, and his t-shirt has hitched itself up around his middle. I can see a sliver of tanned back, and it’s enough to make all the heat in my body flood between my thighs.

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