double lacing

love Mythology.
You know what I love most about Mythology?

Everyone just assumes Hades is a badass.
Hades isn’t a badass.
Hades named his three-headed-guard-of-the-underworld-dog that looks like it can chew your head leg and arm off instantaneously - spot. He called his dog spot! (Not joking look it up,“Cerberus” is a Latinised version of the Greek Kerberos, from a Proto-Indo-European word *ḱerberos, meaning “spotted”. Literally I laughed myself senseless.)
Hades whispers to his flowers to make them grow.
Hades grows fruit, there is no sun in the underworld.
Let’s be honest the guy probably double knots his laces and cries when there are no more ice cream tubs left in the freezer after a tough day of dealing with Zeus and Poseidon.

Persephone however, that so called frail little thing that he “kidnapped” ? Yeah, about that. She’s another case all together. When Hermes went to the Underworld he expected to find a scared little girl. Instead he found a thriving Queen.
No like literally she would fight anyone who said anything bad or that hurt Hade’s feelings. She’d probably pet his head and constantly reassured him he was a fantastic King of the Underworld, and that he was totally scary and all that shit - while she glared at anyone who dared think differently, telling them to meet her in the pit.
That girl didn’t want to be another Maiden in the field. She knew exactly what she was doing when she ate those seeds.
She wanted a Kingdom, and that’s what she got.

If that isn’t life goals , then I don’t know what is.

John’s favorite shoes are the velcro kind; it’s not that he can’t tie them, but they’re less likely to come undone this way. At some point his feet are too big to attain any, and he keeps his laces double-knotted at all times, preferring to cram his foot into his shoe painfully over just untying/retying them.

Jade’s favorite shoes are boots; they have good traction, they’re tall enough that nothing gets inside, waterproof, and they look really cool. She likes the ones that lace really high, and when she wears trousers she likes them tucked into her boots. When in a skirt, she goes with combat boots so they don’t rub against her shins. 

Rose’s favorite shoes are heels, ideally, but she doesn’t like to wear them initially because they hurt her feet. She sticks to vans at first, but eventually decides to tough it out and go with high heels. She gets used to them, and owns different styles for different outfits; she doesn’t wear them for the height, as there aren’t any shoes that will make her look tall next to Kanaya. 

Dave’s favorite shoes are men’s dress shoes. He wears a lot of Converse as a kid, which he still does like later on, but he prefers the classier looking shoe over the trainers. He calls it ironic at first, dropping the modifier eventually and just pointing out that they look sweet. He has them in a few different styles, some that Rose says she likes a lot, and others which look far too “Texan” in her opinion. 

headcanons for the ml babes:

  • adrien probably double knots his shoe laces cause his mama told him to. what a safe cool guy that adrien fellow is (NERD)
  • nino is jealous of adrien’s literally picture perfect hair, he wishes his hair wasn’t so sticky uppity and could be like chat noirs. but he knows better than to get aught up in comparing himself to his model best friend.
  • you know who will physically fight you for the last slice of pizza and win? alix, kim learned the hard way-i found out i shipped them recently. they’re gym buddies and its real great because they both push each other to their limits but know when to back down because they genuinely care about each other.
  • the first time adrien actually gets to enjoy a snow day with friends, nino is determined to make up for what hes missed out so he gets the whole class in on it and they have a wicked snowball fight that ends up being a draw between marinette and adrien himself (who knew she had such good aim?). They all get hot chocolate from the dupain-chen bakery afterwards and its barrels of fun
  • when nino and alya get together (hopefully for my shipper heart) nino likes to put his hat on her and be like “yeah right she’s my girlfriend. heck yes,” he’s jsut so proud of her and himself just being her friend and now significant other. alya calls him a nerd and puts the hat on backwards to be cool.
  • marinette being swoll and strong is just my favorite thing, so i want a scene where alya and her are hanging out with the other girls in class and alya’s like “SHOW US DEM GUNS GIRL,” and marinette goes along with the joke and takes off her jacket and dramatically flexes not thinking she’s really that buff but then everyone sees and adrien’s just like holy shit when did that happen and gets really red.
  • alya being the best hype woman out there tho-she will bring up your confidence if it’s the last thing she does. she hates seeing people get down about themselves when she sees all these good things about them-especially her sisters, she wants everyone in particular little girls to grow up loving themselves for who they are

1. So double knot your shoe laces and catch the train by yourself to a place you have never been. Get your feet wet, your hands dirty and return home exhausted enough to collapse onto your mattress before any bad thoughts may start to seep in.

2. Plant a peace lily in your bedroom and one day you will wake up to it blooming. Let it be a reminder that your external environment affects your internal one; ensure that both remain peaceful.

3. Start to wake up before dusk and pace yourself around the suburbs. How nice it is to be awake when the rest of the cities asleep. And how nice it is to feel alive before coffee graces your lips in the early hours of the morning.

4. Meditate. You may think that its useless in the beginning but have trust in the process. Release yourself and be vulnerable. You will open yourself to new and enlightened perspectives. You will also train your mind to be calm during times when everything starts to feel displaced around you. You will be thankful once you get the hang of it.

5. Listen to music; both old and new. Let the old remind you of your parents upbringing. Let the old remind you that some things will never die. Meanwhile, let the new show you how things are constantly evolving. Let the new guide you into new ways of thinking and new waves of experience. 

6. Write your feelings down on paper. Not because it serves any particular purpose but because its good to write things down in more tangible ways. If your thoughts disturb you, simply rip them up. This is much more gratifying than deleting posts on any form of social media.

7. Be silly with strangers. You may just meet some one that is willing to make a fool of themselves with you. Get there phone numbers and keep them. They don’t care about what others think of them. They care about connecting, making the most of moments and things that are infinitely more important than how you are perceived by those that know little of you. 

8. Go places and travel. Don’t feel the need to instagram it. Don’t be one of those people that need to constantly prove to others that you are having a good time. Keep those memories to yourself some times. How lovely it is to have a little bit of mystery and intimacy in this world that revolves around proving ourselves constantly. Likes aren’t proof of any thing after all.

9. Smile. When you are sad and everything seems to be daunting and terrifying find the power within to fake a laugh. You will probably end up laughing at yourself for thinking that placebos will work when you are completely aware that it is indeed a placebo. Do it anyway. It is better to try new things that seem ridiculous than to refuse to do so simply out of fear that it will fail.

10. Eat what makes you feel your best. Don’t feel the need to follow a diet trend or be enticed by articles about the “best” dieting miracle yet. Realise that everyones body is different, we are intolerant to different things and thrive on different things. Eat the earth and you can do no wrong. But also be mindful that some of us thrive on natural sugars, whilst others thrive on healthy fats and lean proteins. Decide what works for you and don’t let dogmatic voices tell you that your choice is wrong. 

11. Be kind. Every one struggles, every one second guesses themselves at times and no one knows exactly where they are heading. Once you understand this you will not only be more at ease with yourself, but you will also find yourself being kinder to others. Be kind, always be kind. Be kind to others but don’t neglect being kind to yourself first and foremost. Its a free way of showing we are all connected, that we are all worthy despite our respected differences and that we are all in this together.

—  11 is always better than 10 // R.O