double jersey


There’s a nonzero chance this is the first New Jersey based Vine I’ve shared. Nice full rainbow, with the double rainbow visible to the side.


Becky Sauerbrunn is a queen among peasants. 👑👸🏼👑👸🏼👑

I was standing near her on the field as she was signing autographs for people in the stands and she took a double take at my jersey. As she came over and signed my Becky Sports Illustrated Issue, my sister said, “Becky we all love you but my sister is definitely your biggest fan.” I told her she was my favorite and the most underrated person on the team. She was surprised and looked up at my jersey and said “wait, is that mine or is that Michael Bradley’s?” We were all like WHAT OF COURSE IT’S YOURS! She was SO excited and blurted out “Can I sign it???” Then when I turned around for her to sign the back, she moved my hair and fixed the sleeves and made it all perfect and straight for her to sign it nicely. Then we took a picture just the two of us. She was so nice and made conversation with us and is just so down to Earth.

I truly don’t understand why people don’t acknowledge and appreciate her more. The fact that she was shocked I was actually wearing HER jersey when she is such an amazing and rock solid player is BEYOND ME.


Also Arod and HAO are pretty great too. :)