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Levi works as one of the lead engineers/programmers for a company that is specialised in Android/Cyborg development. Their goal is to create humanoids that blend seamlessly in society in order to take certain duties (work as bodyguards, stunt doubles, for the entertainment industry in general, even for war, …).

Eren is the result of a test series that has been stopped due to some bugs and problems that led the projekt in a wrong direction. The Cyborgs are meant to have sorts of emotions, their own character and way of acting, the ability to make decisions and to develop their own behaviour, but things got slightly out of control. Eren tended to act too much on his own and ignore orders and thought he didn’t cause serious troubles, the project was shut down in favor of working on more obedient cybernetic organisms.

The common procedure would have been to destroy Eren and use as many of his electronic parts for other projects as possible, but Levi, who was involved in this project from the very start, bought him from the company (what is, technically, not completely legal) and took him home.

About Eren:

  • He is partly human, partly machine, but it’s hard to draw the line, since both components are perfectly merged with each other

  • He needs to eat and drink in order to keep his organic parts healthy (but only small amounts), as well as sleep (normally 2-5 hours a day)

  • He needs to charge every 48-72 hours; it takes about 6 hours until his electronic system is fully charged

  • He can be plugged to computers, etc. and save data (yes, even music files); Levi already used him as human USB stick…

  • He is able to feel emotions, though it’s not 100% clear if they are similar to those of normal humans

  • He can be shut down what puts his human parts into an almost comatose state where they need only a minimum of energy. If he is plugged to an infusion that keeps him hydrated, he can stay in this state for several weeks
Sexism and Double Standards

Now I know it’s a problem that’s gone on for ages and that it won’t be solved overnight -so please, chill. But I think everyone is a little guilty of something. Whether it’s being sexist, having double standards, or looking the other way -it’s still wrong. The reason why so many people are starting to make a big deal out of seemingly small issues is because it’s not being seen as big of a problem as it is. And I mean this for all genders.

I don’t know what it says about people’s perception of Liam, but in every other Larry fic I read, he’s portrayed as this bumbling idiot, who can’t make out head from tails, or this homophobic character who needs life explained to him. It’s such a stark contrast to how he’s written in Ziam fics, and to how the real Liam is. Maybe that’s why majority of this fandom believes he went and got a woman 10 years older than him, who he was only dating for a handful of months, pregnant.

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So L goes "aww 😍 :3" when it's an i teraction with other guy/girl or is radio silent even when everyone was sexualizing her on that generic rapper dude's "leave her legs shaking" post but goes 0-100 real quick when it's with C and goes "invasive, scary and delusional". Is this some kind of double standards? 😕

Industry guidelines/standards vs morality

-a lose lose situation

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If the batkids went to college like normal kids what do you think their majors would be?


Dick: Okay I actually really like what they did with Dick joining the police force, I think that’s a great fit for him. So I could totally see him majoring in like Criminal Law or something along those lines. (I’m a sucker for Officer Grayson.) Sometimes he stops by Cass’ self defense class she teaches to give a few tips on ‘what to do if someone larger and stronger than you grabs you and how to turn their weight again them.’ and goes over what rights a person has when the police are involved and what red flags to watch out for. Because Dick’s not dumb, he knows there’s bad guys on the force. But as long as he’s here he’s gonna be damn sure they don’t stay on for long. 

Jason: I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THIS SO MUCH AND OKAY, ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR SURE. Jason loves books, he loves reading, I feel like he’s the guy who will whine about having to read one case file but then read an eight hundred page book in a week. So English Literature for sure, if they were in a normal setting I could easily see Jason as being a college professor who visits Gotham’s kind of shitty high school’s and he tells them that they matter and how important an education is. He would be the get really into Bruce’s charity work when it came to children from low income families especially. 

Tim: Tim’s the overachieving asshole who gets a major in business management and a minor in mechanical engineering. He doesn’t sleep and during his graduation ceremony they have to call his name a few times before you hear a very loud ‘DRAKE’ come from the crowd and Tim wakes up and gets his diploma. (The mess.) But yeah I could see him majoring in business because he’s the one to take over Wayne Enterprises, but he also does engineering so he can make sure no one’s embezzling money from any Wayne accounts and checks over all the computers for viruses and makes his own systems. (Once again, overachieving asshole.) His siblings have no clue why everyone thinks his intimidating, this is the same guy who calls cheese whiz and a Monster ‘lunch.’ 

Damian: Okay, okay so I know this probably wouldn’t happen. But can you imagine if Damian ended up majoring in veterinary science and became a veterinarian? Okay like this 22 year old Damian with a scowl and a button he’s wearing that says ‘animals are better than people.’ But then a little girl brings in her kitten who’s small and sickly and Damian’s eyes soften and they get that cat healthy. (Damian waves his hand when the parents say they don’t have the money to pay for all the fancy medication.) He volunteers at shelters in his spare time and also helps Cass teach a tae kwon do class on the weekends. (Sometimes they do yoga, helps with core strength.) 

Stephanie: Okay this may just be because I relate to Steph hardcore but FASHION MERCHANDISING (my major) with a minor in business ethic!!! I could totally see Stephanie coming out with her own clothing line and the material is strong and durable (So no creepy guy can rip your dress.) And hella stain resistant. She ends up making a name and a brand for herself and the main message is ‘badass and beautiful, because why pick?’ (Sometimes she gets the boys to model some of the clothes. It’s the best.) 

Cass: Okay Cass is a little tough, but I could see physical therapy? Or tbh I feel like she’s be the one of Bruce’s kids to go backpacking and sends back postcards and amazing pictures. She teaches self defense classes and is on a roller derby team. She’s just having fun and kicking ass. Also she’s Stephanie’s favorite model to use for when she releases sportswear. She appears in so many magazines doing high kicks and flips and loves spreading the message that ‘strong doesn’t mean unfeminine.’ 

Babs: Forgive me, Babs is such an enigma to me. I could see her double majoring in computer science and criminal law. Since Dick and her father are on the force she helps with all the background work like tracking down drug cartels and interrogation. She’s a goddamn force to be reckoned with. (And the only person Tim trusts to double check Wayne Industries finances after he’s done filing taxes.) After the accident that puts her in a wheelchair, she’s still just as active. Because yes, shit happens, but don’t let that stop you. She visits Gotham’s hospitals a lot, especially the children’s ward. 

Flirt (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: wow okay first i love you & this beautiful account. i was wondering if could you do a seb imagine where the reader is a guest at an interview & sebastian is there as well. they don’t know each other personally but seb flirts with her shamelessly? (kinda what he did to sharon stone on james corden) but maybe he catches up with her afterwards & asks her if she’d want to go out? i dunno i’m really feeling flirty sebastian & this was longer than expected. but again wow i love you & thank you❤️

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A/N: I told myself I was too tired to write anything else today. And then the sweetest message in the whole world came into my inbox AND I COULD NOT DISAPPOINT. Thank you to the darling @sob-castiel for being the absolute best. I hope you enjoy :) Keep sending in those requests! 

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