double ice cream

“Garnet likes to eat sometimes”

In “Keystone Motel,” Greg had the following quote:

However, we have NO EVIDENCE in the show that Garnet likes to eat (as of the day I’m posting this in April 2017). In fact, literally every time she’s presented with food, she doesn’t interact with it or eat it, and never acts like she cares about it. Pearl makes a big deal about not eating, but Garnet’s eaten in the show as often as she has: ZERO TIMES.

In “Together Breakfast,” she helps make the Together Breakfast, but seems uninterested in it. (Granted, nobody else eats it either.)

In “So Many Birthdays,” she doesn’t care about the birthday food.

In “Beach Party,” Garnet sits in front of an untouched hot dog and comments that they don’t need to eat.

In “Warp Tour,” she bakes cookies but has no intention of eating them herself. They were intended for Steven, but Amethyst eats them.

In “Bismuth,” Pearl doesn’t bother to get a plate, but everyone else has pizza, and Garnet alone isn’t eating it.

And in “Gem Harvest,” Garnet doesn’t partake at the feast.

The closest we get to Garnet eating something in the show is from a scene in “Secret Team,” when it’s strongly implied that she drinks a sugary soda drink with Steven. When she arrives at Fish Stew Pizza, Steven has ordered drinks for them. You can see Steven has sipped some of his while Garnet’s is full.

Then she picks up the cup like she’s going to drink from it, though you don’t actually see her do it.

And then you see her set it down, with the liquid in it diminished. She probably drank the soda.

Though the sodas are back to the levels they were at before the next time we cut to a side scene of them, so who knows. There was also another time she ALMOST ate, in “Back to the Barn.” She was about to eat popcorn:

And then she literally shook her head and didn’t eat it, like she’s trolling all of us who want to see if she eats.


Garnet canonically eats multiple times … IN THE COMICS.

In “Doppelganger,” a short in the original comic run Steven Universe #4, Garnet eats a double-scoop ice cream cone while hanging out with Steven.

In Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1, Steven teaches the Gems about roasting marshmallows over a campfire, and Garnet plays along, happy to eat the marshmallows.

And in the 2017 ongoing comic series, Steven Universe #3, Garnet is seen in the background of a crowd scene apparently eating or about to eat a donut. (I assume it is a donut, not a bagel, because Beach City businesses are offering their specialties here and the Big Donut is included.)

What do all these instances of comic-book eating have in common?



This theory may be further supported by the fact that she was the only Gem able to make an acceptable cake for Steven for his birthday in “Birthday Bake-Off,” a short included in the original Steven Universe comic run, #1. Amethyst and Pearl had failed to make edible cakes, and then Garnet shows up with this:

Aaaand it’s not even really a cake, just solid icing.

I hope that when and if she actually does eat in the show, it will be sweets.

hello, people! summer break just started for me and i’m so excited for what’s to come! i figured that making a masterpost would make it official and also would give everyone some ideas how to spend it fruitfully!! let’s begin fellas :’)

- the day school ends -

  • aka the day when you realize that you have days and days ahead of you and don’t know where to start
  • deep clean your room – this will give you he feeling that summer has actually begun and plus you now have a clean room haha
  • make a new playlist (a big one, okay?) – these are super fun to make and also summer does deserve some new funky and sporty songs in its bag
  • relax – go pamper yourself; get that double scoop ice-cream, go to spa, maybe get your nails and hair done. you have survived till summer break and you deserve this!
  • try to sort out your tasks and assignments into your planner – I know this can be tough, especially at the start when holidays have just begun; but try to at least plan out for the next week or two. maybe you want to work on that essay or write out those notes – planning will def help you to feel organized and get back your life in place.

- the following weeks -

  • gET THAT SHIT DONE NOW!!! SERIOUSLY DO IT!! DON’T PUT IT OFF TILL THE LAST WEEK!!! DO IT FAM, DO IT!!! (im low-key saving your butts with this tip, please listen to me) – write out those essays till they are perfect, solve that problem set till its ingrained in your brain, do your readings and write those notes. do it!!
  • combine that shit with fun stuff (see below) don’t burn yourself out please. and most importantly do not stress!!!11!!!!!
  • connect with people. call that friend you forgot about and that aunt who has been asking you over for dinner for ages. summer gives you the time to rekindle your relationships and seriously though, connecting with people will make your life much happier.
  • get a new hobby!! do you draw? paint? write? whatever you do – start doing it. use that time which you spend on the internet in exploring your passions and finding your interests.
  • seriously though, do that work first.

- some (fun) stuff to do in summer -

  • clean your closet (do it mate)
  • compliment people more
  • smile at strangers often
  • vlog your days. maybe start a YouTube channel for this?
  • revamp your blog
  • learn coding and revamp that shitty theme of yours (this applies for me, chill)
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • go a week without any social media (this will be hard, but try it!!)
  • go hiking or cycling with a friend
  • read 7-8 books or as many books as you please
  • have a do nothing day - treat yourself love!
  • learn a new kind of dance - this is really fun, i promise
  • go a whole day with any technology
  • do a 30 day challenge!!
  • seek out an interesting article to read everyday
  • go camping in the hills
  • have a bonfire!! roast marshmallows (or burn old notes lmao)
  • learn to knit/sew
  • save up!! (…they blow it all in a single day? lmao don’t though)
  • star gazing on a clear night!!
  • talk till dawn about random shit with a random person
  • a no makeup day – let your skin breathe
  • go on a family trip!
  • visit a sanctuary or a zoo with a younger sibling or smol kids
  • there are endless possibilities!! these are just some to get you started!!

- the last few days -

  • yo remember you still have winter break to come this year!! don’t be sad, fam!!
  • have a dance party in your room with your favourite music on (bc you only live once)
  • check and recheck if you got all that work done (if you didn’t, rip you haha)
  • check your school’s site for new updates and stuff (I bet you don’t do this though)
  • annnnd then enjoy your last day!! trust me - you’re going to have an amazing term ahead of this!!

Hope this helps! + you can always send me requests for masterposts since my ask box is always open! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Love, Taylor xo

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Oh oh I'm obsessed with Keidge (Keith x Pidge from Voltron.) May you pretty please with an extra double layered ice cream fudge cake flavoured bright tropical romantic but bursting flavoured cherry on top draw the two? If you don't it's fine and if you do take my most gracious of thanks.

Kidge is honestly really cute and?? I meant for this to be more romantic but romance between these two is talking about cryptids at 3am and giving Lance a hard time by mixing his facial stuff with the breakfast Corran made for them.

Bats vs Supers

Prompt : It’s like your blood have these gene to fight the Super family. Like, what could possibly go wrong when the Supers go to the Manor?

A/N : Grammar mistakes of course. It’s actually Jason x reader, but meh.

Pairing : Batfam x Reader vs.  Superman/ Jon / Supergirl  

Warnings: swearing, tiny families differences, fight(? , ends in fluff 

Originally posted by collisionofdcandmarvel

You couldn’t believe your eyes, your father, aka, Batman vs Superman were going to beat their shit, again… but this time you knew exactly what happened, you knew it was going to be hilarious one day, but right now, you were scared.

To be honest, you were tired of this, you were tired of their fights, really, they were like 10. Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent could fight over a freaking cookie and turn the world upside down if they wanted, like if they just wanted to fight each other, oh and don’t talk about how your dad’s behavior after those fights, he was like the broken-hearted girl friend who didn’t want to talk to him. At first it amazed you that he was actually the Batman, but now you just wanted to slap their perfect faces.

Rain was soaking your clothes as your hands were holding a wild Damian ready to punch Jon’s face. Seriously God, why did you deserve all of these shit, today?!

Your gaze went straight to Kara in front of you, she was more than pissed, but she was enjoying every minute of this fight. Her hands were holding Jon tighter, you could easily said after seeing the holes under Jon’s shoes. Well, heck. You said to yourself.

“What? You can even hold your tiny mini-me?” Kara said with a smirk when Damian was trying to escape your arms.

“Oh hell you didn’t said that!” You and Damian said in one voice, both of your anger raised and for sure, your father and Clark were in the same page.

Three hours ago

“I don’t get it Bruce, why do I have to stay?!” you told Bruce as you walked behind him through the Manor.

“I can’t hold Damian, but you can” he said not turning around.

“I’m not a nana Bruce… and I know Dick it’s the ultimate babysister here” you told him with a chuckle.

“Y/N. Dick, Tim and Jason are busy, you are the only one around…” he told you while he searched for Alfred.

“Well… that’s not true, what about Cass, Steph and Barbara?” you asked him.

“Y/N he is your brother”


“And I need you this time, that’s it”

“What if I go with Damian to somewhere else while you deal with Super-family”

“You know what happens when I’m alone, with Clark, Y/N”

“So, there’s no other option, we are staying I liked it or not, right?” you told him with a scoff.

“And I think lady Y/N’s detective genes are blooming” Alfred said when he walked inside the room.

“Y/N go for Damian, see you both here in 10, we gotta prepare everything” Bruce said while turning to Alfred.

“Are you kidding me?! Look for Damian it’s like a living ‘Where’s Waldo?’ ” you said with a scoff.

“Tim found him in less than 10 minutes” Bruce said with a raised eyebrow and a smirk, it was your clue to ran in search for Damian, you had to break that record.

“Always works” Bruce said with a chuckle.

“Actually, no one has found Damian in less than 10 minutes” Alfred said with smile.

“She doesn’t have to know that” Bruce said with a tiny laugh.

“Why we have to go?!” Jon and Kara said in one voice as they look at Clark walking around.

“Aren’t you friends with Y/N and Damian?” Clark said with a raised eyebrow.

Both of the looked at each other as they thought for seconds.

“We are friends… for minutes without fighting” Kara said while rolling her eyes.

“Damian always fights dad, he’s my friend… but he always do that” Jon said with a sad smile.

“Well, that makes three of us.. okay look, I need both of you, you know how Bruce and I fight over tiny things, so maybe, if our family is with us, maybe, we can avoid a fight, again” Clark said with a sigh.

“So why you don’t go with Lois?” Kara asked with a raised eyebrow

“She has work to do, but she will be there later” Said Clark with a smile. 

“And what are we supposed to do?” Kara asked confused.

“Just, don’t fight, please” Clark said with a pleading face.

“After these, I want a giant ice cream” Jon said with a stern face.

“I agree with Jon, so we want a double giant ice cream” said Kara with a smile.

“Deal, but no fights” Clark said with a smile.

“Is that a plane?”

“Is that a bird?”

“Wait no?! That’s- Oh damn, I really wanted to be another thing, but you guys, are okay… I guess” Damian said after his eyes recognized the super family.

Bruce hit the back of his head with a face that clearly said ‘Damian, shut up’. So you chuckled after Damian’s face ‘You know it’s true, father’. God, you loved your family.

“I thought you were pretty robins, but you are just, flying rats” Jon said with a smirk.

Jon” Clark said in his dad’s voice. 

“What?! you know it’s true, you have said it yourself“ Jon said without thinking and the three of you looked at Clark shocked.

“Good to see you Bruce, shall we start?” Clark said trying to avoid the fight.

You looked at your dad and you saw his clenched jaw. He was trying not to start an argument.

“Yeah, come in” Bruce said trying to stay calm

The super family stepped inside the Major and your eyes locked with Kara’s. You gotta be fucking kidding me, you thought to yourself, of all the people in the world, she came. Your friendship with her was really strange, sometimes you could be best friends and go out laughing and other days you were actual fighting with her, just like your dad. It was strange, just that.

“It’s going to be the longest dinner of our lives” You told Damian after the super family walked in front of you, leaving you with Damian behind.

“Tt, father made a bet with me, sister” Damian told you with a playful smirk.

“oh, really? Today I won one, Tim is going to be pissed” you told him with another smirk.

“Father made a bet with me about the super brat fam” Damian said with a smirk, he knew you pretty well. Little jerk.

“What about it?” you asked him curious while you both start walking behind your guests.

Don’t punch them” Damian told you with a wide smile, damn. He knew you, and damn, you wanted to won that bet too, but it was actually difficult with Kara here.

“What’s the prize?” You asked Damian, maybe you could break that bet.

“We can have a new pet” He told you with another smile.

“Deal, no punching” you said with a smirk, you couldn’t let this pass, you wanted a pet. 

After an hour talking, finally Bruce and Clark were ending, peacefully. Well, in all that full hour many things were said between everyone, stupid things actually, you punched multiple times Damian’s leg when he was about to start a fight with Jon, and it was ridiculous, he wanted to fight the boy because he pet Titus or because he took the last cookie (well, you understand that part, Alfred cookies are a treasure).

In other hand, your father’s and Clark’s jaws were clenched, they might be talking peacefully, but they were more than pissed.

And well, Kara was playing with few sentences around you, and of course Damian kicked you many times under the table to not fight her, she was talking about how good she was, she could lift cars, she could fly, she didn’t need any of your toys to fight. You were more than ready to stab her with the fucking fork, until Bruce looked at you with a Bat glare.

So you tried to stay calm, your hand was clutching the cloth in your hands trying comfort your anger, you looked at Bruce hands and you chuckled, he was doing the same, you looked at Damian and he was doing the same thing, you wanted to laugh, this was a strong game for the Wayne’s.

Who will crack first?

“Well, for the record Bruce, by far this has been a pretty calm evening” said Clark with a smile.

“Are you saying that it’s weird that we stay calm?” Bruce said curious.

No, Dad please stop. You thought as you looked at your father with wide eyes.

“Well, calm isn’t the word that could define a ’Wayne’ ” Kara said as if it meant nothing, how wrong she was, she was reaching the point of no return.

“What word will be the best for a ’Wayne’ then?” you asked her with a raised eyebrow and Damian looked at you the same way you looked at Bruce before.

“Drama Queens” Damian heard Jon said under his breath.

“I’m sorry, what did you said farm boy?” Damian said with a curious look.

“I can be a farm boy, at least I’m not a flying creepy rat” Jon said with a scoff

Oh hell, they were getting there.

“There goes our calm evening” Clark said under his breath.

“Tell me if I’m wrong, but I could swear you are implying that my kids are breaking your 'calm evening’ ” Bruce said with anger in his voice.

“Bruce, I don’t mean that! But now this is nothing but calm!” Clark said with a scoff and both of his eyebrows went high until they reached his hairline.

“For the record Clark, your family was the one who started” Bruce said with a smirk

“Don’t you dare to blame us, Bat” Clark said with a scoff, but you knew he was getting pissed.

“But I dare, because you are in my house Clark, and all night your family had play with mine to get in our nerves” said Bruce with a glare.

“WE never start fights, Bruce” Clark said getting more pissed.

“Oh, really? guess what? your boy dug his grave when he called Damian 'flying rat’ and so far Y/N it’s not less than Kara” Bruce said and you and Damian looked at your father, you were more than proud.

“Really, Bruce? two can play the same game. Your family always fights mine, no matter what, over a cookie or death glare contest! We were here to discuss your problem with the Joker and the Scarecrow! not our families!” Clark said with a glare.

“My problem with those two it’s mine and not yours! we were here to discuss all the villain out there, alien” Bruce said with a smirk because, everyone knew, Clark hated that word.

“You want to fight Joker lover, bring it” Clark said as he raised up.

“Dad no…” you told Bruce before he raised, he looked at you and Damian, you were not going to crack over them.

“What Y/N, do you agree that your father loves the Joker?” Kara said and well, you crack there.

“You know Dad?, do your own business while I make mines” you said and Bruce and you stand up beside him.

“Tt, Sister” Damian told you while his hand grabbed your bicep “We can’t break the bet” he told you under his breath.

“Aren’t you old enough to deal with your own problems, demon?” Jon asked with a chuckle.

“Nevermind, sis” Damian told you as he glared at Jon.

“Master Bruce, I will not stand this again” Alfred said and everyone looked at him “Cleaning the Manor it’s exhausting, deal with your differences outside” He told everyone as he leaved the dinner room.

And so, that’s why you are outside the Manor, trying to hold Damian the longest time you can, you thought that maybe you could chill things, but no, your family has no chill, and more less when these super fam is trying to die. 

“Your sister can hold you forever!” Jon said with, literal, red eyes.

“You know what? he’s right” you told Damian and you free him.

In matter of seconds they were fighting each other on the ground, and soon you felt someone grabbing you by your hoodie, you looked at Kara and she had red eyes too.

“It doesn’t surprise me, you can’t fight like a human” you told her with a scoff.

“Let’s fight your way then, but no toys Y/N” she told you and soon her eyes were blue again.

You didn’t gave her time to react, you gave her a punch right in her face, oh she didn’t saw that coming, and it was glorious for you, finally you did what you craved.

“Bring it, Supergirl” you told her with a shitty grin

And it was her sign to start fighting against you. You can’t lie, fighting against someone like her was hard, really hard, this guys doesn’t get tired as a normal people, because of course, they’re not, but you were trying your best to act like them. Your father was right, this was your home, and you will not lose in it.

One hour of punching, kicking and screaming and still you were on your feet. Blood was coming from your lip, eyebrows, hairline and nose, you had some bruises and your body grew tired every passing second, but looking at Kara made you feel better, you really did a great job, I mean, she could be all fresh with some dust in her hair, but you really had an actual fight with her. Damian and Bruce were doing their best too, what could you say? you have been all your life training and -

What the fuck is happening?!” you heard Dick’s voice and you turned around.

You shouldn’t had done that, never give your back to your enemy. Kara launched herself to you, pinning you down and holy fuck, you must have pissed her off, because she was ready to make a big hole in your head.

Someone took her away from you, Dick of course and he tried to calm her, you sit on the ground, but seconds after you felt someone carrying you inside the Manor, but you didn’t fight any longer, you were tired, your were bleeding, you knew you were in Jason’s arms so, why fight?

Your eyes looked at Tim trying to hold Damian while the Super boy (that Jackass, but other story for another time), trying  to pull Jon away from Damian. It was pretty funny when you thought about it. Then your gaze drifted to your father, he was being pulled away by Alfred while Lois was trying to calm Clark.

“Care to explain?” Jason told you after he settle you on the couch, he went from some First Aid kit and return to clean your wounds.

“Hello my love, good to see you too… really need an explanation? We always fight” you told him with a chuckle.

“I know the fighting thing, but this time you all came too far” Jason told you before he started stitching up your eyebrow. “For the record, I love you too” he told you with a smile.

“Drake! Put me down!” you heard Damian’s voice coming closer.

Tim placed Damian beside you and you chuckled when you saw him, he had the deepest frown on his face, he was way too cute when he was mad.

“Who won?” you asked your brother with a half smile, Jason was still patching your wounds so you tried not to groan at the pain.

“You really need an answer, Sis? I always- ”

“That’s enough! We leave you for hours. HOURS and you already did a freaking war in the backyard! What’s wrong with you!?” Dick said walking inside the room.

You looked at Damian and you felt a little bad, you really made a chaos in hours just because some stupid words.

“Alfred I don’t need more scolding!” you heard your father’s voice.

Everyone looked at the door, Alfred came in, holding Bruce by his ear (you live for this moments), he placed Bruce beside Damian. The three of you were a bloody mess, Jason gave you a kiss on your forehead before he got up. Tim, Dick, Alfred and Jason were looking at the three family members on the couch.

“Master Bruce. I know you tend to fight with Mr. Kent, but this time you ALL went too far.” he said with with a tired voice. “it is your home, but they are your guest, sir. You can’t treat them like that. Clean up and apologize to them” Alfred said.

There wasn’t a single force on Earth that could fight Alfred, he was always right and so you all felt more guilty. You thought about your actions and you felt more and more bad with yourself, you really need it to apologize to the Supers.

Jason helped with your wounds while Dick helped Damian. Tim was with Bruce. Alfred went outside the room, he was going to apologize to the Clark’s family, but he stopped himself when he heard Lois doing that job.

Minutes later the three of you came out from the room, 'cleaner’ than before. And you looked at the family in front of you. You wanted to make a winning-dance, when you saw Kara’s face but you hold it, this wasn’t the time.

“I want to apologize for our behavior, Clark. We went too far” Bruce said and he looked at you and Damian, like 'Help me here, Batman never do apologies’

“You might be in our home, but that doesn’t give us the right to treat you like, well, like we did back there” You told them with a half smile.

You looked at your side, Damian was still not having any of these shit, so you nudged him with your elbow.

“Yeah, we are sorry, okay? we truly apologize” He told them with a serious tone, you were amazed by that, to be honest.

“Hey, we are in the same ground here, we didn’t have the right to said all those things or to get in your nerves” Clark said and Lois smiled at his husband.

Minutes passed from apologies and some few chats between the families. But they realized it was time to leave. The Bat family arrived to the room as Alfred said few scolding but ending with a speech about how proud he was with the ending of the troubles. Jason tangled his hand with yours as he kissed your temple.

“So, next time you are going to fight her?” Jason told you with a chuckle

“Well, I don’t know, I hope I do, it’s a really good chance to train” you told him with another chuckle.

“Well, as long as you don’t get close to that brat Super Boy, I’m fine with that” Jason told you with a smile.

“Jealous much, Todd?” you asked him with a smirk

“Me? I’m never jealous” he said with a scoff

“Tt so you don’t care I gave Y/N’s number to Jon? That Super Boy asked him for it” Damian said while sitting beside you.

“You did what, demon?!” Jason said with eyes wide open.

“What? you said you weren’t jealous” Damian said with a smirk, he leaned his head in your shoulder and you smiled.

“Please! Don’t fight right now! I really want to watch this show!” said Tim when he placed himself beside Jason.

“The only show you will see is how I kick the Demon’s ass” Jason said with a hiss.

“Touch him and you will regret it, Todd” you told him with a playful glare.

“How are the two of you so damn close?” Dick said when he returned with his 'Batman- Lego’ pijamas. He made a gesture to Damian to move so he could sit beside him.

“She’s my sister, Grayson” Damian said with a glare.

“We are your brothers, Damian” Dick said with a smile.

“Whatever! Don’t fight and everyone shut up now!” Tim said having enough of his family.

After all, it was the monthly sleep over for the Bat Family, you were all together watching (Y/F/TVS), nothing in the world could take this away from you. Soon, you and Damian felt asleep, you were more than tired, you don’t know how many time passed, but the only thing you knew was that now, you were in Jason’s arms, warm and safe.


I’m fine staying a slowpoke forever but if I were to meet a real nice shellder I wouldn’t be opposed to evolving with them! Real cute and sweet, like us!

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geminis laugh it off whenever sign hate comes but but deep down... it stings us brah... it hurts.... and as much as i want to impress on my fave characters lowkey i dont want lance to be bullied more than he already is over being born in late may/early june. i want to see him saved from a horrible fate more than my own selfish desires.... and this is the definition, the epitamy of sacrifice

me, patting your two heads: there, there


Behold, for I have found it! Officially the most magnificent helmet in the entire game! No, no, keep your Revan face mask or your Darth Marr knock-off. Truly, the Eternal Commander MK-4 Aegis Headgear is the true winner. Do those come with their own little ponytail? Or double ice cream cones on each ear to snack on when you get hungry? I think not!

And you too can have this marvelous piece of lovingly crafted 230 gear, if you just go to the GTN and take it off my hands fight the crowds. No, no, one per customer. Please. Republic credits will do.

I dare you to find a more stupendous specimen of in-game headgear than this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Working with Bast is like, running into one of your best friends while out and about, getting the bajeezus hugged out of you after the initial “wait is that them?” and getting pulled into an impromptu girls night out where you buy some cute new things, try that new restaurant you’ve been hearing about, go dancing, have drinks, and end up on your couch with double chocolate chunk ice cream and a favorite movie

Simple Black Forest Cake


  • 210g flour, sifted
  • 200g sugar
  • 200g margarine
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp baking powder, sifted
  • 3 tbsp cocoa powder, sifted
  • 5 tbsp hot milk
  • 500g pitted black cherries in syrup
  • 1 heaped tbsp cornflour
  • 250ml double cream
  • 75g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 125g cream cheese
  • chocolate shavings, to decorate


Preheat the oven to 170°C. Butter the sides and line the bottom of a 20cm springform. Using a stand mixer, combine flour, sugar, margarine, eggs and a pinch of salt in a large mixing bowl until smooth, then toss in baking powder and give it a stir. In a small cup combine cocoa powder and hot milk to create a paste. Add to the batter and mix until combined. When ready, turn the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 30-40 mins or until the skewer inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean. Remove from the oven and cool for 5 minutes before turning out on to a wire rack. Take off the lining paper and leave the cake to cool.

Drain the cherries reserving the juice. In a small saucepan, mix cornflour with a small amount of juice until well combined, then add remaining juice. Place over a medium heat and bring slowly to the boil, stirring once in a while, until thickened. Taste and add some sugar if needed. Remove from the heat, add cherries (you can reserved a few to decorate top of the cake) and leave to cool.

Combine double cream, icing sugar and vanilla bean paste in a mixing bowl. Whip using a mixer until light and thick, then add cream cheese and mix until well combined.

When the cake is cold, cut it in half using a sharp serrated knife.
Place one half on a plate and spread it with a 2/3 of the cream filling. Top with a cherry mixture. Place the other half of the cake on top, then spread remaining cream filling over it. Decorate the cake with chocolate shavings and a few cherries.

Bon Appétit!


shitty commentary crew preference - going on holiday together

songs of inspiration - one bad night by hayley kiyoko, gravel to tempo by hayley kiyoko and full moon by sgbg.

author’s note: i’ve been seeing preferences all over tumblr and i’ve been really wanting to write one for ages, but since i haven’t written anything in a week, i wanted to mae it up to you by doing a really big one to make up for it. hope you all enjoy it, gang! - l.t.

billy // chubbs

- you decided to book a surprise trip for the both of you to go to japan, since he’s always wanted to go. his face lit up as soon as you told him, immidiately giving you a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek - he was more excited than he actually let on to be.

- you would cling onto him while you were at heathrow airport due to how busy it was, and he would let you use him as a human radiator and pillow to nap on the plane. in return (if he wasn’t napping himself, that is), he would mess with your hair while you were sleeping and somehow managed to get it all tangled, but you didn’t mind.

- he held your hand tightly as you both walked up and down the streets no matter what time it was - he just wanted you to be safe and for you to come to no harm.

- every night you would go to small sushi food restaurants, late at night as you surrounded yourselves with the loud, busy night enclosing you both, while you got ever so slightly tipsy on beer.

- you would take the most adorable polaroid pictures under the sweet cherry blossom trees, then to plaster them over instagram and twitter.

- you would go to a manga store making fun of weeaboos, but you ended up ironically buying loads of the different manga to read on the plane ride home, even if you couldn’t understand japanese.

- you were both heartbroken to go home.

hyojin // squizxy

- since the pair of you were dating long distance, you decided to fly out to australia to go and see her for the first. you would both be bubbling with excitment, even weeks before you were supposed to fly out.

- on the day, you would skype her to say that you were waiting for the plane and would be seeing her in only a matter of hours now. you would both be ecastatic but slightly nervous at the same time.

- when you got off the plane to meet her, she ran up to you like her life absolutely depended on it, and you did the same but trying to carry all your luggage at the same time. you both hugged each other as hard as you possibly could without killing each other, and many happy tears were shed.

- you both travelled to sydney to go do sightseeing, and hyojin just couldn’t stop hugging you on the train journey there.

- fennec fox jokes. you also surprised her with a pair of the godly fennec fox ears for her, which made her made, but she secretly loved them.

- she drew a picture of you standing in front of the sydney opera house, which she them turned into an adorable animation to put on her twitter.

- it was hard to leave each other, but you knew deep down that the future was looking brighter than ever before and you were more in love with her than ever before.

will // herotic

- will would have to take you to on a daytrip somewhere since you had both just finished your gcse exams, were pretty fucking exhausted, and broke.

- you both settled to go to the beach for the day - it was nothing fancy, but you were still excited and you didn’t mind since you got to see each other.

- your mum drove you both there, and she kept embarassing you in front of him with embarassing stories from when you were little, which will really enjoyed.

- you both got double scoop ice creams, which you both shared as you walked hand in hand along the sea front, the sand tickling the inbetween bits between your toes softly. after you had finished it, you got a bit on your right cheek, which he kissed softly.

- you both walked around the sea front and the surrounding village, talking about youtube drama and current trending topics.

- you both got fish and chips to take home because you were too tired to eat out anywhere fancy. you leant on his shoulder, as he wrapped his slim hand around your waist while you waited for your mum to pick you both up.

brad // braddoesbanter

- “oi dickhead, let’s go to paris.”

- you were sceptical as to why brad wanted to go to paris, but you decided to book plane and hotel tickets anyway.

- “do you think that the eiffel tower is as big as my cock?” he said as you both stood beneth it taking selfies to put on instagram and twitter (if he wasn’t suspended lol) later. you just rolled your eyes at his stupid comment, but secretly found it funny.

- you both snuck frech pastries on the plane to eat because you both loved them so much, and didn’t speak to each other the whole way back since you had your mouths full with the pastries.

erling // atozy

- he would take you to his home country of norway as a treat for your birthday, and it would also be an oppourtunity for erling to see his family too. you would be excited to finally meet them and to finally experience a taste of norwegian culture that you had been hearing about from him for so long.

- it was really cool hearing erling speak norwegian, especially since it made it easier to speak to the locals and to order food.

- his family were super sweet when you met them and ate dinner with them too. they told many embarassing stories of erling from when he was younger, although he did not like this and went all red everytime they would tell one.

- he would take you to a norwegian food market, and you would try the food there together, and you decided to grab some coffee afterwards.

- you would, at some point, take you for a walk in the snow, and you would end up building a snowman. it was slightly lopsided, but that really didn’t matter right now.

- cute polaroid pictures!!

alex // imallexx

- he would surprise you with plane tickets to go to california, and had many other surprises for you in store for when you got there, which you didn’t know about you just yet.

- you’d go to pink berry every day and just stuff your faces with food there, then you’d hike up to go see the hollywood sign. you’d take so many adorable selfies, which would then be either memed to death or be made into super cute edits.

- he’d surprise you with tickets to go see your favourite band, which you were absolutely over the moon about because you didn’t get to see them back home. when you were in line to go in to the arena, he’d lend you his internet sensation hoodie until you went in because it was getting colder.

- you’d dance and sing the night away together even if alex wasn’t too fond of the music and he didn’t know many of the lyrics. despite this, he still enjoyed seeing you happy and the experience in general.

- by the end of it all, you’d end up falling asleep on his shoulder on the plane home, while he smiled to himself about what a great time he had.

niall // pyrocynical

- you thought he was making some sort of skit for one of his videos when he told you that he would be taking you to disneyland, but he was being serious. excited laughter and hugs then ensued.

- you would both buy matching minnie mouse ears to wear around the resort together, while buying way too many sweets and then stuffing them in your mouths. niall would constantly say, “we look like basic bitches, don’t we?”

- you would go on the same rides too many times, until you got bored. if it was high and scary ride, he would hold onto your hand for dear life to make sure that you were okay and wasn’t scared.

- after going on all the rides, you took so many selfies of you both, your phone storage almost ran out. all over twitter, there was nothing but cute comments and supports from the fans and a shit ton of flower crown edits had managed to find their way onto tumblr *shivers*