double homestuck


CA: aww sol youre wwearin my shirt for our date howw romantic a you

TA: 2hut your trap, ampora…


okay. well this is vaguely more of a warm-up looking thing i guess, due to the fact that it’s not awful but it’s also not grea t??

 (trust me im normally way better, its a little off here due to the fact i was trying not to let my shades fling across the room)

DOUBLE TIME- Chords and Lyrics

Chords and Lyrics to a Sollux Fansong by PhemeiC

(Heh…Thii2 ii2 riidiiculou2)

A                      E    
One of me is my enemy
     G                   F#m
The other me is a pretty cool guy
        A                         E    
But I haven’t seen him around lately
       G                    F#m
We don’t see eye to eye

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