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It makes me so sad when straight, non-feminist women tell me about their relationships. Yesterday one married coworker, while we were discussing getting together for a night out just us women, kept saying how her husband had to go with us even if he wasn’t there the whole time because he doesn’t let her go out at night by herself. He doesn’t LET her. There was no anger, no hint at how unfair that is, nothing odd about him making rules for her. She’s just 24.

Another coworker has talked about how she only wears thongs because her boyfriend of 5 years pokes fun at her for wearing any other kind of underwear, how he gets sooo jealous because she wanted to pay a personal trainer at the gym (almost all of them are men) because according to him those guys just want to hit on women. And she just perceives this as him being funny, quirky, insecure. He poked fun at her to the point that she’s modified something harmless because of it and now can’t wear regular panties even though he’s not going to see them. She’s also 24.

One time she off-handedly mentioned how she would like to be single (when another coworker mentioned how badly she wants a boyfriend). But still she always says he’s so wonderful? If you’re with someone who is so wonderful and you’re in a happy relationship, why would you want to be single? When I was with my last bf and things were good (and he didn’t try to control any of my behavior) I never thought how nice it would be to be single? I only started thinking that when his addiction got worse.

They can’t point out that it’s this unfair restriction of their freedom that bothers them. They don’t see it for what it is. It’s just the status quo and they accept it because they don’t think there’s any other option.

Prompts list

What’s this??? Your girl is doing PROMPTS!? 

So I’ve been wanting to do prompts for a while. So yes, send me a number and ship and I’ll write something based on it. I’ll only do the following ships: Flintwood, Deamus, Wolfstar, Scorbus, Alicia x Katie, Lavender x Parvati, Terrance x Adrian, Hannah x Susan, Linny, Pansy x Millicent, Romione, Tonks x Fleur, Pansy x Hermione, Drarry

  1. “I cannot stand you”
  2. “You’re freezing”
  3. “Never would’ve guessed”
  4. “Are you okay?”
  5. “I won’t leave without you”
  6. “I promise it’ll be okay”
  7. “Don’t worry about them”
  8. “Who cares what they think?”
  9. “We need to tell them”
  10. “I’ve loved you for years”
  11. “You are all I need”
  12. “Get your hands off of him/her”
  13. “I don’t want to fight anymore”
  14. “How long have you felt like this?”
  15. “Please take a break”
  16. “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me”
  17. “I miss you”
  18. “I still love you”
  19. “I never forgot”
  20. “You’re pretty good at that”
  21. “I don’t want to speak to you again”
  22. “Please don’t keep secrets from me”
  23. “I should’ve told you”
  24. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  25. “Do you need help with that?”
  26. “Where did that come from?”
  27. “Are we really doing this now?”
  28. “Call me if you need anything”
  29. “Why did I wait?”
  30. “Can you please stop listening to that song?”
  31. “Why did you do that?”
  32. “How long?”
  33. “You’re going down”
  34. “You look amazing”
  35. “I knew all along”
  36. “You’re so stubborn”
  37. “Lie down”
My Pets

Initially, all of this information was found in my description, but it was getting out of hand! 

Ball Pythons:

1.0 Pastel “Helios

1.0 VPI Axanthic “Atlas”

0.1 Fire Pinstripe “Eos

0.1 Disco Fire “Asteria”

1.0 VPI Axanthic proven het. Genetic Stripe “Hyperion”

0.1 Captive-hatched import pos. Cinnamon or Mahogany ”Whiskey”

0.1 VPI Axanthic Genetic Stripe “Ygritte″ 

0.1 Bell Hypo 66% het Genetic Stripe “Secunda”

1.0 Pastel Axanthic “Apollo”

0.1 Fire Pinstripe het VPI Axanthic “Hestia”

1.0 Enchi Fire Yellowbelly “Prometheus”


0.1 Leucistic Texas Rat Snake “Harvard Winston Reginald” aka “Harvey

1.0 Lavender Corn Snake “Wash”


1.2 Sonoran Desert Tortoise “Oak” “Watermelon” and “Buttercup”

0.2.10 Black-skirt Tetra (glowfish and wild-type)

2.0 Betta Fish ”Catch” and “Lutece”

0.1 Mutt “Kaia”

Rats- Pets Serenity and Serendipity and the feeder breeders

Previous animal pets:
1.0 Disco Fire “Rhea” now owned by @i-m-snek
1.1 proven double het VPI axanthic genetic stripe “Styx” and “Cronus
1.3 het VPI axanthic 66% pos het genetic stripe “SH1″ “SH2″ “SH3″ “SH7
0.1 VPI axanthic 66% pos het genetic stripe “SH5
0.2 Genetic Stripe het VPI axanthic “SH4″ and “SH6
0.1 Betta Fish “Booker”

vampire-crimson  asked:

zarkon to blaytz: "no dont flirt with him he is below your station" zarkon, actual ruler of a planet, the second he sees a cute altean girl: "I HAVE TO GO RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY actually fuck it were getting married"

just another example of how the hets have double standards when it comes to gay relationships vs their str8 ones

Some of you: the hets are so nasty! They literally believe that Harry can’t keep it in his pants and he fuc*s every woman he meets. They just love the idea of “anyone but louis”

Some of these same people: Yikes, Harry is being cuddled by his guitarist! Oh look how he talks highly of him!! They are pushing their “bromance” as the new “anyone but louis”. Or maybe there’s an actual “thing” between them!!!!

Me in the corner, thinking about how they got a new beard for Harry, how he explained why he appreciates Mitch’s talent, how he sees him as a good friend and one of his newest bestfriends, me also knowing that none of this drama happened with Steve, or even when Louis was papped sitting on Luke’s lap or when he flirted with the hot Australian interviewer because people could easily tell it was cute and harmless.

Me still in the corner: ok, who’s gonna tell them they are as nasty as the hets?

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How can you be cis, binary, double-het, allo, mono, and perisex, all at the same time? Because those are in fact also identities that People have, and not neutral non-identities of the Default Person that queer People deviate from in two or three or sometimes four ways.


“The princess and the dragon” is a title that has been exclusively used for tatsuhime. Uryuu’s name meaning dragon does not change the fact that the only “princess and dragon” in canon are tatsuki and orihime, and certainly does not excuse stealing something from a f/f ship for a het ship

  • Raven: *sleeps with Bellamy to relieve herself* whore
  • Clarke: *sleeps with niylah to relieve herself* badass
  • Raven: *sleeps with the guy who clearly has feelings for her and whom she knows and trusts completely* as usual she can only solve her problems by sleeping with men
  • Clarke: *sleeps with the girl who clearly has feelings for her tho she doesn't fully trust and knows almost nothing of* good shit! great! amazing! you go girl!

You know, it occurs to me that the ace discourse has a really big issue with conflating the behavior of a shitty group within a community with the behavior of the community at large, while simultaneously dismissing the poor behavior within their own communities. There are plenty of aspecs who are homophobic/transphobic/whatever-phobic assholes, there are also plenty of people exclusionists consider part of the LGBTQ community that are assholes in precisely these ways. Shitty aspecs 1) exist, and 2) do not have the market cornered on being shitty.

You don’t have to like the shitty people in a huge community based on the very broad definition of not Straight (double het and cis). That’s important! People shouldn’t get a pass on being shitty for any reason, but also these communities that fall under the LGBTQ umbrella, any umbrella really, aren’t monolithic. TERFS are loud and incredibly awful and need to be acknowledged and confronted as an issue but it would be wrong to act like TERFS represented the entirety of the lesbian community. There are going to be people that you disagree with for a multitude of reasons and that’s fine but can we please stop assuming that any community is made entirely of the lowest common denominator?

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What's the difference between axanthic and VPI axanthic?

Axanthic is a gene. VPI is a line of that gene. Sort of like lesser/butter but not exactly because none of the axanthic lines can be bred together to produce more axanthics whereas if you bred lesser/butter you could end up with a BEL. Breeding a VPI and TSK would only result in normals double het for both genes. I asusme this is because the axanthic mutation is on a different locus for each line.


Two more boas will be coming home to us soon! We got a great group deal on these two, two ball pythons, and a rack!

Female Motley 66% Poss Het Leopard (picture 1)

Male Motley 100% Double Het Anery/Albino (pictures 2 and 3)

The female is so awesome! We are excited to have both of these and will be using the male in the future to make some Motley Snows :)

All photos belong to Mina Kim.