double heather

  • Heather Duke: God, a rainy day and a Monday, talk about a downer double whammy!
  • Heather Chandler:
  • Heather Duke: Do anything fun this weekend? *no response* 'Cause I sure did! Friday night was cornhole league then--
  • Heather Chandler: If I cared what you did on a Friday night, I'd put a shotgun in my mouth and pull the trigger with my toes. *walks away*
  • Heather Duke:
  • Heather Duke: Saturday I watched a building burn down.

i made a (rough) timeline thing for heathers the musical because i’m trash (& like being organised) 

  • september 1st 1989- first day of senior year, veronica gets taken in by the heathers- beautiful 
  • september 22nd 1989- three weeks since veronica joined the heathers, the note to ram is forged, veronica falls for jd- candy store, fight for me 
  • september 23rd 1989- the night of the party, veronica meets jd in the 7/11 & heather chandler kicks her out of the heathers- candy store (reprise), freeze your brain, big fun 
  • september 24th 1989- at around 2am, veronica breaks into jd’s house & sleeps with him, heather chandler drinks the draino at probably between 9 and 11am that morning- dead girl walking, very & the first part of me inside of me 
  •  september 25th 1989- everyone at school finds out about heather’s death- the rest of me inside of me 
  •  october 1st 1989- most likely when heather mcnamara, heather duke, ram & kurt go on a double date. heather mcnamara calls veronica to get rid of ram and kurt- blue 
  •  october 2nd 1989- When heather duke takes heather chandler’s scrunchie, and spreads the rumour about veronica, kurt and ram. also when jd gets in another fight with kurt and ram. veronica and jd also call ram and kurt at this point- blue (reprise), beautiful (reprise), the first part of our love is god 
  •  october 3rd 1989- veronica and jd murder ram and kurt at dawn- the second part of our love is god 
  •  october 14th 1989- probably when ram and kurt’s funeral is. also when veronica and jd break up- prom or hell, my dead gay son, seventeen
  •  october 16th 1989- ms fleming holds her suicide assembly, heather mcnamara confesses her suicidal thoughts, heather duke makes fun of her and then heather mcnamara attempts suicide, but veronica stops her just in time, also when veronica confesses to killing heather, ram & kurt- shine a light, lifeboat, shine a light (reprise) 
  • october 17th 1989- jd blackmails heather duke into getting all the kids at school to sign a petition. martha probably makes her suicide attempt that day- kindergarten boyfriend 
  • october 18th 1989- heather duke tells veronica and heather mcnamara about the petition and martha, the ghosts taunt veronica, her parents think she wants to kill herself and jd breaks into her house and tells her about his plan to bomb the school. veronica fakes her suicide and runs back to the school to confront jd. after he is shot, when they’re fighting over the gun she takes the bomb to the football field, jd convinces her to let him have it and the bomb goes off, killing only him. veronica takes the scrunchie from heather duke and invites martha and heather mcnamara back to watch a movie with her- westerburg cheer, yo girl, meant to be yours, dead girl walking (reprise), i am damaged, seventeen (reprise)

This entire episode was so heavy with the double-meanings, especially with Heather and Alejandro, but I wanted to rant about this line in particular for a minute cause it’s made me cry on more than one occasion.

Strategically, Heather is known to push. Her entire outlook on winning, and plausibly on life, is to shove people away as fast and hard as she can. And the reason that this strategy keeps failing on her is that in the end, she always pushes just a little too far. She always crosses the line, and I don’t think she means to—She doesn’t know where the line is. 

Meanwhile, Alejandro’s entire strategy is to pull. He doesn’t push people away, he pulls them as close as possible. That’s how he gets what he wants, most obviously with the girls that he romances, but also with some of the male contestants (for example, Owen). 

This is the episode right after Alejandro pulls Heather towards him into an alliance, and she betrays his trust by voting for him. Here, Alejandro is hurt, truly hurt, because Heather has once again pushed too far. She crossed the line of no return again, without realizing it, because her reflex is always to push people away. 

Alejandro was always accepting of that, and even admired her for it, until he was the one being pushed to the point that his feelings were hurt. 

But Heather literally doesn’t know how to do anything else.


NONConfession: The Kylie Jenner situation is just a smaller portrayal of the bigger picture. Kylie (a white girl) gets all this credit for things she didn’t come up with; the big lips, ‘ghetto’ style, etc. People give her all this praise, when in reality she’s getting all her ideas from Heather Sanders (a black woman.) The blue hair? Heather did it first. The big lips? Yep, Heather’s. And yet all people can talk about is “Kylie Jenner’s lips” or “Kylie Jenner’s hair.” Kylie Jenner is the white culture, taking ideas from Heather Sanders, the black culture, and passing it off as it’s own original idea.

@mythicbitch101‘s Heathers Week Day 3: JD or Veronica (or both?)

Veronica Sawyer
“Dear Diary: Heather told me she teaches people “real life.” She said, real life sucks losers dry. You want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly. I said, so, you teach people how to spread their wings and fly? She said, yes. I said, you’re beautiful. “

ok to rb with me/kin/etc if you’re okay with veronica doubles

4 Vancouver-Based Brands You Need To Wear This Summer

Oh, Canada! 

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Next up, we’re heading to the West Coast of Canada, to the most liveable city in the world and not-so-secretly our hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. Famous in the fashion world for athleisure darling Lululemon, you may not have realized that these 4 global brands are also from the same, laid-back city. Check it out! 


1. Aritzia (womens)

Cabrini Blouse

Carolyn Tote Bag

2. Kit and Ace (womens/mens)

Knicker Bra

Folsom Cardigan

3. Native Shoes (womens/mens)



4. Wings + Horns (mens)

Wings + Horns Indigo Slub Stripe Henley

Leather High Top Sneakers

Double Knit Heather T-Shirt

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