double gts

>be me

>under a bus

>jsut killed a large rat

>construction worker crawls out of manhole and pulls out a hammer and slams into the side of the bus and started hammering the metal and im still under the bus and idk what to do, god idk what to do, im so scared, where do i go? what does anyone do in this kind of situation? we think we’re invincible and safe in our little bubble of reality but we’re not. oh god we’re not, and i realize that now. i realize im vulnerable. we’re all vulnerable.

> double roll out from under the bus and run home before jeopardy comes on, kek mother fuckr 

Everyone out there thinking Daniel would be very flirtish and romantic… Am I the only one who thinks he knows very little about dating? Or that he seems too awkward… I mean his “skinship” impersonation was so awkward… like a father to his child. I think he would be the type to:

> double tap your head like a pet when he’s about to leave. 

> If you’re about to cry he would grab your shoulders look closer to your eyes and pout.

> Squeeze your cheeks at the most random moments because he felt like it.

> Give you a cookie every time you behave well. ._____. 

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Sora’s KH3 Keyblades So Far:

Kingdom Key: 

Second Form - Clothes: KH2 Color Scheme 

The Keyblade stays the same while Sora’s outfit reverts back to his Kingdom Hearts II outfit’s color scheme. Much like Limit Form from Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Sora gains access to his old Abilities and Limits from previous Kingdom Hearts titles.

Star Keyblade*: 

Double Arrow Guns > Magic Launcher - Clothes: Blue w/Star Pattern 

The Keyblade transforms into dual guns and eventually a cannon/rocket launcher. Sora’s clothes and battle style somewhat resemble Wisdom Form from Kingdom Hearts II. 

Olympus Keyblade*:

Counter Shield > Pegasus Chariot** - Clothes: Yellow w/Diamond Pattern

Officially known as “Guard Form,” the Keyblade turns into a Shield and a Chariot ride. Although Sora’s clothes resemble Master Form from Kingdom Hearts II, his abilities are far different to accommodate fighting with a shield.  

Toy Keyblade*:

Hyper Hammer > Drill Punch - Clothes: Red w/Camo Pattern 

This Toy Story inspired Keyblade turns into a giant Hammer before turning into a devastating Drill that lets Sora Dodge Roll into the earth itself. Although not shown in the recent trailer, we did get a small glimpse at this Form with non-toy Sora a while back. Possibly known as “Power Form” (x), it gives Sora the look of his old Valor Form from Kingdom Hearts II while truly making you feel powerful with new, chaotic, Abilities.  

*Obviously, there’s no official names yet

**Not it’s official name. It’s also unclear if this transformation is still in the game.


Hello everyone!! I hope you’re doing well so far, today. I wanted to leave this as a small psa before I get started on queuing drafts today for any mutuals that interact with me in the future and happen to use the <sub>/<small><small> ( like double the small font, wild ) in their replies. As I mentioned before in my rules ( the very last rule down there ), I would prefer it lots if you did not use these font sizes ; rather, the plain text or normal <small> is fine for me.

Reason why? Well, I can’t read things any smaller than that. My laptop is set up a lot differently than most might, so the way I’m able to read a new reply is by  going back and personally making it a bigger size via HTML, because I don't want others to be squinting like I do, either.

To expand on this point, I made a sample post to show you just what this looks like, so people are more aware!! 

This is typically what I work with on the <sub>/<small><small> stuff:

And this is after I zoom in. This is only after 3-4 times, and its usually by around 7 times that I am able to read this clearly

Nothing really changed, did it? That’s why I’d like to stress the point! This is in no way a post meant to attack or throw pitchforks at people who do use this font size–by all means, keep it that way, you do you.

But for my sake, and how I don’t really want to struggle so much in reading a sentence or two? It’d be nice to at least do so for me! Thank you!!

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"Well, what do you want me to say?" *I look at Steve with a frown and sigh.* I'll see you at the quinjet. *I look through the freezer for the ice cream you were talking about and grab two spoons, heading to the elevator.* -Bucky (What are you doing? Is this double angst? Are we killing your followers? Cause I just thought about a coma TNT)

*I watch as Bruce pulls out a file and slides out one of the sonogram pictures and walking over to me.* “I was looking over the DNA samples that you gave me earlier and I noticed something.” *I frown and look up at him.* Like what? (Double angst! >:D omg a coma? 😭babe nooooooo!)

Pourquoi ?!

Pourquoi est-ce que quand je publie quelque chose rien ne m'indique que ça a été publié et et que je décide de le renvoyer puis je vois que les deux ont été publiés… Du coup il y est en double génial !! -_-
Anywayyy >:v

> You recline behind the counter in your library, reading. A tablet covered in heirogylphs serves as a paperweight on the counter, matching the number of other ancient Egyptian artifacts decorating the building. They’re all replicas, of course, you keep the real ones in the back under surveillance and alarm. There’s even a decorated sarcophagus behind glass at the entrance, making it the first thing you see when you walk in. And, naturally, books on ancient troll Egypt are displayed on the tables among the artifacts. You take pride in your library doubling as a museum.

> Even though the building itself is ancient, falling apart, and well out of the way. Which makes you very glad that you’re soon to move to a much better building. The ‘Now Hiring’ sign is still up outside, though coupled with signs saying that the library’s moving soon and that books are being moved off the shelves. You also added a sign noting that there was working air conditioning and free water.

> You raise your head as someone approaches the desk, and nudge your glasses up the bridge of your nose.