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Having Second Thoughts: Part 2

(( OOC: Lily played by: @potterdeer ))

Lily: Yeah… we’re gonna… we’re gonna be fine… 

Sirius: *stares* Are… are you having a hot flash or something? 

Lily: *doubles over, gasping* 

Lily: *cries out* Oooooh MY GOD!!! THAT FUCKING HURTS!!! 


Lily: GODDAMIT!!! 

Sirius: *stares* ………. *transforms into a dog* 


Sirius: *curls his tail under and whines* 


Sirius: *transforms back* 

Lily: *snarls* James isn’t here you idiot!!! Just… *groans*… Just get me to a hospital! 

Sirius: Apparating’s too dangerous… I’ll fly you to St. Mungo’s! But… WHAT IF YOU HAVE THE KID IN THE AIR!? WHAT IF-

Lily: Just get me there Sirius Black!!! 

*the door opens and James walks in* 

James: *beams* Hello family! *pauses at the sight of Lily strangling Sirius* 

… Er… What’d I miss? 


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Soo Won's pet falcon made a comeback and I can't help myself. AnY crack #1: Gulfang is actually Soo Won's spy and he sends it to the Fire Tribe to "see" the invasion. AnY crack #2: Gulfang is actually Yona's spy spying on Soo Won.


FeanorianWeek Day #2
  • Day 2-Maglor -> Childhood, Music & Songs of Power, Elrond & Elros, Kingship, Maglor’s  Gap, Redemption

The world is fading. That is the only explanation for the utter lack of music.

Maglor pants, and the sound is harsh in his own ears. Doubled over and gasping for breath, he stopped running some time ago – he has neither the wind nor the soundness of foot to carry himself much further – but his lungs do not seem to hold the air. So he gasps, and gasps, and overhead the sea-birds wheel and scream.  

Once, they would have been mocking him, or serving as a counterpoint to the softer, wilder notes of the wind. Now, though, they are just birds, and their cries just mean that he has reached the new coastline where once would have stretched some of the greatest woods of Beleriand.

He gasps, and gasps, and waits, but the image has no poetry to it. The thought that he has almost reached the coast just conjures up memories of sand, and rocks, and water, when really it should be some elegant turn of phrase resonating with an elegiac wistfulness: as if the heart of the land has been ripped from its ribcage, shattered beyond repair by some cruel hand of Fate… 

Mmm, if he’s come to repeating Findarato’s sloppy excuses for verse than he really must be half-dead.

His breath has quieted somewhat, so Maglor straightens his head at least, unfolding half his body so that he is simply leaning forward, his hands on his knees and his breath merely quick pants rather than lung-rattling gasps. He prods at the idea of Finrod, dead in a filthy grotto some centuries past, to see if that stirs any poetry.

Nothing. No insights into how love long-thwarted can be twisted to unimaginable ends, no stirring figures of speech comparing transience with materiality, no melody immortalizing the clank of chain and gleam of bone. Finrod’s death no longer sounds tragic, or titillating, or even terrifying – it just seems pitiful. Painful.


Maglor straightens all the way up from his crouch and starts to run again. Arrow-sharp, he unbent the knee / And away raced roaming / His great heart haunted…

And the words simply desert him.

Maglor runs and he runs, and that is all – there’s no greater significance or value to it. His feet are bleeding, which just means his boots are old, not that he’s earning his salvation. The birds overhead are growing louder, and the wind is cold through the holes in his cloak, and that just means he’s closer to the Sea, not that he is approaching some crisis of faith or some great opportunity to recoup the least of his people’s treasures. None of it means anything anymore.

It’s not that his ears don’t work – the right one still does, at least. He punctured the left yesterday, a slip of his dagger when, in a spirit of inquiry, he had tried to determine whether the music’s fading was a purely physiological fault. No, the rush of blood seemed fairly conclusive: it stemmed from some more metaphysical source. Maglor had left his right ear alone.  

Limping, he reaches the cliffs at sunset.

There is no significance to the fact that he can barely stand. No reason why it matters that the sky is growing dark as he comes to stand at the edge of the world, mere steps from the Sea crashing below. No further verses of the great lay he has been writing since his father’s impassioned speech in Tirion suggest themselves.

The Noldolante will never be finished now, and even that certitude means nothing more than the fact that it is.

Maglor shakes his head, and opens his fist. A pretty rock plummets into the Sea below, and a cold white star gleams suddenly overhead, and none of it means anything at all.

Some Giada De Laurentiis show on tv where she was doing a sleepover party for her daughter? Some little girl anyway. And it cuts to a dream fort full of burgers.

Me: *gasp* I hope I’m invited to the party!

*double gasp* no. I hope my daughter is invited to the party!

IMAGINE Jazz being unleashed in a fort full of little girls and burgers!

Auntmurble: HAHAHAHA!

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Gom+Hanamiya react to s/o pranking them saying 'ooh damn he fine~~' and stuff like that while scrolling through Instagram and they eventually found out that she was looking at their account.

ooh damn he fine  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Akashi: “Ooh damn!” they gasped dramatically, double tapping the screen. “I’d tap that ass.” Akashi didn’t comment and he continued writing as if he didn’t hear them. “And those eyes! He’s so fine I would do him anyday!” After a long ten minutes of continuous praise, they stared at the back of Akashi’s head. “Don’t you want to know who I’m looking at?” they asked, a bit annoyed at his lack of response. 

He smiled, standing up from his seat. “It’s me isn’t it?” he asked back, walking towards them. “No it’s not,” they denied, dropping their phone down their shirt so he wouldn’t take it. His hand lingered on their shirt, threatening to strip them. “Yes it is. Would you like me to prove it?” 

Aomine: “Hah? Who are you looking at?” he asked. “Like you can talk. You look at your gravure idols all day,” they snapped back. “But look at that muscle definition!” “Yeah, whatever,” Aomine replied lazily, going back to what he was doing earlier. 

“But I guess I can show you. Don’t tell anyone,” they said loudly, hoping he was still interested. “Why would anyone even care about some stupid guy.” Aomine’s concerned face quickly changed into a smirk. “Why don’t you keep on going with appreciating me. What was it? Muscle definition did you say? So sexy?”

Kise: “Who is it?” Kise asked as soon as he heard the first sentence. “Who? It’s just this guy I know. We’re close. He’s super good looking and everything. Sometimes I wonder why we’re friends when all the girls want to literally hang off him,” they teased, pretending to blush as they continued to scroll. 

“Let me see him!” Kise immediately replied, thrusting his palm outwards for the phone. “Hmm, I would show you but you’re going to fall for them right away and you’ll leave me for them…” they said sadly, slowly handing over the phone. “I love you so much why would someone’s outer appearance make me fall for them! Besides, my hea-” Kise stopped, and stared at the phone. “You’re so mean! You really tricked me!” he cried, throwing the phone back to his hysterically laughing partner. 

Kuroko: “I would like to see too,” he said suddenly, after bearing through five minutes of constant praise for this unknown man. They wanted to continue to tease him, but his face seemed a little sad, and they didn’t have the heart to keep on going. “I guess so, if you want to see him that bad,” they scoffed, handing over the phone. 

After ten seconds of staring at the screen, he looked up at his partner. “I’m a little hurt that you find Aomine-kun more attractive than me,” he added, completely monotone. His partner took one look at the phone and finally realized they had given him the phone at the picture of Kuroko and Aomine together, with Aomine taking up most of the picture. “This is your Instagram! I’m talking about you!” they stuttered, trying to heal his wounds. “You’re the fine one!”  Kuroko smiled at their reaction. “Thank you.” 

Midorima: “W-who?” he asked, not daring to face them. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?” his partner laughed “I’m not jealous!” he immediately replied, denying any feeling of such. “I was just curious. Not that I wanted to know or anything.” 

“Well, if you want to see that bad…” his partner grinned mischievously, turning around their phone to face him. “I told you I didn’t want to know,” he sighed, though he was already trying to make out who was in the picture. Red rose up to his face as he realized it was himself. “Don’t joke around,” he mumbled, nervously pushing his glasses up. No way was he going to admit his heart was going to beat out of his chest after hearing all those compliments meant just for him. 

Murasakibara: “Eh? Who’s handsome?” he asked, taking the lollipop out of his mouth. His partner quickly turned off their phone, smiling innocently at his scrunched up face. “Someone special,” they replied. 

“Show me,” he demanded, wanting to see the man who could possibly steal his special little cuddle buddy away. “I want to crush them.” After one look at the phone and a whole minute of processing, Murasakibara wrapped his arms around his beloved partner. “You liar,” he mumbled. 

Hanamiya: “Are you looking at another man?” he growled, reaching out to snatch the phone out of their hands. “Why are you looking at another man? You can only look at me. Give me the phone.” 

They surrendered to him, giving the phone without saying a word and waited for his reaction. “Heh,” he smirked, tossing back the phone. “Damn right it’s me. Can’t get enough of me that you need pictures?” 

Jealousy: Minghao

You’re not getting away with it that easily~

Title: Jealousy: Minghao
Characters: Reader, Minghao (The8), Hoshi
Genre: Fluff, maybe like 0.00005% Angst
Trigger Warning: None

“He didn’t!” You gasped, doubling over in laughter at Hoshi’s story. 

“I swear he did!” Hoshi was also laughed. 

It had been long time since you spent time with all the boys. You didn’t realize how much you missed them. You missed Dino’s silly reactions, Jeonghan rehearsing pickup lines with you, Joshua showing you chords to play on the guitar and Soonseok making you laugh until you cried. 

While Seokmin was telling another story, Hoshi motioned for you to lay your head on his lap. You were a little hesitant, but since you had known him for years you didn’t think too much of it. 

His fingers found comfort in your hair. Slowly, his hands were running through your hair and lightly massaging your scalp. 

You were beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. You sat up from your current position and shook your head at him. 

“I’m with Minghao…” You said, “And that was a little too friendly…”

From the corner of your eyes you saw Minghao’s back walking away. Guilt flooded you. He must have seen what you and Hoshi were doing. 

You got up, forgetting all about Seokmin’s story and rushed to Minghao’s shared dorm room. 

You knocked on the door, “Minghao? Can I come in?”

There was no reply so you entered anyway. 

Minghao was lying on his bed with headphones covering his ears and a rubiks cube in his hands. He was fumbling with it, the red side was complete so he was working on the green side now. 

You sat at the edge of his bed and rubbed his shin. His headphones were now sitting idle around his neck.

“What’s up?” You asked, moving your hands from his shin to his foot and began massaging it. 

“Hey.” He said. His eyes were on the rubiks cube. 

“Are you alright?” Your voice was soft. You knew he was upset by seeing your head on Hoshi’s lap and to worsen it, his fingers in your hair. 

“I’m fine. I mean one of my closest friends and you just got intimate faster than we did but I’m fine.” Minghao shrugged, still not looking at you. You sat in silence, not knowing how to make him feel better.

“Are you jealous…?”

“Duh.” He said quietly, making you smile. 

“Minghao? Look at me.” He finally looked at you, “I’m really sorry. Hoshi asked me to lay my head on his lap and I didn’t think much of it but then he started running his finger through my hair and it didn’t feel right. It feels weird unless its you. I’m sorry, baby.”

Minghao put the rubiks cube down and took your hands in his.

“It’s okay.” His sweet smile morphed into a playful smirk, “But you’re not getting away with it that easily.” 

A character that can wield magic has a crush on someone and starts to get jealous when their crush is talking to someone else for a long time.

They decide they’ll speed up the process by making their crush’s bladder full. Despite the consistent pressure they add to their crush their crush doesn’t leave. They wonder if their power is even working and frustratedly give one last bit of pressure.

Suddenly their crush gasps and doubles over, wetting themselves full force, blushing and trembling. The person who wields magic is worried and tries to stop it but it’s no use as their crush becomes soaked.
They feel very guilty, but this gives them an opportunity to help their crush afterwards and actually talk to them.

Gajevy Week Day 1: Blanket

Title: Protecting Me

For Gajevy Week Day One: Blanket

Summary: Maybe Gajeel doesn’t understand? Everyone needs a safety blanket. Even if it is tiny and orange.

Pairing: Gajevy/GaLe

Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Rating: K+

Word Count: 843

“Give it back!”

“You’re too old to be sleeping with blankies, Shrimp.”

“It covers me!”

“Even you’re too big for this thing.”

“It keeps me warm!”

“Then why were you cuddling with it?”

Levy let out a valiant shriek and charged Gajeel, effectively elbowing him in the gut. He doubled over, gasping for air as Levy’s small orange blanket fluttered from his hand back to the ground. Levy snatched it up before it hit the hard wood and ran to their bedroom, dodging boxes of unpacked goods on her way before locking the door and slamming her back against it, sliding down it to sit on the floor.

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A pale purple danced across your fingertips. You could see the traces of red floating around the cosmic energy - the blue had been fading continuously ever since…you cut off the flow of energy and shook your head.

“Any different today?” Wanda asked softly from the kitchen and you shook your head.

“Not really, no. I can see the red becoming dominant, though…but as long as it doesn’t affect my everyday life, I will be fine,” you said and she nodded. It wasn’t until a moment later that you felt a surge of power and you doubled over, gasping, energy seeping off of you as your eyes glowed a bright purple.

“(Y/N)?!” Wanda shouted, rushing over to you. You held a hand up, trying to contain the oncoming rush of pure, cosmic energy. “Your powers…they are returning…” Wanda could feel the shift and her heart hammered in her chest.

Both of your phones began ringing simultaneously.

Shakily, after making sure you were all right, she grabbed her phone and answered. 


“Is this Wanda Maximoff?” a familiar voice asked.

“Nicholas Fury.” You whipped your head over towards her, silently asking why he was calling. Both of you hadn’t heard from him in months.

“I’ll leave the details for later but you and your sister might like this news. Your brother, Pietro, is…well, there’s no easy way to put this: he’s alive.”

Li Shan be like “Hello I’m Li Shan and I am a giant panda looking for my panda son”

Customers be like *LE GASPS*

Mr. Ping be like *LE DOUBLE GASP*

And then there’s Po “Oh no poor you…..”

“Yeah…i know…bummer, right?”

“I know how u feel…I lost my panda dad too…”

“Oh no…so sorry….”

*awkward silence*

And the crowd be like;; ?!?!?!?!?!?

“.… … . ..”

Okay GTG…Goodluck…bye


Rp with Whoreos420 🐥

Ciel nearly fell when he ran when he heard a door slam.
But even when he caught himself, he still fell.
At the fucking feet. Of his fucking worst nightmare.
His head snapped up when he recognized those shoes. Those nice, black dress shoes that were frayed slightly at the tip.
He took in a shaky breath, squeaking when he was grabbed by the nape of his neck, and hoisted up like a baby kitten.
Ears flat, he didn’t say a word. It fucking hurt, but he didn’t saw a word.
He gasped at the familiar, harsh hand.
“Nice clothes, Squirt.” Claude hissed softly. “I know I kicked you out, but the brat’s whining about it. Go return that shit to whatever store you robbed.”
He set the boy on his feet, and he doubled over, gasping.
“D-didn’t… Didn’t steal…” He panted.
He stole.
“Liar.” Claude hissed. “Return them; I’ll follow.”
Shaking, unsure what to do, he turned right around. He jumped, breathing hard when his hand came to rest on his shoulder. Probably so he didn’t run.
He walked quickly, weaving back the way he had come.
He wished he had done it sooner. Had taken all the pills he took before he left instead of waiting until he got away. That way he’d be dead quicker, and no one would have to deal with him.
He walked up the front steps of Sebastian’s door, before he was pulled back by the collar. He yelped.
“This is the house? You took from a /house/?!”
Ciel’s ears flattened hard to his head. His harsh voice ringing in his ears.
“Take them all off. Right now. Go stand by that bush over there; here’s my coat.”
Sniffing, Ciel immediately inclined his head, stripping off the sweatshirt and sweatpants, and snatching up the coat to cover his completely bruised body. Claude could only glare at him for how disgusting he was. And he was.
He would have glared, too.
He ducked his head in apology before scampering off to the bushes, tears in his eyes.
So this… Was his life again…
How fitting for a despicable person like him.
He hid while Claude knocked, squeezing out the tears. Hopefully Claude wouldn’t notice the medicine in those pockets… He would hate to get reprimanded for it. For trying to die…