double fakeouts


Edited to say Kiibo instead of Keebo

Now with the new Famitsu peek, we’ve gotten 5 more people’s names and some talents. Now of course, I’m going to address my favorite’s name Keebo

That’s the name for Robo Ahoge “Kii-bo”. Now this is just a rough translation of his name so nothing’s really confirmed but it does seem like that name would be the least easy to mess up. Many of you by now probably know that Kiibo is suspiciously very close to kibou,japanese for hope, in both spelling and pronunciation, just robotized. This in it of itself suggests that he’s gonna die, and really early too. You know to prove that despair always prevails over hope or some crap like that

But I have an objection!(gotta make the joke) This could be some sort of weird double fakeout. Having us think he’s gonna die cuz he seems too prominent only for that not to happen, at least not really early. Why’s that? Because the theme of V3 is Truth vs Lies not Hope vs Despair. We have no idea if the mastermind in V3 even gives any shits about Hope or Despair. Sure using Monokuma seems to suggest it but who knows, Monokuma could just be representing Lies rather than Despair this time.(or you know Spike Chunsoft not wanting to change mascots)

I know I’m reaching but I really want my fav to live. You guys understand right? Right?