double faced satin ribbon

My new corset from Yan at With Pleasure. :) It’s a pattern matched 3 layer 16″ corset in cute parrot print seasoning with a 3.5″ gap in the back.
This is going to be a first impressions review/construction overview - full review comes when the honeymoon period has worn off and I have it fully seasoned. This is a SAMPLE corset I bought for USD123 (with shipping it came to AUD220). Silhouette is reminiscent of the Restyle wide hips.

Dimensions (the hips on this corset are INSANE making the circumferential measurements difficult to measure so +/- 0.5 of an inch on each round measurement):
Underbust - 25.5″
Underbust to waist - 5″
Waist - 16″
Waist to high hip - 3″
High hip - 31.5″
Full hip - 34 “
Length - 12″

It’s incredibly lightweight! This corset has 6 panels and 22 bones: 6 flats and 16 spirals. This corset uses the TINIEST bones I’ve ever seen in a corset. The 4 flats supporting the gold bust in the front are 6-7mm wide while the spirals are 4-5mm wide. They look and feel like bird wing bones. The grommets in the back (which have no splits whatsoever) are supported by 1 7mm flat and 1 17mm flat on each side. These bones do twist, even at a moderate reduction, however I believe that is more closely linked to the laces than the bones. I will say though, this corset laced down to 20″ and then 19″ way too easily. It does need to be seasoned, but it is so comfortable it shaved off 7″ from my waist quicker than I realised.
Fabric wise: The lining fabric (also the strength layer) is black cotton twill and the fashion layer is a lightweight plain-weave cotton. There is a full 1″ wide hidden waist tape. The fashion layer is interfaced which makes it sturdier and less prone to wrinkling. While it does wrinkle which has more to do with the bias of the fabric, the wrinkling isn’t excessive or related to poor workmanship (keep in mind this is also not fully closed). Also, pattern matching. The pattern matching is FLAWLESS. I’m really harsh when I critique corsets, but I am genuinely blown away by the pattern matching skill on this one.
I normally get that Victorian pooch at the lower belly and usually require a 13″ busk. HOWEVER, the construction of this corset has eliminated that. The flats supporting the busk are positioned diagonally towards the bottom of the busk. My side profile in this contains no slant like in the Isabella Corsetry Josephine or OC CS-426. It’s very straight. It’s kind of ironic considering this busk is significantly thinner as well as the supporting bones compared to the one in the Josephine. It just goes to show that patterning and bone placement can be more important than how sturdy or thick the busk and bones are.
The laces this comes with are very pretty 1″ wide double faced satin ribbon. The problem with wide laces is that they’re difficult to lace up and difficult to undo as they provide added resistance. This extra resistance, if you pull at the waist, causes the bones to twist. Just keep that in mind when you get wide ribbon for lacing. Thinner ribbons and reverse bunny ears remedy this twisting.  
Hmmm, hope I covered everything. :) A pattern matched custom corset like this one will go for roughly USD400 according to Yan. She was a very easy person to purchase from - all done through Paypal after a brief discussion of me going “I NEED THIS” and her showing me all the faults and flaws with this corset as well as giving me accurate measurements. It came in a mail bag with ‘Do Not Bend’ written all over. Stiff cardboard was also used to keep the corset flat and it was wrapped in clear plastic. The package arrived in less than 10 days using USPS international priority mail. Tracking was provided and signature required by post.