double entrendre

Hold On, We're Going Home
Hold On, We're Going Home

Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home - Nothing Was the Same.

In Between Days by the Cure reminds me of three things: Australian patios at 5pm in January; the final scene and fade to credits on 11 TV shows; and copping a jaywalking fine after spilling beer all down my jeans and realising at Melbourne’s most ‘I really wish this was Leeds’ 80s-revivalist club that I don’t go to clubs to revel in false nostalgia. and that the reason pints and pullin’ shapes to Blue Monday seems so good is because it was a part of their time; not a time I ever or will ever have.

I was thinking about this today, writing about it, how Hold On We’re Going Home is this double, triple, quadruple-entrendre where, like, it’s all up to interpretation. it’s a good pop song because it’s, on the surface, just sonically nice. but then you think about the whole thing and it how it’s so a-typical of all the stuff I really like now – why go home? what’s home? is Drake actually saying it to anyone? is there urgency? at it’s basic level, is this a sad song? a song for fucking? I mean Ezra Koenig spoke about that, proposed those questions for We Can’t Stop. why can’t she? it’s this sinister vibe.

but the main reason I like Hold On We’re Going Home is because it reminds me of 2013. everything about it, that relative simplicity and minimalism, the running melancholy, three-point-five minutes of bitching. Do I Wanna Know? had it. and Miley.

I guess like, this year was probably the best of my life. and weirdly, unlike me, going to clubs was a part of that. and unlike most other people, I go out because I want to look back at it as some kind of zeitgeist; like how I appreciate the past for the same distinct, indescribable, and untouchable way. and I want to remember the way this song would stream out of Gertrude Street’s finest’s cars on their way to… where do the puffy-coated first-to-second generations live? and the way it’d always be playing from those pissweak tryhards who could barely ollie out the front of the State Library.

it’s like, this is why you should appreciate music and why lists are irrelevant. they say something about the time.

I will look back at hearing shit like this around.

because I mean, after this year, this thing won’t be the same. and that’s the point.