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ay, i was wondering if you could give me a list of "if you haven't watched this who tf are you" movie recs, because i'm that person who hasn't watched anything

my personal list: it follows, stoker, american honey, drop dead gorgeous, donnie darko, snowpiercer, short term 12, let the right one in, death proof, cameraperson, incendies, the double, the duke of burgundy, respire, mommy, synecdoche new york, her, drive, the fits, take shelter, polytechnique, all cheerleaders die, the lobster, ghost world, the fall and across the universe

  • JD - Jedi that goes Rogue; born on Tatooine.
  • Veronica - Queen of Naboo (Slightly force sensitive)
  • Betty Finn - Double/Bodyguard to Veronica 
  • Heather Duke - Double/Bodyguard, current Grey Jedi (former Jedi Padawan)
  • Heather McNamara - Bounty Hunter from Mandalore (former Shadow Collective operative)
  • Heather Chandler - Nightsister/Assassin from Dathomir (former Shadow Collective operative)
  • Ram/Kurt - Not Involved.

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what are good movies to watch for the aesthetic™

STOKER, amelie, it follows, drive, the double (2013), the duke of burgundy, under the skin, the fall (2006), ex machina, the guest, mommy, her, let the right one in, inside llewyn davis, the tree of life, funny games (either one but i prefer the remake), excision, interstellar, whiplash, all cheerleaders die, lost river, enemy, scott pilgrim vs the world, victoria, the lobster, death proof, sin city, synecdoche new york, the truman show, pleasantville, but i’m a cheerleader, leon the professional, respire, kill bill, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, short term 12, maniac, the social network, kumiko the treasure hunter, another earth, sleepy hollow, pan’s labyrinth, hanna, being john malkovich, the loved ones, the one i love, coherence, sucker punch, the chumscrubber, like crazy, super 8, melancholia, limitless, sound of my voice, nightcrawler, girlhood, looper, blue valentine, never let me go, wetlands, the brother’s bloom, zombieland, jennifer’s body, eyes wide shut, submarine, in bruges, violet & daisy, mulholland drive, appropriate behavior, tangerine, cruel intentions, igby goes down, beasts of the southern wild, sugar & spice, kick-ass, 500 days of summer, the bling ring, donnie darko, american mary, big fish, shame, sicario, brick, carol, ghost world, mad max fury road, romeo + juliet, american beauty, prisoners, gone girl, snowpiercer, blue is the warmest color, inception, across the universe, sunshine, american psycho, the girl with the dragon tattoo (2011), the place beyond the pines, panic room, anything wes anderson

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you, my history crush: King Richard III of England. Born on October 2nd 1452, the youngest of eleven - ELEVEN - children of Richard Duke of York and his wife Cecily. Lost his dad at eight years old in battle, had to go into exile with his brother George, they stayed at Utrecht, and when his other brother Edward was crowned the fourth King of that name, he and George were created Dukes of Gloucester and Clarence respectively.

Anyway. He was fiercely loyal to his brother the King, which earned him 10+ titles, and pretty much half of England. He had a good eye for law and order, he took his religion very seriously (he even had his own Book of Hours which he made notes in), and when Edward died in 1483, Richard was named Lord Protector for Edward V until he came of age.

Now this is where the controversy really happens. The boy king’s mother, Elizabeth Woodville, and her family, were not happy to hear that Richard was Lord Protector and not her brother Anthony Earl Rivers. She didn’t trust Richard to look after her sons and keep them safe, plus she knew the boy King would sooner take advice from Uncle Rivers than Uncle Gloucester. Bishop Robert Stillington of Bath and Wells came to Richard during his Protectorship and claimed that Edward IV’s marriage to Ms Woodville was in fact bigamous and Parliament therefore declared Edward V and his brother Richard Duke of York illegitimate. Since there was no other legitimate heir to the throne, Richard of Gloucester did what he had to in order to ensure the security of the realm and take the crown for himself. So, in late June 1483 he was crowned King Richard III together with his wife Queen Anne Neville in a joint coronation. Rumours were spread that Richard had the two boys bumped off to make his rule secure. Another theory suggests that Richard had them sent to safety in secret. Or maybe, when King Richard sent for his nephew Richard he was given a body double with the real Duke of York sent to safety, and the two boys still got killed. Or maybe even this; Edward V died of a fever whilst young and the other sent to safety? The truth is, no-one knows. And whilst people are refused permission to (literally) go digging, we’re not gonna know.

Now. During his twenty-six month reign, Richard III enacted laws that were designed to protect the common people, and they still apply today. He was a fine soldier; he was able to crush a rebellion that happened just four months after his coronation. Unfortunately, he also suffered great losses; his only legitimate son, Edward of Middleham, died of a fever aged just eight, and his wife, Queen Anne, died eleven months later, possibly of tuberculosis. Another rumour was spread that he expressed a desire to marry his niece, Elizabth of York, but the problem was that the law that made him the legitimate successor also made her illegitimate. It could very well be that there was a misunderstanding at court because people will have heard that he was busy making marriage arrangements not only for himself but also for Elizabeth. The truth is he was looking to the Portugese royal family, descendants of the Lancastrian line, to find suitors for himself and Elizabeth. 

There was always the looming threat of invasion coming from a Welshman of the Lancastrian line called Henry Tudor. Richard rarely took this seriously, up until the day of battle itself. August 22nd 1485. Bosworth. Richard was confident he would win, even without the help of Thomas, Lord Stanley and his brother, who said they couldn’t join him due to illness. The battle was going quite smoothly for Richard, until a third force charged in, by Stanley himself… for Tudor. Richard is said to have called him out for treason, and that he ultimately “died fighting manfully amongst the thickest press of his enemies”.

Since his death and Henry’s accession to the throne as Henry VII, many vicious rumours were spread about him, ranging from him having a hunchback (he actually had scoliosis - two very different things. It’ll have been noticed after Richard’s body was stripped of its armour and all valuables after his death on the battlefield, and then flung onto the back of a horse, “privy parts” on show and everything), to him having murdered his nephews, poisoned his wife in order to marry his niece… you can thank Thomas More and William Shakespeare for all that, because they lived under Tudor reign, they did to please their kings and queens, a portrait of Richard was even tampered with to make him look more evil because that also meant legitimising Henry’s seizure of the throne at Richard’s expense. The public had to believe that Henry Tudor was in the right for taking the crown from Richard, they had to believe he saved the realm from the tyrant that was Richard.

The truth is, Richard was no tyrant. He was a gentle, loyal person, and his downfall was partly brought on by placing his trust in the wrong people. He would have made a damn good king had he more than just twenty-six months to prove himself. I firmly believe that.

TL;DR - Richard was a good guy and I will defend him to the death OK

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Spooky Boo and Bae: a Nerdist Compilation :)

GA nerdist podcast - January 12, 2015

DD nerdist podcast - January 26, 2016

“the dukes”,“double d”,“speedo”

he still looks good in jeans!

a shared experience, “the only two people…”


a Chewbooka of her very own

david signed gillian’s vag!

so they were united in the Chewbooka, the Nerdist Chewbacca wookie book

the “incompetent vag art”

instagram photos: dd, ga

and for fun:

gillian and her BFF Chewie!

it’s an on-going 👀 never-ending epiclove story xo ;)