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How To Listen To A Jazz Song, with Miles Davis

If jazz seems alien, it’s because there’s a lot of things happening at once, following rules that you’re not used to. It makes a lot more sense once you know what to listen for, so I’m gonna break down what makes it tick.

This is So What, the first track off of the album Kind of Blue, which is the top selling jazz album of all time. Kind of Blue has probably converted more people to jazz than any other single album and is the closest thing jazz has to a breakout hit. It’s a beautiful album and a great place to start.

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today i happened to stumble across a few pictures i took back when i first saw The Front Bottoms. this was back in January 2012 at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA, when they were touring as a two-piece opening for Mansions. they had just released their self-titled album (which back then was actually a double 10" EP). Matt was pulling double-duty as drummer and laptop operator. 

there were maybe 30 people at the show. i remember watching the band and being extremely captivated by the performance, thinking “these guys are a lot of fun! they have to play here more often!”

…the next time they came to the Moose, it was a sold-out show!