True Story - Wife double penetrated on stage

Hi, we are Rebecca and dave, aged 31 and 35 from England.

We have both been into the idea of having a threesome with another guy, but hadn’t really wanted to in the uk in case we bumped into an unwanted memory ha ha….you know.

For my birthday, my darling wife had booked for us to go away to Amsterdam for a long weekend, no kids, just us.

Phew, I thought, maybe some sleep…and sex…perfect.

The time came, and we both packed our suitcases ready to go, when I noticed she seemed to be packing more of her sexy underwear and smarter outfit’s than I would expect, and high heeled shoes? Where we’re we staying….or going?

We boarded our flight and all seemed as normal, arrived at the hotel late evening so showered and changed and discussed where to head out to.

She suggested a little bar right on the canals ide so off we headed, dodging the still present cyclists.

We sat down and ordered some food, a few drinks and chatted waiting for our dinner to arrive. She looked absolutely stunning, black pencil skirt to 3/4s down her shapely dancers thighs…which looked to have a nylon covering. ..unusual but it was a little cold outside so thought no more of it, a white smart blouse and her diamond necklace I bought for her 30th birthday.

She was drinking steadily tonight, she looks a little drunk, i thought, I’d better step up my drinking game over dinner to keep up.

We ate and drank many more glasses of red wine, and a couple of shots when I asked if we should head back to our room.

We could do, or we can walk this drunk head off a bit, she replied, the room will only spin otherwise, so I quickly paid up and we headed outside.

Where shall we go babe, I asked.

Let’s just walk, I’d like to see if we can find any of those clubs you said about.

Shortly, we came across a place that looked both smart and seedy at the same time…Bar Amgirl. At 30 euros it wasn’t breaking the bank so in we went.

On the ground floor seemed to be a bar with a stage and a small theatre stage with a chaise longe and a very naked couple clearly having sex…I nudged my wife…look.

I know, I can’t believe we are in here, she said.

Looking back, the middle aged woman came, and her younger partner arched his back and came deep inside her.

He withdrew and we could both see his cum dripping from her very red, very fucked pussy….and up got a middle aged man from the audience to lead her off the stage after giving her a kiss on the lips that were so recently round someone else’s cock. The big 10" cock of the young ‘house’ gentlemen…he was a professional!!! Fucking someone else’s wife!!! Wow.

We popped to the bar and grabbed a couple of vodka red bull doubles and found some seats near the back, there were about 20 others there too, mostly couples or stag parties by the looks of it.

The club announcer came over the tannoy..there will be a short break while we let you have a few drink….and decide who would like to win 100 euros next.

Becky looked at me…no hun, you’re not thinking of volunteering. …with people watching you.

Too late, by the time I thought about it she was gone, and I already knew where….to the announcer.

5 minutes later, she was back with a bottle of decent champagne and a glint.

I’ve done it, she said, 10 minutes and I’m going to do it…..the time went by far too fast.

Over the tannoy….thank you ladies and gentlemen, our next act….please welcome REBECCA and her husband DAAAAAVE….please come up.

She rose….and she grabbed my hand…what…this wasn’t planned!!!

Up I had to go

Thank you dave, you may return to your seat….Rebecca, please, take a seat….there she was, smartly dressed, perched on the stage chaise on her own…suddenly….then….AAAAAND please give applause to RIIIIICHARD our house favourite.

He walked out, no glamour or performance, and went straight to sit next to my wife, he was going to seduce her, he whispered something, stood up and she slowly removed her blouse, showing her white bra and beautiful cleavage, then lowered her skirt to reveal white lace panties, and thigh stocking. ..dropping to her black smart heels…she looked so cute and innocent in front of this man.

He spoke…come here Rebecca, feel my body…which she wasted no time doing…and started to peel off his layers…struggling with his belt so yanking it all down to reveal…..a monster…10" but thick…which bounced in front of her face.

She needed to taste it, never mind all of these people, and opened to taste his musky cock head on her lips, deeper she went, not even halfway down but it felt good for them both. She we sucking him and licking him for what seemed like an hour but must have only been 5 minutes.

She backed off and I could see her wet patch on her white knickere..I knew then…this wouldn’t just stop at a blow job. She stood up in front of Richard. ..who told her to turn to the audience…and slowly show them your sexy body. …she was blushing, and looked reluctant, but then, she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, and let it drop down her arms and onto the floor….her pale breasts were free…her nipples were so hard, she must have been turned on.

She then hooked her fingers in her panties, and wriggled them to the floor, giving us all a beautiful view of her clean, smooth pussy and sexy curves.

What a woman I thought, stunning.

Richard walked towards Becky, reached and placed a hand round her, onto her stomach, pulled her closer and kissed her neck all over, stopping to nibble on her ear as she leaned backwards into him, pushing against his big cock.

Walking slowly backwards, they made for the chaise, Richard sat…Becky sat….on his lap…with his cock showing and sticking up through her thighs.

He continued kissing her, placed 2 hands on her hips and gently raised her up..moved to hold onto that large cock, put it purposely at my wife’s entrance, and guided it in…only a little bit at a time.

Her eyes were closed and she looked like it felt heavenly sliding in….he must have got about 6 inches in when he pulled out, and she opened her eyes with a glazed look…this looked good..and she was looking at me.

He was getting there…and I could see his balls on her pussy…he was all the way in, and Becky had her back arched, and I could see her legs and feet shaking in pleasure as his hands held her behind her knees, legs spread out. She was starting to ride him now, all of it out and them all back in again.

I knew she would cum soon, she was so wet, and Richard has moved to fondle her erect nipples and slapping the side of her bum….throwing her head back, and gritting her teeth I hear her almost shout out….ohhhh fuuuuuck, I’m gonna cum babeeeeeey…nnnnnnnnggggg….she was going crazy.

I saw her speak to Richard when her orgasm had subsided. …he looked over my wife and gestured to the audience.

Come up dave, she wants you at the same time….nervously I stood, and approached.

You won’t need clothes dave…take them off there….I start to remove my clothes…quickly…and very turned on but apprehensive too.

I’m down to my boxers and get on stage, and my cock is harder than I’ve ever been before.

Becky looks at me.

I need you in me…she says…Richard pulls out of her pussy and starts rubbing over her bum…her eyes widen….no Richard, dave in my arse, you’re too big.

He didn’t need to moisten her tight little butt for long, she was so wet it was running down wetting it for both of us.

I quickly took down my boxers at a woman’s call to….get them off, I want to see your cock.

She lifted slightly moving Richards cock away from her now lubricated bum, turned round to face her new lover, looked him in the eye and lowered her dilated pussy onto his cock head and took it all in ready for me.

She half turned to me, and said, I want you both to fuck me, at which point, Richard placed both hands on her bum cheeks and spread them for me to see his balls resting on her pussy and creeping towards her ass as he was buried fully inside my beautiful wife. Was rhis all a dream?

I rubbed my cock up and down her forbidden area, and lined up on her tight bum hole, I could sense her pushing back, and could feel she was tighter than normal….it must have been his big cock leaving me very little room.

I watched her hole widen as my cock head slipped in, and could hear some of the crowd gasp, one man shouting….just push it all in her…but I wanted to enjoy this new sensation for us both.

I swear I could feel him pulsing a bit through her thin membrane, he only thing keeping our cocks from touching.

I leant in a little and started to move past 6 inches until all 7.5 inches of my cock were deep in her, and heard her moan in pleasure and from the fullness of her body.

Richard started bucking under her, forcing her to be fucked again by his large cock while I slid in and out of her sexy tight ass, I knew all three of us would struggle not to cum quickly, as long as Becky came first.

We didn’t have to wait long. With a loud cry, she shouted for all to hear. ….oh my god, I’m going to come, this feels so good….both holes……ohhhh fuuuuuck….and she came, squeezing mine and Richards cocks, with juices coming out of her pussy and running down Richards cock.

At this point, Richard lifted her till only his head was still in her, looked at me and said…let’s go faster.

I mirrored his action, pulled out till just the head was in her, and we both automatically and timed to perfection…..pushed all the way in….in and out like pistons, my wife still in her high heels and stockings. …getting fucked in front of an audience by two cocks.

I never would have believed I would get this for my birthday.

Beckys tits were bouncing wildly as we both fucked her hard, she came again harder and went a little limp for 10 seconds as I think she passed out….when she came to, she begged us to come in her, told me to tell Richard to come in your wife….who was I to argue.

Richard, I said, cum in my wife’s pussy, she wants it and so do I.

He sped up even more, faster than my pounding into her ass, and I could see he was close….as was I.

I’m going to cum, I said to Becky…..cum she said to us both.

With that, I stiffened and pushed so far into her, to fill her ass with my cum….I could feel Richard stiffening too as he shot his cum deep into my wife.

I heard a distant voice saying…..and that is how you win 100 euros. …well done dave and Rebecca, a great fantasy that you just experienced.

I pulled out of her ass, and she raised herself off Richards shrinking cock, I could see from where I was standing, the globs of spunk dripping out of her, and the audience clapped for us…we almost forgot they were there.

I excitedly grabbed Rebecca hand, and naked we walked back to our seats, clothes in hand, very tired and smelling of sex, to get dressed, finish our champagne and go back to our room for some well deserved and needed sleep and rest.

That was fantastic dave, said Rebecca, he came so much, even more than you do, I really enjoyed you both at the same time too.

Little did I know….a photo of my wife and Richard was printed and used in their outdoor advertising cupboard to show what CAN happen at Bar Amgirl.