double doctors

Bad Days.

I’ve missed something, haven’t I? (Apologies if this is old news).

In ASiB, John is throttling Sherlock.

SHERLOCK: Okay! I think we’re done now, John.
JOHN: You wanna remember, Sherlock: I was a soldier. I killed people.
SHERLOCK: You were a doctor!
JOHN: I had bad days!

I laughed. And I moved on. Always a mistake with this show. You miss things.

In these four lines, we are reminded of John’s double career. Double roles: A killer, and a healer. He’s living a double life. 👀

The action we see is soldier John, using one punch as permission to “let loose” on Sherlock.

I think John is OK with this. I’m a soldier, soldiers kill people, it’s what soldiers DO. Let the soldier out of the box and you get what’s coming to you.

(Also, “You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men”, thanks to @just-sort-of-happened ’s post on fighting: )


The words that we hear are doctor John, confessing. As a doctor, he had bad days. People died.

I think John is NOT OK with this. I’m a doctor, doctors help people live, it’s what doctors DO. (I think this is John’s Poetry, not Truth).

So in John’s mind, perhaps, on all those bad days- when people in doctor John’s care died- they might as well have been murdered. He’s a killer, a serial killer. People trusted him, they came to him with hope… And they died.

The line connecting Culverton Smith and John Hamish Watson… Seeing it now.

One more note on violent John-Hamish.

In TLD, John (imagines himself) beating Sherlock violently in the morgue. I think this is soldier (straight) John, and this is his grim idea of an escalation of that street fight in ASiB. Sherlock asked for it (by nearly killing himself with drugs) and John “lets loose”.

In TFP, Euros (representing John’s hidden queer self, Hamish) attacks Sherlock violently in her cell. I think we’re still in John’s mind… And I think this is his grim idea of what would happen if he allowed Hamish out of the closet. He fears his desires are monstrous and uncontrollable.

Hamish has been locked in isolation for decades, that’s torture. Enter Unicorn metaphor: Unicorns were rare beasts, and people told many exotic and conflicting stories about them. They were “other”; they were dangerous monsters.

One story: The only way to tame a Unicorn was for a virgin (Sherlock) to lure him out of hiding, and take his head in her lap. Then the very touch of the Unicorn’s horn would heal wounds and bring life back to the sick and ailing.

(Um… Monster, virgin’s lap, magic horn.. I’m not making this up…! Link below why I think John-Hamish is a Unicorn).

After S4, I think we’re all sick and ailing. We need Unicorn Hamish to bring us back to life! 🦄💛

John-Hamish Scotland-Unicorn theory:

Thanks to Ariane DeVere for the transcripts!

Fuck your double-standards

People and their damn double-standards. Fuck you people.
Fuck you hypocrites.

Fuck you, if you think disliking women because they’re women is wrong but disliking men because they’re men is ok.

Fuck you, if you think disliking poc because they’re poc is wrong but disliking white people because they’re white is ok.

Fuck you, if you think disliking people of the LGBTQ+ community because they are part of the LGBTQ+ community is wrong but disliking the so-called “cishets” because they’re “cishets” is ok.

Fuck you, if you think straight ships with gay people is wrong but gay ships with straight people is not.

Fuck you, if you treat one group better than another supporting the discrimination and participating in widening the rift between groups.

And before you come calling me stuff like “white cishet scum” just know that I’m an asian bisexual woman. For some reason that makes my voice more valid than that of a white heterosexual man.


This gifset has a very high concentration of David Tennant. 

For fiftysevenacademics.  She knows why.

On Tuesday I’m getting my contraceptive implant bar replaced. It’s been about 2.5 years since my first one was put in, and it’s starting to wear off.

The total cost of this process, the bar, the applicator, the double doctor’s appointment and the check up later to see how it’s going is $6. Thank you Australian health system!

Don’t you dare tell me that healthcare isn’t important. Imagine how many teens and young people in general could benefit from 3 years of contraceptive treatment at the cost of just $6?

The US needs to sort out its priorities. 


An experiment with pattern making! I got an idea and figured I’d start with two of my favorites. Have a few different ideas for these (and other patterns I want to make!), but for now I have them available as various phone cases on RedBubble, if that strikes your fancy.