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i’ve just realised the absolute brilliance of what ends up happening to the doctor’s memories of clara: in the era where it was declared ‘we’re all stories in the end’, the doctor’s punishment for trying to erase clara’s story from her head is that he gets to know the plot but not the story

plots are just a cold, emotionless summary of what happens in any given story, the story is the who (heh), what, where, how and why of it happening, the emotional heart of it for the doctor is scooped right out, leaving only the summary of events 

this is also probably a factor in why he decides to get photographs of bill’s mother for her bc he empathises with bill not having a story of her and wants to help her fill in that gap

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Do you have any recs for some good, long, Ten x Rose AU fics?

Hello there, Nonny. you want AUs (Alternate Universe: Means it’s about another incarnation of the Doctor and Rose)! Sooooo many of them!!! Don’t forget to check out all the fics we’ve reviewed with the AU tag right here. Here are some more that we’ve read but didn’t have time to review for you yet:

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There are a lot more to come!!Tumblr is limiting link space so check the notes for the next rebblogs with more recs on it!

If anyone have any suggestions or wants to rec their own fic, please, add them to this post or send them to our ask box! Hope it help. Enjoy ;-)

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Hey I LOVE your scenarios. They give me life! Please never quit. ❤❤ Well for my request. Could you maybe do the RFA+Saeran and V who try out the birthsimulator (as a challenge maybe)? You know, where electro shocks are send through your stomach to simulate the birth? Would they endure it or give up?

We wanted to make this super funny, but somehow some of them were either sweet or angsty? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sorry…don’t know what happened. Hope you like it though!  Also, we omitted Jaehee because she’s a woman, so…. 


  • He overheard you and Jaehee talking over the phone about birth and birthing pains
  • When you hang up, he just says, “I’m sure it hurts, but it can’t be as bad as being kicked in the balls.”
  • You burst out laughing
  • “You’re comparing pushing life out of your–er–body and saying it’s equivalent to being kicked?”
  • So you give Zen a challenge
  • The next day you go to a place with a birth-simulator
  • Zen starts to get nervous when they start to hook up the wires
  • The pain starts kicking in and he’s like, “Okay, I understand! I take back my comment!”
  • The doctor just blinks, “This is only the second level. You’re only on contractions.”
  • Zen chuckles nervously and continues with the simulator
  • He’s really dramatic when it gets to the actual birth pains
  • He doesn’t last long and he gives up
  • He’s showering you with apologies afterwards


  • He comes home from classes one day and says he lost a bet with one of his friends
  • He looks a nervous so you ask what he has to do as a consequence
  • “Be pregnant.” 
  • “Yoosung, what?!”
  • “Oh, sorry. No, I mean I have to give birth.”
  • You go with him to the place just for support and sympathy
  • During the contractions part, he’s a bit flustered but still okay
  • When they get worse, you hold his hand and walk him through those breathing exercises
  • The doctors and staff are giving you guys weird looks
  • When the pain got so bad that Yoosung grabbed his own crotch, you told them to shut off the machine
  • You pampered him for the rest of the day


  • You were on your period and curled up into a ball because of cramps
  • He was being as pampering as ever, but he was sitting beside you
  • And he says his thoughts aloud, “You know…I want to say that everything is going to be okay, but I can’t, because I don’t actually know how bad your pain is. I can’t sympathize with you to the fullest degree because I can’t feel what you’re going through.”
  • You offhandedly say he could through a birth-simulator
  • You didn’t expect him to have booked an appointment the next day
  • He was so insistent, so you went along with him
  • You think you were more nervous than he was
  • You hold his hand while the staff continually brings up the notches
  • He doesn’t scream in pain, but he clenches his teeth and grunts in pain
  • After awhile, you just can’t handle seeing him like that so you tell them to shut the machine off
  • You explain that you really can’t bear him in that pain, and you would gladly go through that when the time comes
  • But he just smiles and pats your cheek, “But now I can take care of you better when that time does come.”
  • Why does he have to be so sweet?


  • You were on your period and you had really bad cramps
  • So, you asked him to do a lot of things for you–which he was more than willing
  • He just plops next to you and asks what the pain feels like
  • When you explain, he’s the one who brings up the birth simulator
  • You tell him that’s probably going to be worse than your period, but he doesn’t think so
  • “I have a high threshold of pain. It would probably be equivalent for me.”
  • You just let him have his way and go with him to the clinic
  • He says he’s actually kind of excited weirdo
  • But then the doctor is double checking everything before they hook him up and he’s like, “Your heart is beating unnaturally fast.”
  • He has to admit, then, that he’s a little nervous
  • He actually does get pretty high on the pain levels
  • But you see his eyes water a little and you tell him to turn it off because you really don’t want to see him in so much pain
  • He frowns, “I wanted to handle it a little longer. I want to be understanding of your pain when we have kids.”
  • The comment makes you blush a little, but he was so sweet about it


  • You two were watching a movie and there was a scene where a woman was giving birth
  • He groans and rolls his eyes, “It’s really unnecessary to scream that much. You’re just giving birth.”
  • You slowly turn to face him, eyes wide
  • He still doesn’t get it
  • The next day, you tell him you want to go out on a date, but you won’t tell him where
  • He gets a bit nervous when you pull him into some clinic
  • When you tell him he’s going to put under a birth simulator, he just sighs and goes with it cuz he knows how extra you can be sometimes
  • He’s fine for the first few notches 
  • The staff just chuckles as they continue to turn up the notches, “This is only the contractions.”
  • “This is fine–Ahh!”
  • You don’t want him in pain that much, so you only let him experience the pain for a few seconds
  • Still it’s enough for him to hug you afterwards and apologize for his comment


  • You guys were watching some documentary about pregnancy and birth
  • Maybe you guys were having a bit of baby fever
  • But he sighs and says, “I can’t imagine how much pain that must be.”
  • “Yeah, but I would gladly go through it for my children.”
  • He just takes your hands and sincerely replies, “If you go through that, I want to go through as much if not more.”
  • This guy can be so problematic sometimes when it comes to his own suffering
  • But you couldn’t talk him out of doing a birth simulator
  • You actually hated every second of it
  • He was shaking as the pain got worse and worse
  • To make sure you didn’t think he was borderline dying, he shot out a few funny comments
  • But it really was pretty bad when he got to the levels of labor
  • He endured pretty long until the doctor shut it off
  • He couldn’t stand too much afterwards, and you felt horrible, even though he insisted it was his own choice
  • You pampered him for the rest of the day, and he would lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it

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  • Twelve: I don't want to change.
  • me: yes, please don't change! Don't go.
  • my whouffaldi trash brain: yeah, boi you can't change. what if Clara doesn't recognize your new face (she will prolly) but gotta meet her with this face again...then you can change.
I Love Him, He Loves Me || nurseyrans

Ransom could appreciate art. He could! He didn’t, often, and he didn’t get it a lot of times– he preferred practical things to appreciate, like Bitty’s pies, or good goals. Or, of course, Nursey’s ass, which he’d stolen a few furtive glances down at as he walked in front of him. It was a great ass, okay? Sue him. Now that was art to appreciate.

Right now, however, waiting for Nursey to finish what he was doing was sort of killing him.

Ransom… the thing was, he didn’t want to bother him. He knew he could snap like a twig if someone interrupted him, and Nursey had said something about a homework assignment, so he didn’t want to interfere with that. Even though Nursey wasn’t the type to snap, it felt rude not to give him the same respect he always gave him. Besides, he looked kind of cute sitting on the floor, all hunched over his journal, tongue sticking out just the smallest amount. But he was bored. He was mad fucking bored right now.

He tried going through his phone, systemically hitting Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it was a dead day– not much posting, only a few notifications, some tagged pics, some snapchat selfies–

Oh. Ransom sat up and went to snapchat. He could probably entertain himself for at least a few more minutes with snapchat filters.

Dog filter, bunny filter, gold butterflies, truck driver, the little frowny face– he glanced over at Nursey and pouted just a touch because a face swap would be hilarious, honestly. Instead, he pulled one of his selfies from his phone and captioned it “missing you”, before posting it to his story.

Ransom looked up. Nursey had shifted towards him a little– he whipped out his phone and zoomed in to his face as much as possible, grinning a little before taking the picture; he yawned right at that second and Ransom decided to save it and send it to the group chat.

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Okay!  So before I go!  Gif makers, I have a fabulous gif idea, and it would be so awesome if someone did it.  My idea is, Ten (or Nine) looking at Rose (on or off screen) with heart eyes.  Only, instead of one heart for each eye, he has TWO hearts for each eye.  OMG, you guys have no idea how much I want to see this!

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