double distelfink

In April I got a new tattoo. I had been contemplating a new tattoo for years. Long before Portlandia put a bird on it I knew I wanted the design to be around the archetype of a bird. I went through a couple of designs but settled on the Pennsylvania Dutch (or Fancy Dutch) Double Distelfink Hex Sign. My grandfather was Pennsylvania Dutch and I grew up with these hex signs in my house and my grand parents’ house.

The Distelfink is based on a thistle seed eating gold finch and represents good luck. Two Distelfinks double the good luck for especially hard times. The heart at the top brings love while the three tulips beneath the birds represent faith, hope and charity. 

So if you’re one of the half dozen people at the beach on a Friday afternoon this summer when I put my book down to cool off in the water you’ll see my tattoo in the wild, otherwise, this picture might be the only way you know about it.