double disappointment

My thoughts on Double Dragon IV:

Disappointed they went with an 8-bit style, would have preferred 16-bit sprites.

Original creator Kishimoto is directing! Along with other old staffers who worked on DD 1-2.

Lots of expanded fighting moves and co-op shenanigans, love it!

2 Player duel mode is back! Hope it’s something meaty.

Seems like there’s lots of platforming, which is worrisome. Classic Double Dragon platforming was more frustrating than fun.

Hope there’s no bullshit control scheme where buttons get reversed depending on where you are.

Dumb looking cutscenes! That’s awesome. Love the stupid vague storyline of Double Dragon!

The name…makes no sense. Super Double Dragon was Double Dragon IV, and there already was a Double Dragon V.

Kinda disappointed on the lack of platforms, cuz I’d want as many people as possible to play this - No 3DS, Vita, Xbox, Wii U/Switch?

I love how this is coming out so soon though! I assumed “Summer 2017”


anonymous asked:

what would these instruments, if they were alive, be doing on a Friday night?: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, piano, and tuba because why not

Hmmm let me see:

Violin: At a snobby party with other violins

Viola: Chillin’ out together watching movies, making jokes, and making new memes

Cello: At home watching Netflix and crying

Double Bass: Disappointed that no one invited them to hang out so they decided to devil egg the other instruments houses.

Guitar: At a club somewhere or writing new music in a dark corner at home

Piano: Trying to convince the other instruments to hang out with them

Tuba: Got kicked out of a bar because they drank too much and were causing trouble for the other customers.

I hope this is good. I’m not really sure.

I saw scottlava paint a brilliant picture for Psychonauts’ anniversary and I had so many Psychonauts feels. I had also failed to recognise that he’s the art director of the game and I screamed internally. after following him for so long oTL

so i decided to draw Edgar of Black Velvetopia :u one of my favourite characters from the game.. (my all time favourite, I plan to draw soon 8))

Black Velvetopia is my all time favourite level though.. the colours on black is my ultimate favourite combo *__* hnng

Edgar Teglee©Psychonauts
art n stuff©moi :U

Wow that Supergirl/Flash crossover had so much potential and then became super (double meaning!) disappointing

Like I’m sorry Kara forgiving Mon-el just like that was total bullshit. Yeah she needed (?) to learn to let herself be saved(although I thought she already did….) but then why did it have to be her shitty ex who she had valid reasons for dumping be the one to save her? Why couldn’t it have been her sister or her friends?

I’m just so frustrated and so over Karamel. Unless The CW fixes this soon I might honestly just stop watching Supergirl entirely. I hate how it’s been hijacked by this obnoxious plot and character.

thebigcrunchone9  asked:

I sorta saw your plot prediction and how about this a prince crushes on Princess Marco and he's not a snob but is a very nice guy. He hears her, I call Marco her as Princess Marco, say Jackie is her GF. The prince is double disappointed that she is not single and is into girls. But Princess Marco lets the Prince know she is bi. Remember how princes have been let into the school to party with princesses.

I can perhaps buy it as a headcanon but not a plot prediction. I mean I think pursuing the trans Marco storyline would cause enough controversy in that moment so maybe later down the line.

I mean all my idea is, is a plot prediction but I kinda feel like if Disney were to pursue LGBT rep they’d go with one thing at a time rather than jumping all in.

I mean I do think Marco will probably end up being written as bisexual if the trans Marco storyline is pursued but I don’t feel like they’d touch both issues in one episode.

Plus I think the fact that Marco is bisexual will be something they discover through their relationship with Tom, particularly if it develops into something more than a friendship.

Really though… while the majority of the magi community is very calm and welcoming, there are still so many people who do not respect artists. It’s the only thing that really, deeply disappoints me about this fandom. It also double disappoints me that I have privately tried to ask people to not do this to, most of the time, be ignored or get a reply and not have their promise followed through.


That second part is also just as important!!!!!!

Having content on your blog or a few notes is not more important than giving artists the proper crediting and respect that they deserve for spending their own time to bring us beautiful creations.