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Look there are a lot of defining moments in Gravity Falls but I think the most defining one was when the exact clone of Dipper was literally dying and said, “Oh boy. Don’t look now. It’s okay, dude. I had a good run.” and honestly, I think that says everything we need to know about Dipper’s personality and I invite you to imagine what would have happened if the real Dipper had actually gotten hurt in the show.


Gravity Falls + stars


It really impresses me the lengths Alex and the crew go to make Stan out to be a great caretaker. This scene melts my heart, because with all the party hosting and “ripping off suckers” Stan is busy with, he makes sure he’s there to cheer for Mabel when she needs him–not only showing how supportive he is but that he’s been paying attention to her all night. 

I can see why she trusted him when Dipper didn’t. Even with what happened in Dreamscaperers, Stan does show a bit more love and support toward Mabel. Maybe that’s because Dipper’s always off doing his own thing, but even so you can tell he’s got a soft spot for the kid. 

Gravity Falls: Grenda and Gender

Here’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, but have honestly been a little afraid to do so before. Now with much of the fandom rooting for Grenda to become the next Baroness of Austria after last night’s episode (since as we all know, she will marry rich), I decided it was a good time to finally discuss it:

The implication that Grenda may be a trans girl.

Now when I say implication, I don’t just mean I headcanon that Grenda is trans. I mean I feel this is something the show is genuinely trying to imply, but not outright say… since the show unfortunately can’t outright address LGBTQ+ characters and issues without being censored, as proven by the lesbian couple and The Love God’s transgender symbol necklace from the original storyboards of The Love God not appearing in the final episode.

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