double dig

@markKolpack : Way back when we were just getting going with #GhostRider & @IamGabrielLuna. 3D scan session @3DScanLA. Dig Double flew out in the car crash

y’know what really gets me, after all is said and done, in bleach fandom? Why people can’t just be like ‘hey, I was wrong about a thing, maybe I should look over the work again’ like sane people instead of doubling down and digging into a victim narrative and claiming an author did something out of spite. 

I mean, like. I’ve been proven wrong on theories and ships before in other series, and even in bleach itself. That doesn’t mean I dug deeper into my theories, I just went ‘huh. Welp, guess I just got jossed, sucks’ and then went ‘maybe there’s actually more to what happened than I originally thought! Maybe I missed something in my first go through!’ and it often turns out I did once I allowed myself to look at it from another angle.

Generally, I’m just tired as shit of the weird victim narrative in fandom, like Kubo does things to personally spite each and every one of the people who didn’t like the ending or the end ships. Guys, you DO know that’s self-centered as hell, right? The dude doesn’t even know you exist, leave him be. 


Really digging this track.

Straight girl: *wears a full face of makeup [primer, foundation, concealer, highlighting, strobing, contouring, baking, liquid eyeliner, four shades of eyeshadow, mascara on her real lashes, fake lashes, mascara on her fake lashes, dark matte lipstick, lighter matte lipstick in the center of her lips] AND a backwards Supreme hat*

Everyone: Omg you’re such a tomboy!!!!!!!

Lesbian: *wears mascara and lip gloss*

Everyone: Omg you’re such a femme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Double Agent Vader fic: Trickster Steals the Moon

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while, and finally did it: a fic that’s half Ekkreth trickster-tale, and half Anakin’s history as a double agent, where the stories interconnect and Anakin’s actions exist within the sacred tradition of storytelling.

For this one, we’re going back in time a bit. This is set almost immediately after Optimal Functioning, and just before ANH.

The myth in this is the origin story for the holy week of Marokkepu, of which Maru is the central hero. Her name means “water,” and she’s considered one of the great prophets.

I’m blaming this one on @nimblermortal, who may or may not know why.

Trickster Steals the Moon

There are as many Ekkreth stories as there are slaves on Tatooine, which is to say, there are stories without number, and more every day.

This is one of them.

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Throwback Thursday: My first garden over two months, summer 2012-13.

This was at the flat where I lived a couple of years ago. From a flat, unused old vege patch, I created the “double-dig” beds. It was unbelievable how well everything grew - including the weeds! The lesson here being to mulch everything. 100% cover, 100% of the time. The sticks down the middle of the row had peas growing up them, a trick I learned from Jamie Oliver. Down the far end was an existing structure, perhaps once used for growing beans, and I added other sticks I had pruned from round the property to make a sort of tomato enclosure. you can see the baby tomato plants in the first picture under little plastic cups to protect them from the weather. This was a great little garden, lots of things learned, lots of food grown. For that whole summer we didn’t have to buy any vegetables and we ate very well!

just finished watching gamegrumps’ walkthrough of Undertale (started playing it by myself but got lazy at early levels, hah)

and holy shit, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT

I had my doubts about this game at first but now I can see why people love it so much :D