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The Boss

Bucky X Reader Coffee Shop AU

Requested by @jbb-98Bucky X Reader where she works say, a coffee shop and her boss just treats her so horribly where she can’t take it anymore and starts crying and it just so happens Bucky is there to save the day! They are already together too. And he has a little ‘talk’ with her manager? Fluff at the end?? I hope you like it! xxxx

Warnings: Some sexual harassment by the creepy boss (verbal). 

Word count: 1024

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“Y/N! Did I say you could have a lunch break today? No. I didn’t think so. Why would you be eating when there are paying customers here who need feeding.” You stuff the other half of your sandwich back into your bag, focusing all your energy resisting the urge to roll your eyes at your boss, or worse tell him what you were really thinking. After all you have a right to eat during a 7 hour shift, he was more than capable of serving the one man who had entered in the last 10 minutes.

“Yes, Mr. Finch. I’ll get right on that.”

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I fucking love people who think they’re gonna get pushed up the queue if they tap their foot or cross their arms or huff or fucking tell me their kid has soccer. I’m just like :))))) I’m sorry :)))) I didn’t know your “I’m a Middle Class White Suburban Soccer-Mum” card entitled you to line jumping & rushed service. Please let me put your double shot decaf skinny latte before every other person in the cafe who has been waiting for longer than you??? :)))) yes?? Will that make you happy Sheryl? Will you stop rolling your eyes now? :)))) Do I have to do that for you? Because :))) You :))) Are :))) An :))) Impatient :))) Mole :))) With :))) Terrible :))) Taste :))) In :))) Handbags :))))))))))

so i went to starbucks right and i ordered a venti decaf double ristretto half soy organic chocolate brownie light iced vanilla double shot gingerbread frappicino with foam whipped upside down, double blended, and im rlly heated bc they made it wrong like its not that fucking hard