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Are you still taking prompt suggestions?? Can I suggest Clizzy/Malec double date!?

Sorry for taking so long!!! Omg. I’ve been procrastinating quite a lot. Thanks for the suggestion!

“Where are they? It’s been twenty minutes,” Clary said and looked around, her hand holding Izzy’s tight.

“I don’t know. This is strange, Magnus is usually on time,” Izzy paused to look around too. Clary wondered how Isabelle managed to swing her head around with such violence without ruining the perfect waves of her hair. “Alright, I’m gonna call Alec.”

Izzy let go of Clary’s hand to look for her phone. Clary used this moment to stare at her girlfriend, pure glory in a tight blue dress and black stilettos. Maybe Alec was right when he said that Clary wasn’t exactly Izzy’s type. For starters, she was wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a blue leather jacket (at Izzy’s request, because she wanted to match).

Just when Isabelle was about to dial, a voice called for them.

“We’re here!” both turned around to find Magnus and Alec approaching them, a little bit out of breath. The one that called was Alec.

“We are terribly sorry for being late, ladies. Someone here took a lot to choose an outfit,” Magnus said, side-eyeing Alec who scoffed loudly. Magnus was looking as great as always, but Alec’s outfit seemed a little bit out of place, as if he put it on in a rush.

“Are you sure that’s what held you guys up?” Isabelle lifted an eyebrow in Alec’s direction, making her brother blush wildly.

“I wish that was the case, Isabelle,” Magnus admitted and Alec sent his way a glare.

“Anyways, let’s get in. Izzy barely convinced the host to move the time of our reservation,” Clary said hanging on Izzy’s arm.

They walked into the restaurant, a very little and private place with dim yellow lights and a very vintage-like decoration. Yellow Christmas lights hang from the ceiling and some of the walls and in every table, at its center, a vase with white roses on them. The restaurant was picked by both Magnus and Isabelle, in one of their many reunions.

“Reservations?” The tall host asked them. His skin was dark, and his hair carefully pulled back with hair product. He asked the question more out of duty than anything else, since he already recognized Izzy.

“Isabelle Lightwood. I have a table for four.”

The host pretended to look on his list. “That is correct. If you and your friends will follow me, Miss Lightwood?”

With a hand gesture, he invited them to follow him. They moved around between tables and diners until they reached the back of the room to a table behind a patterned screen with four chairs and a white tablecloth.

Once they were all sitting -Magnus and Alec facing each other, Izzy by Magnus’ side facing Clary; the host stood there, a forced smile on his face.

“A waiter would be here to take your orders soon. Enjoy your night.” And then he was gone, his shoulders relaxing when he was out of sight. There was something weird about these clients, he thought. Some kind of strange aura surrounding them.

“This place is even prettier in real life, isn’t it?” Izzy asked, her attention completely on Magnus.

“It is, dear. The pictures can’t compare,” Magnus agreed with his eyes already eyeing the atmosphere. “Maybe Alexander is a little underdressed but I suppose your handsome host doesn’t mind.”

“Izzy paid him a little extra so he wouldn’t say anything,” Clary added remembering how offended the host looked. “Or maybe he was scared, I guess I wouldn’t know.”

“Call me over cautious, but I feel like he can see more than he should,” Alec had a big grumpy face, as always.

“You think he has the sight?” Izzy was now interest in the host, apparently.

“It’s true he looked at us in a suspicious way. If he does, I guess we won’t find out tonight,” Magnus seemed happy with that. He was tired of demons coming to annoy them on every date they had.

A waiter arrived minutes later when they were talking about vague things. It was Alec’s policy to keep any shadow world related subject vague so anyone eavesdropping could misunderstand it as some movie talk or anything as mundane as that. The waiter was obviously unimpressed to hear about demons, because he didn’t even bat an eye at them.

After taking their orders (Magnus and Izzy’s being the quite complicated ones), he went away not before leaving glasses of water for everyone.

“Whose idea was this?” Alec was holding Magnus’ hand over the table shamelessly, and Izzy pretended not to notice.

“Mine, of course. Magnus wasn’t even sure you will agree,” Izzy sent a questioning look to Magnus, and he laughed.

“What can I say? I can be quite persuasive when I want to.”

That statement seemed to annoy Alec. Clary giggled a little, obviously getting what kind of deal Magnus did with Alec to convince him of going on a double date with his little sister and her girlfriend.

“It’s not funny, Fray,” Alec grunted, glaring at Clary.

She was starting to regret sitting by his side and not by Magnus’. But it was already too late, she wasn’t going to ask for changing seats, and she definitely couldn’t escape into another conversation, because Magnus and Izzy were too distracted talking to one another, as if Alec and Clary weren’t sitting just there.

Alec didn’t seem bothered. He was playing with Magnus’ fingers as if being ignored wasn’t such a big deal. But for Clary it was weird, not being the center of Izzy’s attention as it always was when they went out.

Albeit shyly, Clary poked Alec’s shoulder to call his attention. He looked down at her, his face remaining impassive and unimpressed.

“Aren’t you bothered that he’s ignoring you?” Clary whispered, but it seemed like she could scream and they will still not hear her.

That made Alec smile fondly in Magnus’ direction.

“He’s not ignoring me, believe me.”

In that moment she noticed that Magnus was drawing circles in Alec’s hand and also, she didn’t need to look down to realize that Magnus was probably caressing Alec’s calf with his foot.

The waiter arrived again, this time with red wine and some glasses.

Magnus made a cheesy and funny toast to which everyone laughed, and the night continued like that, Magnus and Izzy speaking to each other and sometimes acknowledging who was sitting in front of them.

Clary maybe didn’t have the date she was promised, but at least she bonded with Alec.

“Oh gosh, I’m so gay for this,” Alec said in one of occasion as an answer to one of Clary’s comments.

Well, they were kind of bonding.

Double Date - Solangelo

Double Dates


Will popped the question when him and Nico were walking along the shoreline. “How would you feel about, oh, I don’t know, double dating?”

Nico, misunderstanding the question, jumped back, yanking his hand out of Will’s larger one in the process. “W-what!?” Nico stuttered in disbelief. “This is a wholly monogamous relationship, Will… We are in no way polyamorous and if you enjoy partaking in things like that, then maybe you should’ve mentioned it before we made us official not because that’s wrong or anything but because that’s pretty vital infor-”

“Woah, woah, woah!” Will stopped in his tracks and grabbed Nico’s skinny wrist, turning the younger boy until he was facing him. “Woah. I don’t really know what ‘monogamous’ or ‘polyamorous’ means - you know I don’t speak nineteen thirties - so before you continue to freak out, could you explain what in Olympus you’re talking about?”

Nico grimaced, shooting the blonde a look that obviously read seriously, Will? “Monogamous means a relationship between only two people, and polyamorous is, as you put it, double dating - having many or more than one romantic partner - which is something that doesn’t appeal to me. Like, at all.”

To Nico’s further confusion, Will’s jaw dropped. “You think that’s what double dating means?” Will threw his head back, laughing. “No, Gods, I keep forgetting that you’re still so behind on twenty-first century lingo… Double dating doesn’t mean having an open relationship. It means going on a date with another couple.”

“Oh.” As embarrassment took over, Nico could feel red hot blood rush up his body and to his cheeks. It wasn’t his fault that he categorized double dating with polyamorous relationships - they sounded like they could’ve had similar meaning, and learning modern terms wasn’t exactly on his list of things to do now that the Giant War was over. Besides, he was still trying to grasp the concept of the foolish mortal term, YOLO. You’re only little once? You Only Like Oreos? He just didn’t understand.

Will smiled crookedly at the sight of his blushing boyfriend, and caught the dark-haired boy off guard when he leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss to the reddened skin of his cheek. “You’re so cute, you know that?”

Nico shied away and hung his head so that his shaggy hair fell over his eyes, embarrassed by both his mistake and Will’s affection. “I’m not cute…”

He heard Will hum in thought. “You’re right… You’re not cute, you’re adorable, Darling.”

Knowing that there wasn’t a chance to get Will to take the unmanly term back, Nico got over his embarrassments and lifted his head back up to glare at his boyfriend. “I just can’t win with you, can I?” He exhaled.

“Nope!” Will grinned, popping the ‘p’ in nope. “Now, your opinion on double dating?” The two resumed their walking, and it took a moment of thinking before Nico shrugged in reply.

“I don’t know, it kind of sounds weird… Going out with another couple? I’m just barely l at ease when it’s just the two of us, so who knows how awkward it’ll be when we bring two others into the equation.” Nico wrinkled his nose. “Yeah, while I can’t really base my answer on experience, I’d have to say that I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that much.”

From the corner of his eye, Nico could see that Will had pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. “Are you sure? Maybe you’d like it, if you gave it a try…”

Nico knew Will too well to know that his boyfriend was hinting at something. “You set up a double date, didn’t you?” He asked with a sigh, raising his arm to brush his hand through his hair. His fingers knotted in the dark strands, and he had to tug a couple of times to free them.
“Yeah, about that, I might ha-” Before Will could finish his sentence, a faceless force pounced onto Nico’s back, successfully knocking the son of Hades face-first into the ground.

“What the-” Nico flipped himself over so he could see what the heck just sent him flying to the ground and groaned once he was met with the sea-green eyes of his past crush. “Percy.” He warned in annoyance, trying and failing to push the older boy off of him. When Percy refused to move, he could hear Will chuckle from somewhere above. “Get off of me.” He said bluntly, but once again, the son of Poseidon didn’t budge.

“But I’m so comfortable here… No wonder Will likes to cuddle you.” He nuzzled his face into Nico’s neck, giving the boy he had trapped under him an unpleasant mouthful of raven hair. “You’re like a giant, fluffy teddy bear from the Underworld… Maybe I should steal you for myself.” The trapped boy heard Will make a sound of disapproval. Nico was sure his face was redder than Apollo’s cows at that point, and had never been so thankful for Annabeth - she had arrived with Percy, but her arrival was nowhere near as pronounced - who crouched down to lug her boyfriend to his feet.

“That’s enough, Seaweed Brain.” Annabeth chided, but there was laughter laced in her voice.

“Yeah, hands off my boyfriend!” With a light smack to Percy’s arm, Will reached his hand down to Nico and pulled him up. The underworld-born narrowed his eyes at Percy, who became slightly uncomfortable from the intense look as he spoke.

“So, uh, are you guys ready? We have reservations in like, half an hour. Or, I think it’s half an hour…” Percy glanced down at a watch he was given by Leo before looking up at Annabeth in puzzlement. “Annabeth, this thing doesn’t make any sense!” He huffed, shoving his wrist up to the stormy-eyed girl’s face.

“Perce, it’s just a normal watch.”

“No, it’s a stupid watch!”

Ignoring their further banter, Nico turned to his boyfriend with a mixture of question and annoyance pooling in his dark eyes. “Ready? Will, what does he mean by ‘are you guys ready’?” Nico crossed his arms, cocking his hip to the side in expectancy for an answer.

Will smiled down at him sheepishly. “Surprise…” He tried, shaking his hands in the air. “We’re going on a double date with these two! Isn’t that, uh, exciting?”
“Will, really?” Nico complained, lolling his head back to look up at the darkening night sky. Annabeth stepped away from Percy before will could respond. “So, apparently Percy’s been reading his watch wrong and we actually have ten minutes to get to the restaurant, not thirty…” She paused to glare at her embarrassed-looking boyfriend. “And that means that if we want to keep our reservation, we need to leave right this second.” With that, Athena’s daughter snatched Percy’s hand and began to walk away from the shoreline. Will and Nico followed, but Will could see that Nico didn’t look as happy as he would’ve liked.

“Aw, cheer up -  it’ll be fun! Well, as long as Percy doesn’t try anything funny with you.” He sent a challenging look Percy’s way, slinging his arm around Nico possessively. Nico angled his head to look back at his boyfriend, the smallest shadow of a smile dancing across his lips. “Don’t worry, he’s not really my type.”

From ahead, Nico could hear an irritated grunt leaving Percy’s lips, followed by a grumbled “Not his type…” Percy shook his head. “I’m everyone’s type.”


Welcome to Juvia’s Shojo World [ sketchdump from my instagram ]

Shojo!Gray is my everything and I’m sprouting sparkles and flowers. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE

1&2: Gray, Juvia & Lyon in the most generic boardingschool!Shojo, and a love triangle between the new girl, the cool kid and the senpai
3&4: Juvia day dreaming in 413 days
5&6&7: DOUBLE DATE ofc Natsu’s the reason why they’re late and Gray strop tryna look cool you nervous shit. Juvia’s overdressed as usual because the term “casual date” is not in her dictionary

Jimmy Pesto’s would be one of those places that take pics of couples. Lol.

(weekend at mort’s episode)