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Long time, no talk! I’ve been busy in Florida, and unable to post.

SO. I’m finally sharing the last of the Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy photoshoot I did with Kyuu Vixen Cosplay! :D I saved the best for last. I love shippy pictures, if you know me at all, and I just think that kissing one of the two of us is so adorable because Double D is a pure cinnamon roll.

Thanks for following me through this Marie x Double D journey you guys!

Marie Kanker: Kyuu Vixen Cosplay
Double D: Hideyo Mochimo (aka Me)
Photographer: CMG Photography

Disclaimer, I respect any writer’s descision to write however and whatever they like in terms of fan fiction.

Having said that, it really bothers me in the ed edd n eddy fanfiction community how some writers portray Marie Kanker. I understand that not everyone ships her with Double D and I can see why. He’s nice, sweet, brainy, and a clean freak while she’s abbrasive and aggressive. Those personalities can easily clash.

But there’s a way to not ship them without completely villifying Marie. She doesn’t have to be a psychological, violent rapist just because you don’t like her.

Sexual assault has no excuse and is never okay, but I think a lot of people act unfairly towards Marie based on her behavior in the cartoon. Yes she attacks and kisses Edd even though he clearly doesn’t want it, but people seem to forget a a few things:

1) She’s closer to being a kid than a teenager. Let’s not forget that this isn’t an adult or sexually active teen who knows better. This is a middle school kid who has a crush and probably doesn’t know how to handle it differently. In all likelihood, by the time she gets to high school, she’ll definitely know that it is unacceptable to tackle and kiss someone while they scream no.

2) She grew up in an environment where violent behavior is pretty much norm. Marie acts violently towards her sisters as a default, it just so happens that she likes Edd. And her mother probably taught her to act aggressively towards her “man” and that’s a normal relationship.

Marie will probably grow up tough and aggressive, but by the time she gets to high school/ adulthood she’ll know the difference between sexual assault. Unless your intention i to write Marie out of character to make her the villian of your story, STOP WRITING HER AS A RAPIST LIKE ITS NORMAL!! BECAUSE IT ISNT!

By the way, Marie isn’t the only aggressive one in the show.

All the Kankers act the same way so why is Marie usually the only one written as an evil psycho rapist?

Eddy is also abusive physically, emotionally, and verbally. But he’s also a sympathetic and well rounded character in the show. Some writers still villify him as a greedy, sleazy jerk but no where near to the same extent that Marie is written as a psycho and a rapist.

The worst of all is how KevEdd is treated like the golden ship even though Kevin is equally if not more abusive than Marie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you can’t like Kevedd, that’s your preference. But Kevin physically harms the Eds, including Edd ALL THE TIME. He’s also emotionally and verbally abusive towards them. WITH THE INTENT TO HARM. Yes he has a change of heart at the end of Big Picture Show, but can’t Marie also have a change of heart? Why does Kevin get to have his voilent past erased but not Marie?

Why are people so quick to defend Nazz if she’s portrayed as stupid or a slut, but no one says anything if Marie kills someone?

In conclusion, if you don’t want Marie with Edd there are a thousand different ways to do it without making her an evil rapist, psychopath, or murderer.


More Marie Kanker and Edd (Double D) photos. 

Since KevEdd started to sail, this ship has lost a lot of love. Marie was like, the only good Kanker sister, let’s be real. Plus, this shoot was so fun and brought me nostalgic feels.

Marie cosplayed by Kyuu Vixen Cosplay.
Double D is me (Hideyo Mochimo.)