double cross my heart

I’m Coming Up Only To Hold You Under

A drabble because I’m frustrated.


Danny slouched as he shouldered his backpack moodily, his face set into a downtrodden scowl as he shoved his hands in his pockets. He was heading home after the fiasco at the mall, and honestly, he wasn’t any less angry after what he’d seen. Well, angry was… a strong word. Conflicted, betrayed, hurt - that better suited the situation at hand… He sighed, kicking at a rock in the middle of the asphalt road (and nearly tripping over it a moment later). What did she see in him? He was just a piece of work with white hair and an accent. What did Gregor have that he didn’t?

…Well, the accent for starters, actually. But that was besides the point! Then again… He growled, clenching his fists. They wouldn’t care. They wouldn’t care either way, they were too busy cozying up to the Hungarian transfer student.

Why did she kiss back?

…And why was she automatically all over him?

He was… shit, he was the total package from the beginning.

Y'know, he’s not a bad guy,” He mocked Tucker’s statement, arms crossed irritably across his chest. “Yeah? Well then why do the Guys in White show up every time he’s around, huh, Tuck? I’d love to see you explain that!” He threw his hands up in exasperation before sighing, returning to his crossed posture. “It was for her own good. I can tell he’s a spy! When she spied on me, it was because she was ‘looking out for me’. But when I try to keep her from running off with some sleazy guy, I’m suddenly spying!

He was really glad the streets were empty at this time of night.

Danny: So… I’m sorry. I never should have betrayed your trust by spying on you and your… boyfriend.

Sam: He’s not my boyfriend. I dumped as soon as I found out you were right about him being a phoney. Apparently, that is the only way a guy could like me.

Tucker: That’s not true.

Danny: That’s totally not true! There’s a million reasons why a guy could like you. I mean, you’re smart, you’re fun, you’re cool, you’re pretty– Why am I still talking? I am such a spazz.