double creepers

Razzy~ A FANFIC WRITTEN BY Helraisingstar!!! It's about me and the turtles please read and hope y'all enjoy! ❤️

“Guys? Hello?” Jasmine’s voice rang through out the lair, with footsteps light as air she walked down the steps towards what served as the kitchen for the turtles and Splinter and set down the pizza box she was carrying. Nobody seemed to have heard her, so she cleared her throat and yelled louder “I brought pizza!”

She might as well have just yelled that she was dying, because the second that the word ‘pizza’ left her mouth Mikey came sprinting in from the other room “Pizza? Awe Jazzycakes you didn’t have to-“ And suddenly he was tripping over something and face planting the ground with a groan before an “Ow.”

Startled, Jasmine jumped and looked around the table at him “Mikey you okay?”

“Oh yeah.” He was jumping back to his feet in mere seconds  “It’s all good bra. Now, you mentioned pizza?”

She shook her head and pointed to the box “Right there.”

“Sweet.” His bright blue eyes grew wide as he inched forwards to open the box “You’re the best Jazz.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes and watched him open the box while Leo and Donnie came into the room “Hey guys,”

“Hey Jasmine. Oh! Pizza!” Donnie cried gleefully before picking up a slice and joining his younger brother in eating it.

“Oh I get it, you guys just want the pizza and don’t want to talk to me.” Jasmine crossed her arms with a small grin on her face “Fine, I see how it is.”

Leo picked up a piece and held it in his hands “That’s not true, the pizza is just much more delicious.”

Jasmine raised an eyebrow “I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or be offended to what it may imply.”

Leo took a bite and then after a few seconds of realization his eyes went wide “That’s uh. Not what I meant.”

Mikey let out a snort “Dude, thats nasty.”

“Shut up Mikey!” The leader snapped before looking at Jasmine “Sorry Jazz.”

She just shook her head, her mouth shaping a small smile “It’s fine Leo.”

Just then Raph walked into the room, Jasmine’s smile grew as she looked at him “Hey Raph.”

He gave a nod as his greeting and pushed his way to the pizza box to grab two slices “Whats up Short Stuff?”

Jasmine looked down at the ground slightly embarrassed, she hated the fact that she was only 5’4 and that the turtles towered over her. Even Mikey was a giant compared to her, they would always tease her about it, especially Raph.

“So Jazzy.” Mikey said with his mouth full “We gonna have our date night tonight?”

Jasmine laughed as the other three stared at their youngest brother in confusion “Sorry Mike, I can’t, I’m going out tonight.”

Mikey’s face dropped as he swallowed “But we were gonna watch Creeper Double Feature’s tonight!”

“I have a date.” She shrugged, trying to reason with him.

Raph’s head turned slightly at the word “Date?”

“Yeah, it’s supposed to be a date with me!” Mikey pouted “Not cool Jazzycakes.”

She sighed and patted his arm “Tomorrow okay Mikey? I promise.”

The pout was still on his face and he wouldn’t look at her, but he nodded his head which indicated that he wasn’t mad at her “Fine”

“We can watch as many Creeper Double Feature’s as you want.” She reassured him “But I have to go get ready, I’ll see you guys tomorrow okay?”

Mikey, Don and Leo said their goodbyes but Raph followed her to the door “Where ya goin’ on this date?”

Jasmine raised an eyebrow as she turned around to look at him “Brooklyn, why?”

Raph crossed his arms, flexing his huge biceps “That’s a rough part of town, you know that.”

“So?” She eyed him up “Doesn’t mean I’m getting kidnapped, I’m going to be with other people.”

“Not good enough.” He argued. “I’m comin’ with you to keep an eye on you.”

“No you are not.” Jasmine stuck up an index finger “You’re not coming to supervise my date Raph, that’s just weird.”

The serious look on his face didn’t falter “You don’t really get a say in this matter. I’m coming with you.”

“No.” She pressed “I’m not some child you can just boss around.”

Raph followed her as she started to walk closer to the door “What happens if you do get in trouble?”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She demanded “Are you saying I can’t defend myself?”

“Of course you can’t defend yourself, look at you you’re the size of a doll.” He resentfully said, gesturing to her body.

Oh that did it.

Say what you would about Jasmine’s hight, but her temper was more than enough to make up for that, once she was ticked off there was almost nothing that could stop her “That’s what you think of me? I’m just some doll for you to keep locked up in this place? I don’t need you to protect me!”

She’d have to lie if she said that the slightly hurt and taken aback expression on the turtles face didn’t satisfy her. At the moment she was angry, and all she wanted to do was hurt Raph “You think so?” He said quietly.

Jasmine clenched her fists “I know so! I don’t need you hiding in the shadows, following me everywhere I go Raph! What, you don’t have anything better to do!?”

His eyes went down to near slits as he unravelled his arms and leaned over to glare down at her “Fine Shorty, you don’t want me to follow you around then I’ll just letcha go. Have fun trying to get out of trouble on your own.”

Jasmine didn’t back down from his glare, she stood tall and the two stared each other down until she turned around and walked out of the lair.

She was gone just like that, it didn’t take her too long to get out of the sewers and back up to her apartment which was just across the street from the manhole she used to get to the turtle’s place.

Jasmine’s parents were always working since her dad was a partner in a big business company, so she was on her own a lot, especially on weekends. She could go anywhere she wanted to, which was also why she spent so much time at the Lair with the turtles.

She had a shower, got changed, and just as the sun was setting she was catching a taxi out to Brooklyn where she would meet Kane and her friends.

Kane and Jasmine had known each other since the beginning of high school, they liked to flirt a lot and yesterday he had asked her if she’d want to go to a street dance as his date. Of course it wasn’t actually a date, but given the fact that Jasmine had had a crush on him since forever, she obviously accepted.

She arrived at the address she was given and got out, the street was lit up with all kinds of lights, there was music, drinks, food, and lots of people. It took a while, but eventually she found Kane and her friends.

“Hey guys.” She smiled at them all, they returned it and gave greetings of their own. She turned to Kane and that’s when her smile dropped; in his hands was a beer and cigarette. Two things that she really didn’t like.

“Hey Jazz.” He smiled at her, taking a sip of the bottle “You look nice.”

“Uh, thanks.” She said a little uneasy, she wasn’t one for being a prune, but she really hated it when people around her smoked and drank booze “I didn’t know you were into that stuff.”

“Oh yeah.” He grinned and looked at the cigarette he was holding “Don’t tell the folks.”

She nodded and bit her lip, she had a bad feeling about this.

The night went on, she and Kane danced, and as they did Kane drank and smoked more and more.

A lot more.

“C’mon.” He said to her around midnight “I wanna show you somethin’.”

Hesitantly, Jasmine followed him up the fire escape of one of the buildings surrounding the dance. There were some shaky moments for Kane as they climbed, she made sure that he didn’t fall off, and eventually they reached the top.

Kane walked up to the edge and leaned on it with a sigh, Jasmine followed and saw what he was talking about; the view was a sight to behold!

“Wow.” She said more to herself then to him; the turtles had shown her around the high tops of the city plenty of times before, but she had to admit that this was one of the better sights.

“Yeah.” Kane smiled at the view of the Hudson River “It’s quite somethin’ ain’t it?”

“It is.” She agreed, standing next to him “Why’d you want to show it to me?”

Kane put out the cigarette he was currently smoking and smiled at her before reaching for her chin “Just wanted to set the mood.”

Jasmine had imagined what it would be like to kiss Kane Evanders for a long time, but she didn’t want it to be like this; he was a good student, a nice person, and a great friend… When he was sober.

“No.” She pushed him away “Kane I don’t want it to start like this.”

“Start like what?” He asked, reaching for her again and leaning in “Just relax.”

But she dismissed him again “Kane you’re drunk! I don’t want to be the girl you had while you were like this, I should go.”

But as she went to leave he grabbed her wrist “Oh no ya don’t! I didn’t hike it all the way up here just for you to walk away from me, Loyal!”

Jasmine tried to pull herself out of his grasp “Kane let go!”

He wasn’t budging and managed to bring her back towards him, pushing her up against the wall so she was leaning over it a bit “You’re mine.” His breath reeked of alcohol as he spoke. The closer he leaned in, the farther Jasmine was pushed over the wall.

“Kane let me up!” She cried, trying not to look down “Please! Let me up!”

“Not until you give me some!” He demanded, but that was as far as he got before something was sending him flying backwards with an “AHH!” His grip on Jasmine had disappeared and she found herself tilting off the edge. She screamed but it didn’t last long before someone was grabbing her firmly by the wrist and pulling her up towards them.

She recognized his touch and was quick to cower against his chest, tears falling down her face as huge arms wrapped themselves around her petite body, protectively. She had never been so glad to see him in all her life!

“It’s okay Jazz, I gotcha.” Raph said to her in a soothing matter “I gotcha. He ain’t gonna hurt you.”

Jasmine looked up at the turtle in front of her, the attitude and cockiness that was normally in his eyes had disappeared and right now all she could see was concern as he asked her “You okay?”

She nodded before looking around him to see Kane passed out on the ground. She looked up at her saviour, shooting him an accusing look “Raph!”

“Wasn’t me.” He said, raising his hands off of her to put them up in defence “Kid ran himself into the wall after he saw me.”

“Oh…” Jasmine trailed off and looked at the ground. 

Raph sighed, getting the gist that she wasn’t in the mood to talk yet, he picked her up “C’mon. I’ll take ya home.”

It’s not like she could argue even if she wanted to, which she didn’t, she was glad that he had shown up.

Raph got them back to Jasmine’s apartment and finally set her down on her fire escape. She opened her window and sat on the ledge, looking back at him as he crouched down “Okay you were right. Now will you just say I told you so already? It’s driving me nuts.”

He was looking out at the city as he spoke “I ain’t saying I told you so.”

This surprised her “What?”

He looked down at her “I don’t care about being right. I’m just glad that you’re safe.”

“Oh.” She trailed off once more “So why did you come even after we fought?”

“Because.” He put his finger on her chin and smiled at her “No matter how big of a pain in the neck you are Short Stuff, I’m always gonna be around to protect you. Whether you like it or not.”

Jasmine smiled at this, realizing just how lucky she was to have Raph in her life. She leaned up and kissed his cheek, “Thanks for saving me tonight, I’m glad you came.”

He smiled again and stood up “Catcha tomorrow?”

She nodded “Definitely.”

“Good.” He said, climbing the railing and hanging off of it “Make sure to bring more than just one pizza okay? It didn’t end well today.”

Jasmine laughed and nodded “I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Get some sleep.” He told her before giving a wink “I’ll see ya tomorrow Short Stuff.” And with that he launched himself off the railing into the air.

Jasmine got up and watched him hang off the fire escape of the apartment complex across the street and look up at her with a grin. He gave a little salute and gracefully flipped so he was falling, landing on the manhole and slipping into the sewers out of sight.