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Stay Quiet

“Hey, Dean.” Castiel looked up from his paper and cup of coffee when Dean stumbled into the kitchen, still groggy from another late night working. “Can I get you some breakfast?”

Dean shook his head and went straight to the coffee pot. He poured himself a cup and doctored it to his liking before taking a seat next to Cas. He held the hot mug tightly in both hands, venturing a small sip before committing to a bigger one.

“You came in late.” Cas said. Dean didn’t acknowledge him at all, and Cas had to suppress a laugh. Fuckin’ ray of sunshine in the morning.

“Did you have a good time with Sam?”

Dean shrugged and drank more coffee.

“I’m going in for a meeting this morning, but I might be home early. Everyone’s coming for movie night tonight.”

That caught a smile at least. Castiel got up and put his dishes in the sink and then grabbed his bag by the door. Dean watched him the whole way and Cas came back to kiss him. “I love you. Text if you need anything?”

Dean nodded and laid his head on the table. Cas rubbed his back and leaned down to kiss him again, just behind the ear. “Maybe a nap?” he whispered and kissed him again before he had to go.


“I don’t know why we even wasted the time on this case.” Castiel complained to Charlie as he tossed folders onto the looming stack on his desk. .

“At least they paid us for it?”

“But they essentially voted to continue alienating their customers. I don’t understand-” Castiel cut himself off and took a deep breath. “I want a better screening process. I don’t like putting my time into people who don’t actually care about their customers.”

“I know. I’ll look at the interview process and see what we can change.” Charlie said. She started out of Castiel’s office, but he spoke just as she started to close the door.

“You’re still coming tonight, right?”

Charlie popped her head back in. “Would I miss a Friday night movie?”

“Good. Dean is always happy to see you.”

Charlie nodded and cleared her throat. “So…. any progress? With Dean?”

Castiel turned his eyes back to his computer screen. This question. It was the one he hated the most and the one most frequently asked by everyone but Sam and Jess.

“He’s doing really well. He’s working with a gallery again, so he’s really happy about that.”

Charlie nodded, but didn’t push further. Cas knew she would evaluate for herself when she saw Dean that evening.

“Okay. He seems like he’s in a good place the last few times I’ve been over.”

Castiel nodded. “He is. You look at the interview stuff and I’ll close out this case, okay?”

“Sure thing.” She said, and closed the door behind her.

If someone had told Cas right after the incident that their lives would change and be better for it, he would have punched them right in the face. No shit, it changed. There was the surgery to remove the ruptured spleen and then another to put his arm back together and then physical therapy that kept him in the hospital for a few weeks. They were managing it all well, but when the doctors concluded that the loss of Dean’s speech was due to the psychological trauma and not physical injury, Cas hadn’t known what to do with that information. He knew vaguely that this had happened to Dean before, but not the details. In the meeting with the doctor and the therapist Sam and Bobby tried to reconstruct what they knew- Dean had gone three months without speaking after witnessing his mother’s death in a house fire, and almost six months after his father died in an accident that almost killed a teenage Dean and Sam as well. A nearly fatal mugging certainly fit the pattern of trauma induced selective mutism that Dean had adopted.

But now, five months in and all of his physical injuries healed, Dean and Cas had adopted a second language that only they spoke. When they were both home it was quiet. Dean no longer filled empty space with conversation, and Cas had never felt the need to in the first place. Instead they sat close and conversed through touch and an elaborate use of eye expressions. Before the incident Sam has called it eye fucking, but now it was conversation.

It was amazing how much they could say to each other now with just a look. Castiel already had three years of practice in reading Dean’s expressions, but now he was an expert. For the first few months he found himself always trying to find any hint of discomfort or stress in Dean’s face, but now he could read most everything if Dean didn’t close himself off during his depressive days.

Castiel opened files and sorted papers, consulting his computer a few times, but ultimately after several minutes had to admit to himself that he was just moving things around without actually accomplishing anything. It was okay to take a break, right? He stood and stretched, and almost on cue his phone buzzed with a text from Dean.

Going out tonight instead of movie

Everyone is already planning to come to our place.

They are coming with us. Dinner



Do I need to make a reservation?

Sam did

Okay. I will be home soon. Did you catch a nap?

I’m working

Cas sat back down in his chair. He needed to work too, but he just couldn’t think. After looking around at the stacks he’d made earlier, he made a deal with himself to leave as soon as he closed out the case.

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never enough Rhysies~~
and there’s Tim
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UPDATE! I absolutely loved @snazzyskeleton​‘s idea about rhys who met jack’s body double on helios and begged vaughn and yvette to take a picture of them together
(said random body double said something super cheesy in character and Rhys is dying)
SO here we goooo

Platonic VLD Week 2 - Day 5

This may have been inspired by the fact that I might have accidentally gotten myself sucked into a late-2000s teen soap today… whoops…

Temporary / Constant

“Never fear, the pods will only be down temporarily!” Coran exclaimed.  "We’ll have them back up in no time.“

Keith groaned.  "Isn’t there something you can do until then?”

“We’re doing it!  A splint and bed rest!  Oh, you’re going to have such a good time watching that thing the others brought back from the mall while you’re healing!”

Keith groaned again, turning toward the others.  "And you guys are sure that’s all they had?“

“Hey, it could be good!” Lance said.

Keith glared instead of answering.

“Anyway, at least we have a DVD player now,” Pidge said, plugging in one last wire.  "We can always look for something better next time.“

"I can’t believe she hasn’t told her mother!” Allura exclaimed.

I still can’t believe she’s pregnant!” Pidge answered.

“Are none of us worried about the drinking at this party?” Hunk asked.

Quiznak, I am now!” Lance said, “I don’t trust this asshole. Keep him away from the punch.”

“I’m with Lance this time,” Keith said, “Kick his ass if he tries to spike it.”



By the time they were shouting at every girl on the TV not to drink the punch, Keith’s broken leg was forgotten.


Handsome Jack and Lilith go dancing ft. Claptrap.

You can watch the like… 1 minute video HERE

Handsome Jack is myself

Lilith doesn’t have a tumblr

Thank you chriswinnett for the video! Totally made my night!

An art trade with the amazing @voodooling and she wants a coffee shop AU of these grandpas LOL I just imagine Bucky would try to pick up Steve every morning with cheezy pick up lines related to coffee hahahaha like

Bucky: I’ll have a coffee

Steve: the usual?

Bucky: Well yes. I like my man like my coffee, Large double double

Steve: *Blushes

Wayhaught fic recs

This got longer than I expected. Sorted into oblivious!Wynonna, Nicole-centric, supernatural!Nicole, canon, AU and smut. 

This is obviously in no way complete, so if you feel I missed something, please let me know (also, if you’d like me to add certain trigger warning. Otherwise, I’d recommend checking the tags, just to be sure. 

Oblivious (and sometimes not so oblivious) Wynonna

feel you get closer now (closer than you’ve been) by reinclarkenation

God, she’s such a dork. She knows she is. How could everything just shift like that? How could someone living in a world where she’s cursed and going day to day helping in a fight against demons feel like the biggest thing to effect her life is a cute girl?


Waverly and Nicole keep getting interrupted and Wynonna isn’t as dense as they’d like to believe.

Sweet Oblivion by Trufreak89

Inspired by a Tumblr post - Everyone in town seems to know that Waverly & Nicole are a thing; everyone except Wynonna.

Wynonna Earp is a Shit Ticket (And Waverly’s Gonna Kick Her Ass) by  skillzyo

Wynonna has a lot of missed time to make up for since she came back to Purgatory and her sister. She didn’t realize how much fun being the teasing big sister could be, and now she doesn’t think she’ll ever stop. Not when her baby sister has a crush.

Check out the That Sweet Something series by this author, too!

I’ve Got A Gun by madcapdragonshenanigans

Wynonna knows women. More importantly, she knows her sister. Specifically, she knows when her sister is crushing on someone. And since that someone happens to be one Officer Haught, and said officer is taking her to breakfast so she can explain all of the, well, everything happening in Purgatory, it would be a good idea to make it clear that under no circumstances would Wynonna tolerate another Champ. Yup, definitely a good idea.

That Shirts Too Big On You by MudPuppyVaynith

Wynonna can’t find Waverly anywhere, so she stops by Nicole’s apartment to see if the Officer has caught a glimpse of her somewhere.

Then she finds her sister.


WayHaught get caught AGAIN.

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