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The Secret Weapon.

^ Look at how happy they are~ ( LOOK AT JURINA’s Dimples I CANNOT!!!! :’D ) don’t they look like sisters?? They do right? so guess what? WMatsui will be sisters in this story ^^ Rena is a lolicon so i kinda made a story where Jurina is Rena’s baby sister~ xD

In this story we have : Jr Matsui Jurina, Matsui Rena, Shibata Aya, Tani Marika, Takayanagi Akane and Watanabe Miyuki!



The boiling afternoon summer sun seeped through the tinted window’s of Oogoe’s high end skyscraper welcoming the start of a new week. The CEO of the company has just arrived at Nagoya’s airport from her week long business trip to Seoul and she would arrive in the office any second now, so like any typical office workers, everyone was frantically trying to finish up the job that they neglected due to the the absence of their boss.

Well everyone except for two employees, Takayanagi Akane from the management department who was pacing back and forth on the tiled pavement and Oogoe newest recruit Tani Marika who was eyeing the metal elevator door like a mouse being cornered by a cat.

“ I still can’t believe you didn’t know that AKB48 and SKE48 are different! ” The manager of Oogoe shouted running her fingers through her dark wavy hair in frustration.

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anonymous asked:

yo lucija what are your absolute favourite larry styles?

You did this on purpose right? LARRY STYLES. Okay here we go, I decided to do it chronologically. 

KCA ‘12  / iTunes Festival ‘12 =   they looked so in tune back then, I’d love to see them both wear lighter pants again

Today Show ‘13 / TCA ‘13 = blue is probably my favourite color on them as a couple, it suits them so well, they look so alive; also my favourite thing on H&L is denim and when they do the boots & sneakers combination

TIU Premiere ‘13 = both of the versions for the premiere were so in sync, this screams POWER COUPLE and is my their favourite outfit up to date - Louis’ looks amazing in double-button blazers, and the all black outfit except the white shirt is the go-to option for him, also the rolled up trousers and the shoes, perfect! For Harry it’s the same recipe .- all black with a dash of white, plus Burberry!

GMA ‘13 / 1DDAY ‘13 = their coordinated casual outfits make me wanna DIE, the pics from 1DDay are probably the best represenation every of Harry and Louis, HOTTEST COUPLE IN THE WORLD

VMA ‘13 / Y&I Shoot ‘13 = the outfit from VMAs is my second favourite, I think it represents them as individuals so well - Louis as more laidback, casual but still very stylish and Harry is the king of the red carpet, Britain’s fashion icon at his best - they fit together like a glove

XFactor Finale ‘14 / AMA ‘14 = XFactor Finale is really dear to me because of the Marc Jacobs shirt Harry’s spotting, his outfit is really strong with those chunky YSL boots, and Louis is his anchor here, Harry flies high in his fashion escapades and Louis is there to catch him / AMAs = they look like they are asking you to find someone more in tune, more powerful than them; all black done well makes anyone look good but they don’t just look good, they look good together, they look STRONG

Double-Breasted Blazers

The classic jacket makes a return to men’s fashion

Originally associated with prep school boys and sea captains, the classic and timeless double-breasted blazer has made a major return to fashion this year, becoming a must-have for fall. With new, modern designs and styling techniques, the tailored jacket can now has that fresh, refined look you’ve been searching for. When looking for jacket or suit options, keep your eye out for overlapping front flaps and two parallel columns of buttons - these are key for this type of blazer.

Fall 2014 Collections

Want to see how the pros wear double-breasted blazers? Get inspired by these fall lookbooks below. At DKNY, a casual take on the formal jacket was paired with colored pants and a cotton tee for a perfect everyday outfit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, at Balenciaga, designer Alexander Wang went for a dressier and more constructed wool style, and layered it under a coat for the colder months. 

DKNY Fall 2014,

Balenciaga Fall 2014,

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Double Breasted Blazer

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Dark grey double breasted blazer

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